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  1. Chris Hughes

    Head Coaches

    You’re forgetting about Anthony Barbour, who had a successful stint as the head coach at Smithfield-Selma, which is in Johnston County.
  2. Chris Hughes

    East Gaston

    It is official now, Jason Lippard has been introduced as the next head football coach at East Gaston.
  3. Chris Hughes

    East Gaston

    Yes, there are sometimes other people who have heard the information, but this is an instance where the school wanted to keep the information out or the public eye until they are able to make the announcement at their fundraising event tonight. I was just trying to honor their request.
  4. Chris Hughes

    2019 NCHSAA Basketball Regionals moving

    I love that they’re in Hickory. But just once I’d like to see the NCHSAA play the western regionals in Charlotte, possibly at the Old Coliseum.
  5. Chris Hughes

    Why so slow?

    Add High Point Andrews as well.
  6. Chris Hughes

    East Gaston

    You guys are all over the place with these suggestions. Allow the school to make the announcement tomorrow on their schedule and don't try and play news breaker.
  7. Chris Hughes

    Parkland needs a Week 6 or 7

    Parkland needs either a Week 6 or Week 7 game for 2019/20, contact head coach Laymarr Marshall at 336-575-4346 or at rlmarshall@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.
  8. Chris Hughes

    Legion Collegiate Academy of SC!

    It is owned by the same company as Oceanside Collegiate that is coached by Chad Grier, and yes I do think that the founders have tried to model this school after IMG, at least in some facets. Currently they'll be playing in the SCHSL, but you have to wonder, that if in time, if they both become the mega powers that they have the potential to become, will the public schools make a push to get them out of their league?
  9. Chris Hughes

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    Per my sources, Foard hasn't even begun calling out for interviews and the administration has been very quiet and secretive about the whole process.
  10. Chris Hughes

    Why so slow?

    1. West Caldwell is in the process of calling back for interviews, I have been involved in assisting the AD. 2. Lincolnton coach has been approved by the board, expecting an announcement very soon. 3. North Johnston has made a hire, check the Coaching Changes tracker on front page of site. 4. Not sure what the deal is at Farmville Central. 5. Not sure what the deal is at South Robeson. 6. Pamlico was rumored to be hiring Matt Handley from Havelock, but Caleb King's departure could have changed that.
  11. Chris Hughes

    Caleb King steps down at Havelock

    Word on the street is that he may also be taking another solid NC head coach with him as an assistant.
  12. Chris Hughes

    Caleb King steps down at Havelock

  13. Chris Hughes

    East Gaston

    On the subject of Mike Helms, I know he still has the desire to be a head coach and I think someone should give him a chance. He's one of the best football coaches that I've seen.
  14. Chris Hughes

    East Gaston

    You guys are all over the place. I think we'll hear who it is this upcoming Saturday.
  15. Chris Hughes

    Greensboro Page AD Rusty Lee to step down

    I hopefully will have some big news about Page in the coming weeks, stay tuned.