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  1. Darkhorse2007

    Coach of the Year Candidates?

    Cory Johnson(Clinton) in 2A...loses star player(All American LB Mohamed Kaba) 4 games into the season and has team hitting on all cylinders playing for a Eastern Championship Friday...only his 2nd year
  2. Darkhorse2007

    Clinton 14 Wallace Rose-Hill 7

    I would hope they were already on notice...outside of a really bad 6 mins in the 4th quarter at Central Cabarrus Clinton has played solid football and has seemed to be playing inspired after losing All American LB Mohamed Kaba in the first half vs Northside-Jax......alot of football to be played but Clinton seems to be trending up
  3. Another classic game in a long rivalry.....will probably see these 2 meet up again in a few weeks 2 of the best in the 2A East.
  4. Darkhorse2007

    August pre-season scrimmages

    Happy with the way Clinton looked tonight shut out a solid Terry Sanford team 2 scores to none in the Cumberland County Jamboree....oline is big physical RBs looked good and most importantly passing game looks smooth which is something different for us.....defense was solid guys flying around making plays...continue to sleep on this team could surprise alot of people in the 2A East
  5. Darkhorse2007

    August pre-season scrimmages

    Clinton will be participating in the Cumberland County Jamboree August 15th at Seventy First High School we will be scrimmaging 3A Terry Sanford Next day on August 16th we will be participating in the annual Sampson County Pigskin Jamboree where we will scrimmage every other Sampson County team in half field sessions(Midway,Hobbton,Union,Lakewood)
  6. Cory Johnson-Clinton think he just turned 29
  7. Darkhorse2007

    Could these 1A Schools be sleepers

    Remember Tarboro had alot of trouble with JK and Wallace Rose-Hill before those 2 moved up to 2A lost to Wallace in the playoffs in 2013 and 2016 lost to JK in 2014 and 2015 coincidentally WRH and JK get moved up to 2A in 2017 and the Vikings finally make it back to the State Championship....Of course Tarboro would/could compete in 2A but it definitely wouldn't be a cake walk
  8. Darkhorse2007

    Clinton Football 2019 Schedule

    @Chris Hughes its going to be at Clinton Sept 20th per Clinton AD...so Pamlico County vs Clinton September 20th
  9. Darkhorse2007

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    Clinton 1990,97,and 2001 all very very good teams definitely need to be in the conversation
  10. Darkhorse2007

    Clinton Football 2019 Schedule

    Mr. Hughes if you see this you can add Pamlico County to Clintons schedule Sept 20th not sure if its home or away should find out by the end of the day
  11. 8/15 CC Jamboree vs Terry Sanford 8/16 Sampson County Jamboree 8/23 vs Cape Fear 8/30 vs East Bladen 9/6 at Northside-Jax 9/13 at Oxford Webb 9/20 vs Pamlico County 9/27 at Central Cabarrus 10/11 vs East Duplin 10/18 vs Goldsboro(Homecoming) 10/25 at Wallace Rose-Hill 11/1 at James Kenan 11/8 vs Midway(Senior Night)
  12. Darkhorse2007

    2A East: Kinston 21, Clinton 13

    Clinton had a fine season nothing to be ashamed of here....we made mistakes especially at the end of the game Kinston capitalize on them i gave them credit on another thread definitely better team than most gave them credit for....with that being said please stop trying to make it seem like we just went up there and got manhandled it was a good competitive game Kinston won it at the end....end of story good luck to those remaining Friday Night
  13. You must be "special" who thought Clinton was the real deal last year a 6 win Clinton team??? Everyone knew NE was gonna win that game....as far last night goes mistakes were the story of the game Clinton scored with 25 seconds left negated by a illegal procedure one of many that game just too many mistakes Kinston is a good team better than what people said
  14. Darkhorse2007

    2A East: Kinston 21, Clinton 13

    Story of this game simply Clinton shooting themselves in the foot numerous procedure penalties and some costly fumbles in scoring position.....biggest let down of the night with 24 seconds remaining 4th and goal on the 1 Clinton QB sneaks it in gor a TD but its called back because of another procedure penalty goes from a 4th and goal on the 1 to 4th and goal on the 6 couldnt convert......just alot of missed opportunities....hats off to Kinston definitely not a bad team has some athletes especially that QB and WR #3.....sucks to end the season that way but it happens....Clinton was extremely undisciplined tonight
  15. Coach Cory Johnson from Clinton i know im alil bias but after getting a late start dealing with all the injuries we had to deal with and take this team and win conference title his first year in one of the most competitive conferences in the 2A division speaks for itself...him and his staff have done a excellent job and if Clinton somehow makes a run to the 4th round or even to state title game win or lose i believe he deserves it.........in 1A i would vote for Joe Salas from Hobbton winning 5 games may not be much but i think thats more games than Hobbton has won in the last 3-5 years combined