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    The program got instantly better today with the hiring of Deese. This is a very strong hire for the school.
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    Big T, you know what i was saying. This is a great job for Chris. He gets to come home and rebuild a proud program.
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    I am Marcus Pearson a 1992 alum and I was coached by Ray Barger.
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    I am a alumni from West Wilkes High School and current assistant coach at WSSU. I know the community and there is talent there to make the team better. I have applied for the position and I know I can bring excitement back to the program and make the program relevant again.
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    J-Heat you are uneducated on the matter if you think Charlotte Catholic is set up like the two Parochial schools they played this year.
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    They are a sleeping giant in Union County. I know Weddington gets all the publicity, but with the right coach in place, they are absolutely dangerous. I hope he gets the ship sailing in the right direction and gets that side of the county excited about football again.
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    From what I've gathered, Coach E42, the offense will be multiple as far as what fits FH's talent the best, which speaks to what a couple of posters above me have mentioned concerning the ability to adapt to HS kids. The base will be spread. Coach Deese had great success in his stops in the passing game based out of the spread, running game as well. They're gonna spread the field and find the best match-ups.
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    unc chapel basketball is suffering from the curse of Silent Sam
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    I don't know how many coaches follow this board, but this thread can't help the situation. I'm sure these issues that are being discussed, if as true as they are stated here, are well known around the coaching community though.
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    IF you think that the board members and the Bit T club along with certain citizens of the county aren't involved your naive. It may not be publicly involved but they are involved. To many interests pulling in too many directions in Waynesville.
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    No word on the outcome, but I can't imagine any scenario where the coach keeps his job.
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    Totally 100% agree. HC should be the one punished. Players should never be punished. They only do what they are told to do. None of the other players should be punished because they did nothing wrong. That is like me getting a whipping because my brother got in trouble. BTW if he caused me to get a whipping he would definitely get a second one from me.🤣.
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    4-6 weeks from Dec. 16. I just hope the record isn't so bad at that point that he decides to just train for the draft instead of returning, like Darius Garland did at Vandy last year.
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    Cole Anthony is probably gone no matter UNC's record...plenty of one and dones come off of bad teams--Trae Young, Markell Fultz, Darius Garland. Anthony is actually pretty comparable to Garland in that regard at this point in terms of getting hurt early in the season on a bad team. Garland was the #5 pick last year. What hurts more is that the guards who had stepped up after Anthony went down--when UNC beat UCLA and Yale--are hurt now, too. So UNC has natural wings (Leaky Black and Platek) and a former walk-on (KJ Smith) playing the point in a system that doesn't work without excellent point guard play. Frontcourt is still formidable. Silver lining is that the only two times in my lifetime I can remember UNC being this bad were 01-02 and 09-10, and UNC bounced back with great recruiting classes both times. In 02, McCants, Felton, and May came in the next year and ended up getting UNC a championship. In 2010, Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock and Kendall Marshall came in the next year and UNC was great the next fewyears (and possibly would have had another title had Marshall not hurt his wrist in the second round of the tournament).
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    Too many players leave the sideline during a fight on the field team is out of the playoffs. Too many players get tossed for fighting team is out of the playoffs. Misuse of the eight quarter rule results in forfeits which can cause a team (ie, Dudley) to miss the playoffs. I would prefer to see teams not forfeit and not miss the playoffs. Lost home playoff game(s) and / or coach suspended for regular season or playoff game(s).
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    Should be a great game. Think I may take this game in too!
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    The North Meck n Vance game is going to be a triller.
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    Hats off to CC, we have a tough start with East Forsyth and Shelby, but damn CC’s schedule is insane! I thought ours was.....
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    yea from what I read. The JV player in question did not play but sat on the bench but was in the score book.
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    I think that is a sleeping giant just as I said Myers Park was.
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    Former Forbush Coach Chris Johnson recently resigned? Don't what his story is, but would he interested in the Thomasville job?
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    *Schedules Bergen Catholic* "They don't want Richmond" If they only knew...🤐
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    When he was at Newton-Conover Middle he was the best middle school coach for football and wrestling they ever had. He encouraged kids to play both but he also coached both programs. He did not lose a wrestling match for for seven or eight years. Rarely a football game loss. Former Marine with a strong policy on conduct, dress code, and behavior. I saw his standards of operation policies (SOP) for his players. Strict and detailed.
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    There has been a lot written about this on other sites.....I wouldn’t trust everything you read or hear.