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  1. Heritage 84

    E. Burke 55, Mountain Heritage 45

    Heritage had one of their guards out with a concussion as well. Heritage should be fine soon. Did not play with intensity until 4th quarter and it was too late.
  2. Heritage 84

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    I know this is an SMC thread but Mtn. Heritage defeated Mitchell in wrestling for the first time since Mtn. Heritage has been a high school. Pretty good accomplishment for the Cougar squad.
  3. Heritage 84

    Top 20 (or so) records (Girls)

    Mountain Heritage has played some stiff competition so far with losses to Dobbyns Bennett, Bearden and Stone Memorial all out of TN. First loss was without their top player and the other 2 were against a couple of the top teams in TN, I would guess. Stone Memorial had 2 girls that could ply inside or outside and both were around 6’2”. Bearden was loaded with height and athletes as well. Definitely tough matchups early in the year.
  4. Heritage 84

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Sport all I saw was the video not the still shot. Humpback in your hole.
  5. Heritage 84

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    I would say the Kings Mtn. and Charlotte Catholic going to like 7 OTs might have been the best, but this was definitely in top 2.
  6. Heritage 84

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Too close for me to tell. I too would like to see some better angles. Was definitely a good effort to stay in.
  7. Congrats Shelby. Go bring another one back West.
  8. Heritage 84

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Good season Mitchell. Sounds like a great game played by both teams tonight. East Surry go bring it back West.
  9. Best of luck Bowhunter. Thanks for the kind words. Tough loss but it’s football. Hope all the Mountain teams represent us well. Heritage faithful thanks for a good season. By the way Titanman27 pulls for Heritage most all the time. He just makes predictions and comments on the way he sees things. We had a good run just couldn’t close it out. Congrats to all the seniors and their parents. They will be missed.
  10. Heritage 84

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    Good game Brevard. Best of Luck to Reidsville and West Stokes moving forward.
  11. Good game West Stokes. We just did not get it done tonight.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all the CP faithful. So thankful to be spending another day with family and friends.
  13. Possibly half the teams we have played have a player or 2 faster than anyone we have but as far as the total team speed with skill players, lineman and defensively, I would say we have decent speed. If we were getting overmatched by fast teams I would suspect they would be running the score up on our defense and finishing ahead of us on the scoreboard. Most scores have come off of turnovers or hitting about 1 big play a game. Let’s just say I don’t think you can call us a slow team by any means. If we can continue limit the big plays I like our chances.
  14. I am even grateful for pitiful posters that get no recognition or respect today. Even TD can’t ruin this day for us football fans that are still playing and having Thanksgiving practice.
  15. Yes Mitchell by at least 2 scores at home and maybe worse. If Sain is out it will get ugly fast.
  16. Heritage 84

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    And the same could be said about Tarboro in 1AA. Fly back to the 1AA posts. Cause we all know how good Reidsville is already.
  17. Heritage 84

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    None of this means crap. 2 good teams are going to play in Reidsville Friday night and 2 good teams are going to play in Burnsville Friday night. The winner of those 2 games will meet the following Friday at 1 of the 4 locations. All the banter back and forth means nothing and the ratings mean nothing. The same computer calculations has seeded teams for the past few years and none of us have a clue how it works. Good luck to all 4 teams. I’m sure all the communities are proud. We all should just be happy to practice on Thanksgiving Day and be thankful we get to.
  18. Heritage 84

    Heritage and Mitchell

    Well said. Everyone has given them their props during the regular season and now they can worry about winning 1AA. Hopefully defeating the Rams was not their main goal for the season.
  19. Heritage 84

    Heritage and Mitchell

    May be the case but a heritage will have the best defense they have played this year. So hopefully we could hold them under 28 and have a shot. We just taking 1 game at a time to see if we get the chance. Newton Conover was saying they were best competition on West side. After last night I seriously doubt that.
  20. Heritage 84

    Heritage and Mitchell

    Thanks for the comments Polk and Owen. Both Teams have to go out and get ready for next week. It will only get tougher each week. I do like both teams chances in making it to the West Region finals and with Heritage being at home who knows what will happen at the Pit. We have seen just about every scenario this year. I think both teams will be ready to play in every game.
  21. Yes definitely let me know. Been wanting to meet you for a couple years. Just not run into you yet.
  22. Thanks. Coach Turner and good luck to you all as well. Always enjoy reading your posts. Class act.
  23. Heritage 84

    WNC 2nd Round Picks

    66 you should buy Stampede a coffee tonight. You have rode him hard.
  24. Well said just hope for an injury free game on both sides of the ball.
  25. Heritage 84

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Hearing that SP may have a key injury for Friday night. Anyone got any info on that. It would really hurt them defensively.