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  1. Schmo

    Tom Harper

    There is no overblown Harper stigma. He's a great coach, great person, great athletic director. Joe Glass made a sensational hire, the Wolves just got better !
  2. https://860wacb.com/craig-commits-to-louisville/
  3. Schmo

    Worst Stadiums

    North has made some nice progress, much better home stands and a new pressbox
  4. Schmo

    Worst Stadiums

    South Iredell is not very good. They've made improvements but it's like putting lipstick on a pig. You'd think with the resources there, they could make it better. Visiting radio stations have to broadcast from outside too, that's not acceptable.
  5. Additional offers this week: Louisville, Syracuse, Florida Atlantic
  6. https://860wacb.com/ryheem-craig-a-familiar-name-to-college-football-recruiters/
  7. There's never been a lack of athletes in the hallways at Freedom
  8. Schmo

    Bandys football

  9. Schmo

    Saying Goodbye

    Man, I'm bummed to hear this but you must do what's right for you. This site is a fantastic resource for High School Football fans and I hope it don't diminish with your departure. Best Wishes and Thank you so much for your great work ! Carry with you the assurance that you made a difference.
  10. https://860wacb.com/west-wilkes-names-new-football-coach-2/
  11. Schmo

    Bandys football

    I must have slept through any announcement. Can't find anything on the Bandys coach leaving
  12. I'm sure they're are those who disagree but their league outside of Hibriten is really beatable. Could be a rapid turnaround !
  13. All the rumors were true. Good luck to Minor and the Cavs !
  14. https://860wacb.com/minor-named-new-football-coach-at-east-burke/
  15. It had to be about 15 years ago. Alexander Central at Freedom in a downpour. Official spotted the ball and it floated, no kidding !