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  1. kms51

    Looking at the 2A Class

    I think its more of a chance shelby goes small 2a. Reidsville won't go east, Shelby is only like 10 or so students away from small 2a. Shelby student population can grow though.
  2. kms51

    Looking at the 2A Class

    I expect to see them in the playoffs again
  3. I'm a Reidsville fan, but they are pretty good. That defensive line is like a Dudley panthers defensive line. They just didn't have the offense to beat Reidsville, I doubt they will next year as well.
  4. kms51

    Congrats Brandon Johnson

    Kid is fast. Any chance NC has a good year?
  5. Northeastern will be pretty good again too I would put them 3 or 4.
  6. I think Reidsville can match up with Shelby, its to bad one is 2a and 2aa.
  7. kms51


    pinnix is getting a lot of offers now. That game was a classic, Stephen gosnell reminded of how tj logan took over games.
  8. kms51


    I don’t really think we were young. I think we had the wrong defensive game plan vs you guys. We should be just as good this season though. I think you guys will be better than. People think
  9. kms51

    Will COVID-19 affect schedule or season?

    Everyone following guidelines will help stop the spread, but without some breakthrough its only a band aid
  10. I think er will be the favorite this year
  11. kms51

    1aa favorites

    they have two division one prospects. The younger gosnell is a 4 star recruit and Washington is committed to Tennessee
  12. kms51

    1aa favorites

    Tarboro and east surry again
  13. The Richard Wright school could be tough
  14. kms51

    Put the Title on the line

    Its a chance Shelby could go small 2a. They were pretty close last year.
  15. kms51

    Bates to SE Guilford

    It would take anyone a while at morehead. But look what he did when he got it rolling, very close to going to the state championship. Morehead has athletes, but they don't all come out.
  16. kms51

    Worst Stadiums

    Bartlett yancey jordan Matthews carrboro south Granville
  17. kms51

    Worst Stadiums

    the seating is more than adequate though. You gotta think of all the games played on the field. Could use a field upgrade though
  18. I doubt that happens. Reidsville probably has enough to stay in small 2a.
  19. kms51

    2021-2022 season

    For Reidsville Dudley Gw danville Ne guilford Page.
  20. kms51

    matchup 2021

    In 2021 maybe a Reidsville vs Dudley series finally
  21. kms51

    High Point Central

    That Ebron team?
  22. kms51

    High Point Central

    Wiggins had success at Smith right?