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  1. titanman27

    WNC-West Of Marion- Mountains

    McDowell is WNC. No matter what some say
  2. titanman27

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    Monroe wins 43-20
  3. titanman27

    1st round scores

    Wait Pisgah is the 1 seed because of their strong schedule! Lol
  4. titanman27

    WNC-West Of Marion- Mountains

    Well is all depends on if we are considering it from a geographic standpoint (mountains/little mountains) or from a location on a map standpoint (latitude/longitude). If we go by a map Avery is a little further east than McDowell, Polk, and about the same as Rutherford County schools but is more "mountainous"
  5. titanman27

    WNC-West Of Marion- Mountains

    Hard to say on that one. Brown is always athletic and usually very good but a little down this year it seems. That or their conference has gotten better. Reynolds should win but I think it will be a 2 or 3 score game or less.
  6. titanman27

    WNC-West Of Marion- Mountains

    I think Alexander Central @ Erwin will be close
  7. titanman27

    WNC-West Of Marion- Mountains

    Its more like Western and SW NC since Watauga, Ashe, and Allegheny are never included in WNC talk but they border TN or close to bordering
  8. titanman27

    WNC-West Of Marion- Mountains

    So does McDowell count šŸ¤£ The high school IS technically west of Marion
  9. titanman27

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    Dillon is an interesting place for sure. Great high school team though
  10. titanman27

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    Has McDowell and Mooresville ever played before?
  11. titanman27

    WNC PLAYOFF PICKS (1st Round)

    McDowell at Mooresville by 34 3AA Ashbrook at Watauga by 22 AL Brown at AC Reynolds by 21 Alexander Central at Erwin by 7 Asheville at W-S Parkland by 14 3A Tuscola at Jay Robinson by 15 North Buncombe at NW Cabarrus by 35 2AA East Lincoln at Pisgah by 20 East Henderson at Hibriten by 42 Franklin at Bandys by 7 Smoky Mountain at North Lincoln by 8 2A Owen at Reidsville Reidsville by 35 Providence Grove at Mountain Heritage by 21 Hendersonville at North Surry by 7 Eastern Randolph at Brevard by 7
  12. titanman27

    Call Your Shot: 2AA West Playoffs Round 1

    Pisgah by 20 N. Lincoln by 7 Ashe Co. by 3 Shelby by 28 Bandys by 7- I think this one could be closer than some think W. Stokes by 10 South Point by 21 Hibriten by 41
  13. titanman27

    Owen vs Reidsville

    Reidsville is like than 30 mins from where I live, I may make it down for this one and cheer on the horses. If not I will definitely make it if Heritage comes to town in a few weeks. That bring said, Reidsville has speed-tons of it and Owen will have trouble defending it. They are young but still very good and Owen will likely find tough sledding. It's good to see Owen back in the playoffs though!
  14. titanman27

    Call Your Shot: 2A West Playoffs Round 1

    Randleman by 34 Brevard by 7 W Stanly by 14 Wheatmore by 13 Mt.Heritage by 21 Hendersonville by 1 East Rutherford by 8 Reidsvilleļ»æ by 35
  15. titanman27

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    Can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not but Marion is not all the bad things you may hear on the news. Lake James is beautiful and there is access to many beautiful natural areas. Marion is continuing to grow with new festivals and businesses opening monthly. I don't live in McDowell anymore but I am glad to see it grow.