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  1. Congrats to Salisbury. Big test next week.
  2. I know for a fact, Vance had one to transfer out this year.
  3. Big city, small city everybody has transfers.
  4. I hope what I'm thinking is what you are talking about on 12-18
  5. I believe App. st. is a school nobody hates. I pull for them every week except when they play the heels.
  6. This is getting UGLY. 28 to 0 halftime. Weddington.
  7. Good thing wonderfan isn't a M.C. fan or he would want the head coach fired with all those penalties.lol
  8. If west is going to win they will have to play smart discipline and stay at home football on defense. Their offense is hard to Defend if you don't see it much.
  9. As much as I would like N.R. to win it not happen.
  10. 84k

    Name your Restaurant

    Tell me a restaurant you don't like.
  11. It's game day. Let's go to Boone and pull the upset. GO WONDERS
  12. I'm going with Ragsdale in this one 3-0. Any time you play a school with a girls first name in it you like their chances of winning.😄
  13. If that is all it is I will be happy.😄