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  1. WestHendersonFalcons

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    Thank you. Yea, there is no shame in your record to date. You've lost to 3 schools with a combined record of 16-1. You'll be a load for anyone.
  2. WestHendersonFalcons

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    Exactly. It has to matter. I commend Smoky for their scoring offense but they outscored 3 teams with a combined record of 3-21 by a margin of 174-7. Of course your scoring offense is going to look great, but remember even Rosman scored 40 on Madison. Who you play matters, simple as that.
  3. WestHendersonFalcons

    TCR at West Henderson

    I keep seeing another Falcon lurking. Introduce yourself @MillsRiverFalcon.
  4. WestHendersonFalcons

    TCR at West Henderson

    This sums up West’s night. It should have been a blowout, TC couldn’t stop a thing but way, way too many errors that won’t fly against better teams. Way too many bonehead penalties on defense that kept drives alive.
  5. WestHendersonFalcons

    WNC scores

    West wins 49-31 in the sloppiest game I’ve seen played in a while. You can definitely tell they had a bye week.
  6. WestHendersonFalcons

    TCR at West Henderson

    Our boys have had 2 weeks off so they should be well rested. I just hope they don't come out flat. I thought TCR may have been turning a corner with the win over Asheville because Lord knows they've played a brutal schedule to date, but those dreams got dashed last week against NB. I'll say Falcons by 21.
  7. WestHendersonFalcons

    WMAC week 6

    North Henderson @ AC Reynolds: Reynolds by 35 Enka @ Asheville: Asheville by 1 Erwin @ North Buncombe: NB by 7 Tuscola @ Smoky Mountain: SM by 10 TC Roberson @ West Henderson: West by 21 Let's hear those predictions!
  8. WestHendersonFalcons

    Wnc scores

    I don't think they do. They screwed the pooch on their OOC scheduling.
  9. WestHendersonFalcons

    Wnc scores

    Might be the best 0-4 team in the state. They've lost to 4 teams with a combined record of 14-3 and gave the last 2 fits.
  10. WestHendersonFalcons

    WNC Rankings Week 5

    Jasper Thomas and Ian Adams. You're correct, I forgot that Jasper reclassified. Ian would be a senior and started as a Freshman at West. https://www.ncsasports.org/football-recruiting/north-carolina/arden/christ-school/ian-adams3
  11. WestHendersonFalcons

    WNC Rankings Week 5

    Christ School's 2nd leading tackler and one of their top offensive lineman, were both multi-year starters at West. I'd love to see this Falcon team with both those guys and can't stand CS and all their poaching.
  12. WestHendersonFalcons

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    We can split hairs all day but the point was that ER was not a good barometer. One could make an argument that they're one of the best 0-3 teams in the state. The 3 teams they lost to are all conference contenders. Anyway, we know Heritage is a great program and they're going to give the Bearcats fits. It'll be interesting to see how much that Heritage D will hold down the Bearcats offense.
  13. WestHendersonFalcons

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    East Rutherford was a 10 win team last year who we played at full strength in week 1. Yes our guys came out shellshocked, turn the ball over twice in our territory, gave up a kick return and found themselves staring at 14-0 hole. The game ended in a 28 point swing with West falling down at the 1 yard line as time expired. If you like transitive properties so much, the reality is East Rutherford didn't play Brevard much different than Mountain Heritage did.
  14. WestHendersonFalcons

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    Corner was actually in good position and coverage was good. He just lost a 50/50 ball to a bigger receiver.
  15. WestHendersonFalcons

    Mtn. Heritage at Hendersonville

    This wasn't blown coverage. Your corner just got beat. 😁 https://www.facebook.com/WHHSFOOTBALL/videos/410696079801556/?__xts__[0]=68.ARB_jisEdyhB1Q9zJ33NGHwweod2FZuC6F8IlkBqkFVveZyG_qnU0xbFluLA9XN-nOQex9m9IBoWIIyk1L0ZJhazr1t8JYoCAvkox6plzSU-YXcWj85to3aMUj3HZUw7Zv7E-UE1sZWC3LyQ2sb4bi_l7D8S1qA5C_JhRb694bFkQ9_HlKPOdSHIba6KR90fC5uhRDZ_TKW1lfmPK90AlbvWIf0powfj5Egt-DyVgCC92fM5_FQR2YTquvypD0JLrtwXHWPPnhZICP_wnFALT40jnjhSAn6SWLUQfWpfXfGEysFYy6VoVdDtP4DKBINlZiADefjP-eqIRHd3xzOqATh48XRgX1BQzV4DPAC2&__tn__=-R