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  1. InnerCityPreps

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    It’s a two way street. Why commit to a program that doesn’t commit to itself; IE. Hiring the best staff and coaches possible, community support, etc. in those circumstances, I don’t blame a kid for transferring whatsoever.
  2. InnerCityPreps

    Official MVAC 1A/2A Outlook 2019

    1. Ashe 2. Starmount 3. WC 4-8. Who knows
  3. InnerCityPreps

    Northwestern Foothills

    Athletically speaking, and having seen West Iredell and Hibriten on numerous occasions, I’ve always thought Hibriten to be more athletic. West Iredell has the talent and athletes to match up though, that much is certain.
  4. InnerCityPreps

    WNC Top 20

    For traditionalist high school football fans like ourselves, I agree with what you guys are saying. I was only making a point of reference geographically speaking. I do disagree with the “way of life” comment; in Buncombe County, lifestyles are not the same as the way of life for the surrounding counties. Buncombe County is a progressive County with diversity. It’s surrounding neighbors, not so much. You can make a case for Henderson County. Fact of the matter is, WNC is probably my favorite region of the state. I would contend that the way of life in NW NC is very much similar.
  5. InnerCityPreps

    WNC Top 20

    If you included teams from Burke, Cleveland, Catawba, etc., this list would be a lot different. Geographically speaking, those counties (and more) are objectively Western NC. I know that’s going to ruffle some feathers but facts are facts. The Murphy’s, Reynolds, and such would still have a spot on this list.
  6. InnerCityPreps

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    Pure nonsense. Again, demonstrate your claims with facts. If you were intellectually sound as you try to appear to be, you would know I trolled Rich Blackman, not “imitated him”. Everyone else caught on except you. YIKES.
  7. InnerCityPreps

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    No. You don’t get to make inaccurate statements and then not back them up with facts. Stand behind your words, otherwise shut up.
  8. InnerCityPreps

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    Lol. Please elaborate?
  9. InnerCityPreps

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    2 D1 running backs? I highly doubt that.
  10. InnerCityPreps

    Mountain Valley 2A/1A Conference

    I think the conference is wide open. First isn’t a forgone conclusion. I do think 1-3 will be some combination of Ashe, Starmount, and WC.
  11. Personally I think it’s a joke that there are 1a and 2a schools in Forsyth County. Not to discredit the kids, coaches, or programs themselves but the city and county leaders need to do a better job.
  12. InnerCityPreps


    Randleman has never struck me as an athletic powerhouse. For them to have 3 solid athletes at the RB position makes you go hmm.
  13. InnerCityPreps

    Statesville Greyhounds

    Statesville is always loaded with talent. With the right coach, they would be perennial contenders. They have a demographic advantage. I’m sorry but Gusler isn’t the answer. Mediocrity is acceptable at Statesville.
  14. InnerCityPreps

    Mountain Valley 2A/1A Conference

    Ashe will be good. On paper, they should be conference champs. Elkin is on the upswing. They have some incredible underclassmen talent and some dynamic skill kids. Starmount is solid. I’m not sold on them but they will be fundamental. They don’t have the athletes they used to, and haven’t had them for years. Not sure about Wilkes Central. I just think they should be better than they are with the talent they put on the field. They have a dynamic RB, as they usually do. That alone should beat the Alleghanys of the world.
  15. InnerCityPreps

    Mountain Valley 2A/1A Conference

    Anytime Wilkes Central doesn’t compete for a conference championship they have underachieved. And that’s just based on athleticism and numbers available that gives them a competitive advantage over most of the other schools. They have a good staff and are always athletic. There’s really no reason they should finish lower than 2nd in any season. They have the best RB in the area by my own estimates. He should carry them to some wins this season.