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  1. GoNtheDistance

    Thomasville HC Search

    Home run hire for the dogs
  2. Smart hire by Rannelmun
  3. GoNtheDistance

    Thomasville HC Search

    You make zero sense.
  4. GoNtheDistance

    Thomasville HC Search

    Rent free was every opposing teams offense in the MC end zone this year. 🤣
  5. GoNtheDistance

    Thomasville HC Search

    And for the record, just Bc you don’t like what I’m saying or your opinion may differ, that doesn’t make it bashing. I’ve said over and over that MC fans need to have realistic expectations for their program because out of the gate, they were anything but as noted in my previous post. That’s not bashing.
  6. GoNtheDistance

    Thomasville HC Search

    This thread was actually about thomasville head coaching search and benjie got brought up which brought the MC fans out. I have many ties to Montgomery county, and know about the unrealistic expectations of the current fan base. For example, there were actually some MC fans before the season started on here that were trying to make an argument for them being a top 10 team this year. It’s delusional honestly. Truth be known MC was worse than I expected them to be. Not a good football team right now, at all. I hope MC is successful and I’m certain that they will be based on Brown and company getting the most out of their kids and producing good, quality young men. That’s success. They will, however, never be a contender at the state level on a consistent basis which is fine, but not sure that’s what some of the delusional county folk expect. It’s the truth; whether you care to recognize it.
  7. GoNtheDistance

    Thomasville HC Search

    i hope thomasville makes a good hire. i think they were headed in the right direction the last few years, despite continuing to struggle with numbers. specific to Benjie and MC, respectfully, I think the principal of the new high school is the head of the school, not Benjie. and i'll say this again, the folks in Montgomery county need to level set their expectations of their football program by being realistic about their talent. to say the talent in place is pretty damn impressive, quite frankly is laughable. you are a 3a school now, this isn't pee wee league. sure, there's some growing pains in year 1 in trying to transition 2 schools, but the problems with MC was moreso they didn't have the horses to compete against the better teams on their schedule, not even close really. Look at the scores of the games against the better half of their schedule, it was blowout city. That doesn't happen to a school with a pretty damn impressive collection of talent.
  8. GoNtheDistance

    Add Randleman to the coaching search!

    I’d consider handy the best coach in the Triad in terms of getting the most out of his kids. With him gone, it won’t show up in year 1 or maybe even year 2, but there will be a decline at Randleman. Big pick up by Clayton.
  9. GoNtheDistance

    Add Randleman to the coaching search!

    If true, randleman will return to mediocrity pretty quickly in the next few years. Handy was wonderful for that program.
  10. GoNtheDistance

    Favorite HS bands

    TW Andrews has the best band. Way better than Carver or Dudley, although they are good.
  11. GoNtheDistance

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    montgomery county easily has some of the most clueless football fans in the world. Congrats to ES on the big win. They curb stomped Tarboro after all that mouth for weeks on here.
  12. This one is going to be a massacre.
  13. GoNtheDistance

    The future for 1A football

    Put all the charters and parochials in a separate playoff, or give them the option to play 4a.
  14. GoNtheDistance

    Richmond Lights

    It’s about the kids and I’m fairly certain that the kids absolutely love it and I’d venture to say that opposing kids think it’s pretty damn cool as well. As another Raider (Red Raiders from High Point Andrews), RC should keep it up and be extremely proud of the atmosphere and environment they are providing young people in their community with things like this.