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  3. Typically I put out a Top-15 or 20 combined preseason ranking, but this year I'm going to give a sneak peek of how the 4A and 4AA could look headed into the preseason. Obviously there are some factors that could change things, particularly if a school moves up or down. 4AA: #1 Vance #2 Richmond #3 Myers Park #4 Mallard Creek #5 Hough #6 Rolesville #7 Ardrey Kell #8 Leesville Road #9 Wake Forest #10 Reagan #11 Butler #12 West Forsyth #13 Olympic #14 Hoke County (Jordan and Heritage are bubble teams that could swing both ways) 4A: #1 East Forsyth #2 Grimsley #3 Scotland #4 Cardinal Gibbons #5 Glenn #6 New Bern #7 Hickory Ridge #8 South View #9 Jack Britt #10 Davie County #11 Riverside If I were going to rank a combined 4A Top-10 today, here's how it would probably look. #1 Vance #2 Richmond #3 Myers Park #4 East Forsyth #5 Mallard Creek #6 Grimsley #7 Scotland #8 Hough #9 Cardinal Gibbons #10 Rolesville
  4. Guys say a prayer for our friend Rick Harrington of Mooresville. He's been hospitalized and could really use some positive vibes. He's really done a lot for Mooresville HS's football program over the years and has been a great friend of us here at CP.
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    Prayers for Rick Harrington

    I wanted to give ya'll an update! Rick and I went to K-town today to eat some What-A-Burger and check out the new stadium. He's doing great and back to his old self!
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    Tom Harper

    Thanks for pointing that out. It takes a man to admit a mistake, I appreciate you. He faced some health issues but he’s worked hard to bounce back from those.
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    Tom Harper

    I'm curious about this so-called stigma that you say he carries. I've known T-bird for 30+ years and I'm not aware of a stigma.
  8. At least in terms of Myers Park, let's just call it addition by subtraction.
  9. Who cares about last few years..... I care about NOW. I don't rank anyone based on what they have done. No freebies.
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    Tom Harper

    I think Lincolnton is a year away from being what they used to be, but you are correct, they could be the surprise team of the conference, but I won't be surprised.
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    Tom Harper

    Not a surprise move if you understand the relationship and history between Harper and head coach Joe Glass.
  12. Ok, I realize that there is another thread for the head coaching job at Mooresville, but I wasn't around and been able to read every post so I'm going to start a new one with my thoughts for you guys to ponder. If I were the Administration of the school, here are the names that I would STRONGLY consider for the position. Some of these coaches could already be in the mix, but these are my thoughts and what I would do. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: Adrian Snow (West Forsyth): He's one of the best coaches in NC, he's done a very good job leading the program at West Forsyth and the two schools are very similar in makeup. The pay would be a great increase towards his retirement. Todd Willert (East Forsyth): I felt that Mooresville made a huge mistake a few years back when they didn't grant him an interview (not that he wouldn't have taken the job). He's only won two 4A titles since then and is one of the best coaches in the state. Chris Metzger (Pinecrest): When you win 100+ games at Pinecrest in arguably one of the toughest 4A leagues in NC, that says a lot about your coaching ability. He's done a tremendous job in NC but also has big-time experience in both Florida and Maryland. Joe Nixon (West Rowan): He lives close, he's done a great job at North Rowan and West Rowan, he's got a hard-nosed personality and his kids would likewise be tough players. I love the OL mentality he brings, toughness can go a long way in an era where skill kids don't want to play physical football. In a time where Mooresville has seen some coaches come and go in quick succession, I think Nixon would hang around for 15+ years until retirement. Jonathan Oliphant (Lake Norman): I'm not sure if he'd even want the job given what he's trying to build at Lake Norman, but he's a Mooresville guy and would be a great fit leading his alma mater. Will Clark (James Kenan): He's one of the best coaches in NC but is currently at a small school in Eastern NC. It wasn't long ago that he was leading Crest to a 16-0 season and a state championship. I feel he's the kind of coach that could be lured back west and would be a dynamite hire. Tripp Stone (Mallard Creek): One day a school is finally going to do the right thing and hire this coach. He's one of the best defensive coaches I've been around, but more importantly, he cares about players, and players realize that and run through walls for him. That's a very important and hard to come by attribute. Matt Jenkins (Hough): I could really see Jenkins as a good fit at Mooresville. He lives nearby and would fit the mold of the kind of coach that they would want. Jamelle Byrd (Hopewell): I think Coach Byrd is a tremendous coach and is far better than what he's been able to show at Hopewell. I would love to see him get an opportunity to coach at a better football school where he could show off his talents. Robert Hellams (Mallard Creek): He's been at the school, you know what you are getting with him, he's well-liked by the faculty, he's an amazing coach, and would be an instant upgrade for the program. I would have zero problems hiring him. Jared Rolfes (Page): He had a successful but short-tenured run at Page. I think his future is much brighter than what people would give him credit for at Page and I think he's the total package in a sense that not only is he a top-notch head coach, but he's a great person and leader as well. Jason McManus (Spartanburg): He's a local coach that grew up in nearby Newton-Conover, he's got top-level high school and college experience and would be a great choice for any program. Sam Greiner (Hickory Ridge): I think the year away from coaching has been great for Sam and he would be tremendous at a school like this. He understands the competition and would have the players up to the challenge of the i-Meck. Mark Harman (Myers Park): He's been a head coach before in Charlotte and he's one of the top assistant coaches in the region. He's exceptionally bright and would be a great fit at Mooresville. Damon Mckee (North Meck): He's been an assistant at Mooresville, he's an exceptional assistant coach and would be a popular hire with a lot of the people in Mooresville.
  13. West Stanly HS has an assistant coach opening with teaching openings in Math and Science. All experience levels will be considered, but there is not a coordinator role open at this time. Please send your resume to head football coach Brett Morton at brett.morton@stanlycountyschools.org.
  14. Any team looking for an August 14th scrimmage/jamboree, please let me know, we may have some opportunities for you.
  15. Gray's Creek HS (3A) in Cumberland County has an opening for a defensive coordinator. They have current teaching openings in Social Studies and EC. Contact head football coach David Lovette at davidlovette@ccs.k12.nc.us.
  16. Chris Hughes

    West Rowan Job

    There is zero chance that Brian Hinson would leave Salisbury to go to West. I think Salisbury is one of the favorites to return to the state title game again and face off with Shelby, and he's not going to leave to go do a rebuild. I'm a huge fan of Daniel Yow, if West thought they could snag him away from South, then they should do so. He's a much better coach than what he's been able to show in red and black. I personally feel that they'll end up with an assistant. There are several good quality assistants on the West staff and there are some great coaches within the county and the region. Mike Herndon at Salisbury would be a top pick if I were in AD Todd Bell's shoes. I don't really see any top-tier head coaches looking to the job simply because Rowan County pays coaches so poorly, so you won't hear me do any speculating about any neighboring coaches. Now if I was David Lewis at North Iredell, I would jump at West because he's a better coach than what his record shows. I would love to see Lee Linville get another shot at being a head coach, he may be the odds on best fit for West, but I doubt that RSS will give him a shot after the bogus things he had to deal with a few years back. I would also give Charlie Gray a call, he's been on staff and knows that community well.
  17. Chris Hughes

    West Charlotte Hires

    I would like to think that I know Coach Greiner very well. We talk regularly and he spoke with me about this job before taking it, and asking what I thought about the prospects of the situation. He did his homework, he asked the right questions, and I think he'll do a very good job from day one. Coach Harris did a great job of getting this program built back up, and I think they could immediately become a player in Charlotte. Greiner will bring instant credibility to the table and the players will buy into his system immediately. The only unknown in the entire situation is when he'll be able to hit the ground running in regards to the Covid-19 cloud that keeps lingering over us all. I'm also pretty confident that he's not taking this job as a stepping stone to some other position. He has already told me that West Charlotte feels like home and that he can't wait to finally meet the players and the staff. He told me that his priority is to bring them some success while they're still in the old school building so that when the new campus and old stadium reopens, they can come home with pride.
  18. Chris Hughes

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    Welcome Back Rick!
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    You hit the nail on the head. Stone will do great paired up with Hales, I think this has huge potential for the Dawgs!
  20. In one of today's CP Zoom Sessions, I interviewed Providence Day assistant coach Breon Holmes. Coach is a native of Statesville and graduated from Methodist University in Fayetteville. Link: CP Assistant Coach Showcase - Breon Holmes  (4-15-2020)
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    North Rowan

    A name has been submitted to the board for approval, but as of this moment, they have not "officially" hired a coach. My sources tell me it will be a coach from the college ranks, but I can't confirm at this moment.
  22. In today's CP Zoom Interview, I chatted with Pinecrest HS head football coach Chris Metzger. Check it out. Link: CP Zoom Interview: Chris Metzger
  23. Salisbury HS (2A) has an opening for a History teacher and assistant football coach. The school played Shelby this past season in the 2AA state title game and should be ready for another deep run in 2020. Contact head football Brian Hinson at ernest.hinson@rss.k12.nc.us for more information.
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    Mooresville HC Change?

    Congrats to Hoppy, he's the right man for the job. He's also another proud South Rowan alum!
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    Hughes Is BACK!!

    By the way, I'm bald by design! Don't think that it's to cover up a bald spot . Yeah, I started going gray at 21, but I just couldn't handle sporting an afro!