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  1. https://860wacb.com/minor-named-new-football-coach-at-east-burke/
  2. https://860wacb.com/west-wilkes-names-new-football-coach-2/
  3. Schmo

    Saying Goodbye

    Man, I'm bummed to hear this but you must do what's right for you. This site is a fantastic resource for High School Football fans and I hope it don't diminish with your departure. Best Wishes and Thank you so much for your great work ! Carry with you the assurance that you made a difference.
  4. Schmo

    Bandys football

    I must have slept through any announcement. Can't find anything on the Bandys coach leaving
  5. Schmo


    With East Burke making a hire, it leaves Freedom. Any rumblings in Morganton ?
  6. I'm sure they're are those who disagree but their league outside of Hibriten is really beatable. Could be a rapid turnaround !
  7. All the rumors were true. Good luck to Minor and the Cavs !
  8. It had to be about 15 years ago. Alexander Central at Freedom in a downpour. Official spotted the ball and it floated, no kidding !
  9. Schmo


    Very interesting. Freedom will have to move quickly. Little's son was slated the be the quarterback from what I understand so it makes it even tougher. Freedom has a lot of athletes on campus . The right guy could make this special.
  10. Schmo

    Kings Mtn

    Wooosh, another rumor squashed
  11. Schmo

    West Wilkes

    At one time it was called The State of Wilkes
  12. Schmo

    West Wilkes

    On the surface, Wilkes County would appear to have too many high schools but the county is massive in size. Having four schools is about geography. It's a long haul from East Wilkes to West Wilkes campuses and a long way from North to anywhere. West has been down for a while but a turnaround is possible. Example: North Wilkes. They, for many years were a doormat but quite competitive now. East Wilkes had a nice run for several years and Wilkes Central is always a worthy team.
  13. This topic comes and goes just like the tides. It's not possible to make it work without it. One glaring example, they're are only two 4A schools in Western North Carolina, McDowell and South Caldwell. Work that one out without using a split conference.
  14. My vote is for Habich at Watauga. He took a good team, short of numbers, but with about a half dozen good players playing both ways and coached them to terrific. Don't forget Watauga lost stud RB/LB Bryce Satterfield to injury before the conference season began.
  15. Schmo

    Vance 38, Richmond 7 (4AA West Final)

    I've noticed a decided decrease in Richmond smack talk
  16. Great season for Watauga. Masterful coaching job by Habich, the team was good but he coached them to terrific
  17. Schmo

    East Burke head coach opening

    I think you can be more competitive with it if you have a decided lack of speed. East Burke is not going to put speed on the field like Hibriten but if you can learn to scheme block and control the ball you have a chance to beat them. It's not sexy but it can give some teams a better chance to win. Perfect example, look what Nick Bazzle has done at North Lincoln with his offense.
  18. Burns has a real shot to get this one. I know it's Shelby and they're at home but Burns is a team that can do this.
  19. Schmo

    East Burke head coach opening

    It would be a good offense for them for sure. They aren't the most athletic team most years. The option game if schemed well can be an equalizer
  20. I hope it works. It sounds like it could be promising. Football has gotten so much more difficult to officiate with the spread offenses and more and more speed. Everything is quicker and spread over a greater distance. I've had coaches tell me when you see 3 or 4 flags on the field and all are related to the same infraction, some of the officials are not watching what they are assigned to watch.
  21. I understand and agree with what you wrote, in particular the part about fans.
  22. I know being a football referee is a brutal thing but I hope the Board would at least discuss the current state of officiating. It was without a doubt, the worst I've ever seen this season. I encourage young, athletic, fair minded, young men and women to consider being an official.
  23. Watauga will need to get some help via turnovers to win this time. I haven't seen Weddington play but I know they're loaded. Will I fall out of my chair of Watauga wins ? No, but it would be a Wow !
  24. I agree and my thought is that Habich moves on after this season. This is a very special group of seniors at Watauga, the pipeline is pretty weak, and he's never going to have a better resume. A lot of places will call him.