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  1. 1whoknows

    TW Andrews head coaching opening

    I can imagine? HPA is not ready for that level yet. Tarboro works 365 days a year. It will have to be a commitment to Administration to get that done in High Point
  2. 1whoknows

    Eastern Guilford head coaching job

    I do know one thing, he will have the offense going at a very, very, very FAST! FAST! PACE! Good Luck Tony
  3. 1whoknows

    Sanderson hires Jeremy Buck

    Congrats Buck my friend!!! You will do well
  4. 1whoknows

    Hal Capps

    And at home in his back yard where it all started. You can't asked for anything better than that
  5. 1whoknows

    Head Coaches

    I hope we do not keep beating this topic to death. Yes, it is a shortage of Male teachers in the classroom outside PE and mostly minority male teachers. Now getting to the HC opportunity, it is just like any other opportunities in the country, It is all about "who you know" and "who knows you." When I first started in this profession and started to go to coaches clinics with my HC, I noticed how the college coaches called him by his first name and knew him when he walked into the room. Even though at that time I had no indication I would be in education and coaching as long as I had, it was my goal from that day too for that to happen to me. I went to many clinics as an assistant coach and a lot as an HC and I can say over the years, even when I would be at UNC, NC State, Duke or WF, I would not see many of US at the clinics. Case in point, how many assistant coaches will be in Greensboro next weekend? It is not always about learning football, it is about networking. Every year we would ride down to the Shrine Bowl practice when the college coaches were allowed to come and stay a couple of days. Sometimes the school paid for the rooms, and many times, we as coaches paid for the rooms. It is things like this that get the networking going. It is more than about the color of your skin when you walk into the interview. I am sure most know before you get the interview what your race is. So the fact that you were able to get the interview was something there. Next, who are your references? It cannot just be your current HC and your OLD HS coach. You have to have someone on there like Tommy Knotts, Hal Capps, Steven Davis etc. That catches the eye that you know these guys and can reach out to them. How many of you just drive up for 1 day of the coaches clinic in the summer to get your card so you can get in the college football games for free? If you are a young coach, you should treat that week as a club. Spend time in the lobby and not just your hotel, or some of those other places. I assume I am getting some of the points across. It is coaching, but it is still looking for a job and ALL JOBs are how well you interview and NETWORKING and A lot about who you know. I have been lucky and fortunate that God has to lead me in the right direction and around the right people. I am very blessed for all the peers this profession has allowed me to come in contact with and will continue too. Now I know I got on the path of getting an HC football job. But this goes for those out there chasing those Administration jobs also. I have been approached many times about going into Administration, but I will leave that to you smart individuals.
  6. 1whoknows

    North Forsyth coaching search

    https://www.journalnow.com/sports/prepzone/north-forsyth-has-hired-a-football-coach-see-who-the/article_1fcb1ec8-ce20-575d-909f-4efc27acd8a9.html Jay Blair assistant from RJR
  7. 1whoknows

    Head Coaches

    Kenneth-QB when he was there
  8. 1whoknows

    Head Coaches

    Great article!!! And they are correct, it is mainly by choice. What year were you at Richmond? Do you know my boy, Crump?
  9. 1whoknows

    Eastern Guilford head coaching job

    I don't think this is going to happen. Heard something else might be on the horizon for Mr. Capps. We will have to see.
  10. 1whoknows

    Head Coaches

    Congrats and keep climbing the ladder. We definitely need more in the role of Admin. I know many that got their Administration had to leave the county and then come back. Hard to break into. But good luck to everything. But I think people on the outside just do not know and understand. I do say, being African-American Male, Certified in Education, you pretty much have job security. Just don't beat anybody or have sex with anyone and you will have a long career. It is one profession that the Rooney Rule Helps!!! LMAO But you still have to do your job. I just joking. But all seriousness, STRONG male in the classrooms are NEEDED or any race. Most of us are in PE. You go through the Math dept or English dept not as many. Science you get a few more.
  11. 1whoknows

    North Forsyth coaching search

    Nice to see how North has become a hot topic. The name will come out this week. And Even Nick Saban didn't move the ball last game. I wonder why? You don't need to get on here to find out who got the job. Just call the AD if you were one of the candidates. Good luck to those who were.
  12. 1whoknows

    Head Coaches

    If you want to talk numbers, it is more white male teachers in the classroom, than black male teachers in the school systems period. Always have been, always will be. It is very hard to find minority classroom teachers i.e. math, science, social studies, and English. And sadly when you do, most of them are not coaches. I majored in Business Administration, minor in Accounting. I was heavily recruited, like most back in the 90s, by my old HS coach to return to coaching. Mainly he thought I would be good at it, but also he definitely needed a young role model from that community. I have been to 5 high schools and I can say it has been times that I might have been the only certified minority male classroom teacher in the building. At the most it is normally not more than 3 to 5 at a time in a school calendar year at the school where I am at that is certified and in the classroom, especially if you take away PE. And one of my schools have been a 99% minority school and I can say it was still the same. We had more TEACH AMERICA teacher at that school than any other teachers and none of them were a minority, but they could drink!!! A lot of guys want to come back and coach, but not many want to teach or feel the need to get certified. Many are satisfied with being a TA or a Lay coach. Like I stated, when I entered college it was not to get a 4 year degree to teach, so that was not my initial goal either, but God had a plan for me and lead me in a direction that I really enjoyed.
  13. 1whoknows

    Head Coaches

    It wasn't this many black coaches back in the 90's. But to see this many in coaching, mean that is that more in education. We are lacking more in the classroom than in coaching.
  14. 1whoknows

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    I guess us coaches need to do a rules clinic for OUR FANS!!!! A FG is just like a PUNT, the reason no fan has NEVER seen this situation because how many attempted FG kicks fall short of the GOAL LINE? Not many teams line a kicker up for a 50 yard FG unless you are at ND and their kicker probably still misses in the end zone. If you are in high school and you practice kicking a FG longer than 40 yards, you also practice covering it like a punt with your lineman spreading out. Now I am just saying all that to paint the picture for those still asking the question. Now granted the video below is in the end zone, this is the same thing in HS if it does NOT go in the END ZONE!!! This rule is different in Texas I know and maybe 1 more state. I think they treat it like college, what's new there? High school Under NFHS (high school) rules (except in Massachusetts and Texas, which play largely by NCAA rules), a field goal attempt is no different from any other scrimmage kick (punt, drop kick). If the field goal attempt is no good and enters the end zone it is a touchback(NFHS rules do not allow a scrimmage kick or free kick to be advanced if it crosses the goal line). If the ball becomes dead on the field the defensive team will next put the ball in play from that point. If a field goal is blocked behind the line of scrimmage either team may pick it up and return it (see below
  15. 1whoknows

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Green Bay just might keep it close this weekend!!! Enjoy