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  1. Heritage 84

    MLK Classic games (1/19)

    Mountain Heritage swept all 4 games against Franklin tonight. Varsity girls win by around 30 and varsity boys won their 10th straight 80-49.
  2. Heritage 84

    MLK Classic games (1/19)

    Mountain Heritage will host a game Monday night with Franklin that should be an entertaining evening on MLK day.
  3. Heritage 84

    2A Boys West-East Teams to Watch

    Mtn. Heritage appears to be back on track with a 9 game winning streak and defeating their opponents badly as of late. Seems the early season woes of late entry by the football players has come to an end. Host Franklin on Monday for a good matchup in the West.
  4. Heritage 84

    2A West 2018

    Wish we could have gotten some games scheduled with Hendersonville. Would have been good for both squads. There were some open dates but seems they just could not get it worked out. Would definitely be a good match-up.
  5. Heritage 84

    basketball conference seeding Question??

    As for football, I believe it goes by total number of teams, so assume basketball would follow suit. For example the WHC has a total of 6 teams, 3-1A and 3-2A. I believe we were awarded 2 auto bids to Mitchell 1A and Mountain heritage 2A. Polk 1A and Owen 2A were selected with Max Preps rankings in 1A and 2A. I think this is correct, but I may be wrong.
  6. Heritage 84

    2A West 2018

    My . Heritage boys should be getting back on the radar soon. After dropping there first 2 games of the season they have went on a 5 game winning streak. They also got back one of their top scorers from last years team last night.
  7. Heritage 84

    X-mas Tourneys

    Mtn. Heritage won the North Henderson Christmas Tourney in boys and girls divisions. Girls defeated Mitchell in the championship and boys defeated Erwin 82-42. Travelers Rest ended up 3-0 as well but I assume point differential gave the championship to the boys team. The boys team starting to get back into the groove hopefully.
  8. Heritage 84

    X-mas Tourneys

    Mtn. Heritage will be at a tourney at North Henderson High School on 27,28 and 29 of December.
  9. Heritage 84

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    Great game Murphy. As expected no competition for the West this year. Great season.
  10. Heritage 84

    Very Early Favs in Basketball

    Mtn. Heritage 2nd game of the season for the boys and 4th for the girls has been postponed again tonight. Gonna be tough for us to get a season in.
  11. Heritage 84

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    Congrats to Brevard on a great season.
  12. Heritage 84

    Very Early Favs in Basketball

    Heritage girls looked good last night but the boys still appear to have their football legs and did not have a good night shooting falling to Asheville High. Cut the lead to 1 with about 4 minutes left then fell back and had to start fouling. Giving Asheville a double digit win. Was impressed with some of Asheville players. 4 of their starters are very athletic and shoot the ball well also.
  13. Heritage 84

    Very Early Favs in Basketball

    Mountain Heritage hosts Asheville High tonight n Burnsville. Boys will finally get to play their first game after a good playoff run in football. It' is a good thing we are getting it in tonight because the forecast is calling for 15-22" of snow over the next few days. May not get to play again until spring.
  14. Heritage 84

    Basketball Standing *Dec 2*

    East Burke is a well coached team and normally a very fundamentally sound girls squad. I believe we may play them later in the year.
  15. Heritage 84

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    Thanks for the clarification. I have been wondering what happened in all that mess.