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  1. Midway is 7-0 and has won 9-straight dating back to last year. Wallace-Rose Hill is 5-2, but has played a much tougher schedule with tough losses to Havelock and Wake Forest. The winner is certainly in a good position to challenge Clinton for the conference title, but last year WRH won 68-0, we know Midway is much improved, but have they closed the gap enough to compete?
  2. Is this game the battle for the Southern Meck 7 conference title? Both of these schools have played well thus far, what are your thoughts on who wins?
  3. Huge game this week in Bryson City as Murphy visits Swain County. Not only are these two of the top three teams in the SMC, but Murphy head coach David Gentry is going for the all-time coaching record in NC passing legend Jack Holley. I know Btango and myself are considering coming up for this one, should be a huge game. I haven't been to a Murphy/Swain game since around 2010. What's your thoughts on this contest?
  4. Chris Hughes

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Aren't all losses considered bad?!?!
  5. Chris Hughes

    Hibriten field

    I love games here, it is one of the best environments for HSFB in the state. The fans get it, they come out in great numbers, and they are very hospitable towards visitors.
  6. Chris Hughes

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    That is BIG TIME HSFB! You outlined all of the major concerns a coach has when his team plays on Saturday. No school so you don't know what time the kids went to bed, if they ate breakfast, lunch, and if they'd been goofing off all day and forgot to show up. Trust me, all of those things can happen.
  7. Chris Hughes

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Mine too!
  8. Chris Hughes

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    I remember back when I was coaching at South Rowan in 2000. We won 8 games that year, won the conference, and had an incredible defense. We were rained out and had to play NW Cabarrus on a Saturday, our kids came out flat, and we lost 12-0. I don't like having to play games on days that you don't have school, it's a huge wild card.
  9. Chris Hughes

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    Now that's funny right there!
  10. Chris Hughes

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    I knew Coach Massey very well, and well enough to state that while he wasn't "run off" by any administration at KCS, he and his family were feeling the effects of fans with very unrealistic expectations (sound familiar?). Massey also told me a few years before his departure at A.L. Brown that the demographics were changing, and that the talent level was nothing close to what it was when he showed up in 2000.
  11. Chris Hughes

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Wrigley, I agree 100%. After having seen Vance in action earlier this year against Mallard Creek, I have no concerns in their ability to make another deep playoff run.
  12. We’ll see about that! The site is for sale if you want to purchase it. I travel NC daily, I’m up for visiting anyone, anywhere.
  13. Are you talking about the company in Weaverville?
  14. I'm aware that we have things in common, and I respect you for that. I just don't think you have to be a troll to have fun. If you would talk football and not try to cause a commotion, then we'd all get along a lot better. I've said this already, the goal here at CP is not to have arguments and bash and talk smack, it is to promote the game, and communities, the schools, and the kids who compete.
  15. Wow, you came from Pembroke/Maxton just to give us that report! I'm not one to call a man a liar, but your IP address report for where your location was when you made your first post, in relation to where you said you were don't really match up, I'm a software development major so I have a pretty good idea about how to judge that. Just saying!