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    The Winter meeting of the NCHSAA Board of Directors will be held Thursday morning at the Simon F. Terrell Building in Chapel Hill. This meeting has the makings of being a very interesting one, and could be our first opportunity to learn what direction the association will be headed down, in regards to realignment, and or reclassification. I will be on hand for the meeting and will bring you all the news from it.
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    In addition when you only have one school in the county and you're successful everyone (sponsors) jump on the wagon. Last Friday night's fireworks were provided by a Chrysler Dealer. If you own a business in Richmond County most likely yours and your employee's kids go or will go to Richmond High.
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    Thank You 06........Thank you Wrigley....Thank you Btango......We work really hard to make the atmosphere something besides the football game .....Our band was not there Friday, but they will be back this week and it will be more entertaining....Hope to see U all again Friday for a BIGGIE.......MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN, WITH NO INJURIES TO BOTH TEAMS.....I'll say this , the team that turns it over is in BIG TROUBLE......I said last week I thought 35 would win it.....This week , Ill go with 24.......Go Raiders....
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    This the tenth year at Dutch Fork for Knotts. Seventh, yes seventh, state title game appearance. Four state championships. Unreal especially considering where the program was when he arrived. When he proclaimed DF would be an elite program and win state championships people laughed. Message boards called him out, said it was big boy football.
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    Yes Shelby will have no trouble covering 4 for Burns. The question is can Burns cover the 37 receivers that Shelby runs down field every play?? If Burns can get pressure on Bess and make him scramble they can keep it interesting.
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    I know being a football referee is a brutal thing but I hope the Board would at least discuss the current state of officiating. It was without a doubt, the worst I've ever seen this season. I encourage young, athletic, fair minded, young men and women to consider being an official.
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    Pryor from Burns best player I've seen this year.
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    I'm planning on being there, I'm hoping for a great game. Hard to bet against Catholic, but KM is very talented so it should be a dandy.
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    I think this started about five years ago with the National Federation. That is America. Nothing can be negative. Everyone is a winner. Everyone is rewarded. Way to go, Johnny! Most rules come from the National Federation. A lot of the things that happen with the NCHSAA and schools originates out of Raleigh (legislator) either with laws or "suggestions." I have seen them pull some sneaky BS. State football championships. Guarantee you the NCHSAA will gladly cut that to four, five or six. They want to. The schools fight less teams in the playoffs and less titles. I have been in the meetings. I tell this story often, Nine years ago (approximately) at a regional members meeting the five classifications was brought up for the first time as a potential option on the next realignment (along with several others). The first question was from a football coach and he wanted to know if they would go to ten state champions. You could hear the murmurs, they were not interested in less than eight. As one great NC high school state champion coach wrote in his biography several years ago regarding a prior HC job. "Went to the playoffs X out of Y years when making the playoffs meant something."
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    Go Mitchell! Prove all the naysayers wrong. You got over the SMC hump, now take care of business
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    Were still doing ok for a traditional 1a school google Robbinsville Black Knights sometime.
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    Can't really question the GOAT now. He showed SC that he is the best coach around in HSFB!
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    Games should become an event. Spend the money to increase the profitability. School teachers have no idea how to invest to get a better return because they have never worked in the business sector. If you provide entertainment pregame or at halftime they will buy a ticket instead of spending that money at Cookout and hanging around their cars. There is nothing that says you still have to do it like 80 years ago. Think outside that tiny box.
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    Both these programs seem to be similar in many ways. But defensively they are worlds apart. Weddington will dominate the fine offense of Watauga setting up chances to score. Sure would be nice to see Watauga get a state title. They are a classy program. I’ve only seen one home game of the Pioneers with it being a first week of November. Great place for a football game.
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    A healthy Mitchell wins this game. I thought Mitchell would lose to Swain all week last week with the injury, but to my surprise they not only won but dominated. I expect this will be a close game either way. Hopefully East will get taken out behind the woodshed😄
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    I know Mitchell Transportation is taking at least 1 bus/van. $10/adult, $7/student. No idea how many have signed up. I do know I picked up my ticket from the high school today. Good luck and safe travels to all. Lets all try and remember at the end of the night this is still teenagers playing a game that we adults sometimes take more seriously than some of the kids themselves. May the best team win, hopefully without controversy. Regardless of the outcome there will be a group of young men who will be playing in there last game, emotions will be high. For the winner go win a state title. For the losers of the game, each team has a group of young men that have outstanding careers and should be applauded. As adults let us all in Purple and Red try and set an example of how to act. NOT trying to get on a high horse and preach here but I have seen, as we all have, some things by parents and fans that have been out of line. Go Mountaineers
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    I was told yesterday that the Mitchell county transportation had filled one bus and was working on filling a 2nd one people had until 12 today to call, so I don't know how many they got for the 2nd one.
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    Great plan they are trying to put in place. Start getting students that are interested involved in high school by having training sessions and having them start calling youth or intramural games. I think getting young people interested could be the key but there is more than just that needed. Good luck on this as it is a huge part of the success of sports going into the future!
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    We had no problem parking at Chapel Hill last year. Pulled right behind the stadium. A lot different then a college game
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    That isn't a fair comparison to 1a, you still have a sizeable student body to choose from, try picking your team from 180 males.
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    Having your own personalized Rap song was pretty cool as well. I had that song stuck in my head when I woke up Sat morning.
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    Don’t ruin a good thing by creating a stupid rule for this.
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    Thats a great point. better atmosphere than alot of D1 programs.
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    Imagine playing at Richmond in these enviroments then take a recruiting visit to a D3 or low level D2 school. You have to love football to accept that change! When Richmond is good NC high school football benefits from it. Them getting home field is great for the game!
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    readin an ritin ain't too good in SC...at ar faincy innerwebs is too much trooble.

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    • The incident from last season was brought up over there and a few piled on. Had the discussion been about teams from Western NC the post would have been locked and the poster banned.  TOS is the same 8-10 posters complaining about how Mountain football teams never get the respect they deserve, one poster goes on ridiculous rants, same posters criticize him or try and calm him down. Any real discussion of football left that place years ago when the ban hammer came down on anyone that decided to talk smack, question the greatness of mountain football or disagree with the 8-10 "site favorites" that run the place and what can and cannot be discussed. Damn shame. Two sites were a good thing. 
    • It seems like there are alot of open coaching positions around the state for this early in the off season.  Are there any updates for potential candidates for some of these jobs?
    • my48 and ABC45 will broadcast the games in the Piedmont Triad.   my28RDU and CW22 will broadcast the the games in the Triangle.  All four of these stations are Sinclair owned and operated.  Not sure about the other markets in the state. On Spectrum there are 2 games listed on channel 15 (my 48) at noon and 3 PM. So, it may be either the 2A/2AA or 4A/4AA games being shown in the Greensboro area where I live. If you live in the Raleigh area my guess is Spectrum will have the 1A/1AA and 3A/3AA games. If you have an HD antenna you can probably pick up all 4 channels.