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    You can “clean up” a program and win there are many examples. You can’t use the “clean up” excuse for double digit years that’s just sanctioned mediocrity. I get it let’s grow and mentor young men and women using sports as a vehicle but if the element of competition with the goal of winning is not reinforced you are doing those kids a disservice when they have to compete in the real world. Lowered expectations in sport bleed over into other aspects and to be quite frank that’s not healthy modeling to young people. It’s just an all to easy excuse for being average.
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    The margin of victory should be the same for 21 points and any amount above that. 63 points would be the same as 21. That would allow for a margin of victory component but it would not entice teams to run up the score.
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    Who are some of Top 1A team for this upcoming season or Teams to Watch ? North Rowan; North Stanley ; Northampton Co ; Thomas Jefferson; Mt Island Charter ; Bessemer City; Murphy ; Robbinsville ; Swain; Cherokee ; Rosman ; Mt Airy ; East Surry ; Tarboro ; Pamlico Co ; Holmes ; Gates Co ; Washington Co ; Did I miss anyone? Thoughts ?
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    ConnerP. Another QB is transferring to Burlington Williams. It is a family issue. I hate it because he is a great kid. His brother graduates this year and he was the transportation. These kids are outstanding players and even better kids. I cannot go into their situation but it is not good. When I think about them I get an upset stomach. They deserve better. It was as tough for him to have to transfer because he knew how much we cared for him and were concerned about him as well as the fact that he was having to leave his friends. I am happy he is at Williams. We hated to lose him but we totally understand why he had to transfer and we are pulling for him to be successful.
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    Correct, that is the most known story I've ever heard as well. Now I had also heard the story about the basketball team being good, and they were all small, and they called them Little Wonders, but the bus story seems to be the most common.
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    Nah. That top 10 class will stay in tact! Keep on hatin'!
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    Actually not odd at all. Makes it a clean break and could have been negotiated by the new Principal & AD. Have the old regime make the move so there are no emotional reactions from staff and parents who are fans of the outgoing coach.
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    My take on the name Wonders: They traveled in a old broken down bus and teams would "Wonder" if they would make it to the games because the bus broke down so much!
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    We got a survey from the NCBCA about playoff format and there were several options. One of those was the first week (round 1 and 2) be single elimination and then round 3 and on be best of 3. That's just one of the examples we received as well as the 3 game series throughout. I think most of us want a 3 game series so if we happen to catch that team with that dominate arm, we aren't out of the playoffs. Wouldn't mind the way SC does it with different regions having a 4 team double elimination bracket and on from there.
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    Less teams should get in baseball playoffs. 32 teams, best of 3 series the whole way. A week for each series. Get them in anytime during that week. That's five weeks to play that out.
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    U.W. Harrie 7 North Stanly 3 Buddy of mine who is coach at another school went to this one and said the fans got into it after the game.
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    Bigger? Yes... Faster? Yes... Stronger? Not pound for pound or Not in the weight room..Rylee is top 2 strongest on the team Heart?...Nobody comes close to Rylees heart and passion.
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    There are numerous complaints in Ohio regarding the seeding, and qualifying system. Same complaint as was in NC, NJ, et al. If you play a beast of a schedule the points system does provide a significant adjustment for team that play an inferior schedule especially if teams play out of state opponents. Ohio is divided into four regions and eight teams from each region make the playoffs. One region may be much weaker than the other three but they are getting eight teams in while a super powerful region may have much better teams left out. Nothing is perfect! If we are going to go to the Ohio playoff structure let’s start by reducing the number of qualifying teams from NCs 60% of the football playing teams to the 31% that Ohio qualifies. Only 224 out of 715 teams with seven champions. Ohio went from six to seven just a few years ago when only 192 teams qualified. Ohio’s current playoff system would be like NC having three classification of 32 teams non subdivided!
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    Y'all need to quit hogging all the action. Mitchell wants a bite of that apple too!
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    btango, I went through the process of changing my password. This time I did receive an email.I have no idea why it did not go through the previous times but I changed it and now I am in. That is what is important. Thanks for your help.
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    The complaint is a team is up big at the end and keeps the first team in and attempts to score more to improve their power poll number. Correct. If the max number is 21 and a team has the first team in up by 13 or more and is still trying to score near the end it is much more acceptable. Also, a coach is going to be somewhat sensible up by 13 because a pick six or another big turnover could potentially cost them the game. Correct. I think 21 is a much better option than no point differential. I do not think the coaches did not even bring it up at the coaches association meeting so I am guessing it is not that big of an issue. I think it is more of an issue with teams who have a lot of kids more so than a team with fewer kids. Those ego based coaches who have no problem beating people 100 - 0 don't see this as a problem while the rest of us do see this as a problem, so the NCHSAA had no choice but to implement this. Had these ego based coached done the right thing this would never have been an issue. Those of us in my area refer this as the _______ _______ Rule named after a former coach who was the reason this rule was implemented. I will let you fill in his name.
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    Unfortunately I do not. My plan is to call them for help but I continue to forget to do that. I spend all my free time on here harassing you. LOL. Thanks.
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    We are in the South Fork 2A conference. My predictions for this season so far: 1. North is the clear favorite with almost everyone returning off last years team. A year under Bazzles system will make them dangerous, although they won some games last year that probably shouldn't have. 2. Maiden is a bit of a gamble here because year in and year out they are overrated and always underachieve but I think they will be solid this season. 3. Lincolnton will be back in the conversation at the top of the conference but as Blue said, were probably about a year or two out from being back to where we are custom to being. Key for us will be to gain confidence early, we are going to be VERY young. 4. Bandys will take a step back this year after losing their big back but still have some decent athletes. They benefited from a down conference last season. 5. West Lincoln graduated a lot but still have some good running backs that can get the job done. Coach Ponder has been there for awhile so kids are used to him. 6. Newton Conover could range anywhere 1-6. They have all the athletes you could ask for but can just never put it together defensively. They are the wild card in my opinion. 7. East Lincoln is in rebuild mode and lacks a little in the athlete department. Their defense will be solid but the offense was hard to watch last season. 8. Lake Norman Charter will have a new head coach this season but just don't have the horses to compete. I believe that the conference will be jumbled up like last season but I can see this conference coming down to the wire.
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    This thread is for top 1a teams not MIC. Lmao.
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    A small rant here, but this is what I cannot stand. Below this is a tweet from a young man who is announcing his commitment basically to play at Greer HS in South Carolina. We saw this in the past with kids transferring to Hough and announcing it on Twitter as if they were saying where they will go to college. The ego's these kids get from the fake 7 on 7 leagues they participate in is insane. It wouldn't shock me if they start making videos with hats from different HS' and picking one up like HS seniors do on National Signing Day. Just rubs me the wrong way I guess, but this is a total joke. Not trying to rain on the kids parade, but we've already seen this happen and I feel like we will continue to. Especially with schools like Hough using 7 on 7 leagues to recruit players from across NC and different states.
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    Sometimes their thinking outside the box ends up making them look like they have no idea what they are doing. Case in point is the pod system for the playoffs as well as the 20/30/30/20 playoff system. The spring practice with no contact is another. I will give them credit on the 5 classification system (if it ever happens) which should have been done years ago. You have more confidence in them than I do.
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    I know it’s early but I’m hearing Tarboro is looking strong again. Lots of folks are excited about the week 1 match up against 3a rocky mount.
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    The approval for homeschool players to play is a good move IMO. However, I am not a fan of this transgender policy. That could be a bag of worms down the road.
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    NCHSAA policy has been no regular season game can be televised live although they did loosen up on that a few years ago and allowed Thursday night games to go live on television. Time Warner had the contract and schools in areas without TWC were approved to have a different company to broadcast live on Thursday. Play this game on Thursday night and I think they will get the approval to play on live tv with no problem. I would think ESPN would be ok with a Thursday game. Bank of America Stadium will swallow this crowd up even if they draw 15,000-20,000 but I am fine with that depending on cost and logisitics. Personally, I think it is better to play it at UNCC or leave it at Dutch Fork but BofA does allow for something special both for the players and the high school fan. Do not schedule it for Saturday and take a chance with the weather. Do not schedule a game before this one and spend thirty minutes presenting trophies and introducing people after that game. Last year was a complete disaster and high school football was done a disservice by both the NCHSAA and the promoter.
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    I doubt they become a playoff factor but a winning season can be had. The kids who made the difference are playing for other schools in the county. I saw them play three years straight and they had no beef and quality on both lines. It’s another program without physical players. Working on the trench kids would be my first goal. Best wishes to Holman. Lexington’s rebuild will take time.


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    • I’ve never heard you or anyone say anything negative about them Glenn. Some folks just want to perceive a slight when there is none.I seem to recall a fan being furious that Chris had his team ranked 14th a couple years ago. It was “insulting” and a “lack of respect”.  Hmm... 14th is pretty dang good.
    • Paying the full tuition being the key qualifier there. Personally, if financially accepting the homeschool burden plus paying the FULL tuition at say Catholic... I wouldn’t have a problem. Not really sure why anyone would choose this route but there are always outliers. My premise was that school choice for athletic participation shouldn’t be an option and that choosing to play at the Parochial without the accompanying tuition shouldn’t be either.   Wow... if think there are screams about recruiting & unfairness now... some heads would explode for sure.
    • Should be a good one for sure. Tarboro qb won a track state championship yesterday. His future seems to be very bright. Believe he’ll go D1 as an athlete.
    • That brings up the question.  If a home school student is a member of the local Diocese and the Parochial high school is in agreement that a student can pay the full Catholic tuition and attend half the day why should they not be allowed to play? 
    • Like I said... ya’ can’t change my mind on this topic. I appreciate that we all have different views and won’t always agree. BTango... you know my background and you are correct. I (we to include my wife) may not be the norm. There are no doubt some that were tougher/harder and most certainly those that were less. I think most people would be surprised at how much work homeschoolers do. It is certainly not for everybody... students or teachers. It takes the right type of kid and the parents that can make it work both in terms of time and ability and definitely financially. We could accomplish far more in a day than can be done in any classroom with 20-30 kids. As a matter of fact, my son commented that we did more in the first week than had been accomplished in the first 2 months of the school year. (We pulled him out mid-semester). In the first month, he said he learned more than in the last year in school.  The reasons parents have for homeschooling are every bit as valid (if not more so) as parents have for transferring their children. It could be curriculum or the method it is being taught or whatever.  I have never seen it as elitist at all. It didn’t have to do with any type of social status for me. By the way, the inability to play sports (as my son was/is a very good athlete) was a huge drawback. We tried some of the homeschool teams but they were a joke. It is a misconception that there is no testing, oversight and the homeschool can just do what it wants. As BTango mentioned, there are also online classes in public schools already and schools where kids go to a local community college for some classes during the day... so what’s really the difference. Yes, things always boil down to money.  I find it to be a bit of a straw man though if the school is to get funding for this homeschool/part time student. As far as the trickle down to athletic budgets, it’s just as much (or little) as any other student. Yes, homeschool parents pay federal & state taxes as we all do. Many also pay property taxes as homeowners. Local funding for public schools(which is about 20% of overall school system budget) comes from property taxes but I sure don’t hear anyone saying renters kids shouldn’t be allowed to play since they don’t pay property taxes. (Nor do I think it should be that way).  As all my kids have played sports in public schools, I know how much the family spent attending sporting events. The school gets it’s money there that it would never have received if the kids weren’t on the team. With a 3 sport athlete in the family and the rest of the family there to support... the $$$ adds up... especially including concessions. I did the math one year... trust me.  Paying a fee to play... sure... if everyone is doing it. If not, No. What is the justification? The money is already being funded plus the increased attendance $$ as mentioned above. I seriously doubt that a homeschooled students family will take on the increased financial & time commitment to homeschool then not attend the sporting events. It sounds like an attempt to discourage participation or “punish”.  Like I said, I strongly support the proposal. I think there should be zero choice on which team a kid participates. It should be the public district of residence only. Sorry Catholic... ya can’t have ‘em😎. Not an intended shot at Catholic, McGuiness or Gibbons. Now if you want to hear about a proposal I’m against... let’s roll on the “gender identity” idea.