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    Game after game I sit in the stands Rooting for my football team to go out and do their best. Always yelling GO Offence or Defense good plays and bad. Over the past several years I have notice that the Bad mouthing of coaches and players is getting worse. First the coaching staff get one day off a week, every other day is filled with film, practice, games etc... Second and most important the players. They are anywhere from Fourteen to eighteen years old, working year-round to get better at football. They are going to drop passes, miss blocks, run the wrong rout, breakup with girlfriends, the list goes on and on of the things that might be going through their heads. Nevertheless, they are out there representing the community and county. I have never been a fan of running down the other team or bragging to much on mine. I have played the game and understand you can lose anytime you are on the field. Week after week I see the same people on here going from poking at each other to downright disrespectful. Calling out kids and coaches by name. This is by no means everyone on here but a few. Then at the game yelling the same stuff at the coaching staff and kids from the stands while moms, dads and wives are setting right next to you. As the topic says NO CLASS!!! If I hear you doing this at a game from now on, I will call you out in front of everyone I will belittle you just as you are doing to the Fourteen to eighteen-year old’s! John Cook
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    I’ll take flack for this statement, but I’ll own it anyway. It’s the Pussification of America. We’ve seen a generation of soft people come of age!
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    I've noticed a lot of familiar posters who's names have popped back up on the site today, that haven't been active in a while. I just wanted to welcome all of you back as the 2019 season officially begins this week. It's always great having fresh opinions and commentary from our viewers. I've always felt that we've got some of the most educated fans in the state here at CP, so from the bottom of my heart, thanks for coming back for another year of high school football talk! If any of you have any questions, feel free to reach out.
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    Chazz Surratt is the latest homegrown product to be a hero on the big Saturday stage. Congrats to him on making the game-saving interception to seal UNC's 20-17 win over Duke. His story on how he went from a quarterback to a defensive star is remarkable.
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    Christ School's 2nd leading tackler and one of their top offensive lineman, were both multi-year starters at West. I'd love to see this Falcon team with both those guys and can't stand CS and all their poaching.
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    A special thank you goes out to Coach Harris and staff, the West Charlotte football players and community for choosing to honor our fallen warrior Gavin Sharpe last night. on the lions first punt of the JV game, they took a player off the field and took a delay of game penalty. The player that came off was an o lineman, who wore #63. 63 was the number that Gavin wore for us at Mooresville. That sent chills up my spine. I don’t think I can state just how appreciative our entire Blue Devil community is for all the support all of the I-Meck schools (and our non conference opponents as well) are for all the love and support shown for Gavin, his family, his friends, and all of his teammates both JV and varsity and our community.
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    Mr. Cook, I agree 100%. Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks for signing your name and owning your post! People do need to understand that this game is a kids game with young men between the ages of 14-18.
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    Since I had entirely too much time on my hands tonight I made out a list of the elevations of all the stadiums (not the school itself) in the mountains of WNC and most of the foothills schools rounded to the closest 100 feet to the best of my knowledge. 1.Avery 3800 2. Watauga 3200 3. Ashe and Mitchell 3000 4. Allegheny 2900 5. Tuscola 2800 6. Mountain Heritage and Pisgah 2600 7. Owen 2400 8. AC Reynolds, Enka, Erwin, Smoky Mountain, West Henderson, and Rosman 2200 9. Madison, Asheville, Franklin, Hendersonville, East Henderson, North Henderson, Brevard 2100 10. Cherokee and Robbinsville 2000 11. Swain and Hayesville 1900 12. Andrews 1800 13. Murphy 1500 14. McDowell and West Wilkes 1400 15. North Wilkes 1300 16. Wilkes Central 1200 17. East Wilkes, Hibriten, Polk 1100 18. Freedom and RS Central 1000 19. East Rutherford 900 20. Thomas Jefferson 800
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    For some unknown reason elevation has always been one of my favorite things to study. The highest elevated football stadium by a lot is Avery High School at around 3800 feet, I have also always been told it is the highest elevated football stadium in the eastern United States, if you've ever seen a good kicker kick at Avery you will know it too as you will see some balls on kickoffs go through the uprights due to the air being lighter, much like the Colorado effect in baseball. There are only 4 other football stadiums that set in the 3000 foot range, Watauga is second at around 3300 feet, then you have Ashe, Allegheny, and Mitchell whose stadiums all set at almost exactly 3000 feet. What would surprise people the most is that the stadiums in the Smoky Mountains are much lower than in the High Country of Northwest North Carolina, the mountain tops in that area are just as high but the valley floors are much lower. Robbinsville's stadium is at 2000 feet, Swain at 1800 feet, and Murphy at 1500 feet, surprisingly McDowell which is considered the foothills is nearly as high as Murphy at around 1400 feet and most of the Asheville schools which are not in nearly as mountainous of an area as the smokies are higher than all of the above mentioned schools at around 2100 to 2200 feet. To my knowledge the highest elevated stadium to the south and west of Asheville is Tuscola at around 2700 to 2800 feet and would most likely put it at 6th behind the 5 I first mentioned, Heritage is most likely 7th at around 2600 feet even though the surrounding area is higher, thus why it's called the pit. Sorry for boring everyone with a topography lesson.
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    The ultimate mission of CP is to serve our state and its communities by providing coverage of high school athletics (primarily football), and promoting the communities, the schools, the coaches, and athletes that participate. A large part of our service is by providing a centralized location for things like schedules, records, and information, by providing high quality photos of stadiums (which still is our most trafficked item in our portfolio), and also on that list is giving fans an opportunity to have a voice. As most of you know, I have strived over the past 12 years to make the forums here a step above the rest by maintaining a certain degree of respect, and trying to lead more educated discussions, versus the rants and antics of some of the more fanatical fans out there. I'm not against fans going back-and-forth, in fact, I think it's very entertaining and it keeps high school football on the front burner, but having smack talk as the foundation of website is never going to be a goal for me. With that said, I have committed my life to this sport, and with the exception of the years I served in the military, have been around football since I was a small child. Obviously I am committed to our state, or otherwise I wouldn't have committed the time, and more so the money it has taken to build this website into a business. Of course the site is a fun place to gather and discuss the latest news, and I'm glad you are all here and I hope you all stay, but it is still a business to me. I've invested thousands upon thousands of dollars into it over the past decade-plus, and for me to be able to keep it open, and operating at a high level, I have to do things that make sense from a business perspective. I am constantly trying to bring in more advertisers and sponsors to help take the financial load off of my family, and one chief complaint when they peruse the site, is lack of activity when they see fan forums. Now Wrigley and Btango have both made valid points, message forums are not what they were, and I've toyed with the idea of closing them down. If they're not active, they can give off a really bad look to a site. It was in our best interest to consolidate them to keep them active and moving forward. Look at the bright side, having them all under one roof allows you to see more of what is going on outside of your community or classification, and will make you a more educated fan, which is always my goal. Ultimately, money is the driving force to everything. I have to pursue more sponsors, and I am reliant upon revenue from advertisers. I want to keep this website up and running, and at the level of quality you guys expect. I'm sure some of you will balk at the idea, but I've also started a premium tier called CP Insiders, where I'll be posting extended rankings along with other useful tidbits. Unlike some of the other subscription based services out there that want upwards of $9.99 a month, I'm asking for $3 a month or a one-time annual fee of $24. It's far less than the cost of buying your local newspaper, and it costs less than 6 cents per day. I hope you'll all consider joining and helping me to make this site even better for you.
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    I'm getting tired of going to games on Friday nights and hearing what people are saying in the stands at any game. People these are 15 to 18 year old kids they are not pro's they are going to make mistakes. And fussing at the coaches like the coaches dont no what they are doing. As long as the players are giving their all that's all you can ask for. Why can't we go to a game on Friday night and enjoy the game. Sorry for the vent. And as always go WONDERS.
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    High school football is a weird thing. Mitchell takes Owen to the woodshed. Heritage spanks Mitchell behind the woodshed and Owen makes Heritage poop their pants behind the woodshed. I give up, can’t figure this crap out.
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    Former Hendersonville QB Mike Schmidt came up huge for my Air Force Falcons last night. For those of you that didn’t stay up for the late night game like me since I have a rooting interest in my alma mater... Schmidt has been the 3rd team QB this year. The top 2 have been a little banged up on & off and the 2nd teamer didn’t make the trip for the game at Hawaii. The starter went down on the 1st series of the game for Air Force. Schmidt came in and went 5/6 passing for 147 yards and 1 TD. He ran 14 times for 120 yards & 3 TDs. I didn’t realize he had the kind of speed he showed on a 61 yard TD run off the option where he pulled away from the Hawaii DB’s. Made great decisions running the option all night & led Air Force to victory. The announcers couldn’t stop talking about the need to find him a spot on the field even when the starter comes back. Kudos to a NC kid on a great performance.
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    After reading a lot of the nonsense in this forum, either keep it to football or find somewhere else to post. You guys know who you are that's causing this mischief.
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    For an offense that is a thing of the past it sure is effective. The misguided belief that highs schools must run the spread tickles me. I am all for huge offensive production but for most high schools a solid running attack is the most effective offense to run. Look at Wallace Rose-Hill or Murphy or Swain for example. Wallace and Murphy are Wing-T teams, Swain runs the Veer and all they do is win. These types of offenses fit the players available every year not just once in a while. Stopping the Straight T, Wing-T, Double Wing, Veer or Triple Option is not as easy as you make it out to be. If It was the teams that use them would have scraped them long ago.
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    The thing is, it doesn't matter what I do, someone will always be unhappy. I can revert back to the old way and people will complain. It doesn't matter that I give my all to provide a service, it's never enough. 🤦‍♂️
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    The Swain at Robbinsville game was rained out on Friday and will now be played on Monday, Oct. 28th at 7:30 p.m. I think that @btango and I may be making the trek up to Graham County for the game.
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    I think, if everything works out with the stupid maxpreps rankings. That we see Murphy versus Mitchell or Robbinsville in the 3rdround in 1A and Mitchell or Robbinsville in the regional finals. One of three will WIN the 1A title this season. Swain should meet East Surry in the Regional Final in 1AA. I know everyone is sick of the SMC being in the finals all the time but it tickles me to death. Anyone that has followed me knows I say all the time the SMC is the Gold Standard and this year is no different.
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    That is wrong the top of the teacher pay scale is 52K check your facts and stop listening to Phil Berger. And the meat inspector's job does it require a college education? No it does not. Now is it an important job yes but who taught that meat inspector to read?? Or add?? Oh wait a teacher so thank you for showing your ignorance. I think teachers should not take one day but perhaps 30 days off and let's see what happens
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    And only a small percentage of fans attend rescheduled games. Rain is apparently the kryptonite of high school football.
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    Wow, you came from Pembroke/Maxton just to give us that report! I'm not one to call a man a liar, but your IP address report for where your location was when you made your first post, in relation to where you said you were don't really match up, I'm a software development major so I have a pretty good idea about how to judge that. Just saying!
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    Rank High School Record 1 Shelby (Shelby) 5-1-0 2 Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey) 4-2-0 3 Burns (Lawndale) 5-1-0 4 Randleman (Randleman) 6-0-0 5 Reidsville (Reidsville) 6-1-0 6 Hibriten (Lenoir) 5-1-0 7 SouthWest Edgecombe (Pinetops) 5-1-0 8 Northeastern (Elizabeth City) 4-2-0 9 Hertford County (Ahoskie) 5-1-0 10 Clinton (Clinton) 4-1-0 11 Pisgah (Canton) 4-1-0 12 Mountain Heritage (Burnsville) 4-1-0 13 Southwest Onslow (Jacksonville) 4-2-0 14 Brevard (Brevard) 5-1-0 15 Anson (Wadesboro) 3-3-0 16 Oak Grove (Midway) 6-0-0 17 South Point (Belmont) 3-4-0 18 East Duplin (Beulaville) 3-3-0 19 Eastern Randolph (Ramseur) 6-1-0 20 Salisbury (Salisbury) 6-0-0
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    Outside of the last couple of years . Charlotte Catholic looks like kids participating in NASA space camp. I just don’t see the advantage? They’re the epitome of a Football team. Not a lot of individual studs, but collectively they get it done.