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  1. Steelers71

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    Indy. No contest.
  2. Steelers71

    Bowles leaving Providence

    Interesting topic. I know how much coaches get paid in good ole NC, and if you have a chance to improve that you gotta go. Timing sucks for everyone involved but in the long run you do what is best for your family. Now, same goes for the players who leave for what they view is a better opportunity. It sucks for the other players and coaches who may count on them, but they gotta do what they think is best for them. The days of sticking around for the TEAM is over. People really only care about themselves. Trashing players online for leaving is total BS and a rookie ego trip by coaches who do that. And there are too many of them. I hate 7 on 7 where coaches are talking junk to other team, sticking their chest out when they "win" like they did something. It's a different time now then it was when I started coaching 20 years ago.
  3. Steelers71

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    I know. That's why I thought it odd you mentioned his name in this thread.
  4. Steelers71

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    LOL. And McDowell continues to be the laughingstock of mountain football. Maybe hiring a re tread former HC with little good results wouldn't be such a bad thing. Or getting Brint Russell there. I don't see that happening or the other coaches mentioned earlier on this thread from Watauga, Christ School, Mitchell. Weird situation here.
  5. Steelers71

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    I thought Morgan had been there before as an assistant? There are a number of people who could do a great job there. There were several good candidates to interview I'm sure. Not too many people leave SC to come back to NC, so doubt that will happen.
  6. Steelers71

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Last time they went out of network it was pretty good results. Way back when they hired David Riggs. He won some games, better than the Gowan years for sure. Morgan got a lot done in a few years, but I'm not sure it's just the result of the county finally getting on board with what a competitive football program needs. Besides the Jimmy's and Joe's, facilities and class schedules are very important. They upgraded the facilities. Next coach is walking into a good situation with that. Now got to find the Jimmy's and Joe's.
  7. Salaries are set by the state in SC. But, each county or district can supplement coaches income how they see fit. So some areas pay great and other areas pay not so great. I know that a friend of mine got a job in SC that made him the AD and HFC where he almost doubled his salary and no teaching responsibilities. SC just values football more then NC. They make it happen for the coaches to have the resources they need to develop students and the program. That's it. But, you better win or you gone. Look at Hal Capps example.
  8. Steelers71

    Greiner Resigns at Hickory Ridge

    Oops. Gotta read the rulebook.
  9. Steelers71

    Greiner Resigns at Hickory Ridge

    Depends on the job open. Socastee is a good job in SC. No coach wants to leave now, but you gotta do what's best for the family sometimes. OR, could be something else.
  10. Steelers71

    Greiner Resigns at Hickory Ridge

    Probably another coach heading South. Gotta get that money!
  11. Steelers71

    Losing Record = Job Security?

    And I get sick of hearing "if I don't go D1, I'll just go to college". Like a D2 or D3 school is a bad thing. Then they usually don't make it anyway and end up back home.
  12. Steelers71

    Losing Record = Job Security?

    Ah, that's what it really comes down to. "The system- doesn't help them get recruited" So, this is more about individuals not getting the recognition they think they deserve, more than about the coach/ program. If you're good enough, they will find you.
  13. Steelers71

    Losing Record = Job Security?

    Depends on a lot of factors. Such as who they play? Do they really have the players to compete with their conference opponents? Being a former HC with a terrible record, I know how much it took to just field a competitive team. Sometimes you just don't have the jimmy's and joe's. Or the school may only care about academics. Been in that too.
  14. Steelers71

    1A costal plains preseason predictions

    How are they playing by different rules? Isn't Tarboro the only HS there? So, they get the kids that live there. Not many people moving to Tarboro for any reason.
  15. Steelers71

    Morgan leaving McDowell