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  1. OG vs SHS will be interesting. OG is a well coached team and Holcomb will have them ready. SHS held West Davidson under 100 yards of offense, so score was closer than game. They are still playing without their QB which gives them a passing threat. They will need to be at full strength to have a chance with OG.
  2. hbnw

    West Cabarrus High

    Possible coaches at new school?
  3. hbnw

    Salsibury vs Carson

    Reading posts from other sites most people have Carson winning this one. Was an impressive showing against South for the Cougars and their offense. Salisbury's defense played well against North. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  4. Salisbury shutting out North Rowan and holding #22 under 50 yards on 22 carries. score 9-7 nr scored on special teams fumble
  5. hbnw

    Montgomery Central

    How did the Timberwolves look in the scrimmage at Salisbury?
  6. 2A Classification: No. School 2018 Prev. 1 Reidsville 3 2 Shelby 2 3 Northeastern 1 4 North Davidson 4 5 Wallace-Rose Hill 11 6 South Point 12 7 Clinton 17 8 Hibriten 5 9 Southwest Onslow 6 10 North Lincoln 18 11 Kinston 13 12 SouthWest Edgecombe 15 13 Randleman 19 14 East Rutherford 22 15 Brevard 7 16 East Duplin 26 17 Mountain Heritage 9 18 South Columbus 16 19 Whiteville 36 20 Ledford 8 I’m a MCHS fan but realistically I’m not sure who they would replace in Chris’s top top or maybe even the top 20. The scrimmage at Salisbury may be a good measuring stick for the Timberwolves. Also like the fact that this scrimmage will involve another coach from Montgomery County.
  7. Word I got...Aug 12 6pm at Salisbury. Salisbury/Montgomery Central/North Surry.
  8. I have heard one scrimmage will be at Salisbury High School on Aug. 12. I do not know the time.
  9. Change coming to AL Brown...new principal coming to town from Rowan County. Will this have an effect on athletics in Wonderland?????
  10. Any word on this job? What’s the future of the program look like?
  11. If/when the shut down of North Rowan happens I suspect Ben Hampton will make a return to JCHS.
  12. hbnw

    Montgomery Central High School

    Does the NCHSAA really care? Ledford and North Davidson are two schools still playing in the 2A playoffs and their enrollments are well past 2A numbers. They both competed in 2A last year with even bigger numbers.
  13. hbnw

    North Rowan Closing

    I agree with one of the statements above. Combining multiple schools and creating 3 to 4 schools would be great. The issue there is money. It's hard to do if money is not available. Money is the reason the possibility of school closures are being discussed. The North closure is on the Tier 1 list of the proposal and is one of the cheapest options so I see this happening soon. My two questions are: What school in the county costs the most to maintain, and what school is most centrally located within the county to make relocating students easier?
  14. hbnw

    Montgomery Central High School

    Any other names outside of Benji Brown? Is Benji a done deal?
  15. I have a feeling this will be just as bad as when West Montgomery visited Granville county last year. Rhône put a hurting on them last year and will do it again this year.