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    I've spoken with him a few times, he's in a rehabilitation center and doing quite well. I think he'll pull through and be ok!
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    Go through your certified HS strength coach.
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    Unlike what we typically see here in the Carolinas, local governments and school systems invest heavily in high school football, and because of this, the academics and other athletic programs thrive. They use football as the business that it should be, and allow it to finance all other programs, both academically and athletically in the school.
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    High School Football is a religion in Texas. I don't know how big some of those schools are but I'd say way to big. The three or four largest schools in NC together probably couldn't fill the stadiums your talking about. I for one am glad. I would never want to see high schools in NC get that big or as political as I imagine it is down there. I've been to Clemson and I've been to Gardner-Webb and a lot of schools in-between size wise. For my money I would rather go watch the small schools play. Easier in and out, easier to concessions and restrooms. Of course I'm biased, I'm a GWU graduate.
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    I got the chance to attend a game at Legacy Stadium in Katy, TX last year. The stadium itself is phenomenal, but what makes the "experience" is the scale of everything. The band for both teams at the game I attended was like something you would see at a Power 5 school. I'm talking 150+ in the band alone, not including dancing girls and other groups in the halftime show. Each band also had AMAZING props. Just managing everything with the band would be a full time position. Also, everything is over the top. For example, one team had a blow up tunnel with a smoke machine. They set up the tunnel and the smoke machine at the beginning of the game AND after half-time. It is a production from start to finish. That being said, I attended at couple of games at Richmond County last year and the environment that they have crated with the sound system, lights, fireworks, and fan excitement is the best high school football environment that I've ever witnessed. That is what high school football is supposed to be.
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    Mattamuskeet-I mean I don’t know how anyone else could get close to it. In fairness they are usually so bad and so remote that few get to see it, but a couple of sets of bleachers and two goal posts is about it.
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    I must say that is a good venue and tough place to play in. The crowd is right on top of you
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    Top 55 and no Catholic? 🤔
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    But there are some very nice stadiums in NC here are some of my favorite that I have coached in/at Lincolnton Richmond County Grimsley Hickory Asheville AC Renyolds Watauga Old and New HP Central New Bern Ashbrook RS Central TC Roberson Wake Forest Deaton Thompson Parkland RJR South Point
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    In this order- 2019 Vance- During the regular season they were good not great but the playoff run against 3 very good offenses put them #1. Some of the best DB play I have seen. 2012 Butler- when healthy they were probably the best. Injuries cost them a couple of studs late. Held a Creek team that averaged 60 pts to 7 pts total in two games. 2013 Mallard Creek- Jaylen Samuels got all the attention but the D had 5 D1 kids and just blew up teams.Held Hood to under 100 yards. 2014 Crest- Lightning fast. Shut everyone down 2017 Wake Forest- Very well coached. Physical.Couple of great kids. 2017 Mallard Creek- once they put Jordan Davis back on D they were crazy good down the stretch. Beat Zamir and Crouch that year. If Kalan Allen doesnt get hurt in West final I think they win the title.
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    I am looking for old game film from the 70's through the 90's. I came across the following Youtube channel with games from the 86-87 season. These are primarily Harding under Tom Knotts. https://www.youtube.com/user/law1ng2b/videos I'm looking for film from any classification, any school, and any location in North Carolina. I prefer full games instead of just highlights. If you have any you can post, or know of Youtube/Vimeo channels, etc. that may have some, let me know.
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    Jordan Matthews video board is second to none. I would put it up against anybody's.
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    Even though they are miles apart I think it'd be a awesome matchup if we had a time machine to go back into the nineties it be even more better when Tarboro was a 3A school. But even as they shrunk down over two decades to 1A they've had consistent well coached teams so this matchup could go either way.
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    Two words... Extreme Makeover! Move that bus! Stadium upgrades now looking like Richmond County lol. But serious they doing Harding Univ dirty they don't even have a freaking fieldhouse. Shame on CMS!
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    Hibritens visitors side x5!!!!!!! It can't get much worse than that abortion they call a visitors side!
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    Love our new strength coach/assistant and jv coach Donald littlejohn. He was pivotal for MC all these years so with him coming over and working with one of his best friends and ours Coach Lash should make our already good JV even better.
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    Great topic. I have been to a lot of stadiums from east to west in NC. In my opinion the atmosphere, setting, and stadium of Hibriten was special. As for just being present at a game, the rivalry of Richmond v/s Scotland is hard to beat.
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    West Cabarrus will have artificial turf.
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    Would agree with 2014 Crest. That Havelock team that they held to 3 points in the State Championship game was loaded with D1 athletes.
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    That’s one thing I’m worried in Avery @Knights. The seasonal residents are coming up early from all kinds of different states. The population goes from around 20,000 to 60,000 when everyone comes back up. There is only 3 grocery stores in the County. The Hospital is nowhere big enough to handle a outbreak if that were to happen. Hopefully things will turn around for the good soon.
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    I like it. Not sure if the numbers work out though.