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  1. Steelers71

    Hayesville HC Search

    Who's that?
  2. Steelers71

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    So, Handley gets job at Havelock?
  3. Steelers71

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    Any jobs filled yet? Slow season.
  4. Steelers71

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    Classic Jim Mora! The principal gets bonuses based on test scores. They could care less about football obviously. If they didn't give Coach Minor the help he needed and didn't do a real interview process that is apparent the Principal doesn't care about football. They also won't have to be dealing with upset parents because little Johnny isn't playing. If they hired a "yes man" hell play who they say to play. Been there, seen that.
  5. Steelers71

    Head Coaches

    In Cumberland County, 5 out of 10 HC's are Black. Maybe the bigger question is why aren't there more Black Male teachers? The percentage of HC who are Black is probably identical to the percentage of Black Male teachers. That would be an interesting topic to study.
  6. Steelers71

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    LOL, they had a special person and let him go. Nothing will make them happy apparently.
  7. Steelers71

    Why so slow?

  8. Steelers71

    Why so slow?

    Havelock will definitely shake things up.
  9. Steelers71

    Why so slow?

    This has got to be the slowest turn around in jobs ever. Why is it taking so long for these schools to hire a new coach? Many have been open since before Christmas. Like West Caldwell, Lincolnton, North Johnston, Farmville Central, South Robeson, Pamlico, etc. I'm tired of waiting.
  10. Steelers71

    East Gaston

    Mike Helms
  11. Steelers71

    East Gaston

    Will this open up another job?
  12. Steelers71

    Random Question

    Yes. Just no bands.
  13. Steelers71

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    That's a freaking joke. Foard is crazy if they think anybody will do better than what Coach Minor did there. Good luck hiring another coach if 18-18 with a winning season and playoff win isn't good enough for the Administration at FTF.
  14. Steelers71

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    How do you fix the middle school situation by losing the successful coach at the HS? Foard has never been world beaters. Minor led them to one of their best seasons ever last year.
  15. Steelers71

    Title game Venues

    The NCHSAA should pay for the upgrades. They can use the surplus of money from the endowment fund to upgrade the facilities at Grimsley. I know, stop laughing. Anyway, I just like the idea of a nuetral centrally located place that is not huge to host all the games. Really I like A&T for the site. And help them pay for the turf so they can host. If they even need the help. Pretty sure they have the money with these championships they've been winning. Can't make everyone happy so may upset some to host 1A at home site, oh well.