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  1. JJ Barile

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    you can't possibly fit in Scotland, in 2011 there were 2 teams i could count that many people think were better
  2. JJ Barile

    7 on 7

    I remember back from like 07-2011 they had 7on7 event at EG. I wasn't aware that they changed the event
  3. JJ Barile

    7 on 7

    It's just reps and glorified practice. But it can also be good for developing talent and coaching especially with quarterbacks and receivers. it kinda started in the mid to late 2000s when instead of a school playing against just one other team in a head to head 7on7 practice session, they would invite 3 schools to make a day of it and over the years people started making tournament style meet ups. Eastern Guilford has had one with the Holt brothers for many years now. I know the one at Elon every year also has a lineman camp at the same time as the 7on7 round robin style. Nowadays youve got so many national and regional tournies with amazing facilities, of course people are going to utilize that. 🙂
  4. JJ Barile

    West Brunswick Football 2019

    2 of my cousins went to WBHS
  5. JJ Barile

    Spring Practice in the air...

    @BDBF Too early to say quite yet
  6. JJ Barile

    Spring Practice in the air...

    Another one to keep an eye on, incoming freshman Domaine Vann, talented looking QB.
  7. JJ Barile

    Spring Practice in the air...

    Page has 2 QBs, Javondre Paige (Sr) will be a 3 year starter. and rising Soph. Alonza Barnett III
  8. JJ Barile

    Page adds Highland Springs (VA) to schedule

    It's a 3 hour drive. Not too bad. It's equivalent to a Greensboro to Wilmington trip or Greensboro to Asheville trip.
  9. JJ Barile

    Page adds Highland Springs (VA) to schedule

    W.H. Page High Football Schedule 2019 8-23 @ Davie 8-30 Northern Guilford 9-6 @ Dudley 9-13 @Eastern Guilford 9-20 @ East Forsyth 9-27 Highland Springs (VA) 10-4 West Forsyth 10-11 @ NW Guilford 10-18 @ Ragsdale 10-25 High Point Central 11-1 Open 11-8 Grimsley
  10. Page has really made it a point to add quality opponents to the non-conference schedule Highland Springs are the reigning 5A Virginia State Champions 2015, 16, 17, and 18
  11. JJ Barile

    2019 Schedules are Posted

    Page added Highland Springs (Va.) in that week 6 slot.
  12. JJ Barile

    The Creek and Dutch Fork on ESPN 2

    I cant wait for this match up! should be a dandy!
  13. JJ Barile

    Page HS

    I was trying to hold off for as long as possible to show respect to his family. Today, Sincere Davis, has passed after days in the hospital in critical condition. https://www.wfmynews2.com/mobile/article/news/local/page-high-football-player-sincere-davis-dies-days-after-being-shot/83-ed9f09d6-7114-40e1-bfd7-dc56f5837c54
  14. JJ Barile

    2019 Schedules are Posted

    Page and Smith used to be one of those for sure lock match ups in Greensboro every year.. My, how times have changed...
  15. JJ Barile

    2019 Schedules are Posted

    Seems like West Forsyth and Page put each other on the schedule. should be a solid match up.