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    Not sure how long Brevard will be able to hold onto him but talking about “resurrecting a program from the dead”. What a job he has done over the last few years with that program. I’m not sure a ton of people know how “dead in the water” that program was before he got there. For a few years it was without a doubt the worst program in WNC. Although the athletes are not the same as what they once were coming out of that program, he is now putting respectability back into the program and producing “Brevard “ standards again. No matter how the rest of the season shakes out he has done a tremendous job this year.
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    Wow, you came from Pembroke/Maxton just to give us that report! I'm not one to call a man a liar, but your IP address report for where your location was when you made your first post, in relation to where you said you were don't really match up, I'm a software development major so I have a pretty good idea about how to judge that. Just saying!
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    Lol...my man. Feeling himself tonight. I have seen multiple games in Ktown but frankly it really has nothing to do with the great AL Brown program. Ya see, just about every program has a couple of you guys running around. Jumping up and down and screaming about coaches and play calling. Then they jump on sites like this and piss and moan about not winning games and how its " their job". Even talking about " small guys" that are afraid to look at you because your so intimidating. Let's be real. Your own identity and self worth is totally wrapped up in the wins and losses of some HS football team. So much that you are actually wanting some hard working teacher and coach fired from his job. Here is reality.....If Michael Newsome walked up to you right now you would throw your 1992 Lettermans jacket on and beg him to take a selfie with you so you could post it on your Facebook and show your 2 friends how " connected " you are. Every program has one of you guys.
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    Although it pains me to agree with ^that^ braying jackass, I too think Gentry will have to wait a week. Bryson City is a tough place for Murphy to play, and with the questionable availability of all their starters, I feel like the Maroon Machine stays undefeated until Robbinsville.
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    “ Mama said Mitchell fans are ornery because they got all that talent and still lost four straight to the cougars” -Bobby Boucher
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    I will not try and justify who Mitchell has beaten this season, (seasons past, well they are past so just looking at the current squad) the schedule has been well......yeah we get it. I do think Owen had the most talent of any team Mitchell has faced. Trash talk aside as with most seasons this has the making of a really good game. I agree with you 66(don’t make me do it again please) this should be a defensive game. Mitchell obviously hasn’t faced a defense like this in quite some time, no way this year. Like most every game with 2 talented teams line play and turnovers will be key. Both teams have really talented playmakers, but will they have time to show this? As others have said the mental part of this game is HUGH. heritage experts to win and I feel the past few years Mitchell has hoped to win. Will this season be any different, should find out in a hurry. May change my mind later in the week, but for now I will go: Mitchell 21 Heritage 22 For those other Mitchell fans, yes I am a Mitchell fan but until the Mountaineers do it on the field the green team gets the benefit of my doubt. ( Just remember I thought the Owen game would be close, so what do I know) Go Mountaineers
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    Time to do something you try to never do, Chris Hughes.
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    The coach isn't the problem, its just that everyone at Kann expected him to do at Kann what he did at Butler,, he's the only glue holding Kann together.. as I concord grad that has lived in Kann for 30yrs now, I can tell you this,, about 54% of the town are now over the age of 50 and the people moving here have not ties to the school or idea of the old days, this mill town is not what it was years ago and never will be,, this town is slowly getting younger with the people moving here but they are not as concerned about football,, the school is now a soccer and to some extent a tennis, wrestling school much more than a power football school. The last few games have seen Kann get in a hole early and also the Defense scoring points instead of the Offense, if that continues they are a 2nd round playoff team at best, 6-6 or 7-4 maybe 8-4 are the days of normal now
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    Huge game this week in Bryson City as Murphy visits Swain County. Not only are these two of the top three teams in the SMC, but Murphy head coach David Gentry is going for the all-time coaching record in NC passing legend Jack Holley. I know Btango and myself are considering coming up for this one, should be a huge game. I haven't been to a Murphy/Swain game since around 2010. What's your thoughts on this contest?
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    A rare photo from the very first Mitchell-Mountain Heritage game. Enjoy!
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    And also to pile on just a little... Could you please buy some letters from Pat??? Vanna will flip them for you... 😁
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    Not sure Brevard is a great team..i would say there defense is equal with mitchell..would give mitchell the edge on offense..game will come down to mistakes..and turnovers..points wont come eaay for either team..
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    Nope, but there are a few people who may get a vacation. (You included if you keep hijacking threads!!)
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    I think Heritage fans have been overlooking the fact that Mitchell has actually been playing defense this season. Not enough to get by defense, but real, aggressive defense. Say what you will about their schedule, but 26 sacks and 11 interceptions is worth noting regardless of who you play.
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    I love games here, it is one of the best environments for HSFB in the state. The fans get it, they come out in great numbers, and they are very hospitable towards visitors.
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    No need to spread rumors regarding a kid or denigrate any player on any team. It's best to leave that $#!+ off here. Hey Iwasborntohatemitchell, I spelled denigrate correctly, How about that?😀
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    I don't like a top 8 poll and was not putting down the Mountain teams as they deserve to be there. Top 8 is not a sufficient poll, it should be a top 10 or more IMO. Next thing we know there will be a top 5 poll. I also had other things to say and just put all in 1 post as I was in a hurry.
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    Just saw on twitter Mitchell’s kicker got his first offer from Eastern Kentucky. Congratulations should have had some before now in my opinion.
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    After very little football stadium help for nearly 40 years, I can honestly say the Gaston County stepped up in regards to our stadium situation. We got: new home stands, a new concession stand w/rest rooms on the home side, new lights, new track and new fencing. The county also forgave a loan they gave us in the early 2000's to help us construct a field house inside our stadium.
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    I think AK wins and finishes 10-1. Might be the quietest 10-1 in Meck County history. Surprised Sam Griener hasnt labeled them the " best ever".
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    Good for you....Old School!! Walk it and Talk it. Man size brass ones!! Just curious though......in your sad little world do you ever stop to think your bad ass self is talking about a game that teenagers play? Why not turn all that passion and machismo on something that you know....matters? Dude...its HS football. Go have some fun, watch the game, cheer for the home team. Stop letting a loss to Central Cabarrus make you feel bad about yourself. It will be alright. Maybe go join the Glee Club?
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    I guess that is really the point. It's a down Hough team. Beat by Butler, mauled by Myers Park....even struggled with LKN . If Mooresville is " getting better" then they win that game. It's just a perception problem I guess.
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    Coaching can only take you so far. Gotta develop the Jimmy & Joes.
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    I'm just gonna stop you right there. I get real sick of armchair coaches in Ledger. Mitchell county has ALWAYS produced good football talent. We just have never had a coach to get the full potential out of our players. Travise is in his 6th season, and has produced a 64-14 record in that time frame. He is a young coach, and yeah, he has been outcoached a few times. It happens. But, there wasn't a game last year where he got outcoached. I'm their 3 losses, Erwin, Mountain Heritage, and Murphy, the Mountaineers got outplayed. Everyone seems to have already forgotten that last year, we had just graduated 15 seniors, lost 75% of our offense, 50% of our line, and the 2nd best QB in WNC of all time. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year for Mitchell, but yet they held their own against a much more talented Erwin team (aided and abetted by refs), went toe to toe with a pretty equal Heritage, and lost a heartbreaker to a more talented Murphy. On the Murphy game, Travise had an excellent game plan against the greatest coach in NC history. He was NOT outcoached. Mitchell actually played above their potential in the first 3 quarters, but Murphy's talent and depth eventually wore them down in the 4th. Heritage's talent, much like Mitchell's, remains fairly consistent from year to year. To put into perspective, in Joey's first 6 years as a head coach, he went 14-56. Not exactly awe inspiring. Building a program takes time, and Joey has done that, over 20 years. Travise has done that in 6. Daddy ball took Avery to the depths of the underworld, we don't need that horseshit here.

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    • Wow is that today? Any chance it was the teacher that stirred the mess up a couple years back? No excuses for that either unless maybe it’s a dry erase marker easy to fix.
    • The difference in our games against Pisgah & Avery and our game against Mitchell was nothing more than the performance of our O-line last night. Our O-line played their a$$e$ off last night. It was by far their best performance of the year and if they can build off of last night and continue to improve then I like our chances of winning out. Our offense has always been built around the guys up front and last night looked more like what we’ve been accustomed to seeing year in and year out since about ‘07 or ‘08. Congrats to the boys in green and a special shoutout to the men who owned the trenches last night. Give me the guys who play with more heart, guts and grit. I’ll take that over size any day of the week. Another special shoutout to our center (Curtis Hughes) and OLB (Joe Webb) for their toughness and determination last night. Both suffered injuries that 99.9% of the players this day in time would have sat out for last night but both of those warriors suited up and left it all on the field with their brothers. Kuddos to you two young men. You are truly foxhole worthy, boat worthy, no water in your gas tank, Cougar greats, Great Green Friday, etc... If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hear one of Coach Rob’s pregame speeches then you know exactly what I mean.  Go Cougars!!!
    • In all seriousness good luck to Mitchell the rest of the way, number 7 is a helluva player and still think Mitchell has a good shot of winning it all, I like to joke around with you Mitchell fans but you guys are good people I ain’t got any animosity for yuns lol
    • Here is one that I didnt even realize until this morning. How bout North Meck?? 2 years ago they are 9-4 and go to Richmond and win a playoff game. Norman wins some COY awards.  This year they are going to end up with a win over Harding as their only win. Gotta be the most surprising team in Meck County
    • That is why i made my first trip there my last two trips there, my first and last a few years ago then they played Mallard Creek. Parking is terrible.