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  1. 84k

    Mascot name change

    Landis Yellow Jackets and the China Grove Red Devils .( I think that was their name Chris can correct me if I'm wrong) Merge together in 61 to form South Rowan.
  2. 84k

    Worst Stadiums

    They did try to raise money for the press box. But they couldn't raise enough money so they stop. That was about 7 years ago. They were hoping to raise five to six million dollars so they could down the new turf field, track and a new fieldhouse but it just didn't work out. From my understanding the new Fieldhouse was going to be in the west endzone.
  3. 84k

    Worst Stadiums

    When Kannapolis put in their turf field last year they had to move the field down by 10 yards for safety reasons now the Press Box is on the 40 yard line.
  4. 84k

    Best defense

    I would have say that 89 A.L. Brown defense was one of top defense they have had. Not sure of the numbers but it was pretty strong.
  5. Praying for you Rick, hope you get filling better soon.
  6. I just think this is a little over reaction. There's nobody talking about the flu and it kills a lot more people than this virus does and it's not even close. Are we going to start closing malls,shopping centers and restaurants, because I can promise you more people go to Walmart in a day than will be people in those arenas.
  7. 84k

    Mooresville HC Change?

    I was told by somebody close to the school that Wells turn in his resignation papers Saturday. Now that could be water cooler talk.
  8. 84k

    Mallard Creek

    When are they going to announce the hire, or did I miss it.
  9. 84k

    Mallard Creek

    I thought you were talking about talent. If you're talking about money he may make a little bit more at Kannapolis then in cms.
  10. 84k

    Mallard Creek

    I hope you are kidding. There is no way going from Kannapolis to M.C. would be a backward move. Somebody must have bumped their head.
  11. 84k

    Saying Goodbye

    Good luck in your future plans. You will be missed.
  12. 84k

    Mallard Creek

    Work7 the head coach and Wrigley is going to be his assistant coach. With them at the helm they will bring the championships back to MC.
  13. 84k

    Mallard Creek

    I know 2 ppl who would be a excellent fit for MC.😄
  14. 84k

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    He definitely has the talent to be a good one.