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  1. Heritage 84

    SMC week 2

    SMC should have a successful week. Murphy and Franklin has been a good matchup in the past but look for Murphy to take care of business fairly easy. Rosman will be in trouble as Brevard should take out some revenge after a hard fought loss at Heritage in week 1. Look for all the others to come out on top.
  2. Heritage 84

    WNC scores

    You were playing the East Henderson defense. Do that against Heritage or Mitchell defense and I’ll be impressed. Good win though. Should be some good conference games.
  3. Heritage 84

    My40 WNC schedule?

    Not a very good schedule IMO!!
  4. Heritage 84

    SMC regular season picks.

    Swain will surprise a lot of people I think they have a solid line with some size and if the top teams in the SMC are not really strong at the line backing and safety positions, they can really hurt you with their running game. The QB runs the ball well also. Did not see much out of the passing game at the scrimmage but could have not been trying to show anything. Heritage linebackers made a lot of the tackles at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield. Safety and DB play was solid as well for Heritage in the scrimmage. I would not sleep on Swain. Well coached with size and good skilled players.
  5. Heritage 84

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Ashe by 14 Owen by 7 Carver by 14 Mitchell 7 Polk 21 Mtn. Heritage by 21
  6. Heritage 84

    WHC 2019

    I've heard Heritage JVs have a lot of size and some speed this year. That is good news as well. Also that the lineman are looking really good for Heritage and with the LB crew back in full force from last year, I expect the Heritage defense to be very stingy again this year.
  7. Heritage 84

    WHC 2019

    I have much respect for the Brevard program and coaching staff. they play a similar hard nosed game like Heritage does. I do feel that they may have some tough spots to fill as all of our teams do. I'm not sure what they had coming up from JV or backups but would be tough for me to judge. Honestly I would have to think they were stronger last year with what I know now. We will find out next week.
  8. Heritage 84

    WHC 2019

    I still believe Heritage and Mitchell will be the class of the conference with Owen showing good improvement. I have heard that Polk may have had a few transfers that would definitely help them this season. They are always a tough battle for any team in conference play. Mtn. Heritage has added some depth to their defensive back and wide receiver positions, with the return of a basketball player who had not played last year and the addition of another basketball player that will bring a lot of athleticism and size to these positions as well. Linebackers and secondary should definitely be a strength for the Cougars this year.
  9. Very good info you have posted. From everything I’ve heard Mtn. Heritage has been playing well this summer. Defeating teams like Hickory, ACA and Carolina Day and a defending state champion from Tennessee. Lost a close one in their 3rd game of the day at UNCA to Christ School. They have the potential to do well this year and will have a lot of size for teams to compete with.
  10. Heritage 84

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    First time I had gotten to see the Langley brothers and they were impressive as advertised. Heavy defensive pressure applied on the guards of Cox Mill and even turned Wendell over a couple times. Can’t imagine an eastern team getting up and down the court with SWG. I think today decided the championship game. Glad the Mtn. Heritgae girls took care of business over Forsyth today as well. Only the 3rd team in Mtn. Heritage sports history to make it to the championship game in any sport. Definitely if you like to see dunks, SWG will put on a show and #4 was on fire with the 3 ball as well.
  11. Heritage 84

    3rd Rd basketball score updates

    Shelby hits a 3 at the buzzer to take down Heritage by 2
  12. Heritage 84

    2nd round matchup games.

    Yeah they actually got it taken care of. the girls will be at home at 3 p.m. and the boys will play at Shelby at 7. Should leave just enough time for Coach Shelton to leave the girls game and get to see her son play.
  13. Heritage 84

    2nd round matchup games.

    Good season Mitchell girls. A tough playing team that never quits. Would like to have been able to catch this game. Good luck to Avery moving on. One thing I will have to say about the Heritage games last night is that the place was a tremendous atmosphere for a high school game. The house was rocking as West Davidson brought a decent amount of fans with them, but as the 2nd half started of the girls game, the Maiden fans were piling in. The place was packed for the boys game (even more than a Mitchell rivalry game, if anyone can believe that) and no one left without getting their $8 worth tonight. It was so loud a couple of times in the 4th quarter, as the Cougars started their comeback, that you couldn't hear the person right beside you. Great team support from both fan bases last night. Hopefully the game schedules can be worked out so the Heritage girls at home on Saturday and the Heritage boys at Shelby can be seen by the entire fan base. There is one thing you can be sure of and that is the Mtn. Heritage fans travel well. All the WHC faithful are welcome to join us moving forward as I'm sure our fans will return the favor if we are not the last one's standing.
  14. Heritage 84

    2nd round matchup games.

    Heritage wins by 5 in OT. What a game unreal. Nothing but respect for the Maiden team. Well coached and great sportsmanship. I know they had a lot of seniors and with those guys the best of luck in their future. They probably hit about 12 3s or more on us tonight.
  15. Heritage 84

    2nd round matchup games.

    Heritage and Maiden just started OT. 66up