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  1. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    Page wins on the road, 28-14 @ NW Guilford
  2. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    I said according to USA Today's Rankings, they are 15th... https://usatodayhss.com/rankings/expert/boys/football/2019/6/
  3. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    Page battled, outscored the Springers in the 3rd quarter 7-6, but just didnt have enough to score more than once. The injuries are piling up, 7 players out injured, add that on to a young team.. not looking too good going into the last part of the schedule. Best wishes to Highland Springs the rest of the season!
  4. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    Page plays the 15th best team in the nation this week according to USA Today. Highland Springs High School out of Richmond, VA comes down to Greensboro this week.
  5. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    East Forsyth 43, Page 7 Final West Forsyth and Highland Springs probably drop 60 and 70 on Page... Call Page's schedule what you want.. tough, brutal, i dont care.. a program the caliber as Page's should ATLEAST be in these games.. not getting blown out.
  6. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    36-7 heading towards halftime
  7. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    Seems like a blow out is brewing in Kernersville. 22-0 EF up, with about 8 mins left in the 2nd quarter. Not long ago, Page had a very strong JV squad year in and year out, and even that has dipped the past year or 2, especially this year. They lost last night 34-8.
  8. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    Page got their first win of the season on Friday, defeating Eastern Guilford 33-14. Sophomore QB Alonza Barnett saw some time in the game and threw his first career varsity TDs, throwing one for 61 yards and another for 32. Sophomore RB Jeiel Melton also ran hard and scored twice. QB Javondre Paige hit Duke commit Safety Isaiah Fisher-Smith for a 24 yard TD late in the 4th quarter to top it off. Page plays @ East Forsyth next Friday, 7:30 kick off.
  9. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    As a Page alum, i just hate to see them lose games... especially ones they should be winning.. I guess I'm just a big critic.
  10. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    I think everyone will stay patient for the time being, but if things don't start to develop quickly, it may be time to look things over. It's hard to watch a program of Page's stature take such a dip in recent times. Gillespie built it back up from the depths of the mid 2000s, and it would prove costly for Triad football if it got back to that point again. Let's hope for the best, and if not.....
  11. JJ Barile

    West Forsyth has swept Iredell County

    My thoughts exactly
  12. JJ Barile

    Page Pirates

    Something in the program is not quite right. There is talent at Page... albeit young in some spots, but some things just aren't adding up like they are supposed to be at a school like Page.. Kids transferring out, sloppy line play, kids not in the right spots at times, players running on/off field late, uncoordinated offense, etc etc.
  13. JJ Barile

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    All of the above
  14. JJ Barile

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    35-14 loss to Dudley. Page is 0-3
  15. When it comes to football this is both schools biggest rival. Page comes into the match up 0-2, losing both games by a combined 3 points and Dudley comes in a 1-1 after bouncing back last week against Ragsdale. Should be a great match up as always, the series is all knotted up at 4-4 (on the field), the past 8 years.