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  1. Schmo

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    Thanks, I'll do that
  2. Schmo

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    Here is a story on the game. It also includes a link for the broadcast tonight http://860wacb.com/round-i-of-playoffs-achs-at-erwin-tonight
  3. Schmo

    Former Mooresville Coach

    Capps will be getting a lot of phone calls, he can pick the right job if he wants
  4. Schmo

    Who will go the farthest out of the NPC?

    I'll go with Statesville simply because I think S Iredell will lose in first round
  5. Schmo

    Preparing for next game under wet conditions

    It will be nice have dry feet when Alexander Central travels to Asheville Erwin. They have turf and the rain is forecast to end at some point this evening. The Cougars have been in the slop for a month. It seems like the last time they practiced on a dry field was mid October. I went to practice Tuesday and the kids were sloshing about in the puddles. They know if it's not pouring or lightning, they're going outside. Coach Butch Carter don't even like to walk through the gym, much less practice there.
  6. Schmo

    West Caldwell

    I hope West Caldwell can find someone who will invest the time and energy to build something from scratch. It was sad to see the team non-competitive this season and in all fairness, that's what they were, non-competitive. Last season they were not bad at all and won 6 games but when practice started in August, less than 30 players showed up (Varsity and JV combined) so it's an uphill battle. Caldwell County has been notorious in that the football players go to Hibriten, Basketball players go to West Caldwell, and Baseball players of course go to South Caldwell. It's not quite that simple anymore for a number of reasons. I wonder if the school system would do some remapping that might decrease the number of students at South and shift them to West. Just a thought
  7. Schmo

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    Cougars are banged up heading into this one. It's almost certain that starting QB Easton Rhoney is out after taking a hard blow to the head and neck in the game against Hickory. TB Steven Montgomery is very doubtful as well, suffering a hip injury. Cougars are extremely run oriented. Defense is very good, outstanding against the run with some physical players that like to hit.
  8. Schmo

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    Limit Freedom's passing game and Monroe will win. Freedom can't win running . Birchfield is legit and he has some targets.
  9. Schmo

    #13 Southwest Guilford at #4 South Iredell

    SW Guilford should win this one. Miller will have the Vikings ready though, this is not a vintage S Iredell team.
  10. Schmo

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    This one will be over early. McDowell can throw it a bit and have a pretty slippery little tailback but they can't hang with Mooresville. Long trip, lopsided result !
  11. Schmo

    Hickory at Alexander Central

    Game really changed in Alexander Central's favor with a safety in the third quarter. Cougars dominated the fourth quarter. AC did a good job keeping Cody Young in check and finish the regular season 9-2. We'll see where they end up in the playoffs. It was the most civil game ever between the two schools that I've seen. Good sportsmanship by both teams, it was refreshing to see it. Hickory, let's face it has had the reputation of sometimes being a bit less than classy but they were true sportsmen in this one. Good game, hard fought, but the Cougar defense was the difference.
  12. Alexander Central (8-2) will host Hickory (5-5) at 7pm tonight in Taylorsville. You can listen to the game live online at www.860wacb.com
  13. Schmo

    Wilkes Central Forfeits Game

    Coach Turner at Wilkes is a class act. Not suprised, they self-reported this but i agree that it's something that likely would never been found.
  14. http://860wacb.com/wilkes-central-football-forfeits-game/
  15. Schmo

    Northwestern 4A/3A Final Week of regular season

    How serious the injuries to Young and Harper ? I felt like St Stephens would rise up at some point of the season and show better than what they've shown. In truth, they had Alexander Central in trouble, the only thing that saved the Cougars was a few big plays.