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  1. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    So they sat him out for the remainder of the season? Or is his football career over?
  2. I've been to a hundreds of Page practices, scrimmages, and 7-on-7's over the past 15 years. Yes, you can call it an obsession. I can say with 100% confidence that some players over the past 3 years didn't develop like we thought they should have.. Blocking and Running scheme is a fundamental building thing on offense, and that has been lackluster this year.. Discipline has been all over the place over the past 3 years, with bonehead penalties and poor sportsmanship more often than we would like to see at Page. It is what it is though, im kind of tired of talking about it at this point. I just hope things get a lot better quick!
  3. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Page has a few handfuls of really talented Sophomores, and a handful of Freshman on the Varsity squad this year. Shaw, Melton, Morehead, Sherrill, Barnett, Soliman, Montgomery, Weaver, Thomas, McCray, Butler, Mickens, Payton, Smith, and Bestman At the end of this school year Page will lose another 23 seniors, and there are only 12 juniors on the team. So I guess the team will pretty darn young next year too...
  4. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    I wouldn't call it crazy, more like passionate and we don't like to watch bad football 🙂
  5. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    So all you Mooresville fans on here, tell us Page fans some stuff about your team this year. Who are the key athletes and playmakers to watch out for on both sides of the ball? What kind of defense do you run? Run heavy, pass heavy or balanced offense?
  6. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    How am i supposed to know? I've only ever known myself to be a consistent Page supporter/poster on HS FB messageboards for the past 15 years. Everyone else posts very very sparingly
  7. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    No clue to be honest, I'm not the team doctor or athletic trainer. Some might be back, some maybe not.
  8. I really hope the Page administration takes a good hard look.........
  9. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Page has never really had a ton of size on the lines. Even in 2011, Page was vastly undersized compared to Mallard Creek and Butler, but usually Page makes up for that in pure scrappiness and heart.. something that IMHO has been lacking recently....
  10. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Page is pretty banged up, running on the 3rd and 4th string backs. Melton, the sophomore, has been out for 4 weeks with a concussion. Page hasn't had much success handing the ball off to runningbacks this year anyways, the blocking up front has been subpar when you compare with how its been in the past. The bulk of the rushing carries are from QB Paige running the ball
  11. Don't think I saw this posted yet, but former Trinity and Page head coach Kevin Gillespie parted ways with Asheboro High School's football program officially on Friday night. Gillespie finished 5-28 for the Blue Comets, after 34-26 and 101-45 marks with Trinity and Page.
  12. I really do hope so! But, the lack of development, lack of fundamentals, lack of discipline has been happening for the past 3 seasons, it wasn't just this year.
  13. Page goes 3-8, places 3rd in the conference, lost to the arch rival and missed the playoffs. Last season was bad, and this season was worse. Some people say that it was the schedule that was Page's demise, but Page loses to Davie, Northern Guilford, Dudley, and Ragsdale, 4 games Page probably should have won, looking back at what happened in those games. Page is supposed to be able to compete with teams like East Forsyth and West Forsyth. Highland Springs should have been the only game were Page was out-manned and destined to lose. The schedule was not the reason why Page lost so many games this year.. Some people say that it was because Page had so many injuries, but injuries are part of the game, and all teams experience injuries at one point or another. Injuries are not the reason why Page lost so many games this year. Coming into the season (this summer), Page had a Senior QB, Senior RB, 3 senior DBs who all had D1 offers, and a lot of other talented players on both sides of the ball all over the field. A lack of talent or being young is not the reason why Page lost so many ball games this year. With the tradition that Page has, kids normally want to play on a team like Page, but for some reason some of those leaders that Page was supposed to have transferred out of the program, I don't know the exact reasons why for most of them (RB Adams to Dudley, and CB Butler-Garner to NE Guilford), but it happened and it caused Page to play younger players early on in their development. Page was not really supposed to be as "young" as they were this season, but something down the line didn't click and it didn't bode well. Call it a down year, call it whatever you want. But it wasn't a down year because of a lack of talent or because the schedule was tough. A lot of Page alumni who have been going to games for 40-50 years think it is a lack of direction and output from the higher ups within the football program. AND, even if it was a lack of talent, we've seen in the past where less than average talent at Page be able to flourish because they were led properly. Page this year, lacked fundamentals, lacked discipline, they lacked motivation and they did not execute well. All of this is directly tied to coaching and NOT because of the players or the schedule. It seems like a lot of the kids are just not on board right now, they aren't making the scrappy hard-nosed plays that we are used to seeing. A good coaching staff could take our kids to the playoffs, even with the "brutal" schedule and injuries. They can coax ok players to be good, good players to be really good, really good players to be exceptional. We have not seen that with the current coaching staff. Its been 3 years now, and it's progressively gotten worse as time has gone on. The bottom line is, this is all for the kids. They want to win, and they want opportunities to play at the next level. if the level of play on the team is diminished, those opportunities go away. Page supporters love football, and have seen what it takes over the years. We want to see the best opportunities for the kids.
  14. 32-17 Final Congratulations to Grimsley for their first win in this series in 13 seasons