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  1. hbnw

    Forest Hills HC

    If I’m not mistaken the offensive systems at UNCP and UWF were based in 10 and 11 personnel. Both programs ran zone schemes and had very efficient passing games. With that being said he will have to adapt his philosophy to his athletes like any good high school coach. He is a really great human being and Forest Hills is very lucky to get him. Great hire!!!
  2. hbnw

    Asheville Job

    Have they started interviews?
  3. Good point with Coach Hughes. He would be the best for continuity. He has been with Handy for some time and understands how the program has worked at Randleman during their recent success.
  4. Ok Chris....waiting on your list. It will be interesting to see how the two Randolph County schools move over the next few weeks with both Randleman and Asheboro open.
  5. hbnw

    Kings Mtn

    KM will be a coveted job. Anyone on staff that can take it over?
  6. hbnw

    Kings Mtn

    I haven't seen this job posted anywhere. I'm sure it would attract the attention of a lot of coaches.
  7. This is a hot topic on another site, and Coach Brown's name is topic of every post. I know we all have our opinions but, if they called him he would at least listen due to history. I'm sure that it would pull at the heart strings of him and his dad to possibly have a chance to help the program return to what they built. Like one poster stated, I do feel this job needs a coach with some experience and the school, program, and community need to get the right person in place to continue on what coach Robertson was doing.
  8. I’ll start it...with Coach Robertson leaving for Page where does THS look? Coach Robertson has done a great job bringing pride back to THS football and I’m sure he will be missed.
  9. hbnw

    Page HC Opening

    Great hire for Page. Coach Robertson has done a great job at Thomasville over the last two years. He took a program that was down and put them back into conference contention. Most importantly he is a great man that has the best interest of the kids in mind.
  10. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t expect Salisbury to beat Hertford Co. I have read about their defense and holding a talented HCHS team to 7 pts is proof that they are as advertised. Randleman having home field advantage might be big. Coach Handy has done a tremendous job at Randleman and always has his kids well coached and very prepared.
  11. Coach Kiefer is a great man and coach. Well deserved and congratulations.
  12. Hertford is super impressive. Long drive there, long game, and long drive back for the Hornets.
  13. I would say there is a current head coach that is a Clayton graduate they should make a hard go at...
  14. hbnw

    Coaching Carousel

    Chris, Along with this list, what list would you put together of coaches for programs to be interested in? I'm aware of some of the usual names but some of those coaches will not leave their current situation. What current head coaches are assistants do you see programs needing to take a look at to reverse their fortunes to continue a tradition a current coach has in place?