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  1. Early this morning (July 15th) Jamie Bright, a member of Harding's 2017 4A championship team, died this morning from a homicide in west Charlotte, not too far from HUHS. He was 18 years old, a rising senior for the Rams. It resembles the sad story of when Travis Davis, then the star quarterback for Harding, was murdered in 2006. The investigation was featured on the TV series "I Am Homicide". Keeping his family and the HUHS family in prayers. News article: https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/cmpd-conducting-death-investigation-after-overnight-shooting-on-clanton-rd/790178009
  2. I've been doing a little project on how a five-division system would work in the NCHSAA. I have divided teams into five divisions using the recent ADM numbers. The number of schools per division would go as follows: 5A-60, 4A-90, 3A-90, 2A-90, and 1A-78, but non-football schools skew 1A. The only non-football school outside of 1A would be Durham School of the Arts (3A). I have rules for conference realignments: no conference game can be a two-hour trip, each conference has six schools (except with non-football schools), and no split conferences. The playoffs for 5A would include all sixty schools qualifying, unless a school must forfeit more than five games that season. In 4A, 3A, and 2A, 64 teams of 90 qualify and are in one bracket. The 1A playoffs are 32 teams for football and 64 for other sports. Here are the 5A mock conferences that I have created... SOUTHLAKE 5A Hopewell, Hough, Lake Norman, Mooresville, North Mecklenburg, West Mecklenburg MECKLENBURG 5A Ardrey Kell, Butler, Myers Park, Olympic, Providence, South Mecklenburg TRYON 5A East Mecklenburg, Garinger, Independence, Mallard Creek, Rocky River, Vance CAPE FEAR 5A Ashley, Hoggard, Jack Britt, Laney, Lumberton, South View SANDHILLS 5A Fuquay-Varina, Hoke County, Holly Springs, Overhills, Pinecrest, Richmond Senior NORTH WAKE 5A Heritage, Millbrook, Rolesville, Sanderson, Wake Forest, Wakefield RESEARCH TRIANGLE 5A Apex, Cary, Green Hope, Leesville Road, Middle Creek, Panther Creek CAPITAL CITY 5A Athens Drive, Broughton, Corinth Holders, Enloe, Garner, Southeast Raleigh MID-STATE 5A C.E. Jordan, East Forsyth, Grimsley, Northwest Guilford, Page, Riverside-Durham FOOTHILLS 5A Davie County, McDowell, Reagan, R.J. Reynolds, South Caldwell, West Forsyth --- Tell me what you think. I know some conferences are awkward, but I'm working on it.
  3. kgrice15

    Robinson 7on7

    7on7 time at Robinson. Playing host to Statesville.
  4. There is a 7on7 tomorrow (6/28) at Jay M. Robinson beginning at 10am. Not sure what teams will be in attendance.
  5. Who are the college prospects in the Charlotte area for 3A and 4A?
  6. 1. Concord – always a powerful squad, air attack will give opponents problems 2. West Rowan – strong team all-around, cutting down on turnovers will help 3. J.M. Robinson – run and pass games are deadly, defense will improve 4. Hickory Ridge – new coach, large amount offseason work will make them stronger 5. Central Cabarrus – older team with good speed, with a great coach at the reins again 6. Carson – dark horse of the conference, has good arm at QB for good pass game 7. Cox Mill – will add many JV players to varsity roster, lots of young talent 8. NW Cabarrus – Gentry will need to instill confidence, still have much to improve upon 9. East Rowan – team will lose a lot on offense, may have improved defense 10. South Rowan – ever since Carson’s opening, has suffered a loss of interest in football I would project NW Cabarrus ahead of East Rowan and HR over Central, but I agree with the rest. My reasoning behind moving NWC up is looking at what Gentry is doing to the program. Many players have participated in extra workouts this summer, including the Cam Newton 7on7 event. Hickory Ridge has done the same. Many of HR's JV players moving up to varsity are tough as nails. Watch for them to defeat either Concord, WR, or JMR this year. Many of the returning Cabarrus key players are listed below: Hamsah Nasirildeen (Sr ATH) – CHS (Best player in SPC in my opinion, stud WR and DB) P.J. Hall (Sr WR) – CHS (Another great receiver, will also beat teams with evasiveness after catch) Que Reid (Jr RB/S) – JMR (Key player in the backfield alongside transfer E.J. Henderson) Josh Dale (Sr QB) – JMR (Dual threat; will run when forced, has a great arm) Cameron Kepley (Sr QB) – CC (Backed up English, saw some game time LY) Justin Underwood (Jr DB) – CC (Continues to improve as cornerback with addition of a few inches) Brock Angel (Sr WR) – HR (Great hands, will burn a cornerback on deep routes) Dan Louba (Sr DE) – HR (Good tackler, will be alongside Wallace and Furr again on defense) John Brosnahan (Jr K) – CM (One of the better boots in the conference, will be around another year) Jessie Malit (Sr LB) – CM (Breaks into the backfield and pursues well, very physical player) Damian Bertino (Sr QB) – NWC (Dual-threat like Dale, can evade tacklers very well) Brandon Keller (Sr OL) – NWC (Big guy, can play both ways; blocked game-winning kick vs. CM) I only chose two players from each team intentionally. Can't wait for this upcoming season!!
  7. There would need to be an ENCHSAA if the western side was revived. A deciding game after that would be in place to determine the best team in the state.
  8. Jim, why not have a football-only, "non-traditional",conference among the 1A schools? They would be allowed to schedule schools without having to worry about scheduling conference games. The following teams would be independent: Community School of Davidson Highland Tech KIPP Pride Mountain Island Charter Pine Lake Prep Rocky Mount Prep Thomas Jefferson Academy Union Academy Winston-Salem Prep For example, Pine Lake Prep's schedule could look like this: 1. @ Mooresville 2. @ West Rowan 3. vs. Cannon School 4. @ Winston-Salem Prep 5. vs. Community School of Davidson 6. vs. Highland Tech 7. @ Concord First Assembly 8. @ Lake Norman Charter 9. BYE 10. vs. Mountain Island Charter 11. vs. Thomas Jefferson Academy 12. @ Union Academy Then, the playoff bid(s) may be determined by strength of schedule and/or in-class record. Just drawing up something to think about.
  9. Here is some information from Jay M. Robinson... Head Coach: Joe Glass LY Record: 8-5 Returning key players: Javonte Misenheimer (WR, Sr), Josh Dale (QB, Sr), Que Reid (RB, Jr), Baarkiar Anderson (WR, Sr), Justin Allamby (DE, Sr), Andrew Yannone (DT, Sr), Dawson Williams (FS, Jr), Blake Furr (LB, Sr), Grady Price (LB, Sr), Jaylan Miller (OL, Jr) Following the 2015 season, new pride for the Bulldogs has come. The first-round win in the 2015 playoffs was the Bulldogs' first, and ended the year with the school's first winning record in years. Many new faces are wearing Robinson colors this year, including Kyerin Curry from Hickory Ridge (WR/DB, Sr) and Jah'rel Morrison from Capital Prep Harbor of Connecticut (RB, Jr). Despite losing the team's offensive coordinator, the talent of Dale and Reid proved last year that the Bulldog run-game is deadly, and Dale has a gifted arm for receivers Misenheimer and Anderson. The Bulldogs look to improve on their 8-5 season in the fall.
  10. kgrice15

    SPC Basketball Pick'Em

    I am thinking about arranging a pick'em for South Piedmont Conference basketball for the '15-16 season. If anyone is interested, post a reply and let others know. Each week will consist of a maximum of 10 games. Each game will count as 1 point, rivalry games* will count as 2 points, and conference tournament games will count as 3 points. No other tournament games will be chosen for picks. Voting for games will close at midnight of the Monday beginning the week. With that being said, games will be posted on the Saturday preceding the week. Games will be chosen at random and may not fulfill 10 games. *The rivalries are for the pick'em are for the game purposes only (may not be exact rivals). The rivalries will go as follows: Carson: South Rowan, East Rowan Central Cabarrus: Hickory Ridge, Concord Concord: J.M. Robinson, Central Cabarrus Cox Mill: J.M. Robinson, NW Cabarrus East Rowan: West Rowan, Carson Hickory Ridge: Central Cabarrus, NW Cabarrus J.M. Robinson: Cox Mill, Concord NW Cabarrus: Cox Mill, Hickory Ridge South Rowan: Carson, West Rowan West Rowan: East Rowan, South Rowan Once again, if you are interested, post a reply and make sure to get others involved. Since this is late, the first week (of November 16th) will be a free week and each player involved will receive 10 points (1 for each game). This is only for fun and money will not be put in nor received. Thank you for your time.
  11. Robinson will bring a good crowd, as this game means a lot to us over at JMR
  12. Congrats to him and Spider Nation. Have any idea as to how many athletes are currently playing basketball or football in college from Concord? Should be a pretty good number.
  13. I didn't see where the Tribune said that (I predict it). But nonetheless, Concord and Robinson should both bring outstanding offenses and defenses to the table. This conference for some reason this year has been beating each other up week after week. Hickory Ridge starts off cold, gets hot, then gets surprised by Carson. Robinson made a surprise back into playoff talks after a winless 2014. Cox Mill is clearly having an off year and will hopefully get back into their ways next year. Central has been an on-off team this year, and is still a good team. No disrespect to Concord at all, but Robinson has a very unique game that other teams haven't identified. To give credit where it's deserved, Concord has been the only consistent team in the SPC, as they have been a powerhouse for years. Never mind the score, the game will come down to the wire. I like how Shaked can stay unbiased on subjects like these and keep the peace!
  14. The JMR-CHS game should be a good game indeed. Both teams are very strong. I believe that it will come down to D-line vs. D-line with Desmond Mason (JMR) and Rick Sandidge (CHS), and QB vs. QB with Josh Dale (JMR) and Keenan Black (CHS). Concord will probably gain yards through the air while Robinson keeps it on the ground with Reid and Rutherford. Against SR, Rutherford broke the 1,000 yard mark for the season. 48-43 Robinson, but Concord will score a touchdown and get a 2-point conversion in the fourth quarter, then onside kick, but Bulldogs recover and kneel to win. Concord is a strong team and has an equal chance to win, but the Independent Tribune says JMR is "red-hot" and has a great chance of taking their power into States. This game and the HR vs. WR game will have a great impact on playoff seeds.