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    Congrats West Caldwell. I’m sure it means a bunch when you killed yourself in that 95 degrees plus heat all the way thru half of October. Kids in this state suffered like never before in history in pads.
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    Newton is not a physical team. Do they have some physical kids? Yes. Do they have enough physical kids? No. Stopping Bazzle’s option requires making sacrifices. Body sacrifices. You have to terminate the first option and defend the others. You don’t hesitate to see who is the carrier. TRUST YOUR TEAMMATES. You want to stop the option? Don’t sit there in your base defense. Provide a new look. Double a gap then rotate the gap. Go 5 hands down some. Outside linebacker spy motion. Kids can do algebra, chemistry, and physics. Football ain’t that hard. Why do coaches simplify a defense to the level of a 9 year old? The option is based on reading the defense. Provide the wrinkle that upsets the blocking scheme and reap the rewards.
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    Smoky will win out .The conference championship was decided in Canton eight days ago.
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    Regardless of the game that is a Really Cool picture. Could see a little of the sky through the trees but nothing like that. Go Mountaineers
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    My thoughts are if Brevard can't stop the run game between Frady and Stephens they have no hope of stoping Smoky mountains roll to mtn6 title ?
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    This could be a very interesting match up. Any thoughts?
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    I was and really thought Heritage would blow them out. Posters like these guys make it hard though. No humility period. I’m done with these teenagers.
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    Will you please read through all of your fans posts before our game with Pisgah and then last week?????? Please read them on this site and on NC Preps and tell me which fan base is childish. The majority of our fans are very respectful but when we hear all the BS that comes from the majority of your base when you guys think you even have a chance of winning it becomes sickening. And you are on hear talking about humility. lol!!!
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    No idea who painted the sign last night. Regardless I hate it for the young man who originally drew and hand painted the sign while he was in high school. Don't see any way to get it back to original without damage. Go Mountaineers
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    Rules require trainers at games, medical personnel, and emergency transport present. Was there not an ambulance parked at the game? This is on the rescue squad. They get a schedule and get coverage from other municipal areas for backup. Cleveland County School Board and County Commissioners need to look into this so it never happens again if not present.
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    No way that was taken with a phone
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    Here is one that I didnt even realize until this morning. How bout North Meck?? 2 years ago they are 9-4 and go to Richmond and win a playoff game. Norman wins some COY awards. This year they are going to end up with a win over Harding as their only win. Gotta be the most surprising team in Meck County
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    If its in Jackson county I'm going with SM. Probably go with SM anyway.
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    Bow hunter respect your posts very much. Thanks for the kind words and good luck to your guys going forward. There are a few that refuse to live in reality however.
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    Actually Mountie you are correct with this statement. Your lineman wore out in the second. Better prepare for difficult games the rest of the season.
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    I told you, Mitchell, guys after MH played Pisgah that MH would beat you.
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    Two that I haven't seen mentioned yet are Williams and Western Guilford. Up until the late 2000's, Williams was a powerful program. They were a thorn in ER's side in the mid 2000's. WG was also a solid program for a long time. Won a state title in '77. In 2003 (Toney Baker's junior year) I watched the Hornets outlast Ragsdale 43-42. Sometime right after that, the program just dropped off a cliff. The program whose fall from grace shocks me the most is Cummings. I never envisioned that program being a weak afterthought. They were "The Show" in my neck of the woods back in the late 80's/early 90's.
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    The taunting stunt before the game was clearly something Mitchell paid for. Don’t poke the bear! Heritage’s D is for real and now you have seen it for yourselves. Don’t try to come in THE PIT and act like children, you’ll go to bed with a butt whippin. To all a good night! Here ended the lesson!
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    Owen pretty much dominated their conference until the last 5 years
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    Jordan Matthews comes to mind.
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    I can see a release but not a trade. Im probably wrong, but I can't imagine anybody wanting him at this point in his career. Way to much baggage for what you would be getting.
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    Brevard is getting back to their old selves tho. They did just play in the 2a western final last year. Asheville on the other hand, is going downhill fast. 2005 seems like an eternity ago.