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  1. titanman27

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    Coach Brewer has my support, I look forward to seeing the changes he implements with the team. I think Coach Morgan did his best to improve the team speed and went to the spread offense. McDowell just didn't have the personnel to do it successfully. I think the power running game or even the option would be best for a team like the Titans.
  2. titanman27

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    Its actually quite the opposite. The defense has been putrid for years. The offense hasn't been much better but I think focusing on defense and physicality isn't a bad idea
  3. titanman27

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    I was wondering what some Avery people thought of this hire.
  4. titanman27

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand I know Coach Brewer is a good man and can coach. On the other hand I think the challenge of coaching at a 4A school may be a different animal than 1A Avery.
  5. titanman27

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Maybe this week we will hear something
  6. titanman27

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    I lived near Marion for 20 years and you are absolutely right. McDowell can get the players, but the mindset and buy in has to change. The basketball team is usually always near the top of the conference. Most schools have multisport athletes. McDowell's best athletes usually stick to basketball and if they do play football, it's more of a diversion until hoops start. A lot of people wanted them to build 2 high schools and it makes a lot of sense. Too late now
  7. titanman27

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Discipline starts and ends with coaching. Yes there have been times where McDowell has played with lack of discipline, especially vs teams that are more talented or athletic. Playing dirty does not level the playing field.
  8. titanman27

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    The county is not much different than Alexander County demographically and they have had success on the field recently. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/mcdowellcountynorthcarolina,alexandercountynorthcarolina/PST045218 They have to buy into hard nosed, disciplined football much like Mitchell and Mtn Heritage play.
  9. titanman27

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Yes they have.
  10. titanman27

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    McDowell has struggled a lot longer than the past 6 years. Really they have struggled for the past 20 years and have only won 1 playoff game ever. Coach Morgan did a lot of good things getting the weight room refurbished and helped push the new artificial turf. He also greatly impacted the off-season training/lifting programs which should continue to help into the future. I always look to the model Joey Robinson has done at Mtn Heritage as an example of what should be done at McDowell. Obviously Heritage is a 2A school but McDowell has a lot more athletes/students to choose from. i think if they continue to build the youth football system and Incorporate the high school offensive and defensive systems in the youth/middle school teams it will help.
  11. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Due to the Coastals weakness, even a marginal improvement year 1 will likely equal at least a bowl game. The schedule is tougher this year but the optimism is there. Fan support will be miles ahead of the past few seasons. Who do you think will win the coastal next year? Imo there is no obvious favorite
  12. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    I fully expect a top 20 recruiting class next season, he brought this years class from 13th in the ACC to 6th with only a few weeks to do so.
  13. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Other teams in tbe Coastal are facing similar dilemmas. GT has to install an entire new system and recruit players for that system. VT was mediocre at best and will take a while to be good again on defense with all the youth. Miami was a trainwreck on offense most of the year despite having a solid D. UVA is hit and miss and loses a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball. Duke loses a very good QB and defensive leaders. Pitt may be the favorite again
  14. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    UNC was ahead late in over half of their losses. They aren't that far behind. Depth is a concern but if they get decent QB play this year the offense should put up a lot of points again. They return 4 of 5 O linemen, all RBs, and a majority of their WR.
  15. titanman27

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    This could be a classic like last season's 2A title game but don't discount Northeastern..