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  1. Heritage 84

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    Reds are did you get to go to the Asheville game? I watched a little of it on TV. Is there defense really that bad to give up over 40 to TC Friday night? Or do you think they have lost some key players? And there offense did not put up many points on TC.
  2. Good question Asheville C-T. Chris knows first hand what we are capable of the last few years and with the defense playing similar to last year, we should be a tough out in the playoffs. I know we are not the traditional powerhouses like Hibriten and South Point but no way should we be outside the top 6 or 8 in these rankings. We have Hendersonville and Pisgah coming up and if we take care of business possibly we will move up the list a little.
  3. Heritage 84

    Owen at North

    Good point for sure!
  4. Heritage 84

    Owen at North

    Stampede looking forward to hearing about the Owen Brevard game. I think that could be the first good benchmark of Owens success this year. Will be a good test for both programs. Brevard’s D is legit.
  5. Heritage 84

    WNC Week 4 Picks

    They looked very good on hoof and had a lot of athletes. I was concerned during warmups and then as we arrived at field late due to bus break down. I don’t like to question coaches but they did not appear to be well coached. Had big lineman fast backs and fast receivers. QB missed a couple of long balls where they had a step on us down the field. After they took some hard shots from our defense it seemed it kind of broke their spirits. QB played very nervous. They do appear to be capable to play much better. Wish them the best and I feel they will get some more wins. We just played a solid game last night.
  6. Good win West. Always respect the game style that West brings to the field. Glad to see North Buncombe on the rise again. Hopefully Heritage and NB can renew their games against each other in the future. One of the closest teams to play but have not competed in a few years.
  7. Well let’s get this one started. Hendersonville coming in with only 1 loss and coming off a good win vs Newton Conover. Heritage coming in at 3-0 after traveling to 2-1 Stuart Cramer and taking them to the woodshed last night. Players barely arrived to the field 30 minutes prior to game time after the charter bus had a flat on the way down. May be a good idea to motivate the Cougars moving forward. LOL I believe the defenses will be the deciding factor in this game. If Heritage remains as dominate on the defensive side of the ball and Hendersonville's struggles against the West Henderson ground and pound game, I think the Cougars should come out on top. The Heritage offense had their most complete showing last night and the defense will flat out punish the ball carriers. Hendersonville should have the speed advantage on the field but the athleticism of the Cougars will also be evident during this game. Always a fun game with the Bearcats.
  8. Asheville got rolled by TC last night, so I assume they are having a down year. What exactly happened in that game? Were there major injuries that occurred?
  9. Heritage 84

    Owen JV

    Heritage and Owen JVs should be a good match up. Heritage defeated Brevard 32-8 last night moving to 3-0 on the year.
  10. Heritage 84

    WNC Week 4 Picks

    Mtn. Heritage offense came alive tonight and the defense was stingy as usual. They could have scored 50 easy. JVs played much of the 4th quarter. Defense may not have given up much over 100 yards on the night. The line is starting to open some running lanes for the skilled players and Randolph probably threw for 250 or more. Gave up a lot of size and possibly speed but left no doubt on the outcome tonight.
  11. Heritage 84

    South Point @ Lincolnton

    I heard the fullback for SP may have gotten hurt. Any update on the kid? That would be a major loss from what I understand.
  12. Heritage 84

    WNC scores Week 2

    The Heritage defense was flat out nasty again tonight. They were laying the lumber. Got to give it to the RB from Erwin as he took major shots in this game. One receiver did not fair so well and was helped off the field. Hope he is OK. Was a clean played game, but the officiating crew was not very good at all. I would say middle school level at best.
  13. Heritage 84

    SMC week 2

    SMC should have a successful week. Murphy and Franklin has been a good matchup in the past but look for Murphy to take care of business fairly easy. Rosman will be in trouble as Brevard should take out some revenge after a hard fought loss at Heritage in week 1. Look for all the others to come out on top.
  14. Heritage 84

    WNC scores

    You were playing the East Henderson defense. Do that against Heritage or Mitchell defense and I’ll be impressed. Good win though. Should be some good conference games.
  15. Heritage 84

    My40 WNC schedule?

    Not a very good schedule IMO!!