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    My Owen buddies tell me Saevion Gibbs is transferring back to Owen from Christ School next week. He started at Owen his freshman year on the OL/DL. That will help for them for sure up front.
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    GDG, That's a well-written synopsis, and makes some good points. The only problem I see is that it seems to be presented as fact, but more closely resembles the fiction that I hear from rival fans at church events, festivals, and on message boards. You throw in just enough fact to make the fiction seem plausible. It's just that, well, you don't really know what you're talking about. I agree that our programs share some similarities, as do our communities. But we are very different as well. I'm afraid you've developed your "fact pool" from water cooler talk and message boards rather than from facts. I'm here. I see the facts everyday. We can wholeheartedly agree on some of the challenges of "town" schools, low income families, money/travel team culture, racism, et al. But we can't agree that we have no homegrown athletes, and that our success has come because of transfers and recruits. That's the rally cry of the uninformed partisan. You're better than that. And I think you know better. Seems sometimes you're just trying to get a rise from a program you see as down. (I guess because we missed the football playoffs for the first time since you were 16.) I've seen haters, stir-men, fools and blow-hards obfuscate with tedium on these boards. We all love to read their "insider" BS. But I've never seen someone panic for another program, school or community as much as you! I don't know if I need to hug you for caring, or call you names and invite you outside. Please continue to opine at will regarding the death of Lincolnton and it's beloved Wolves. Time will tell if you are a prophet or a blow-hard. I'd only hope that you find some real facts upon which to base your incessant panic on our behalf. We are fine. Down maybe, but not out. I may decide hugging is in store for you, after all...since maybe your (and your friends)panic-talk has caused some folks to look at some things a little differently around here. The sun appears to be breaking out around those rainclouds as we speak! If your gloomy story of recruits, and the degradation of small-town America contributed to the sunshine on the horizon, then thanks. I'll hug you when I see you again. But wasn't this thread about football coaching? Good night, brother. Hope you wake up to a brighter day. GO WOLVES!!!
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    Yes, there are sometimes other people who have heard the information, but this is an instance where the school wanted to keep the information out or the public eye until they are able to make the announcement at their fundraising event tonight. I was just trying to honor their request.
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    Raiders win 54-48 A big congratulations to Rachel Lalonde on scoring her 1000th point as a Raider!! What a milestone for a special player !!!
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    I like the fire and brimstone aspect that this board has taken, but I would tell you both GDG and Alwaysawolf make good points. There are only a small amount of student athletes who are moving to better opportunities. Its not everybody. I would tell you the issue with Newton and Lincolnton stems more from lack of coaching consistency over the past years. Kids like stable programs that are results driven and parents do to. Less kids are playing football across the board, coaches are moving every year, and less fans are in attendance. That leads to less success overall. Newton and Lincolnton are still sleeping giants. Not sure if they will ever get back to greatness, but I think that they can get back to making deep runs in the playoffs. Not sure if it will be consistent year in and year out, but I think that they could. Newton has to run the ball more to be successful. Never had much success unless they have 2, 1000 yard rushers. Cant speak to LHS problems, but I hope that they can get back to their tradition of winning, because it enhances the whole conference and area.
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    There's 3 good versions out there. One of them is right. The moderator announced on a different thread that a hire awaits announcement, but had been approved by board. I'm supposing that's where GDG got his news. Or maybe he has the right version, hard to tell. It's not my story to tell, W4L. I'd love to break news, but... It's not my story to tell. Official word is all that matters anyway. And that may all change anyway. Or ask Mr. Hughes 😀 I'm just concentrating on recruiting some kids from Catawba County, anyway😉
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    Lincolnton has already made a coaching decision.
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    Kudos to Shane Laws. The toughest two games of the year to start the season. Other than Erwin the rest of the schedule is weak. That kind of non conference scheduling shows coaches their weaknesses and ACR has went deep in the playoffs finding the flaws early.
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    Wow East Forsyth and Shelby. Talking about good tune-up games.
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    Note, these are public charter schools. Not private schools with tuition. I have no issue with providing opportunities but this setup is a bit of a head scratcher.
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    If they follow the IMG model not only should they not be in a public school league. They should refuse to schedule.
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    Mount Airy vs Reidsville is official. East Surry is also playing Reidsville
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    It is owned by the same company as Oceanside Collegiate that is coached by Chad Grier, and yes I do think that the founders have tried to model this school after IMG, at least in some facets. Currently they'll be playing in the SCHSL, but you have to wonder, that if in time, if they both become the mega powers that they have the potential to become, will the public schools make a push to get them out of their league?
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    GDG stop making a fool of yourself. The number one issue with Lincolnton is that the youth program has been absent for a couple of years so kids have not had a place to play, hence the low numbers and interest in recent classes. Athletes are here as I have stated, just a matter of getting them to play. I appreciate the concern with our program but I think I'll trust my eyes and opinions of folks close to the program and who live in this community over one who is just jealous of our program. Don't let me forget your Beam jersey, give a game you'll be attending this season and I'll have it wrapped and ready to go.
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    No, not Helms! Who's next?
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    No doubt he'd want his right hand man with him.
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    swo went home crying with a regional runner up plaque after you talked $#!+ all year. Every other swo fan disappeared but you...
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    Ignore that idiot. He does the same thing on every blog but his team got their asses handed to them in EC hahahaha!!
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    Great assessment. All of the top teams you mentioned lose alot. Really depends on what they reload with. Devil06 also noted thattransfer season will be key. Who you get and who you lose. Off teh top of my head. 1.MC- they always have a big transfer season and add in the home grown players with excellent coaching. Return Trent Simpson and some good Olinemen. But most of all they have great coaches and a great system. The Hough loss is an outlier for me. 2. Vance. Will be loaded, but will need to find a QB. Maybe its Kromah, or Armstrong? Both can do well. But likely someone may come in. 3. Hough- They lose alot. But return Monroe, Pryor and others. Think this is the year they really start to miss Aldridge. Transfer season is already starting good for Hough so who knows wwhat their August roster will look like. 4. Mooresville Great coaching and system. Lose alot but will still compete 5/6 WC West Charlotte returns one of the most underrated rbs I've seen in Iwaun Jackson. Also the QB returns. They lose a lot of linemen on both sides of the ball and key skill guys. But they bring back the coaching staff which is a big plus. Could see them dip some from an athletic standpoint, but continue to climb form a team standpoint. They also may benefit from the secondary transfer market, after the big pieces move around. 5/6 NM. Excellent coaching, but they lose some key pieces. If they can keep their good guys from leaving they will be set. 7. Hopewell. Think they are growing 8. LKNM they bottom will get worse.
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    I know heritage picked up Pisgah for next year, if I was my40 I'd go ahead and book that one and if murphy and mitchell plays that one has game of the year implications written all over it.
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    Too soon. We haven’t even gotten to transfer season yet 😂 lol.
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    Nope...no hate. We arrived early and watched the NE vs R game. We also played South Point, Hibriten, and North Davidson this year. Northeastern had a very talented football team. The QB was a great dual threat player and the running back that also played DE was a stud. It is our opinion that they would beat Reidsville 9 out of 10 times. We could be wrong. Coaching plays a huge role at the high school level and Reidsville has a great coach. They also won the game when it mattered....congrats. Based on what we saw with our eyes, if we are ranking the teams based on the talent of the team itself: 1. Shelby 2. Hibriten 3. South Point 4. Northeastern 5. Reidsville 6. North Davidson PS. kms, that burns loss was a long time ago. lot of personnel changes since that game. Ohio State got a pass on the Purdue blowout....lol.
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    North eastern is a good team though, they are a legit top 5 team. I don't think they were better than Wallace Rose Hill from last year.


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    • I can dig it. Lol  Bell was before my time. I have heard stories though. But the question is.. what was Bell doing his sophomore yr?? Lol
    • Rico was also a speedster. Won the State 100 meters his senior year. 10.4 
    • I saw Echols 3 times this season and the kid has incredible talent and instinct when he sees it he goes "right now".  I also noticed the leadership and respect he gets from his teammates which is rare for a Soph. His humble attitude and work ethic at this point is what separates him...as the lights get brighter and the Power 5 schools start to put on the press and tell him how great he is i hope he can keep that perspective.  Now as far as the best ever to Suit up at ZB Vance i was able to witness the incredible ability of Rico Bell on offense and defense during his time at Vance....Larenz was good but Rico Bell was the best I have seen in a Vance uniform....my opinion of course...
    • Yea I was glad with X as well. With all that he went through with being hurt his first three yrs I was glad to see him do it the right way. He is an old school thumper man! And such a great kid in the building. 
    • Man We talk about it all the time Work, that JMM group was special. None of us were around at that time but through conversations.. I all would hear about good players at MC during that time was.. he was supposed to come to Vance lol. Geez.  And by no means am I dismissing our other two Backers. They are special as well, but the topic was on Power so I only addressed his situation. Stef and Solo are major D1 kids as well with GREAT attitudes and work ethic!  You guys may think  I am crazy but it will be hard to find a better core at any public school in AMERICA.