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  1. What if the NCHSAA allowed teams to live stream the games, and let fans pay 5-7 bucks (or even 50-70 bucks for a season pass) to access and watch the games over the internet? It would allow the schools to still make some money.
  2. WHPco06

    1970's-1990's Game Film

    1985 4A State Championship - Page vs Terry Sanford
  3. Page and SE Guilford not the same level job and it's not even close.
  4. Page is 4-0 to start the year and is led by guard Jaden Ellis. The 6 foot junior dropped 34 points / 5 assists / 2 steals / 1 TO the other day at Greensboro Day School in the Phenom Hoops Challenge/Gate City Classic.
  5. Who is Audrey? It's Ardrey Kell 🙂
  6. So it seems like the administration agreed with the hardcore fans at Page all along. We are glad they saw what we did. Now it's time to get the right guy in there to lead our young men with fundamentals, discipline, grit and determination.
  7. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Page showed alot of life in the 2nd half. Credit to the players and coaches for hanging tough and giving themselves a chance to win in the end! i did hear there were some scuffles and extracurricular activities after some whistles and what not, that comes back to discipline, one thing i wish this current version of Page had more of.
  8. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Good game! This game sums up Page's season, Hung in there tough but just didnt have the steam to score enough points.
  9. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    last i heard Page ball with 3:50 left and has to go 90+ yards to score, down 20-15
  10. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Page has turned the ball over on first drives of the game after going the length of the field, multiple times this year.
  11. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    not surprised, Page has been anemic on offense all year and is susceptible to giving up scores
  12. I am definitely no expert on this but I'm sure there are some type of bylaws in the NFLPA that protect players from being charged with criminal offenses while on the playing field. He will definitely be suspended for an extended period of time though, probably also a massive fine will be brought down on him.
  13. Larry Ogunjobi (Cleveland Browns / Ragsdale High) was later seen pushing down Rudolph after the initial scuffle, he was also ejected from the game.
  14. WHPco06

    #6 Mooresville (6-5) vs. #11 Page (3-8)

    Im sure its just the doctors shutting him down for the rest of the season. no point in risking another head injury.