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  1. Schmo

    West Caldwell

    Anything happening with a hire ?
  2. Schmo

    Hibriten ???

    Good luck to the new coach. To be honest, I'm glad they've found their man. I was fearing they would come after Butch Carter.
  3. Schmo

    Football schedules for 2019

    Alexander Central 2019 Football Schedule August 23 @ Hibriten 30 @ Wilkes Central September 6 Statesville (Endowment) 13 South Iredell 20 Charlotte Olympic 27 Open October 4 Watauga (Homecoming) 11 @ Freedom 18 McDowell 25 St Stephens (Senoir Night)
  4. Schmo

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    Maybe this is the spot that Glass takes roots. He is one heck of a coach but has been something of a nomad. That's not being critical but he does keep moving around. I don't know how much the talent level has dropped at Lincolnton, for sure it has to some degree. Glass has been a success at every stop. Patton, Robinson, and Eastern Guilford. I remember when he was an assistant at Alexander Central under Chris Deal. He went to Patton with Deal and took the job there when Deal left. It totally shocked me when he wasn't named the head coach at Freedom, they should have hired him. Good Luck to Coach Glass, pulling for you !
  5. Schmo

    Alexander Central Non Conference

    The Non Conference Schedule will include: Hibriten Olympic South Iredell Statesville Wilkes Central Olympic was added as a 5th non-conference game after West Caldwell dropped out of the league.
  6. Schmo

    Alexander Central Non Conference

    Talked with Coach Carter last week. The schedule is not official. Officially, the previous conference game against West Caldwell has not been replaced but it's close. So far the Cougars will play Hibriten, Statesville, South Iredell, and Wilkes Central with a 5th non-league game to come. It could be announced in the next week or so. Getting a game to replace West Caldwell after they were allowed to drop to 2A and move out of the conference has been a tough task.
  7. http://860wacb.com/foard-football-coach-steps-down/
  8. Schmo

    Delano Little retiring

    Delano is a good guy !
  9. Schmo

    3AA West: Weddington 42, Watauga 14

    Underestimating Watauga has become a popular pastime. I've said it all year. Nothing sparkles but a lot of things shine. They are truly greater than the sum of their parts and their parts are very good
  10. Schmo

    2AA West: Shelby 35, North Lincoln 7

    This will be a far better game than people are thinking. North will get some of theirs and they will pound Shelby with the power game. Yes, Shelby has a speed advantage but North will be stubborn. Shelby for sure is the favorite but North has a shot if they can control the ball. The sooner the kids from North bury the Shelby mystique, the sooner it becomes a tussle.
  11. Schmo

    3AA West: Watauga 49, Parkland 26

    Son, a junior
  12. Schmo

    3AA West: Watauga 49, Parkland 26

    As I stated earlier, the key is stopping Satterfield. He scored 6 touchdowns. Game, Set, Match !
  13. Schmo

    2AA West: Hibriten 28, South Point 20

    The stadium at Hibriten will be frigid , I nearly froze there one night
  14. Schmo

    3AA West: Watauga 49, Parkland 26

    Underestimating Watauga is a big mistake. They are solid at every position. Limiting Satterfield is a key, but they can throw. Should be good one to watch. Parkland has the speed advantage but Watauga is very, very, tough to beat on their rug.
  15. Schmo

    3AA West: Mount Tabor 49, Erwin 28

    Put the harness on The Erwin qb and the stud wr and you beat them. I don't think Erwin can win running the ball, other than the qb they don't run it too much. I know Mr Tabor has a ton of speed like always and if they have a good O line they can bully Erwin a little up front. Should be a good game, if Erwin is close in the 4th quarter, watch out for the upset.