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  1. Steelers71

    North Moore

    Actually it was probably a guy from Illinois who did a good job at NM, then went to Southern Lee. Had a player named Cam Thomas, who went to UNC, and the Chargers for a while. Coach was Bryan Lee.
  2. Steelers71

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    Nice! Yoga pant moms! Getting them workouts in and driving the kids to in the Suburban!
  3. Steelers71

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    Wow. "Can't find someone worthy to mentor our athletes" That's a terrible statement to make about all the guys who applied for the job irregardless of the pay. And this is also why the guy who built the program left before King got it. Sad situation for the kids.
  4. Steelers71

    West Caldwell

    Still don't have a PE position to hire.
  5. Steelers71

    North Moore

    Tough to fill with an EC position as the job.
  6. Steelers71

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    Wow, a week later and still no HC named. They must pay beans down there. I know Caleb took a pay cut to go to his alma mater. This is crazy one of the best talent schools in the state doesn't have one named yet. And if it is an assistant from the family you say it may be, he will not be there long. They always move on quickly.
  7. Steelers71

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    Probably a pay raise. And they will all pass with flying colors. LOL
  8. Steelers71

    Central Academy New Football Coach

    Why? Nothing to lose. They've been through what 6 coaches in 7 years?
  9. Steelers71

    Ashley football

    Yea, but they can be a decent team IF they can get the kids out. I heard they have good facilities and just need to get them in the weight room. If they run something ball control offensively they have a shot to win some games. Win 6 and that's big time there.
  10. Steelers71

    enrollment of Wake County schools

    I don't know about a waiver to go to a different HS. I think the only way is to go to a magnet program. I went to a middle school in Raleigh where half our students went to Athens Drive and the other half went to Broughton. Raleigh is growing so fast I'm sure it's worse now.
  11. Steelers71

    enrollment of Wake County schools

    Kids are assigned schools in Wake based on residence. They can apply to schools for magnet programs though. The problem with Wake in the middle and elementary level is the lines shift every year and they redistrict. This isn't the case with High Schools though.
  12. Steelers71

    West Caldwell

    Another one takes off for greener pastures in SC.
  13. Steelers71

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    I'm sure that's what they're looking for is somebody who will use this as a stepping stone to SC. When Caleb got there it was his dream job. I'm still surprised he left after two years but gotta get that money when you can. Really would think they would want to hire somebody who wants to stay long term.
  14. Steelers71

    West Caldwell

    I hope they do. If they hire the guy they should, he'll have them competitive real quick like he did at FTF!
  15. Steelers71

    West Caldwell

    Chris, you think everybody is going to be good. Everybody has the potential to be good with the right leader and work ethic. But, these kids are behind the 8 ball after having a terrible season and now without a leader for the better part of 4 months.