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  1. GoNtheDistance

    The future for 1A football

    Put all the charters and parochials in a separate playoff, or give them the option to play 4a.
  2. GoNtheDistance

    Richmond Lights

    It’s about the kids and I’m fairly certain that the kids absolutely love it and I’d venture to say that opposing kids think it’s pretty damn cool as well. As another Raider (Red Raiders from High Point Andrews), RC should keep it up and be extremely proud of the atmosphere and environment they are providing young people in their community with things like this.
  3. GoNtheDistance

    Reidsville 63, West Stokes 13 (2A West Final)

    Reidsville by a lot
  4. UnC had their issues but State has zero room to talk. Must have forgot though. Also find humor in cow college fan saying a UNC fan has a mullet. And why review only the last 12 years? Because it fits your narrative and makes you feel better. What’s the overall between both schools? (Crickets) 67-36-6 football. 112-57 basketball. Hmmm. Is it even a rivalry if it’s that one sided?
  5. GoNtheDistance

    Richmond Lights

    Bad ass. So what’s the issue with the PA? That they play music between plays?
  6. GoNtheDistance

    Richmond Lights

    Anybody have video of the theatrics? Would love to see it. nevermind. Just found a video link on the local Richmond paper website.
  7. GoNtheDistance

    #1 Grimsley (11-1) vs. #5 Glenn (9-4)

    Glenn has a good D but I have major concerns about their offense being able to score enough to win. That being said I’m taking Glenn in a rock fight for the upset.
  8. GoNtheDistance

    Ragsdale 30, Mooresville 14 (2nd Rd. Final)

    They have athletes in spots but lack size. Boykin does it all For them.
  9. GoNtheDistance

    Ragsdale 30, Mooresville 14 (2nd Rd. Final)

    Mooresville wins by 2 scores. Ragsdale decent but not that good. Good staff though.
  10. Bingo. Think of it like somebody with a Hyundai pulling up beside a Ferrari and wanting to race. Asheboro has Hyundai talent but thinks they have Ferrari talent. Always the coaches fault....
  11. Larry is a good dude. I say that with first hand knowledge of him and his family. He’s a competitor but he’s also a team player. He will ride with his guys no matter what which is what you saw tonight. I thought his action was poor at the time and he owned it and apologized.
  12. There’s a certain level of respect that you must maintain on the playing field, regardless of the situation. Myles Garrett has shown that he plays on the edge with little to no regard for boundaries and then he does this tonight. Some of the greatest competitors to ever live would do anything in their power to beat you within the rules of the game but never anything like this. This isn’t an isolated incident where a guy lost his cool in the heat of the moment and it was out of character. This is a pattern of behavior that culminated in a criminal act tonight on the field. Garrett is a piece of $#!+ and should be punished as such.
  13. Garrett should be suspended for the rest of the season At a minimum and charged with assault. Harsh reality is that the helmet becomes a weapon at that point. If he hits Rudolph just right, he could kill him, that’s a fact. I respect Pouncey for defending his QB at the end and expect him to get a game simply because he threw punches.
  14. The timing sucks, no question there. But simply put, you’d rather just affect one team (the team that gets a free W) rather than redo the bracket and affect a lot of teams who are already preparing for an opponent. Not ideal but logistically it’s the right move every time.