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    Well as a player for both seneca and coach capps, he was an amazing coach, and i dont understand why he was fired. He has one bad year, its ridiculous!
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    I know we live in a microwave society where positive results should be immediate. However, that isn't how things work. Lasting rewards are often long in the making with many hours spent behind the scenes building success one step at a time. Those who can turn things around instantaneously rarely having enduring success as they have built their fame on a house of cards. In saying this, an 18 year run of mostly futility precedes Holman and, unless change occurs, will continue without him. Unless the resources (i.e. talent) are in place and abundant, building a program of substance takes time. Local to me, I think of the turnaround job Samek has done at Parkland. His first two years begin with an 0-22 record. Year three yields a 3-8 finish followed by 7-5 and then 6-6. If we judged him on his first three years (3-30) we could say he is a terrible coach. If we judged him on years four and five (13-11) we could say he is mediocre at best. Yet here we are in year 6 and Parkland finishes the regular season 10-1. A combined six year record of 26-42. Yet the program has changed. There is talent on the field. There are results showing up on the scoreboard. From a distance it seems that the Parkland community bought into the program and are reaping the rewards. Who knows what the future holds for Samek and Parkland, right now they are trending upward. In situations such as West Caldwell, those in management positions (I can't say leadership because I do not know if they are leaders or administrative placeholders) would do well to investigate the small victories that lead to larger ones. Patience is a virtue few possess. I'm reminded of words from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who, to paraphrase, said if Amazon had a good quarter it's because of work they did 3, 4, 5 years ago - not because they did a good job that quarter. W. Caldwell needs to have the longest view in the room to make a hire for four-to-five years down the road.
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    South Point got a 10 seed and no home games in the playoffs because they finished 8-3 and did not win their conference. I don't have a problem with that. I think they are one of the three best teams in 2AA west. Now they have to prove it. Losing in the second round to Hibriten won't prove it. To gain respect state wide you have to win. Hibriten on the other hand is 11-0 and the defending state championships. Who by the was was also undefeated last year. They have reason to be pissed. They should absolutely be the 1 seed in the west. I don't know anything about Pisgah. I would think SP, Shelby and Hibriten would all be favored against them. I feel sure Shelby will get the chance as well as the winner of SP vs Hibriten should Shelby stumble, assuming SP gets past Mt Pleasant this Friday night. Which is not a given as some seem to think.
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    It says a lot about todays society that some of you have no idea where McDowell is.
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    Having the after sex cigarette!
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    Good luck to my former teams I coached at in Cabarrus County Mt. Pleasant and Central Cabarrus. Especially to Coach Michael Johns with whom I coached with before I moved to the Greensboro area. He is a great coach and even better person. He is special to me.
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    Apparently we all have nothing better to do!!
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    One of the best years, if not the best year for West Lincoln. Wish they had drawn someone else beside the Golden Lions. They have tough physical kids but will not have seen 4 and 5 wide. They will not have the coverage to keep the score down. Plus the Lions are very good against the run which will be almost all of the WL offense. I would have liked to see West Lincoln get a win in the playoffs again but I think coverage will get the best of them.
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    7-on-7 is the antichrist of football. It's fake, and its not an accurate portrayal, or accurate predictor of what real football is like!
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    The Crest football team is holding its Christmas toy drive this year during the Crest/Cramer playoff game. If you are planning on attending, please bring a new unwrapped toy to the game to help families in need this Christmas. If you are unable to attend the game, I am sure you can drop off your donation at the schools office.
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    I agree Glenn. I was in a Bible study with Coach John's. After getting to know him I came to realize it wasn't just his love of the game or his love for the kids that make him special. It's his love for the Lord. It is amazing how far he has brought that program. Mt Pleasant was the laughing stock of Cabarrus County for years.
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    North Stanly should make it to the 3rd round where it will end for them. Nothing against North, but Tarboro is on a whole other playing level than anybody else in 1aa. That includes Mt. Airy who has had a great year. I wish somebody in the west could beat Tarboro but I just don't see that happening this year.
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    Ok Since 2000 West Caldwell is 74-145. That is not just a program having a couple of down years that's a program in crisis . From an outside view this might be a tougher job than many might think and might take someone a half a decade to fix if it can be fixed at all. In that time frame 2000-2018 West Caldwell has had 4 (0-11) seasons and 3(1-10) seasons, that's tough to overcome. Now can it be fixed? Perhaps but let me tell you something about rebuilding programs it takes time and it takes backing from an administration, if you don't have that you are pi$$ing up a rope .
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    In many cases, a team has no control over who they play. Many counties make them play teams in the county even when they are not in the same conference. This may not be a problem in smaller counties but it is in larger counties when there are 3-4 conferences involved.
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    I'll see if I can round him up to head down off the mountain to Mooresville Friday night.
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    anybody remember old Titan Dan? he frequented the old boards quite a bit back in the day.
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    Polk has some talent but has been devastated injuries this season. They lost their 3 best players, 2 to injuries and one lost his life in an auto accident this summer. They like to throw to the TE or slot over the midfle on a quick hitter. Also can run the option well. Depth seems to have hurt them this season as they played several teams close for a while before getting beaten rather badly. Would like to see Polk get the win here.
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    Human element did step in and that is why AK gets the bye. Schools wanted conference champs seeded first. They said teams should be rewarded for winning their conference title (regardless of how weak the conference is, the non conference opponents are, or how bad the record is). By the way, RaiderDebater is a much cooler handle.
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    Remember that Acr played for a state title last year. You can spout off with that off the mountain nonsense about any other team than Acr, but as we say up here that dog don’t hunt.
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    Poor ole West Lincoln about to get beat like a Cherokee drum!!
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    Hey sportsbroadcaster1, don't worry Mp won't advance so Hibriten won't see any Tigers fans.
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    your right there is no perfect solution, but a better solution is less teams in the playoffs. I understand including the coaches but sometimes doing what is right is not the easy thing to do.
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    Link: https://carolinapreps.com/teams/frontend/polls/listing
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    Shut out...Lol. IMG North. Aldridge is having a cold one and smiling right now. :). Good for him.