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  1. Is there anyway I can keep my account + username and password, and still be able to create an account on the merger website you created with NCPreps?

  2. https://ncpreps.forums.rivals.com/ Please go over and create a free user account if you don't have one already!
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  4. Chris Hughes

    Prayers for Rick Harrington

    I wanted to give ya'll an update! Rick and I went to K-town today to eat some What-A-Burger and check out the new stadium. He's doing great and back to his old self!
  5. Chris Hughes

    Tom Harper

    Thanks for pointing that out. It takes a man to admit a mistake, I appreciate you. He faced some health issues but he’s worked hard to bounce back from those.
  6. Chris Hughes

    Tom Harper

    I'm curious about this so-called stigma that you say he carries. I've known T-bird for 30+ years and I'm not aware of a stigma.
  7. At least in terms of Myers Park, let's just call it addition by subtraction.
  8. Who cares about last few years..... I care about NOW. I don't rank anyone based on what they have done. No freebies.
  9. Chris Hughes

    Tom Harper

    I think Lincolnton is a year away from being what they used to be, but you are correct, they could be the surprise team of the conference, but I won't be surprised.
  10. Chris Hughes

    Tom Harper

    Not a surprise move if you understand the relationship and history between Harper and head coach Joe Glass.
  11. West Stanly HS has an assistant coach opening with teaching openings in Math and Science. All experience levels will be considered, but there is not a coordinator role open at this time. Please send your resume to head football coach Brett Morton at brett.morton@stanlycountyschools.org.
  12. Typically I put out a Top-15 or 20 combined preseason ranking, but this year I'm going to give a sneak peek of how the 4A and 4AA could look headed into the preseason. Obviously there are some factors that could change things, particularly if a school moves up or down. 4AA: #1 Vance #2 Richmond #3 Myers Park #4 Mallard Creek #5 Hough #6 Rolesville #7 Ardrey Kell #8 Leesville Road #9 Wake Forest #10 Reagan #11 Butler #12 West Forsyth #13 Olympic #14 Hoke County (Jordan and Heritage are bubble teams that could swing both ways) 4A: #1 East Forsyth #2 Grimsley #3 Scotland #4 Cardinal Gibbons #5 Glenn #6 New Bern #7 Hickory Ridge #8 South View #9 Jack Britt #10 Davie County #11 Riverside If I were going to rank a combined 4A Top-10 today, here's how it would probably look. #1 Vance #2 Richmond #3 Myers Park #4 East Forsyth #5 Mallard Creek #6 Grimsley #7 Scotland #8 Hough #9 Cardinal Gibbons #10 Rolesville
  13. Any team looking for an August 14th scrimmage/jamboree, please let me know, we may have some opportunities for you.
  14. Gray's Creek HS (3A) in Cumberland County has an opening for a defensive coordinator. They have current teaching openings in Social Studies and EC. Contact head football coach David Lovette at davidlovette@ccs.k12.nc.us.
  15. Chris Hughes

    West Rowan Job

    There is zero chance that Brian Hinson would leave Salisbury to go to West. I think Salisbury is one of the favorites to return to the state title game again and face off with Shelby, and he's not going to leave to go do a rebuild. I'm a huge fan of Daniel Yow, if West thought they could snag him away from South, then they should do so. He's a much better coach than what he's been able to show in red and black. I personally feel that they'll end up with an assistant. There are several good quality assistants on the West staff and there are some great coaches within the county and the region. Mike Herndon at Salisbury would be a top pick if I were in AD Todd Bell's shoes. I don't really see any top-tier head coaches looking to the job simply because Rowan County pays coaches so poorly, so you won't hear me do any speculating about any neighboring coaches. Now if I was David Lewis at North Iredell, I would jump at West because he's a better coach than what his record shows. I would love to see Lee Linville get another shot at being a head coach, he may be the odds on best fit for West, but I doubt that RSS will give him a shot after the bogus things he had to deal with a few years back. I would also give Charlie Gray a call, he's been on staff and knows that community well.