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  1. kms51

    Shelby Small 2A

    I think Reidsvilles defense would play better vs Shelby, not saying it would be enough to win.
  2. kms51

    Shelby Small 2A

    What's wrong with wanting to play tough games. The lions are a great team, but not unbeatable.
  3. kms51

    Shelby Small 2A

    I hope they do go small 2a.
  4. Yeah, that nwg team was good. 3 really good backs.
  5. I believe Cummings is still pretty good in basketball and track. But its sad what happened to them in football.
  6. A shelby poster said their adm is 832. But if they have college to add then it would put them at 2aa.
  7. Shelby could go small 2a
  8. kms51

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I'll def have an eye on this one and the polk game for mh
  9. kms51

    4a playoff prediction

    Nwg being one of those.
  10. I bet you it won't be a blowout.
  11. I think swe will come out of the 2aa east, I'm hoping they get some competition though. North Davidson isn't as good this year, right now Ledford or Oak Grove might be the biggest obstacle, unless someone else goes big 2a east.
  12. kms51

    3A Rankings

    I do feel like Eastern can be a sleeper team
  13. In all honesty Reidsville didn't look that good that game vs mt airy. Reidsville defense isn't terrible, just should have doubled gosnell that would have helped.
  14. kms51

    East Surry at Reidsville

    You can't forget those Northern guilford teams with Cj freeman and Mook Reynolds. This team certainly doesn't have the line of 2016, or defense for that matter.