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  1. That's what makes Reidsville dangerous they have Edwards and Pass they can score quickly even when down.
  2. You make a great point. It’s on the coach for sure. But some of the rules in high school sports should be different.
  3. That's on the coach. But, if the girl didn't play then they shouldn't have to forfeit
  4. Carrboro seems like they can really score.
  5. Unc team isn't any good. But cmon now, but you should know it won't last and unc has been good since 2011.
  6. kms51

    Morehead at NE Guilford

    Yeah sounded like it was a classic. Breon didn't get to play in the first half, because he got ejected vs Smith. In turn Morehead had a 13 point lead in the 1st half. I didn't go, but sounded like a battle. I'll try and make the rematch. A big difference is that the rams got to play Smith and Harding University. I think Morehead should look to add Gw Danville to their non conf schedule to beef it. I also think the rams are underrated in the 2a landscape, I think we could make a push to the regionals.
  7. kms51

    Morehead at NE Guilford

    Reidsville takes morehead down.
  8. kms51

    Page HC Opening

    Very good hire from page. They wanted him the last go around.
  9. kms51

    Richmond Week 2

    woops I thought this was Richmond va.lol. Yeah that reidsville team could have played with Richmond. Doubt reidsville could next year with hood returning.
  10. kms51

    Richmond Week 2

    Call Reidsville. Maybe we can work out something to drop mcmicheal
  11. I wish we could play gw danville again. Could you imagine the gate for that now a days. I see plenty of gw danville fans checking out our games. They need to get over the playoff ranking, that game is too big to miss.
  12. I'm sure they will be in the mix for 1aa.
  13. kms51

    Page HC Opening

    Should give coach bates a call