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  1. InnerCityPreps

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

  2. InnerCityPreps

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    Newton Conover girls are pretty damn good. Would not be surprised to see them represent the West. 2A West in girls is going to be a blood bath, as usual.
  3. InnerCityPreps

    Mtn. Heritage 1st round matchups

    For boys I don’t see anyone in the West touching Forest Hills. Maybe East Lincoln. That’s a big maybe. FH may be a top 5 team in the state regardless of classification. I think MH girls are the favorite in the West, but any team from the CCC, East Burke, Newton Conover, Forbush, Wilkes Central could make a run.
  4. InnerCityPreps

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Beam I kid
  5. InnerCityPreps

    East Surry at Winston Salem Prep

    Chute, there’s 2 really good basketball players in that area with Sutphin at E Surry and Malaya Cowles at Wilkes Cen. What’s your take on these 2 regarding their D1 potential? I’ve seen both teams this year. Think E Surry is the clear favorite in 1A. Wilkes Cent. Is very young, they might have a run like they did last year but I don’t think their legit contenders until next year and the year after. Think this is the year Mtn Heritage breaks through.
  6. InnerCityPreps

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    Lol I seem to remember all of the “crap talk” coming from the majority of MA fans leading up to the game. Then after the 40-0 beatdown, we were regulated to excuses and a refusal to acknowledge the better team that night won. Sure, losing Greene and Smith hurt MA, however East Surry was already good enough to beat them with those two healthy.
  7. InnerCityPreps

    NCHSAA Team Statistics East Surry vs Tarboro

    No. I’m pointing out your obsession with subjecting MA into every discussion. Most people don’t care about MA. And every discussion does not warrant a Grantie Bear insertion. And for the record, Mount Airy has more in common with “privledged schools” than you like to let on. The number of transfers MA has received in football over the years has been astounding. Happy Holidays!
  8. InnerCityPreps

    NCHSAA Team Statistics East Surry vs Tarboro

    Why subject MA stats from last year into this? Completely irrelevant. East Surry is Western Champs after shellacking MA 40-0. Tarboro would have beat MA worse.
  9. InnerCityPreps

    Basketball Standing *Dec 2*

    North Stokes is 3-0 and looks like a pretty alright 1a team. Wilkes Central is blowing people out left and right enroute to a 3-0 start as well.
  10. InnerCityPreps

    Done Posting Scores

    Lol. Just stop posting if you’re going to continue to act like a child.
  11. InnerCityPreps

    1AA West: East Surry 40, Mount Airy 0

    Did you really expect a post from FridayNight without excuses? East Surry would have won last night regardless. Congrats to the Cardinals.
  12. InnerCityPreps

    Elkin vs Wilkes Cental

    People really dismissed WC as of a few weeks ago. This is a team decimated with injuries and turmoil for the first 5 weeks of the season. And when I say decimated, they were really, really beat up. They’re fairly healthy now and playing like they can. Obviously not a state title contender but a good 2a team and program. Certainly my pick for conference champs again. Elkin will take some more lumps this season but will be in the picture next year and the year after.
  13. InnerCityPreps

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings following Week 6

    I’m not a fan of Obama’s but I don’t believe Trump is the savior either.
  14. InnerCityPreps

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings following Week 6

    Knights what specifically has Trump undone? Why do you like Trump? What have youbas an individual benefited from him being president? Just curious.
  15. InnerCityPreps

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings following Week 6

    The team isn’t but their fans sure are scared. That is crystal clear.