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  1. My how times have changed. Can AL Brown stick around in this game? That's a sentence I never thought I'd hear.
  2. Steelers71

    Tarboro vs Pamlico

    Almost, Need one more point.
  3. Steelers71

    Tarboro vs Pamlico

    Tutt is the real deal but doubt he does that much against Tarboro.
  4. Steelers71

    Tarboro vs Pamlico

    Everybody was intrigued last year when Pamlico made a run to the Championship. And Tarboro beat the brakes off them. Pamlico was better last year so I don't see this being much different.
  5. Rough. They're building so many new schools in Concord area. They should balance them so they are all closer to 2A.
  6. Wow. Used to be great program under EZ. Sad to see how it has fallen apart. Are there the kids to bring it back or has the redistricting of lines for the new schools wiped them out? Back when I was at JMR, we had two great players who lived in our district but played at Concord. This was the early 2000's when JMR opened. Which new school effect their enrollment as well?
  7. Thought this would happen after the season, not now. But, not surprised.
  8. With those low numbers, may be an issue of kids wanting to play. Tough to recruit kids off the couch these days.
  9. Havelock is a damn tough place to coach with all the coaches in the stands. Tough to follow "the past two coaches" who were pretty successful but rubbed people the wrong way? I always thought winning cures everything?
  10. Steelers71

    Lee County 32, Anson 25

    Lee needs to up their non conference schedule.
  11. Steelers71

    Dirty Play

    Punish the player and coach who allowed this to happen. Too bad if the coach didn't know. He should coach his players to play with integrity.
  12. Steelers71

    Statesville vs Jay M Robinson

    Release the Hounds!
  13. Lucky for Trask. Hope everyone is ok after the Hurricane passes!
  14. Steelers71

    Top RBs in the State

    Matt Pemberton- South View HS 1600yds. Rushing, 600Yds. receiving, 37 TD's overall.
  15. Wow. Still don't understand how the AD survives but the Superintendent gets the ax. And now cancel this season? They'll be starting from scratch all over again. Need to hire a quality coach that will stay and build the program the right way.