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  1. With a 62-0 defeat of the White Oak Vikings last night, the Havelock Rams reached the 500 victory milestone. Havelock High School was founded in 1956, but football season records are only available since 1959. Way to go Rams! Doubt I'll be around when you reach 1000 but keep pushing!
  2. Hard to say, especially in 2A or 2AA. Plenty of good teams. New high schools and slow growth (except for the Wilmington area) in the eastern part of the state have diluted the ADMs of many high schools that were previously 3A or even 4A schools. Several good teams with some great players, I guess the issue is which ones have the depth to sustain a playoff run. When I played in the mid -70's Northeastern, Northern Nash, Kinston, Goldsboro, Rocky Mount, Greenville Rose, Jacksonville, and Wilson Fike were all 4A. Tarboro, Washington, Edenton, Ahoskie, Clinton were 3A. Now some former 4-A are 2A or 3A, and most of the former 3-A are 2-A. So I've pretty much lost a feel for how good those schools are in their current classification. A team may have a few good players, but lack of depth will be telling when they face better opponents, so I wouldn't hang my hat on a particular team because they have a few studs - look at everyone else on their team and coaching to better predict their playoff success.
  3. Ramfan75

    Dirty Play

    Such obvious unsportsmanlike actions demand swift action from the athletic associations these kids belong too. I played against a couple of teams in high school and college that were a lot more subtle with their dirty play - kicking your shins, eye gouging, twisting limbs in pileups etc - it happens and sometimes it's hard to avoid and hard to police. That's why it's important that obvious and flagrant attempts to injure a player are punished swiftly and harshly. With all the video they have of game play today, it's a lot easier to catch the baddies - let's get them out of the game before they ruin it for the rest of us.
  4. There's a small but vocal minority of Havelock fans that think they know everything about HS football. Without naming names most are alumni, but not boosters. Many actually participated in football, but were not very good and rarely played in games. These "fans" (better known as losers) have stuck around Havelock most of their lives and essentially have no lives except Friday night football. The team would be better served if the school administration would weed them out of the crowd, but I guess people are free to rant and rave even if they have no clue what they are yelling about. Sustained success has kept these fools in the stands, I almost wish Havelock would lose a good string of games to get them to stay home forever. I am an alumnus of Havelock and a former football player too, but I only go to a few games a year. I live in the RTP area and have a good job, a life, and can't get away often. I go to games mainly as a reunion - to see old friends, but I recoil in disgust to see that small rabid group of idiots and some of the stuff they shout out. Winning does increase the fanbase, some of those additions are armchair coaches and armchair QB's who have no clue about football, just a big and nasty mouth.
  5. Well, here it is at the 5 game mark of Coach Wooten's first Havelock season and the report card is very good. Despite an opening cancellation, followed by loss to a rival, the Rams have shown steady improvement, especially on defense which appears to be at playoff caliber halfway into the regular season. Impressive! Offense improving, still rotating people to find the right mix. Coach Wooten seems to have an excellent command of the game flow versus the past two coaches who often relied on overwhelming opponents with playmakers instead of out coaching them. Wooten is doing more with less as Havelock's depth seems a bit strained this year. Still much work to be done on special teams and offense. Wooten has made progress in reducing personal fouls which the last 2 coaches allowed to get out of hand. The future looks bright and I am ready to jump on the Wooten bandwagon.
  6. Rams starting to gel on defense, offense still a project in progress. Game was not the blowout the score would indicate as Northeastern played tough on defense, displayed one of the best kickers in the state who easily nailed a 41 yard field goal and boomed punts all night. The shining star of the game was Havelock's defense, especially the front four. They were in the Eagles backfield all game, disrupting plays and hurrying, if not sacking the QB. Defense was just stellar. Ram defense scored first with a safety on high snap that went through the endzone on Eagles punt attempt. Defense added a pick six later on to their total. New Coach Wooten is adding his mark to the program, he has steadily brought down the number of personal fouls in each game this season (something which needed to be addressed). Wooten definitely is a defensive minded coach and he has built a good one. Offense is still experimenting with personnel at all positions, including QB, but with just a few miscues in this game appears to be improving. Northeastern did not recover well from last week's loss and at times seemed lost on offense with receivers doing wrong routes and arguing among themselves, no doubt Havelock's stout defense had a hand in that.
  7. Conferences 2 and 3 in 3A will never fly. No reason why you can't fit those 5 4A schools in an additional 4A conference and slide 3 or 4 3A schools to fill out conference 3. 9 3A schools in one conference while 3 3A schools have to compete with 5 4A schools - yeah not happening.
  8. NCEL money by law, cannot be used for teacher pay - instead it goes into school construction and maintenance. So we have a lot of new and refurbished schools but the same average and underpaid teachers. I am all for changing that so we can get better teachers and coaches and retain them. A significant slice of lotto money should go towards bonuses for good teachers/coaches and educational/athletic material that helps them succeed.
  9. Ramfan75

    1st games matchups

    Yes it will be interesting to see how prepared Havelock is for a late playoff caliber game right off the bat.
  10. I watched that game live and yes Crest did have an awesome team in 2014. Only saw them once, but they were big and fast on both sides of the ball. Havelock's 2014 team was probably the weakest team they sent to a state title game. I would've like to have seen 2014 Crest versus 2011 Havelock - two programs at their best.
  11. Ramfan75

    Hardest Hit

    Not targeting, Dumas put the Ridell face mask right on the sternum - legal hit on ball carrier. Dumas' head was up and hit with as much shoulder pad as face mask - textbook hit. What made it so extreme was ball carrier not ready and tackler had read the play and timed the hit precisely. Probably just knocked the wind out of the ball carrier, would not rule out concussion due to whiplash.
  12. I for one am ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. Wooten has two tough acts to follow and an overly skeptical fan base that lobbied for previous coaches removal based on a few playoff mistakes. Play the opposition tough, get to playoffs, go a couple of rounds should be a substantial benchmark. Expecting another state title contender year after year is too high an expectation, but no one wants to see a losing record after so many years on the top. Ram fans shouldn't have to deal with the years between Sasser's retirement and the Bryant hire, or the pre Frank Ciamillo years again. The Rams have only had 5 head coaches in the past 50 years, 4 of them were diamonds, so the tradition is strong, hopefully Wooten at number 6, will be another gem.
  13. 2011 Havelock Rams had a consistent, accurate passer in Garrett Crowe, who pretty much ran the spread as well as it could be run with Cooper (LA Rams/Phoenix Cards) as a receiver/rb. Crowe was smart, a capable runner, and did not make mistakes. Too bad he was a tad undersized and did not have a breakout season till his senior year or he may have gotten a Div 1 offer or two. 2012's QB was Cooper, very capable but better at receiver and 2013 had Sabdo, a good passer but a bit slow with his feet.
  14. Several teams have rode the triple option to great success for many years. It is a good offense for teams that lack offensive line bulk and without a QB who can throw deep and accurately. Kids not buying into it for "lack of recruitability" really don't understand football and are far from a team player and probably won't go far in the sport anyway. The new spread offenses are extremely tough to integrate successfully at the high school level and require the right mix of talented kids and a good coach - a rare combo that usually has nowhere near the successful tenure of a triple option attack.
  15. You have to remember that the vast majority of high schools in NC cannot pay a head coach much money at all. Someone who's an average coach who is capable enough of organizing and fielding a team without getting players injured, may have a long career until boosters just get sick of losing and contribute cash or cause enough uproar to get a better one. Look at Havelock - a team that's benefited from stellar coaching for the past 10 years and became a dominant team in the 3A east. But they lost both coaches to higher paying jobs. The new coach they added has a very average record in 2A. About like handing the keys to a Porsche sports car to someone who has never driven anything better than a moped. But given the low pay that Havelock's school board has imposed on athletic coaches, they simply could not attract anyone better. Will the new Havelock coach leverage a good staff and good players, rise to the challenge and help maintain Havelock's pre-eminence? Or will Havelock fall back into mediocrity and out of the playoff conversations. Time will tell. About the only certainty is that if Havelock does continue to do well, the possibility increases that coaches will use it as a springboard to better opps in SC or elsewhere.