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  1. I doubt that happens. Reidsville probably has enough to stay in small 2a.
  2. kms51

    2021-2022 season

    For Reidsville Dudley Gw danville Ne guilford Page.
  3. kms51

    matchup 2021

    In 2021 maybe a Reidsville vs Dudley series finally
  4. kms51

    High Point Central

    That Ebron team?
  5. kms51

    High Point Central

    Wiggins had success at Smith right?
  6. kms51

    McMichael HC

    I think Carrboro will be gone.
  7. kms51

    McMichael HC

    I wish Reidsville could get Mcmichael off the schedule. It isn't a huge money draw for either. Mcmichael would do better in 2a, playing teams like, Cummings, Graham and By will help.
  8. kms51

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    Not sure how I forgot Lyles.
  9. kms51

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    Kyle Pinnix: Reidsville Kamell Smith: Eastern Guilford.
  10. kms51

    Power Echols commits to UNC

    They just offered Breon Pass and the lineman from Rockingham County
  11. That's what makes Reidsville dangerous they have Edwards and Pass they can score quickly even when down.
  12. You make a great point. It’s on the coach for sure. But some of the rules in high school sports should be different.