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  1. I reckon East has a bit too much for ACR this early in the season, and it seems like that notion is backed up a bit by Rockets insiders on here. Still a cool little match up, that i would be interested in seeing. Trips to the mountains for me are always a good time.
  2. JJ Barile

    Week 1: Dudley at West Forsyth

    for the last 15-20 years or so Dudley played Carver and then Cummings, first game of the season. Its interesting to see them play a 4A school in that first week now. Should definitely be a step up in competition for them. Excellent match up here with the line play being highlighted for both sides. I could see this game going either way, and i think might be too close to call.
  3. JJ Barile

    Week 1: Page at Davie

    After the carolinapreps scrimmage at Page, there were a few notes made coming outta that night. Page had a big hog in the offensive line that did not play because he was out of town attending a funeral, so Rolfes had to shuffle some of the boys around a bit, which caused some hiccups with a missed blocking assignment and bad snap early in the scrimmage. After learning this, it seems that the offense should be back to smooth sailing going into this week against Davie, and so forth. Afterall, Page's offense started to move the ball and roll later in in the scrimmage. QB Paige threw a beautiful ball deep for a score too. I know that Davie has the rising Junior back at QB, Hampton, i think his name is, and he looked pretty good last year as a sophomore. Will be interesting to see what he does this year for the War Eagles. My gut says that Page probably has a bit too much for Davie this year, and it usually is a pretty close, contested ball game between these two ball teams. One thing i do know, we will know alot more after this week.
  4. Ill be at the Carolinapreps jamboree tonight at Page. Will be starting here in an hour and a half.
  5. JJ Barile


    Page not even ranked
  6. I added coach Cobb to the list!
  7. JJ Barile

    Southeast Guilford

    No, Ryan Douglas, was a Senior last year. Replacing him is Zion Fleming, a rising 6'0 225lb Junior Fleming did see a little bit of time at QB last season, he is also a physical runner.
  8. I compiled a list of every coach that was mentioned in this thread, its put in order by winning percentage. The list includes the coaches name, record, winning %, and # of state titles won. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Herman Boone 99-8 .925 5 state titles Daryl Barnes 129-20 .866 5 state titles Tom Knotts 407-76 .843 11 state titles (still coaching in SC) Ed Emory 107-20 .843 0 state titles Joey Price 240-50 .828 5 state titles Phil Padgett 295-69 .810 4 state titles Marion Kirby 290-67-8 .805 5 state titles Jim Bob Bryant 167-42 .799 3 state titles Lance Ware 99-25 .798 5 state titles Chris Norman 147-39-1 .789 3 state titles Pete Stout 232-58-12 .788 5 state titles Jim Taylor 201-54-2 .786 3 state titles Hal Shuler 56-16 .778 0 state titles Allen Brown 331-100-2 .767 4 state titles Raymond Cobb 254-79 .763 2 state titles Scott Young 172-54 .761 3 state titles Bob Colvin 183-57-2 .760 11 state titles Bobby Poss 227-73-1 .756 5 state titles Boyce Deitz 219-70-2 .756 5 state titles Bobby Curlings 109-35-1 .755 3 state titles Ken Avent Jr 171-56 .753 2 state titles Dave Gutshall 393-136-1 .742 5 state titles (still coaching in SC) BW Holt 321-111-2 .742 0 state titles Greg Thomas 114-41 .735 4 state titles Scott Connor 116-42 .734 0 state titles Hal Stewart 209-76-2 .732 2 state titles Jack Gaster 223-83-3 .727 3 state titles Kelly Holder 218-85 .719 1 state title Tom Brown 364-142-7 .716 2 state titles Frank Robinson 105-42-1 .713 2 state titles EZ Smith 253-102-1 .712 2 state titles Jim Oddo 358-146-2 .711 6 state titles Roy Kirby 123-51 .707 2 state titles Roy Bond 99-42 .702 2 state titles TW Goins 167-74-4 .690 2 state titles John Lowery 266-120 .689 0 state titles Dickie Cline 252-116 .685 1 state title Scott Cloninger 143-66 .684 1 state title Bob Lewis 333-153-6 .683 5 state titles Bruce Hardin 282-131 .683 2 state titles Bob Paroli 369-171-9 .680 1 state title Jim Brett 211-100 .678 3 state titles CA Frye 191-89-6 .678 0 state titles Mike Carter 187-89 .678 0 state titles Hal Capps 235-112 .677 1 state title Babe Howell 218-103-4 .677 3 state titles Charlie Gregory 165-76-10 .677 3 state titles Chip Williams 248-122-1 .670 1 state title Keith Wilkes 176-86-3 .670 2 state titles Mike Byus 210-104 .669 2 state titles Mike Dubis 149-74 .666 0 state titles Kenny Ford 230-116 .665 0 state titles Gary Whitman 241-124-3 .659 3 state titles David Diamont 291-153 .655 0 state titles John Devine 140-74-1 .653 2 state titles Richard Grissom 206-111-3 .648 4 state titles Bob Cody 269-148-1 .645 3 state titles Randy Lowman 206-117-1 .637 0 state titles Glen Padgett 164-95 .633 0 state titles Rod White 95-58-1 .620 2 state titles Tommy Norwood 223-145-2 .605 0 state titles Terry Postell 113-75-1 .601 1 state title Harold Robinson 174-116 .600 2 state titles Mike Stewart 90-61-1 .595 2 state titles Tommy Pursley 252-173 .593 0 state titles Roger Secreast 138-101 .577 0 state titles Phil Tate 38-30-1 .558 0 state titles Richie Ange 54-43 .557 0 state titles
  9. a few from the Triad area Marion Kirby Dickie Cline Allen Brown Tommy Pursley Tommy Norwood
  10. August 10: Reagan at Grimsley, 9 a.m. Southwest Guilford at Southern Alamance, 9 a.m. Dudley jamboree: Charlotte Olympic, Charlotte Vance, Dudley, Glenn, Northern Guilford, 9 a.m. Northeast Guilford jamboree: McMichael, Northeast Guilford, Ragsdale, Southeast Guilford, 9 a.m. Fayetteville Terry Sanford at Eastern Guilford, 10 a.m. Northwest Guilford at West Forsyth, 10 a.m. South Stanly jamboree: Central Davidson, East Davidson, High Point Christian, South Stanly, Wheatmore, 10 a.m. August 12: Southeast Guilford at Reagan, 10 a.m. Morehead jamboree: Morehead, South Stokes, Dry Fork (Va.) Tunstall, 6 p.m. August 13: Eastern Alamance at Page, 9 a.m. Bishop McGuinness at Providence Grove, 10 a.m. Northern Durham at Ragsdale, 6 p.m. North Forsyth at High Point Central, 6 p.m. August 14: Northeast Guilford at Thomasville, 9 a.m. Southeast Guilford at Smithfield-Selma, 5 p.m. Glenn at Smith, 6 p.m. August 15: Bishop McGuinness at Southwestern Randolph, 5:30 p.m. August 16: West Forsyth Kickoff Classic: Oak Grove vs. Randleman, 5 p.m.; Davie County vs. West Stokes, 6 p.m.; East Forsyth vs. Charlotte Mallard Creek, 7 p.m.; West Forsyth vs. Matthews Weddington, 8 p.m.; Southwest Guilford vs. Lexington, 9 p.m. Smith at High Point Central, 6 p.m. Charlotte Olympic jamboree: Charlotte Catholic vs. Northwest Cabarrus, 6 p.m.; Blythewood (S.C.) vs. Charlotte Olympic, 7 p.m.; Charlotte Vance vs. Dudley, 8 p.m. D.J. Reader jamboree (at Grimsley): Grimsley, Ledford, North Davidson, Northern Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Ragsdale, Southern Guilford, Western Guilford, 6 p.m. Farm Bureau jamboree (at Reidsville): Eastern Guilford, McMichael, Northeast Guilford, Reidsville, Rockingham County, Southeast Guilford, Thomasville, Western Alamance, 6 p.m. South Stokes jamboree: Morehead, South Stokes, other teams TBA, 6 p.m. CarolinaPreps.com Triad jamboree (at Page): Rolesville vs. Reagan, 6:30 p.m.; Reynolds vs. Northern Durham, 7:30 p.m.; Glenn vs. Page, 8:30 p.m.
  11. They have been getting better over the past 3-4 seasons and are clearly at the point where they can compete at a higher level. Its just funny how many people will try and ring the bell before dinner is ready. Let the kids play.
  12. A lot of talk around Greensboro (mostly Grimsley fans), about how this years version of the Whirlies are going to beat Page. Kind of hard to talk about that game, which is the last week of the season, but that's what this rivalry does, even if Page has won the last 12 match ups.
  13. Great seeing another Jamboree popping up in the Triad. Should be a great event!
  14. JJ Barile

    Hardest Hit

    Does anyone remember Eric Breitenstein Fullback out of Watagua, he was a load. I remember Page LB Nick Johnson ringing his bell on a nasty decleater that knocked Eric out of the game, he couldnt play the next game with a severe concussion