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  1. 84k

    Power Echols commits to UNC

    You mean Dabo hasn't called yet. That would be surprising.
  2. Around 1980 Kannapolis at Parkland at Bowman Gray Stadium that was one of the worst field conditions I ever seen it was raining so hard that water was rolling out of the stands onto the field. It was the night the star running back at Kannapolis got hurt.
  3. At Kannapolis it's definitely the chili cheese fries with jalapeno peppers on them. They are that good. I know ppl who will get three orders of them during the game.
  4. 84k

    Mooresville Wrestling

  5. 84k

    Mooresville Wrestling

    He knows I'm just messing with him.
  6. 84k

    Mooresville Wrestling

    Yea they do, they have a pretty good wrestling program. I believe couple of individual state champions the last few years.
  7. 84k

    Mooresville Wrestling

    Who cares about Mooresville wrestling. I guess next you'll be talking about Mooresville volleyball. 😄
  8. Why do we responded to this clown he has no clue what he's talking about. Show me where it's more regular in basketball that's all I want to know.
  9. I knew you would bring that up LOL. I could have cried but you didn't hear me crying about that game. That was Mooresville fourth game and that was Kannapolis second game they were still trying to figure out who the quarterback was going to be and who was going to be the running backs. I can promise you this if that game was played at the end of the year I'm not going to say Mooresville wouldn't have won the game but it wouldn't have been nowhere near 30-0.
  10. From what I seen on Twitter it was 39 yards.
  11. Was the west really far more superior then the east or is it that Shelby is just the class of 2AA.
  12. 84k

    Northwest Cabarrus HC Opening

    With him leaving Northwest does that throw a red flag up. With Administration or there's no talent coming up.
  13. I thought he would leave Northwest for an established program or go to S.C..
  14. 84k

    Admission to games

    For about the last four years I've been going to the ones at Wake Forest and N.C. st..You normally don't have a problem getting a seat for the game you want to see.
  15. 84k

    Admission to games

    Tickets are good for both games, they do not empty out the stadium. Fans from the first game do not have to move but my experience is that fans from the first game typically leave after they play but some will stay.
  16. btango, my bad I misread the post.
  17. Chris, question, why then was Salisbury in the east and Randleman in the west. Looks like it should have been the opposite Salisbury in the west and Randleman in the east.
  18. Congrats to Salisbury. Big test next week.
  19. Sounds like both teams are getting tired.