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  1. And people wonder why we have a shortage of officials. That measly pay check is not worth the abuse verbal and now physical that they take. It is HS sports. Supposed to be teaching sportsmanship, respect, etc. to students. Not slugging a ref when you don't like the calls in the game. Or tackling another students during a wrestling match. Both parents should be banned from attending any future HS athletic events in NC. Actually, I'd probably recommend they be banned from being on campus either. Parents have been known to walk into schools and assault teachers over grades or other disagreements with teachers.
  2. Steelers71

    East Gaston?

    If he was doing such a great job at a terrible football/ athletic program in one year there, the principal needs his head checked. They've been a doormat for years in a brutal conference and the coach was working to change it. Must think they can hire Saban or something.
  3. Steelers71

    East Gaston?

    Hold up. They dismissed Lippard? Thought he resigned?
  4. Steelers71

    Asheville Job

    Been saying for several weeks now that Cort is the guy. He'll do great there.
  5. Where did the SC job board go?
  6. Steelers71

    Sun Valley

    Yea, that's terrible.
  7. Steelers71

    Sun Valley

    That would make sense. I'm surprised the pay isn't better than CMS for coaching. I know the pay is good there, but many coaches complain about the extra duties and class schedule. If they have somebody there ready to go, give him the job and roll on.
  8. Steelers71

    Sun Valley

    So Tad Baucom was the HC at CATA before going to Sun Valley. He obviously did a great job there and was blessed with Sam Howell. Is it possible something similar happens again this year where a local coach takes over to find great success? It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Union county pays coaches and teachers very well so I'm sure there will be a ton of applicants for this job.
  9. The opposite problem as in places where they don't care about football at all. Been there. Done that.
  10. Tough situation to go into, for sure! Gotta love fanatical fans though. At least they care. Maybe too much.
  11. Steelers71

    Private schools

    It doesn't seem that Village is concerned about fielding a football team. They have had weight lifting teacher job posted for a couple of months, since football season ended. They are holding that position to hire a coach. But, have not made any contacts or had interviews from what I've heard.
  12. I'm sure South Meck will be better. They got like top three enrollment in the state. But, CC will beat them easily this year.
  13. Steelers71

    Laney's new HC

    Probably so. Not too far from home.
  14. Steelers71

    Laney's new HC

    I wonder who Wood be one?