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    They get a hell-of-a-lot of mileage with what they have.
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    Side note: on the field, Charlotte Catholic plays physical and fast, sound football. They have intelligent athletes that are coached by very good coaches. Can't argue with their on the field results, no doubt about that. They don't have the most obviously athletic team but they win, and a lot of people don't like winners if they're not a winner too. It makes some people feel better if they can pull others down to their level, it's easier than trying to get up to the winner's level.
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    Swain hasn't been the same since the Cherokee/Swain transfer changes 5 or 6 years ago.
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    It does sound like Pisgah and Smoky will be the favorites. I don't know where Hendersonville is with things, but I know Brevard lost a ton. Franklin has some youth coming up that I think will prove themselves as the year goes on. I think it goes like this: Pisgah Smoky Franklin Hendo Brevard East Hendo The homer in me does say that I do think Franklin could make things interesting with #1 or #2 towards the end of the year though.
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    Saw those guys at Kenly a couple years ago. Reminded me of the way Richmond use to be long ago. It was competitive and guys dashing through the dirt and grass to get an advantage.
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    Havelock @ Dillon should be a good ole fashioned slobber knocker.
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    Yea I just wish someone would come up with a good solution to put a better product and experience on the field for the East West game...but I think the powers that be are kinda of old school and won’t look to make any changes. I wonder if those involve ever consult current HS coaches for feedback
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    I have heard one scrimmage will be at Salisbury High School on Aug. 12. I do not know the time.
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    East Forsyth @ AC Reynolds the first of back to back teams ACR will face that won state titles last year, we play @ Shelby in week 2
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    Tarboro vs Rocky Mount. Even if Rocky Mount loses this game the rest of the 3A would be wise not to sleep on them.
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    DH Conley vs Northeastern. If Conley can win this game against a top 2A program that could beat most 3A and 4A programs, it could set the tone for the season and give Conley confidence that they can contend in the 3A going into the Scotland game.
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    My unsolicited opinion on Private/Charter School NCHSAA participation rule: Take the average geographic area of the schools in their LEA. They can allow anyone from anywhere to attend their school, but only students living in that perimeter from the school can participate in athletics. 25 miles radius around Catholic is jam packed with athletes. What if every school in CMS could allow any kid within 25 miles to attend their school and play on their teams? Be a great way for CMS to dominate the state, as long as kids could get on the same page and all attend the same school for whatever sport they play. All the good football players go to AK, Basketball players go to North Meck, Volleyball could all go to Garinger, so on so forth. Also they can pull kids from other counties and other states. Goodbye Cabarrus, Gaston, and Union County sports if the CMS schools could convince kids they'd have better opportunities. Someone please bring up Forsyth or Buncombe Counties. They have open enrollment, but imagine it in CMS. The depth of athletes in the county is unparalleled in the state, not even close. Sometimes they get their kids join up and one school and have some really good teams, and they often do it with kids that don't live in their actual school districts.
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    What if the East West was for rising seniors? Granted you risk injury but that’s always a factory in any case. I think it would provide a better quality game and allow college coaches to be present at the game and gives them a chance to see players who may not be on their radar for the upcoming season. I also agree to have the game way earlier in the year...for the past couple of years I’ve seen players drop out and replaced with players who are not in football shape and most likely will not play football beyond the east west game
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    Hasn’t Swain lost four years in a row in the second round of the playoffs? A few were real bad losses. May be they should be in the top 20 but top 10 is a stretch.
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    Lol there's no surprise with Creek.
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    I would have Swain 10th-15th nabor
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    That was nasty!! I remember that hit well!! Joe Ferguson laid there like a rag doll!! Can't recall the Keith Byars hit.
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    How about the hit Wilbur Marshall of the Chicago Bears put on the Detroit Lions QB Joe Ferguson in 1985. I am sure some of you remember that hit? It was legal then. In this lifetime he would have been fined and suspended. The best hit on offense was 1990 Philadelphia Eagles Keith Byars hit on New York Giants LB Pepper Johnson.
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    Zero wisecracks. It didnt require any further explanation. This subject has been addressed a thousand times on here. I asked you for proof of this recruiting you speak of and as usual there is no proof. Why? Because they dont recruit. Over the past 10 years I can come up with two kids from Catholic that have committed to a power 5 NCAA program. There are a half dozen schools in Charlotte that have that every year. So who exactly are they recruiting. 5'9 165lb safeties? Gotcha... This has and always has boiled down to the same thing. Fans of the teams that Catholic mauls year in and year out cant get their arms around how it happens. So rather than just admit that they out play you they need to fabricate the " They have an advantage that we dont" narrative. It makes you feel better than admitting that they are just better. Maybe this will be the year they take a conf loss...........but I wouldnt bet on it.
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    Creek brings home the trophy. Impressive weekend.
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    2002 tied Mt Tabor first game and except for Burns in a 24-21 playoff win did not have another close game. 1998 Carver was undefeated in the presubdividing era but they had a lot of close games. 2001 Parkland (last year before 2A-4A subdivided) had a lot of close games and were blew out in the regular season by Dudley by 27.
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    I only know the abilities of a dozen kids. Have no knowledge of most JV kids moving up. Three really solid no quit linemen, the most talented running back in the conference, and two very solid receivers. No doubt Newton could run the ball. I hope they don’t continue to sling it around. Looked very messy last year with a inexperienced QB. Kid didn’t want to play the position from what I hear and would have been a solid receiver or wing. The numbers are still low according to a parents count. If they make the playoffs Newton will go down to small 2A. Final year of the Discovery School across the street for participation in sports which puts them less than 800 students. They will have a new DC I was told back in the spring. You have to go back to 2011 or 2012 since the program played average or better defense. Many kids will have to see considerable time on both sides of the ball. The whole season is dependent on the defensive effort. As NC2B stated Newton must maintain drives on the ground and stop the big play attempts. Even cutting the total game plays by a dozen will keep Newton in a lot of games.
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    Careful Red Raider, they will cut you down quicker than a evergreen in Canada. Don't you say nothing bout them Cougers. Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it.


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    • Heard he transferred to Scotland 
    • Nice list Titanman. I have to agree with Reynolds at 1 and Asheville at 2. Then I put it Heritage, Pisgah, Murphy, Mitchell, Smoky, Brevard, Erwin but it could really change quick. Smoky looks like they are going to be quite good, but the MTN6 is a meat grinder. Murphy, as usual, is a title contender with talent and the best lineman in WNC in Murgharbil(sp). Mitchell will be explosive while pisgah moves up some seriously good players from JV. The next 10 is led by Robbinsville, then Hendersonville, Owen, Franklin, TCR, West, Swain, Polk, Madison and East. East can score but better figure out how to stop teams real quick. Swain will surprise a lot of people this season as will Madison. Polk is always solid and should make some noise in the WHC. Hendo must reload and Franklin is still filling holes left from last season. WNC is the SMC, MTN6, WHC and MAC, always has been. There is also NW NC and the Foothills. If you want to get really technical then CMS is in WNC. We all know where we are talking about so quit splitting hairs.  
    • Thanks for the input, what I am hearing is most likely is 25-25-25-25 and subdivided for football playoffs. I was also told the NC Baseball Coaches Association presented two playoffs proposals and both were denied by NCHSAA.  So clearly, baseball coaches want another baseball playoffs format, but NCHSAA doesn't.    I'm almost wondering what would happen if traditional 1A schools dropped out of NCHSAA and started  something new. It would just have to be a coordinated effort. 
    • McDowell lost quite a bit from last season including the QB and top WR and RB. The JV team however was pretty solid and was 4-3 in the conference. A lot of those players will move up this year. They will also be running a new offense the Wing T. Look for more if a power running game from McDowell. The spread never really made sense for them since they normally did not have the team speed to run it properly vs the likes of Hickory and Freedom.