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  1. Ramfan75


    Listen jerk, be careful who you are calling stupid. The only one being stupid here is you and your trollish comments. You weren't at the game and don't know who the refs are or why they called the game the way did. I've never seen anything like it at any football game outside of the Seattle-Pittsburgh Super Bowl. At best I'm trying to be fair and give the refs some benefit of the doubt, at worst they decided the outcome with their crappy calls.
  2. Ramfan75


    NO I actually think it is rare that the refs actually take sides in football game. But when they throw a lot of flags for the slightest perceived infraction, they tilt the game more towards them instead of letting the players play the game. In the Havelock-EA game a pretty much equal amount of flags were thrown against each team in the first half - which took over 2 hours because of all the penalties. In the second half when the flags started flying again - one team didn't take it too well - Havelock, and that shows poor character for them.
  3. Ramfan75


    The Havelock-EA game in the regional qtr finals was an officiating travesty. More 15 flags thrown in the first half alone. It's not unusual for 2 high scoring teams to put up nothing in the half when they are subjected to a barrage of flags. Never seen such bad officials basically run and ruin a ballgame like that. Why don't officials learn they are not supposed to dictate the outcome of a game with ticky tac calls. It seems like such simple thing to call the obvious fouls unbiasedly, and to let the not so obvious fouls go by with just a warning the first time and a penalty the next. Instead we get partisan officials attempting to tilt the game towards one team or another by focusing on the team they want to lose. The kids playing the game sense that easily and most are inflamed by it, which only makes the situation get more out of hand. "Close officiating" is never a good thing - unless the teams are at risk of fighting each other. Call it fair - but don't overdo it - the game should be dictated by the coaches and players on the field - not the zebras!
  4. Catholic will be tough to stop if the game gets into a ball control affair, they can impose their will against an undersized SN defense. SN has even smaller players on defense than the Kings Mountain defense had and Catholic will just pound it with players as big or bigger than most 4AA schools. SN does have excellent speed and can win the game or keep it close on special teams play alone. Cooley will get his one way or another, he's just too talented to stay out of the endzone the whole game. Cooley is just a dynamo. He kind of disappears in traffic due to his smaller size, but has the strength, speed, and cutback ability to quickly clear the crowd and get a big gain. l have to see what the coaches draw up and if their teams can implement it. Catholic would be the smart football pick, but SN has the speed to score often and quickly so it should still be a good game to watch.
  5. It was bad officiating for both sides in the first half. The Eagles showed enough discipline to overcome it, the Rams did not. It was basically a lack of maturity for Havelock that blew that game for them and EA was good enough to take advantage. When the officials are tossing flags for every little thing, you need to man up, clap it off, and let the zebras win - then you gain their respect. When you rebel and argue/whine about every close call you will just get more flags tossed at you. 30 years ago, most good teams were noted for their respect of officials good or bad. Nowadays the "gang" mentality seems to be a thing where a hissy fit is launched whenever a call goes against you. Toss out the swagger, play with sportsmanship and respect and you'll get it in return.
  6. A disappointing game in many aspects, especially the bad officiating. The zebras basically controlled the game through an abundance of flags. Havelock lost discipline in the second half when some calls went against them. The coaches and upperclassmen need to address it. Havelock's freshman QB's hesitance continued in close games and the hope is he will continue to improve in the next 3 years. Dropped passes, untimely turnovers, and flags - just marred would could've been a good offensive effort by the Rams as they drove the ball most of the time they had it. EA played a tough game, but in the end it was unforced errors and unnecessary penalties that kept the Rams from competing to the end. I think Havelock's seniors failed to corral the team in the 1st half and end the rain of flags, would've liked to see better leadership from them. This Ram team would not have beaten SN in the next round anyway, a good defense, but not mature on offense, still young - perhaps next year.
  7. I really don't think it matters who plays Southern Nash this year - the Firebirds will dominate. That running back Quinton Cooley is about as unstoppable a force at RB as there could be. EA could not completely stop Havelock's Edmonds, Cooley is literally Edmonds on steroids (not suggesting he uses them btw). The only real question is how many points SN will score. I do think EA is a good team and will put points up against SN, but SN is just a buzz saw of a team on offense. When not giving the ball to Cooley, they have a smart QB and coach who know how to take advantage of teams that key on Quinton. I know that EA edged SN last year in a high scoring game, but this year I think SN has the advantage. Cooley has added more muscle to his compact frame and not lost any speed - he just looks very tough to handle at the high school level.
  8. The NCHSAA should give ipods and head phones to the EA team. They can listen to soothing music during the long trip back after the loss at Havelock.
  9. Last 4 teams left in the Eastern 3A regional are all capable of winning it. A balanced Terry Sanford team coming out of a tough Fayetteville conference will compete well against hard charging Southern Nash. Eastern Alamance will face it's toughest defensive test versus Havelock. Can Havelock's freshman QB rebound from a shaky performance versus WA and put up some big numbers? No surprises in the Havelock - EA game. Both teams have seen or heard of each other plenty through past regional matchups and the abundance of video available. EA will get plenty of respect coming out of the tough 3 Mid-State conference, but Havelock made up for an easier conference slate with aggressive scheduling in non conference games. I like Coach Wooten's game time decisions, he seems very capable in coaching a close game, could be a thriller! Whoever wins the East will have survived one of the toughest regionals in recent memory.
  10. Ramfan75

    My Championship Picks

    1A Robbinsville 1AA Tarboro 2A Clinton 2AA Randleman 3A Havelock 3AA Lee County 4A Greensboro Grimsley 4AA Richmond Senior
  11. I know it's late, but to be fair the NCHSAA should re-seed the eastern 4AA bracket. This affects a number of teams and if no reseeding is done - then either an undeserved 6-5 or 5-6 team gets a free pass to the Eastern semifinal game.
  12. Ramfan75

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    Can the Wake county football tournament get anymore screwed up than it already was with the original seedings? How does an ineligible player slip thru the cracks until 2 days before a playoff game?
  13. Ramfan75

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    Wow! So now one of two teams with a 6-5 or 5-6 record gets a free pass to the Eastern semifinal game
  14. Ramfan75

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    This is pretty huge because it may give a second round bye to the winners of a first round game as Holly Springs had already received a 1st round bye due to its now forfeited 10-1 record. Is it too late to reseed?
  15. Ramfan75

    3A East Bracket Discussion

    Is this typical that the bracket divisions align teams mostly from the same conference to face potentially face each other early? I don't really think this is beneficial for either the higher seeded team or the lower seeded team from the same conference.