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  1. thefootballfan

    West Cabarrus New School?

    Can you elaborate on how MP was screwed?
  2. thefootballfan

    Concord Head Job

    Saw on Twitter that Concord is going to introduce there new head tomorrow. Any ideas who it may be?
  3. 13-7 Concord just returned a fumble anyone looking for the game here is the link http://radio.securenetsystems.net/v5/WTIX
  4. thefootballfan

    James Johnson steps down at West Stanly

    Saying Coach Johnson was even given a hand is being nice. He came into a situation that was an absolute train wreck between the previous coach and the challenges of coaching in Stanly County. The year before he was hired West, they were (0-11) scored 50 points and gave up around 500 points for the whole year. The weight program was a joke and things weren't run the way they should be. This hurt participation and some couldn't take being pushed and working hard for the first time. In his first year, West went (2-9) but easily could have gone (7-4) if the ball would have bounced the right way. They lead in the 4th quarter in all of those games. This past season (3-8) was hampered by a lack of depth and more injuries than I've ever seen, and you would believe. You probably don't know this, but he still lives in Richmond County and makes that drive every day and is at school before the lights are turned on in the main building. Making that drive every day takes a toll on a person and most importantly their family. If you know Coach Johnson, his wife and daughter are the most important things to him. Moving to WM it will be closer for him to home and being an assistant will allow him to spend more time with his family. I could write a lot more but out of respected to Coach I won't. He is leaving West Stanly in a far better place than when he got there. He'll be a head coach again in the near future I believe. He is a hell of a coach and most importantly become a great friend to me. It's been a joy and honor to work under him for the past two years, and I would go work for him again in a heartbeat given the chance.
  5. thefootballfan

    West Iredell

    Any word on when the school will start interviews or have they already started the process?
  6. thefootballfan

    SPC Week 10...

    Carson @ Northwest Cabarrus Carson by 35 Cox Mill @ Central Cabarrus Cox Mill by 7 Hickory Ridge @ South Rowan HR by 21 Ledford @ East Rowan East by 3 West Rowan @ Concord Con by 14
  7. thefootballfan

    SPC Week 7...

    CARSON @ West Rowan WR gets revenge for last years game. WR 24 C 21 CONCORD @ Central Cabarrus Two words Rocky Reid. Concord in a nail biter Con 28 CC 24 HICKORY RIDGE @ East Rowan Running team vs Passing Team. I'll take the bulls HR 35 ER 21 Northwest Cabarrus @ MOUNT PLEASANT Mount is clicking on all cylinders right now. Reece goes wild MP 35 NW 14 South Rowan @ COX MILL Cox Mill's fire power on offense is too much for the South CM 35 SR 14
  8. thefootballfan

    Carson vs mt pleasant

    This has the makings to be either a shootout or a defensive struggle. Mount's defense has been a little suspect at times since they lost their star Linebacker Tyler Rawson. The kid made plays all over the field (140 tackles last year). Granted they have they have faced 3 very good offenses (Central, Concord and Cox Mill) in their 4 games so it will be interesting to see how they handle Carson.
  9. thefootballfan

    SPC Week 6...

    Central Cabarrus @ Hickory Ridge 45-42 East Rowan @ Concord 28-7 Mount Pleasant @ Carson 24-17 Northwest Cabarrus @ Cox Mill 35-21 West Rowan @ South Rowan 28-14
  10. thefootballfan

    Area Picks

    Hit wrong button earlier Cox Mill by 14 Central by 3 Peidmont by 7 Northwest by 3 Carson by 10 South Iredell by 20 Mooresville by 7 North Rowan by 14 DD by 7 North Stanly by 10
  11. thefootballfan

    Area Picks

    Cabarrus AL.Brown at Concord JM Robinson at Cox Mill Mount Pleasant at Central Cabarrus Piedmont at Hickory Ridge Northwest Cabarrus at West Stanly Rowan Salisbury at Carson South Rowan at South Iredell Mooresville at West Rowan East Rowan at North Rowan Stanly Albemarle at Davidson Day CATA at North Stanly Concord by 7 Too much Rocky Reid for the Wonders to handle in this one Cox Mill by 14 Central by 3 Piedmont by 7