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  1. Some on this board frown on commenting on JV football records. Just the ones that suck, though
  2. I guess that leaves North Iredell with the longest losing streak in the area at 14
  3. This makes me happy. Glad to see the cloud lifted !
  4. South is better than their record for sure. Statesville will be fine at tailback, sad to hear about the injury. It should be a close game, Statesville wins by a touchdown or less.
  5. Schmo

    Hibriten field

    Best playing surface I've seen this year
  6. Schmo

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    South Caldwell 35 McDowell 14: Rough season in Marion, I'd like to see them more competative St Stephens 28 North Iredell 14: Losing streak at 12 for North, make it 13 Watauga 40 Hickory 20: Watauga is the most sound, disciplined, and determined team in converence Alexander Central 35 Freedom 27: Cougars better wake back up after that comatose performance last week. Loser of this one falls into disappointing category
  7. Schmo

    JV scores and updates

    Alexander Central 43 Freedom 6 38th straight win for Baby Cougars
  8. They sure can score and they've had some pretty voltage offenses
  9. Schmo

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    So hot Wednesday, the Cougars went inside for practice. Likely the same again today.
  10. Schmo

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    Last year was last year and that game was about a lot more than that game. AC melted down when a player (most talented player on the roster) was literally removed from the team in the first half. Never seen anything even close to resembling it. It was a tense time on the sideline and it had a huge impact on the team for two weeks. I'm not saying the Cougars would have won the game otherwise, just saying that the game had some factors that didn't show up in a box score. It will be a very close game in Taylorsville, you can bank on that. Cougars are better on defense this year than at any point a year ago. Key to Watauga is Castle, their qb. He's a very good player, already over 1,000 rushing and he can pass as well.
  11. Whew...I couldn't believe it....Maxpreps had the score reversed so I bit
  12. Final Scores South Caldwell 56 Watauga 12...Raise your hand if you saw that one coming Freedom 48 St Stephens 12 Hickory 20 McDowell 14
  13. Freedom 42 St Stephens 14: Pats score pretty much at will here. St Stephens is not a terrible team but..... Hickory 35 McDowell 14: Hickory better get this one or the Basketballs are rolled out early Watauga 40 South Caldwell 10: Watauga will not look past South, they will roll
  14. Schmo

    Dudley vs South Iredell

    Maybe not the best Dudley team ever but they are as always, loaded ! Big win over Davie County for South but Dudley is just in another world. I will say that South will have to be dealt with when the conference season begins, they're better than their record, the Davie County win proves that.