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  1. Chris Hughes

    High school football stadiums

    Here is my Top 55. Asheville Cherokee High Point's Simeon Stadium Grimsley Shelby Burlington Williams South Point Kannapolis Brown Lincolnton A.C. Reynolds Kings Mountain Brevard Pisgah McDowell Northern Durham Tuscola Richmond Scotland Maiden Newton-Conover Burns Crest Swain County Wake Forest Myers Park Concord Ashbrook Avery County South Rowan Douglas Byrd Stuart Cramer East Burke Owen Morganton Freedom Mooresville Hibriten Franklin Hoke County Jacksonville Lee County Mitchell Mount Pleasant New Hanover Smoky Mountain Statesville Thomasville Raleigh Sanderson West Caldwell Monroe Hickory Providence Randleman Deaton-Thompson (Winston-Salem) Raleigh Athens Drive Greensboro Page
  2. Chris Hughes

    High school football stadiums

    Unlike what we typically see here in the Carolinas, local governments and school systems invest heavily in high school football, and because of this, the academics and other athletic programs thrive. They use football as the business that it should be, and allow it to finance all other programs, both academically and athletically in the school.
  3. Chris Hughes

    Prayers for Rick Harrington

    I've spoken with him a few times, he's in a rehabilitation center and doing quite well. I think he'll pull through and be ok!
  4. Chris Hughes

    Trinity New Coach

    Morris has been the DC at both Brevard and Havelock in the past along with some other stops throughout his career. He's a great coach and to be honest should have been a head coach many years ago. Trinity is a tough job, but he's been on staff for a couple of years now so at least he knows what he needs to do to attempt to right the ship. It'll be an uphill climb and results won't happen overnight, but given time, and support from his administration and Trinity could get back on solid footing under his watch.
  5. Chris Hughes

    Prayers for Rick Harrington

    You should.... you've spent enough time with him over the years!
  6. Guys say a prayer for our friend Rick Harrington of Mooresville. He's been hospitalized and could really use some positive vibes. He's really done a lot for Mooresville HS's football program over the years and has been a great friend of us here at CP.
  7. Chris Hughes


    It's a very desirable position for him to be in, now he can pick where he wants to play and look for the situation that suits him best.
  8. I'm happy to see this switch, but until signing day, commitments can be changed. This does speak volumes in just how well Mack Brown and company are doing in recruiting.
  9. Chris Hughes

    North Wilkes Opening

    Word on the street is that a coach from Greensboro will be it. It could be a great hire if so.
  10. Word on the street is NW Cabarrus.
  11. Yes, the North Mecklenburg head football coaching job is already posted on the CMS Job Board. (Link: https://ats4.atenterprise.powerschool.com/ats/job_board_form?op=view&JOB_ID=4600196723&COMPANY_ID=00014342&redirect_qs=&redirect_qs=softsort%3DNAME%26APPLICANT_TYPE_ID%3D00000002%26COMPANY_ID%3D00014342)
  12. Chris Hughes

    Lexington Job Open

    What should be done in regards to Lexington? It is my opinion that the State of North Carolina, along with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction and Lexington County Commionsors should force Lexington City Schools to consolidate with the rest of Davidson County Schools. To take that a step further, I would probably have a similar opinion regarding Thomasville City Schools as well, but not to the degree I feel about Lexington City Schools. In 2018, an audit of the system's finances showed that the Lexington City Schools Board's liabilities exceeded its assets by a total of $26,701,834. (Yes, that's 26 Million+) Also in 2018, Lexington City Schools had to repay the state and county nearly 1 million dollars because of a decline in enrollment. (The system has lost a considerable amount of students to local charter schools, which is an entirely different argument altogether.) Pair those financial problems with an aging infrastructure and continued student loss, and that makes consolidation the most logical, and responsible solution for the taxpayers. Look at the number of schools in the southern end of Davidson County. You have Lexington, West Davidson, Central Davidson, East Davidson, South Davidson, and Thomasville all within a stone's throw of one another. A massive county-wide consolidation could potentially be a very good thing with a few win-win conclusions. The massive amount of money saved in the upkeep of Lexington's aging facilities could go towards the construction of some new schools, that are more centrally located, which could serve a lot more of the children in the county. I know that many of the powers that be will not want to give up the political clout that comes from sitting on a board of education; but give the Lexington community representation on the new consolidated board, and just continuing to work for the boys and girls of the county and not the political gain of the board members.
  13. Chris Hughes

    Lexington Job Open

    That coach wasn't in a small town school system where the board of education called all the shots.
  14. Chris Hughes

    Lexington Job Open

    J-Heat, I totally agree with your post. I like Holman and consider him a good friend, but the waters were muddy for him during the hiring process, and if they (being the AD and powers that be) knew they didn't want him in the first place, then they shouldn't have hired him and we wouldn't be in this position today. It would have saved a lot of heartache if they would have just promoted from within or promoted the AD to become the head coach in the first place. Personally, I don't think it would have mattered who the coach was, the Jackets were not going to have overwhelming success, and it looks like Holman was set up for failure from day one, and never allowed to flourish, or really have a chance. It's like he was upstream in a raging river full of sharks with one hand tied behind his back.
  15. Chris Hughes

    Lexington Job Open

    He’s a Lexington Hall of Famer, he should. Truthfully looking at how this has played out, he should have taken it last year. It would have saved Holman and those kids some heartache.