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  1. ObserveAndReport

    SW Guilford/Tuscola at SW Randolph

    I appreciate the insight into Brafford and Tuscola. Coleman Bryson’s mother was a two time state finals MVP at Hayesville in the 90s and played at Georgia, so I guess he comes by the athleticism honestly. Hayesville already has a really good sophomore class, but hard not to think how good it could have been if that family hadn’t moved to Waynesville a few years ago. As for Brafford, in my mind, tall rail thin high-scoring shooter from Haywood County immediately brings to mind Jake Robinson. And he worked out well for WCU, although they do have a new coach and new system since then.
  2. ObserveAndReport

    Sleeper 1a teams for this upcoming season

    I would say Andrews. Junior heavy team last year and really strong freshman class coming up that won the JV championship. Should be their best team in years if they avoid the type of offseason transfers that hit them last summer.
  3. So does the three way tie for 1st on the boys side get broken by the tourney results for playoff seeding?
  4. ObserveAndReport

    River Mill at Chatham Charter

    I’m glad to get your take on CC. They came to Hayesville in the playoffs last year at 27-3 or something, but ended up losing by 15 or so and it seemed like their record was a little inflated. Was wondering if that was the case this year, too. Remember them pretty much doing everything through a tough post player.
  5. ObserveAndReport

    East Surry at Bishop McGuinness

    East Surry playing really well. Beat 1A #3 ranked Winston Salem Prep by double digits last night. Boaz had 32 on 13 of 15 shooting.
  6. ObserveAndReport

    UNC basketball

    4-6 weeks from Dec. 16. I just hope the record isn't so bad at that point that he decides to just train for the draft instead of returning, like Darius Garland did at Vandy last year.
  7. ObserveAndReport

    UNC basketball

    Cole Anthony is probably gone no matter UNC's record...plenty of one and dones come off of bad teams--Trae Young, Markell Fultz, Darius Garland. Anthony is actually pretty comparable to Garland in that regard at this point in terms of getting hurt early in the season on a bad team. Garland was the #5 pick last year. What hurts more is that the guards who had stepped up after Anthony went down--when UNC beat UCLA and Yale--are hurt now, too. So UNC has natural wings (Leaky Black and Platek) and a former walk-on (KJ Smith) playing the point in a system that doesn't work without excellent point guard play. Frontcourt is still formidable. Silver lining is that the only two times in my lifetime I can remember UNC being this bad were 01-02 and 09-10, and UNC bounced back with great recruiting classes both times. In 02, McCants, Felton, and May came in the next year and ended up getting UNC a championship. In 2010, Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock and Kendall Marshall came in the next year and UNC was great the next fewyears (and possibly would have had another title had Marshall not hurt his wrist in the second round of the tournament).
  8. ObserveAndReport

    Best Basketball team ever in N.C.

    02 was Christian Moody’s senior year. If you remember seeing Maybin, that was probably the rematch at 03 regionals. TCR lost almost everything except Greg Benton (one of the best from the mountains to not play big college ball) from the 02 team but Maybin and Patrick Moody—Christian’s younger brother who was a walk on for UNC’s 09 title team—moved into the lineup as sophomores and they ended up going back to regionals. West Rowan won in a bit of a blowout that year, if I remember, whereas they had to come back in the 4th quarter in 02.
  9. ObserveAndReport

    Best Basketball team ever in N.C.

    I thought '02 TC Roberson--with future Kansas starting PF Christian Moody and 3 or 4 other guys who played small college ball--was one of the best high school teams you'd ever find, until West Rowan beat them in the 3A West Final. As for those Asheville girls teams, I watched them play HP Central in '04 at Regionals, and there was more size in those frontcourts than in some of the boys games that year.
  10. ObserveAndReport

    Top 20 (or so) Records (Boys)

    He scored 50 again Tuesday night. He did an interview with the Asheville paper a few weeks ago where he said he's getting interest from UNCA, App State, Davidson...not sure if there are any offers yet. Surprised he didn't list WCU. The last time they signed a 6-8 shooter from Haywood County it worked out pretty well for them.
  11. ObserveAndReport

    Boys NCHSAA Maxpreps adjusted rankings

    They might want to take Alabama School for the Deaf out of the 1A rankings before they seed the NC playoffs.
  12. ObserveAndReport

    Top 20 (or so) Records (Boys)

    I haven't seen him play, didn't make it to the Cherokee tournament which is where I'd hoped to catch him. I do plan to see him at some point this year. I've talked to some people who have seen him play this year--basic word is he's getting a ton of usage after their leading returning scorer transferred to Asheville Christian, and he is 6-8 or 6-9 with a lot of length, so he can shoot over most defenders (and obviously can put it in the hole). Knock at this point--or upside/benefit, looking at potential--is that he still hasn't really filled out and is very thin.
  13. ObserveAndReport

    Top 20 (or so) Records (Boys)

    I would just add Hayesville, which is sitting at 7-2. 90% the same roster that beat Chatham Charter in the second round last year and took North Rowan to the wire in the third round. They have a 6-8 sophomore named Jake McTaggart who is having a breakout year.
  14. ObserveAndReport

    Favorite basketball team to watch

    I believe that team's game against LeBron and St. Vincent-St. Mary in the Greensboro Coliseum is still the largest crowd ever for a high school game in NC. Reynolds won the 4A title that year, but lost to St. Vincent-St. Mary by like 30, which is crazy to think about how good that team was. Reynolds had another huge, talented team the next year with Fulp, Othello Hunter (Ohio State and a cup of coffee in the NBA), Mike Copeland (UNC), and Jarhon Giddings (Richmond), but lost the 4A state final to a Raleigh Wakefield team that D'd up and ground out low-scoring wins without any future D1 players (their two best players ended up at Guilford and Brevard, I believe). The game happened the same day the Trinity team Chute Box mentioned knocked off a much-more star-laden Dudley team (featuring future Tar Heel Will Graves and future Demon Deacon Kevin Swinton) in the 3A final. 2004 was a good year for team basketball.
  15. ObserveAndReport

    2020 possibilities to win it all

    East Surry is losing a ton of skill guys-- most notably a pair of UNC signees at QB and WR. They also lose two more receivers who have PWO spots at UNC and State. On the other hand, they should return three of the five starters from a great OL, a TE/LB with offers from UNC, State, Wake, and South Carolina, and a DL with offers from almost everyone (Auburn, UGA, UNC, etc.). Plus their JV went 8-2, QB'd by the younger brother of the QB that just signed with UNC. So I guess it depends on if you see that glass as half full or half empty.