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  1. Heritage 84

    Owen at Mtn. Heritage

    Thanks for the feedback!
  2. He was sure fun to watch in high school. Great player and glad he is making his presence known and representing our area well. May have just won the starting spot.
  3. Well let’s get this one started. Owen coming off a big win over Polk an Friday night and Heritage coming off their home win against rival Mitchell. This one will be played at Mtn. Heritage. I heard there may have been some ejections in this game, that could possibly be a factor this coming Friday. Possibly some of the Owen faithful or Coach Turner can shed some light if this is just rumor or actually an issue. I’m going with Heritage at home 28-7 if both teams are healthy.
  4. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Wow is that today? Any chance it was the teacher that stirred the mess up a couple years back? No excuses for that either unless maybe it’s a dry erase marker easy to fix.
  5. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Was this bus coming in or on the way home back across the river. Just asking for a friend!
  6. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Missed you at the party. You must have left before I got to speak. It went on all night long!!!
  7. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Appears the fans have been going through some conditioning workouts this season. I was very shocked to see the pace in which they were filing back up the road out of the “Pit” before the end of the game. Props to your fan conditioning Coach.😊😊😊
  8. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Bad pick again. We will furnish a free class in picking games prior to the start of game on Polks visit to the Pit. I still think you have potential.😁
  9. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Just pointing out another foot in mouth moment. Really no comment that has not already been made. Just need to investigate athletic talent better.
  10. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Where was the down the field talent. Not so easy to get open on our secondary is it and noticed some receivers hearing the footsteps of the D bearing down on them and missing catchable passes. Out athleted and out physical on the field no 2 ways around it.
  11. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Still waiting on our defense to be tested. I know I’m posting a lot this morning but you have given us a lot of ammo this year. Drank too much purple Kool Aid obviously. Coaches need to involve more than 2 players when they scheme against good defenses if you want to go far in the playoffs. Everyone from Heritage sidelines to Heritage bleachers knew the only 2 we had to stop.
  12. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Can we count Mitchell as good teams beat in last few years???
  13. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    42 on our defense with first hand knowledge and all of the game tapes. What kind of drugs were you taking. That’s what you been scoring on the teams with combined 2 or 3 wins at most. May want some help breaking down film and picking scores. Mountie this was your worst pick ever. Normally you are pretty close on the spread but this time you need to be thankful is was not a blow out the other way. Could have easily went that way.
  14. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Bow hunter respect your posts very much. Thanks for the kind words and good luck to your guys going forward. There are a few that refuse to live in reality however.
  15. Heritage 84

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Actually Mountie you are correct with this statement. Your lineman wore out in the second. Better prepare for difficult games the rest of the season.