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  1. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Due to the Coastals weakness, even a marginal improvement year 1 will likely equal at least a bowl game. The schedule is tougher this year but the optimism is there. Fan support will be miles ahead of the past few seasons. Who do you think will win the coastal next year? Imo there is no obvious favorite
  2. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    I fully expect a top 20 recruiting class next season, he brought this years class from 13th in the ACC to 6th with only a few weeks to do so.
  3. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Other teams in tbe Coastal are facing similar dilemmas. GT has to install an entire new system and recruit players for that system. VT was mediocre at best and will take a while to be good again on defense with all the youth. Miami was a trainwreck on offense most of the year despite having a solid D. UVA is hit and miss and loses a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball. Duke loses a very good QB and defensive leaders. Pitt may be the favorite again
  4. titanman27

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    UNC was ahead late in over half of their losses. They aren't that far behind. Depth is a concern but if they get decent QB play this year the offense should put up a lot of points again. They return 4 of 5 O linemen, all RBs, and a majority of their WR.
  5. titanman27

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    This could be a classic like last season's 2A title game but don't discount Northeastern..
  6. titanman27

    Basketball Standing *Dec 2*

    McDowell girls have had a solid start at 3-0 and upset a very strong East Burke girls team. The lady titans haven't been their powerful self in recent years but look to be turning the corner
  7. titanman27

    Basketball Standing *Dec 2*

    The titans play at Mitchell Friday night. Not sure what the mountaineers have this year but it has been very lopsided. Might be closer this year
  8. titanman27

    Basketball Standing *Dec 2*

    McDowell picked up a hard fought win last night vs a decent RS Central team 79-75. The titans are young this year but are still pretty solid.
  9. titanman27

    Basketball Standing *Dec 2*

    I think it would be good games. Freedom and Hickory are ultra athletic and quick on the wings and also have killer 3 point shooting. McDowell is built more like Heritage but not quite as tall inside.
  10. titanman27

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    No offense to Brevard but last week was arguably the true Western regional final.. Reidsville by 20
  11. titanman27

    2A West 2018

    RS central is decent too
  12. titanman27

    Basketball Standing *Dec 2*

    Freedom, Hickory, and McDowell should be top 3 all season in NW4a/3A
  13. titanman27

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    Totally agree but this year will be tough. Brevard is similar to MH but maybe not quite as good overall but the state title game will be a battle either way
  14. titanman27

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    Idk wallace is out now but SW Onslow is very good and it may be Northeasterns year to shine. Reidsville is talented no doubt but they made a lot of mental errors.
  15. titanman27

    2A West: Brevard 20, Wheatmore 14

    Congrats to the blue devils