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  1. We've asked and haven't gotten an answer
  2. Heard rumblings he was heading to SC as an assistant
  3. Coach, we're pretty fluid. We want to put guys where they are comfortable if they are a new guy to the profession. Right now, we're unsure about teach positions.
  4. Coach just sent you our HC's email
  5. We have 2 coaching openings at Stuart Cramer, unsure about teacher openings at this time
  6. Gaston County FCA is looking for a team to play Hunter Huss in it's Jamboree August 14th at 7. Please respond here, and I can put you in contact with our FCA leader.
  7. Coach_Putt

    East Gaston?

    It ain't me...
  8. Coach_Putt

    Ashbrook High School

    -Boys basketball year in and year out is competitive. -Girls basketball is at the top of the conference every year -Track team usually finishes first in conference and count for men, girls second. -State champion wrestler last year
  9. I wouldn't necessarily say that KM's passing game is what got them here, are they dynamic in the passing game? Absolutely, but they also take what you give them. Their run game is not something to take lightly. They have two very good backs. I've watched both and both have impressed me. Catholics Defense vs. KM's Offense will definitely be interesting to watch. Not taking anything away from Catholics Offense or KM's Defense. Catholic's defense is impressive because they swarm, all 11 to the ball, KM is impressive because they have 7 playmakers on offense that can score from anywhere on the field.
  10. What's the strengths of Southern Nash without going too hard into fandom? What about the weaknesses?
  11. Kid can play no doubt, I saw the Forestview game on Friday and those LB's are all studs. Catholic has the innate ability no matter the season, no matter the game to get 11 hats to the ball every single play. As a defensive guy its beautiful to watch.
  12. Incredible, I can only imagine trying to hold a team back on a sideline if that broke out in a HS game.
  13. Coach_Putt

    Chase 41, South Point 28

    Saw Chase this summer. Really impressed with their speed and athleticism, best of luck to the Raiders
  14. Coach_Putt

    JV scores

    Ashbrook 26 Stuart Cramer 24 Double OT