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  1. 1whoknows

    Tarboro Straight T Offense:

    That is great advice and the same thing I would suggest. The only problem that is not their main blocking scheme. It is actually man blocking. A Hat for a Hat and let the backs do what they do!!! I.E Todd Gurley. You can tackle everyone, but you are not tackling him that much in his 4 years!!!
  2. 1whoknows

    Tarboro Straight T Offense:

    I will not say coaches change like the wind, it is the players!!!. You and Tarbaro and a few more are very fortunate in your situations. But you cannot establish that in the BIG cities. Greensboro, W-S, Charlotte and High Point to name a few. First W-S do not have middle school football. And the little league (PoP warner, plays ALL OVER). Then just because you are at a middle school that feeds your HS, doesn't mean you will attend that school. Same in Charlotte, you can have 25 kids play 7 and 8 grade together and each one will be DRAFTKINGS by January!!😁 Greensboro a little of the same and so is High Point. So, yes I missed the days when I grew up and knew in the 3rd grade which HS I would attend. I also would know almost everyone in my Senior class!!! Now kids today only know their classmates by facebook!!! Great situation my boy at Tarboro has and he has some outstanding coaches. And when you see him at a clinic, you see everyone involved in making that a "Program" another thing that is lost among today's coaches. The days of taken all 10 of your coaches, plus AD and anyone else associated with the program to Greensboro clinic for a week is lost. But come Tuesday night, you will see that Purple and Yellow and the Friday and Saturday in February coaches clinic, you will see that Purple and Yellow. It is 2019 and they have not missed a clinic together in the last 10 years I have know him. So yes, Kids, Coaches, Administration and if you can get the system to your kids in the little leagues through middle school, you will be successful and success is not always measured by the last one standing.
  3. I am a STEM teacher!!! GET ME a PROGRAM!!!
  4. 1whoknows

    West Forsyth has swept Iredell County

    You don't have to throw it in HS ball to win!!! This is not college or pro. So, if they have the OL/DL and an RB, that is enough to get the job done. Find you a Game Manager or better yet, put that other RB they have a QB and have a Dual Threat!!! How many times did Mark Barnes throw it at Crest them last few years he won it? Ride those horses!!!
  5. 1whoknows

    Montgomery Central

    Tommy Knotts have done it and still does it and win championships!!! People only find something to complain about when a team is not winning. That was done all the time before all this NO HUDDLE stuff. It is not like your QB is running to sidelines and then running the OPTION the next play. I am almost certain in Brown's scheme, he is handing it off!!! And TALENT stop screens, not COACHES!!! It is a reason you run screens, to get bad tacklers in SPACE!!! Hence the SPREAD OFFENSE of today.
  6. Are you a certified teacher, teaching daily? It is not exactly 50 percent, I just rounded it out, but if you are a LAY coach, your check gets tax regularly.
  7. I do agree with all the above. That's is why SC and Texas are different animals. Because it is towns that shut down to watch "Friday Night Lights" It is also why UNC, NC State, Duke, and WF cannot be a consistent player in football. People must care!!! I will say this, for all the money and effort that school systems spend trying to find the NEXT best way of teaching our youth and "Closing the Achievement Gap," EVERY COACH can go on record that sports are the NUMBER 1 DROPOUT PREVENTION PROGRAM in the school. And the football coach has more influence over the school than the Administration! CMS can solve their own problems. They have some schools with 3,000 kids and some with half that. Redraw the lines. I doubt CMS is any jeopardy with their schools, but it is some pockets, as you say, that are facing the music as I type. That goes back to my statement on making PE more mandatory and more than just rolling out the balls. Putting more weight classes during the day, which would solve the issues when I kid will choose work or AAU ball, instead of staying after school to train. Again, I want to end with CMS or any other Counties do not need to offer 100,000. They need to make it where a coach can work smarter, not harder. The one thing SC started with a few years ago and I know Texas has this also. That 4th period of the day was an Athletic Period. All the football coaches had 4th-period planning. They were able to lift weights with all the coaches available and also go out and practice in the spring before school was out. So everything was done. Kids had a life after school and so did coaches. The Texas High School I visited had this for ALL their sports!!! The track team was at practice, baseball was at practice etc. and the kids are getting on the bus, you would not have coaches taking kids home every day and using their gas money and time So it is ways to make it better without more money. I believe coaches and especially their wives would love time back first. At your point about NO CMS jobs being OPEN. Just because it is filled, doesn't mean you have the right person. I been around many guys that thought they were ready to be a HC and have not put the time in as an assistant. And when I make that statement, I mean while you are an assistant, a coach like you want to move up to the next level.
  8. The same reason you see guys retire from a sport and come back!!! It is more than pay that got us into this and definitely more than the pay that keeps us doing this, but just like the Price of a dollar when you were born, it doesn't buy the same now!!! It is still about the grind and what comes along with the GAME!!! and many rather be with a bunch of football coaches than at home doing HONEY DO LIST😀 Plus once you are in the NC retirement system after 10 years, you are stuck, unless a job like IRMO comes along. I not sitting here complaining, but I believe this topic was about "Is a 100,000 too much?" So I was giving alternatives to what would keep some of the better coaches in NC. Knotts got his 30 years in, So it makes sense for what he is doing, DOUBLE DIPPING, But Brand and Gutshall left with 20 years in. Actually, Gutshall left with 19 years in. So in NC if you get to 20 years, you are invested in State Insurance. You will be insured for the rest of your life, so there is that benefit. Secondly, the higher you can make your Salary for 5 years is what your retirement will be base on. So if football gives me an extra 10,000 a year in Salary, it will be beneficial down We are not complaining and we don't say it sucks. But just like everything else, times have changed. Before the '90s this was not a 365-day job. Not in high school and not in college. Even in college, they sent you home for the summer with a workout plan. In high school, Nobody worked out afterschool and definitely not the summer. The summer was yours. So the HC and assistant coaches time was not asked a lot of. Fast forward to today and the NCHSAA had to put down MANDATES, just to make coaches take a vacation!!! The week of the Coaches Clinic week is a dead period NOW. Because you had some coaches coming for a week and using the clinic for what it was intended for. Then you had some still at home requiring their kids to be at workouts or 7 on 7's. The week of the 4th of July is dead period NOW because you had many just giving the day of the 4trh off and that was it. That is how serious Coaches take it, REGARDLESS of what they are paid!!!! We all are competitors and just because some schools have better situations, the goal is to reach that level!!! Basically, I am saying ALL schools should be alike. I mean if INDY can find a way to keep Knotts out of the classroom and he is a Social Studies teacher, why couldn't Butler do the same for NEWSOME? But you wanted him to beat him, but not on the same level playing field. If Indy found a way to put all their kids in the weight room, why not VANCE, you want them to beat them. Each LEA could make all the schools in their system comparable. You shouldn't have 14 plus high schools in CMS, I can never keep count, and Every school has a different plan when it comes to finding a way to get their kids in the weight room during the day. And I am talking ALL athletes, not just football players. I mean every school you need 4 English, 3 maths, 2 SS, etc. Why hasn't the State of NC develop a curriculum for PE across the board? I mean we keep trying to find the BEST way to increase TEST scores. But we continue to let kids stay out of shape and overweight. Make PE mandatory for 4 years. Make having to complete a mile in a certain time part of passing an ADVANCE PE course that gives quality points.
  9. You are correct. If you are a 12-month employee, that coach in NC, you could be between 70-80,000 if you have some years in the bank. So you are talking about a 25,000 pay raise. If Coach Knotts was a 12-month employee while in Charlotte, that is about what you looking at. If you want to keep the coaches in CMS, give them 12 months and make them cut the fields like these other counties. And at least 2 classes a day out for 4. Put all their kids in the weight room, so you do not have to WORK FOR FREE afterschool to lift the kids that don't have weight room during the day. Those you do not teach and coach DAILY in a public school system do not understand the differences between schools and counties. We all just want to be on the same playing field. Also, you have to love to coach, because if you just a regular teacher, you can basically stay afterschool Monday-Thursday and tutor your own kids and make more money than coaches and it is not taxed 50 percent!!!. That is right, the coaches pay is considered a LUXURY TAX. So if you make 6,000 for coaching football, you get half, like ALIMONY!!!!😀 On your check. Now while we are on the HCs, the question should be; why be an assistant coach in CMS. They have not gotten a raise and they take half of their money also. You are better off not teaching and being a NON-faculty coach because you will get more on your check because it is tax regularly. And they definitely can make more money in a month, working after school for an HOUR in a month, than coaching until December spending 3-4 hours. So the next time some of the fans want to yell from the stands at the coaches, much less some of these youth coaches, BELIEVE me, they are ALL are working for FREE. And let's not start about having to pick them up and drop them off while their parents are home!!! Thatis is why coaches NEED, NO CLASSES and 100,000. Come and spend a day in the world of education and coaching.
  10. Contact Coach Knotts and he will let you know!!! and Why he is still winning Championships!!!! And actually, Irmo and Knotts have about 12 or 13 assistants, maybe more, that do teach all day.
  11. He does, WINNING!!😀 So you are correct.
  12. You are correct about the comparison in salary!!! Did not know he was History full time!!!
  13. Football is not the only sport that gets paid in SC. Checked the salary base and you will see a few coaches making pretty good salaries, maybe not 100, 000 but pretty good. I mean the Assisting Coaches Salaries at some of these schools are more than the HC in NC. Some are making 6,000 plus. I know Tommy Knotts was paying his OC 10,000. So if your Teaching salary is 50 thousand plus, which is the case in York and where Knotts is. Another 10 thousand would put you in the HIgh 60. The money is GREAT!!!! But as Mr. Knotts said, it is more about NOT TEACHING a class!!!!. CMS is about the only system that still will not fully let you teach out of your certification PLUS teach a FULL LOAD!!!! So if you a Math Teacher, and want to teach your weight room, it will not happen in CMS. Other systems let that happen. So you might have a teacher that does not coach ANY SPORT, teaching your Athletes. The plus to CMS is that you will coach some PLAYERS!!! but it is a reason why Newsome left? It is a reason why Mooresville and Richmond County are a few of the best opportunities in NC to make a little money and find a way to get all your kids in the weight classes.
  14. Definitely, move to 2A should improve NF chances. Walkertown and Carver had success in the conference last season and both of them did not fare well in the MT Tabor scrimmage against NF last season. So with that alone and with getting Dudley, SW Guilford, Parkland, EF and a few more off the schedule, should put a bunch of buzz in the air!!! I expect Coach Blair and company to do well and have a chance for the playoffs in year 1. Good Luck to NF