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  1. Can you still take the praxis to get certified in another subject if you're already certified? I have been told to do this before as well.
  2. I'm not sure it's a wash yet. Depends on when one could get in there and start coaching. They have athletes for sure and are in a weak conference other than Northern NAsh and Northern Durham. Southern Durham, Cedar Ridge, will have new coaches. Lots of change there and good chance for somebody to continue building a solid program.
  3. Tough situation to go through. Maybe they stay in house this time.
  4. I don't mind adapting. I just think it will be insane trying to get HS kids to wear a mask and social distance. Can't wait for that "discussion" with students.
  5. The biggest issue besides the safety of kids, coaches, officials, and fans is how do you conduct football in an empty stadium? The sport is important for so many reasons for many people. But, the revenue is vital to schools to have sports. I think in Cumberland County each school gets like $2000 for sports. The rest of the funding is from gate receipts, fundraisers, booster clubs. So, what is the point financially for schools to play football with empty stands? Yes it is important for so many kids especially to teach them discipline, team work, commitment, courage, work ethic, and keep them busy to avoid all the pitfalls of society they deal with today. Drugs, gangs, etc. Which are real problems. But I'm trying to figure out the validity of having football with no fans in HS. Doesn't make sense to me.
  6. I'm sure you know way more about what they have coming back. So I'll take your word for it.
  7. Rolesville and AK are questionable to be considered that good. What has either of them done the past few years? I would also drop Scotland out of top 10. They're not getting over the hump vs. the private school factory developing at CG.
  8. I agree. It's sad to see nobody wearing masks in public. And how does one play football while maintaining 6 feet of separation? Interesting. I think other sports will come back sooner.
  9. Steelers71

    The 2020 HS football season

    I’m sure Cooper doesn’t want the economy to recover until after the election.... give me a freaking break! SMDH
  10. Steelers71

    The 2020 HS football season

    We were told not to contact our players through social media or anything other than school online class. So, it has been difficult to know if the kids are doing much. Not sure how much contact our HC has been able to have with the players. I know summer workouts are probably off the table at this time due to schools being closed.
  11. Football funds every sport, and football in the spring is better than no football. It is much better weather for football in the spring too. Less hurricanes, less heat and humidity, actually cold weather games! Kids can train in the fall if thy don’t play other sports. I would love this if we have to do it.
  12. If I could give any advice to a young coach starting out it would be to go South. Go to SC. Check out schsl.org They have a few jobs posted. Also, check the footballscoop.com Good luck young man! And get a degree in something other than PE. Or add on license.
  13. Steelers71

    Will COVID-19 affect schedule or season?

    As a teacher and coach who is exposed to roughly 700 kids every morning by 8am, I hope they have some better plans to protect me when we go back to school. So, I can protect my family while still doing what I love. Smaller classes to allow social distancing? Everyone wears a mask? I know that one isn't going to happen, because we can't even make kids pull their pants up. So, how does one open schools while protecting students, teachers, staff from transmitting this virus to their family once they get home?
  14. Steelers71

    Will COVID-19 affect schedule or season?

    Playing in the winter or spring is not really a viable option. Kids who play winter sports now have to choose. Assistant coaches who coach other sports will be in conflict. I predict a shortened season this fall. Definitely not games without fans. Football supports all other sports revenue, even at college level. So, no gate receipts=no money=no other sports.