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  1. Since I had entirely too much time on my hands tonight I made out a list of the elevations of all the stadiums (not the school itself) in the mountains of WNC and most of the foothills schools rounded to the closest 100 feet to the best of my knowledge. 1.Avery 3800 2. Watauga 3200 3. Ashe and Mitchell 3000 4. Allegheny 2900 5. Tuscola 2800 6. Mountain Heritage and Pisgah 2600 7. Owen 2400 8. AC Reynolds, Enka, Erwin, Smoky Mountain, West Henderson, and Rosman 2200 9. Madison, Asheville, Franklin, Hendersonville, East Henderson, North Henderson, Brevard 2100 10. Cherokee and Robbinsville 2000 11. Swain and Hayesville 1900 12. Andrews 1800 13. Murphy 1500 14. McDowell and West Wilkes 1400 15. North Wilkes 1300 16. Wilkes Central 1200 17. East Wilkes, Hibriten, Polk 1100 18. Freedom and RS Central 1000 19. East Rutherford 900 20. Thomas Jefferson 800
  2. Without getting too in depth studying my best guess would be the top 2 in Tennessee would be Cloudland at 2600 and Johnson County at 2500, Virginia top two would be Grayson County at 2600 and Galax at 2500. Georgia I would guess would be Towns County or Rabun County in the 2000 foot range. And South Carolina would probably be Travelers Rest at around 1100. Not familiar enough with any schools in West Virginia to make a guess but I would guess somewhere in the 2500 foot range considering their mountains are not quite as high as North Carolina.
  3. Just a small amount of elevation change can make a huge difference in weather. The rule of thumb is that the temperature will normally drop 3 to 5 degrees for every 1000 foot of elevation gain and as far as climate goes every 1000 feet of elevation is equal to going around 300 miles north. So for example say a team from the Winston area with an elevation around 800 feet and at around the same latitude as Avery would see about a 9 to 15 degree temperature drop going to Avery, the same type of weather change they would see from driving roughly 900 miles north at an equal elevation. With that being said maybe the coldest I've been at a Mitchell game was at Whiteville almost at the coast back 5 or 6 years ago, it was only maybe in the 30s but that ocean breeze and wet cold air was brutal, just a different kind of cold, felt like 15 degrees in the mountains, one of the only games I've ever went to the car and ran the heat at halftime at.
  4. For some unknown reason elevation has always been one of my favorite things to study. The highest elevated football stadium by a lot is Avery High School at around 3800 feet, I have also always been told it is the highest elevated football stadium in the eastern United States, if you've ever seen a good kicker kick at Avery you will know it too as you will see some balls on kickoffs go through the uprights due to the air being lighter, much like the Colorado effect in baseball. There are only 4 other football stadiums that set in the 3000 foot range, Watauga is second at around 3300 feet, then you have Ashe, Allegheny, and Mitchell whose stadiums all set at almost exactly 3000 feet. What would surprise people the most is that the stadiums in the Smoky Mountains are much lower than in the High Country of Northwest North Carolina, the mountain tops in that area are just as high but the valley floors are much lower. Robbinsville's stadium is at 2000 feet, Swain at 1800 feet, and Murphy at 1500 feet, surprisingly McDowell which is considered the foothills is nearly as high as Murphy at around 1400 feet and most of the Asheville schools which are not in nearly as mountainous of an area as the smokies are higher than all of the above mentioned schools at around 2100 to 2200 feet. To my knowledge the highest elevated stadium to the south and west of Asheville is Tuscola at around 2700 to 2800 feet and would most likely put it at 6th behind the 5 I first mentioned, Heritage is most likely 7th at around 2600 feet even though the surrounding area is higher, thus why it's called the pit. Sorry for boring everyone with a topography lesson.
  5. And in 3 different classifications to boot, 1a, 1aa, and 2a.
  6. mitchaneers

    2A West Powerhouse Is On Their Way To 1A

    I would like to see this too, but I dont think we'll see it anytime within the next decade. Mitchell may hover close enough to the big 1a line that they may go big one or two more times, but I'd say by the time Heritage is a big 1a Mitchell will be firmly in the small 1a and at that point Heritage would have to lose another 150 or so students to join Mitchell in small 1a. Theres nothing like playing a rival in the playoffs, that Mitchell Avery 3rd round playoff game in 2010 had me stressed out of my mind, it will probably always be my favorite game I've watched, probably wouldn't feel that way had we lost though.
  7. mitchaneers

    6.East Wilkes Vs 11. Polk County

    Polk can move the ball and score some points, but are prone to turnovers. This was one of the worst Polk defenses I can ever remember though, think Mitchell had like 610 yards of offense and 63 points against them and that was with a running clock early in the 3rd. I think this could be a pretty good game but look for East Wilkes to pull it out.
  8. mitchaneers

    Mountain Heritage @ Mitchell

    It actually was a half an inch on a 2 point conversion (through purple glasses sure looked like Noah broke the plane) from being very interesting. Mitchell scored with a little over 2 mins left to make it 30 to 20 then had the 2 point conversion pass to Noah which I just referenced, which if called good makes it an 8 point game. Mitchell then recovered the onside kick and had a first and goal on the half yard line with around 1 minute left, but credit to Heritage they held them out to end the game, but I believe if it's an 8 point game instead of 10 Mitchell scores because they would have just snuck it in since time would not have been an issue, but since they would still need another onside kick they tried passing each time to stop the clock if it was incomplete and ended up getting sacked twice. Not that it matters, but it did get more tense for Heritage at the end than it should have been. The big difference last year was just that Trey was just a man among boys like he was against most teams, I'm hoping that is the difference this year since I think we have the advantage at qb (no offense to Callin he is a great player also), just wishful thinking, but much like a lot of other Mitchell fans I'll take a wait an see approach on how this game goes, because I think so much of Mitchell's struggles with Heritage over the last decade is mental. As an example Mitchell has won 38 out of their last 42 regular season games with 3 of those 4 losses coming at the hands of Heritage, there's just teams you dont match up with for whatever reason, much like Heritage didn't match up with Hendersonville for so many years while Mitchell did match up well with Hendersonville, which led to the 3 way ties for conference.
  9. mitchaneers

    WHC Week 3 (Aug 31st)

    Johnson County is actually coming off of an undefeated regular season last year and had shut Sullivan East out in the opening game this year before losing to Hampton, but normally they are more of a 500 team most years. Trinity lost 42 to 0 Hampton last year and beat them by 22 this year, that's a 64 point swing in one season, which is pretty impressive. Again I dont think we will lose, but I just dont want people to be disappointed if we don't win by 60 this year. My predictions are Mitchell 40 Trinity 21 Reynolds 42 Owen 14 Polk 28 RS Central 24 Rosman 21 Madison 14 Watauga 63 Avery 14
  10. mitchaneers

    WHC Week 3 (Aug 31st)

    Yeah I dont think this is the same type of team that Trinity Academy brought to Mitchell last year. Last year they were dreadful, but they went to Hampton this year (a perennial 1a power in Tennessee) and beat them by 3 touchdowns, if I'm not mistaken Hampton made a run to the state semifinals just a couple years ago. I thought Hampton might be down this year, but they went last week and beat 4a Johnson County after losing to Trinity. Trinity lost to Notre Dame out of Chattanooga last week, but so would have almost everyone from WNC. After looking at some film you can definitely tell Trinity has some players this year, as with most private schools talent levels can change drastically in a short period of time when you can bring players in from wherever. With all that being said though Mitchell should still win, but I dont believe it will be a running clock, probably more similar to last week, but I've been wrong before though.
  11. mitchaneers

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 17th)

    Yes, Troy Hoilman who was the jv qb last year did transfer to Avery, he was a good player, but he would not have started at qb until his senior year at Mitchell. He had always been behind Noah at qb coming up except for when Noah would move up to next age level, this was a big reason in him transferring in my opinion as well as the fact that as a passing qb the new coach at Avery is exactly the kind of system you would want to play in to put up stats, as Coach Bryan said in a recent interview we are going to get off the bus throwing and blitzing and get back on the bus throwing and blitzing. From what I've heard Avery is going to go back and forth between McCollum and Troy at qb this year and Troy will have QB to himself a year earlier at Avery than he would have at Mitchell. Where it hurts Mitchell more is that Troy would have probably started at wide receiver and linebacker the next two years at Mitchell. People will be surprised what a good arm Noah has, his arm is as strong as Ben's and from all I've seen and heard is nearly as accurate, whether he makes as good of decisions as Ben did will be the bigger question. Noah is one of the more special talents we've had at qb at Mitchell and would have probably challenged for the varsity qb spot as a freshman if he would have been coming in behind pretty much anybody besides Ben. He unfortunately will not have quite the wide receiver talent as there has been the last few years.
  12. mitchaneers

    WHC 2017

    Mitchell will return 6 all conference players next year, that is about as many as I can ever remember a team returning, Mitchell and Hendersonville returned 4 last year which lead all of WNC. They return all skill players except tight end, and 4 out of 5 linemen on offense. With that being said I still think Heritage wins the conference, if Hendersonville was still in the conference I would say another 3 way tie just due to the way these teams match up with each other, but I see it as a big help for Heritage with Hendersonville being out of the conference now. Gibbs being back for Owen will be huge, but I still think Mitchell will edge them out for 2nd, Mitchell was up 43 to 0 and Owen didn't have a first down halfway through the 3rd quarter this year and both will return basically the same team except add Gibbs, plus it will be at Owen, I think it will even things up quite a bit from last year, but I still see Mitchell edging it out, but that's just purely my uneducated opinion, very well could be wrong.
  13. mitchaneers

    Mitchell @ Murphy: the showdown

    Congrats to Murphy just flat out outplayed, outexecuted, and probably most importantly was just more fundamentally sound tonight. If you lose the turnover battle 4 to 0 chances are you ain't winning. Maybe we'll run into each other deep in the playoffs again next year, but it's on to basketball and wrestling for us this year. Now go and bring back another championship for the mountains.
  14. mitchaneers

    Mitchell @ Murphy: the showdown

    Yeah that was a shocker, his go to prediction in a game where you have two seemingly even teams is the home team by 1, and you would think with Murphy winning 20 straight home playoff games that would be the case. Hope he knows something we dont, I would be tickled pink with a 3 point win. I'm sure this will be used by Gentry as a huge slap in the face for motivation, but motivation wears off pretty quick once the game starts, as Mike Tyson once said everybody has a game plan until they get punched in the mouth.
  15. mitchaneers

    Mitchell @ Murphy: the showdown

    Congrats mountie, I guess we'll let it slide if this ain't just an excuse to not set out in the teens and get back home at 2 in the morning, lol.