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  1. titanman27

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Mitchell played well it sounded like. Nothing to hang your head about.
  2. titanman27

    1AA Showdowns Next Week

    I think East will win but it may be closer than some expect. Mitchell needs to play a bit more ball control instead of airing it out keeping the Explosive East Surry offense off the field. Mtn Island did a pretty good job of that and kept it close. Then again they have one of the best rbs in the state.
  3. Unc should be better next year on both sides of the ball and bring in a top 15 recruiting class. Great time to be a tar heel!
  4. titanman27

    Reidsville 63, West Stokes 13 (2A West Final)

    Reidsville by 28
  5. Lol it's too easy to get under your skin. You should be thankful to have a good coach and program, not looking to pick fights on message boards. As I have said before my family has deep roots in Yancey County so you are barking up the wrong tree.
  6. Shame the one year you could get Reidsville at home, you couldn't make it that far. Doubt you get that chance again anytime soon.
  7. And you will still have the same amount of state titles as we have. 0.
  8. Truth is the truth. Good season for the cougars, you have a hell of a coach that makes the most of what you have.
  9. Speed was a big difference this game...
  10. titanman27

    3rd Round Scores

    Thomas Jefferson defeats Elkin and will play Robbinsville in the west 1A final.
  11. titanman27

    3rd Round Scores

    Watauga will be facing Weddington again and will be big underdogs.
  12. titanman27

    3rd Round Scores

    West Stokes gonna win barring a miracle. Gonna head to Reidsville for West Final.
  13. titanman27

    3rd Round Scores

    East Surry 26 MIC 14 Closer than many expected
  14. titanman27

    3rd Round Scores

    Kings Mountain defeats Reynolds 17-10
  15. titanman27

    3rd Round Scores

    Reidsville 17 Brevard 7 Cream rises to the top