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  1. Who all stood out to you? Nice video
  2. kms51

    Reidsville football 2019

    Reidsville has a lot coming back as well. It would be a heavyweight fight. Reidsville is loaded the next few years. Reidsville had a young team last year. I do wish Reidsville could meet up with Shelby, South Point and Hibriten next season.
  3. kms51

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Dudley is going to be really good
  4. kms51

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    I think mt heritage and Shelby game should happen
  5. kms51

    Reidsville football 2019

    Any thoughts? I think the team will be loaded with d1 recruit Breon Pass
  6. kms51

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    It’s crazy we’ve played the past 3 years. My prediction is that will come down to who has the higher max prep ranking
  7. kms51

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    I think we will get another mh vs reidsville game
  8. kms51

    Spring Practice in the air...

    East Forsyth, Dudley, page and reidsville in no order.
  9. kms51

    Page adds Highland Springs (VA) to schedule

    That's a pretty tough schedule. I may try to catch either the Dudley, Highland Springs or East Forsyth games.
  10. kms51

    Classic matchups

    Reidsville Dudley has always been mine
  11. kms51

    Eastern Guilford HS Players

    Glenn could you tell me how Eastern will be this year. Reidsville plays them this year, I'm interested to hear from someone.
  12. kms51

    Top 2A teams

    Reidsville and Shelby are top two. Out of the east Wrh and Northeastern are top 10 teams. I also think you have to take a look at South Point and Hibriten being top 5-10 teams.
  13. kms51

    Eastern Guilford head coaching job

    How will eg be next year? Reidsville plays them
  14. kms51

    Eastern Guilford head coaching job

    Wow if Capps got the eg job. Homerun hire