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  1. titanman27

    Worst Stadiums

    Halifax County, VA is probably the worst I have seen.
  2. I think state has the #53 recruiting class in the nation so they should be happy about that! I think I heard that most of the heels top recruits wouldn't be takes at State anyways.
  3. Only position we may have trouble this cycle is RB/ Pryor committed to Ohio State and Henderson looks to do the same. Kamarro Edmonds looks like our hope right now and we may have to look elsewhere for RB. Carter and possibly Williams will be gone after this season.
  4. A Moderator needs to step in here. Thought this board was to discuss high school football?
  5. I'm sure Bama recruited him just for depth and to sit on the bench. It's really a discredit to this kid who hasn't even had a chance to prove himself at that level. Salty.
  6. This sentiment is silly to me. Drake Maye is widely regarded as a top 5 pocket passer IN THE NATION this year. He threw 50 TD and only 2 INT in one of the premier conferences in the state. The competition at unc isn't exactly pushovers either you know.. Sam Howell for 2 more seasons at least. 4 star Jacolby Criswell is waiting in the wings and now Maye. UNCs QB room is almost as talented as anyone in the nation.
  7. Another 4 star today! OL Eli Sutton from Tennessee. Puts the heels in the top 5 nipping at Clemson's heels in 3rd place
  8. Sutton would be a big get at a position of need. Looks like Pryor will commit soon and Damien Wilson from Kings Mtn
  9. If and when RaRa, Pryor, and Ritzie commit, the heels have a legit chance for a top 10 class and maybe even top 5 if 5 stars like Treveyon Henderson and Tony Grimes from VA commit
  10. Lots of rumors right now, could be multiple recruits commit, could be Maye, could be Pryor.
  11. Hearing there Maye be a big flip today
  12. titanman27

    Sleeper 1a teams for this upcoming season

    Avery comes to mind
  13. titanman27

    Saying Goodbye

    Love this website and hope it doesn't disappear as well... Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to high school sports