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    Well as a player for both seneca and coach capps, he was an amazing coach, and i dont understand why he was fired. He has one bad year, its ridiculous!
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    The ultimate mission of CP is to serve our state and its communities by providing coverage of high school athletics (primarily football), and promoting the communities, the schools, the coaches, and athletes that participate. A large part of our service is by providing a centralized location for things like schedules, records, and information, by providing high quality photos of stadiums (which still is our most trafficked item in our portfolio), and also on that list is giving fans an opportunity to have a voice. As most of you know, I have strived over the past 12 years to make the forums here a step above the rest by maintaining a certain degree of respect, and trying to lead more educated discussions, versus the rants and antics of some of the more fanatical fans out there. I'm not against fans going back-and-forth, in fact, I think it's very entertaining and it keeps high school football on the front burner, but having smack talk as the foundation of website is never going to be a goal for me. With that said, I have committed my life to this sport, and with the exception of the years I served in the military, have been around football since I was a small child. Obviously I am committed to our state, or otherwise I wouldn't have committed the time, and more so the money it has taken to build this website into a business. Of course the site is a fun place to gather and discuss the latest news, and I'm glad you are all here and I hope you all stay, but it is still a business to me. I've invested thousands upon thousands of dollars into it over the past decade-plus, and for me to be able to keep it open, and operating at a high level, I have to do things that make sense from a business perspective. I am constantly trying to bring in more advertisers and sponsors to help take the financial load off of my family, and one chief complaint when they peruse the site, is lack of activity when they see fan forums. Now Wrigley and Btango have both made valid points, message forums are not what they were, and I've toyed with the idea of closing them down. If they're not active, they can give off a really bad look to a site. It was in our best interest to consolidate them to keep them active and moving forward. Look at the bright side, having them all under one roof allows you to see more of what is going on outside of your community or classification, and will make you a more educated fan, which is always my goal. Ultimately, money is the driving force to everything. I have to pursue more sponsors, and I am reliant upon revenue from advertisers. I want to keep this website up and running, and at the level of quality you guys expect. I'm sure some of you will balk at the idea, but I've also started a premium tier called CP Insiders, where I'll be posting extended rankings along with other useful tidbits. Unlike some of the other subscription based services out there that want upwards of $9.99 a month, I'm asking for $3 a month or a one-time annual fee of $24. It's far less than the cost of buying your local newspaper, and it costs less than 6 cents per day. I hope you'll all consider joining and helping me to make this site even better for you.
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    If you want to talk numbers, it is more white male teachers in the classroom, than black male teachers in the school systems period. Always have been, always will be. It is very hard to find minority classroom teachers i.e. math, science, social studies, and English. And sadly when you do, most of them are not coaches. I majored in Business Administration, minor in Accounting. I was heavily recruited, like most back in the 90s, by my old HS coach to return to coaching. Mainly he thought I would be good at it, but also he definitely needed a young role model from that community. I have been to 5 high schools and I can say it has been times that I might have been the only certified minority male classroom teacher in the building. At the most it is normally not more than 3 to 5 at a time in a school calendar year at the school where I am at that is certified and in the classroom, especially if you take away PE. And one of my schools have been a 99% minority school and I can say it was still the same. We had more TEACH AMERICA teacher at that school than any other teachers and none of them were a minority, but they could drink!!! A lot of guys want to come back and coach, but not many want to teach or feel the need to get certified. Many are satisfied with being a TA or a Lay coach. Like I stated, when I entered college it was not to get a 4 year degree to teach, so that was not my initial goal either, but God had a plan for me and lead me in a direction that I really enjoyed.
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    Back in the old days we were never afraid of rain.
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    Out of respect to Eastern NC and those affected by Hurricane Florence, and due to the large amount of games unable to be played, we will not release a Top-20 Power Rankings this week.
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    I’m not sure that the 25% model is better, but I’m not sold on the 20/30/30/20 model. To be honest, I’d rather see a 30/20/20/30 model, subdivide the 1A and 4A and only have one champion for 2A & 3A. Six champions is where we really need to be over the current eight.
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    After coaching high school football since 1967 I have decided to retire. I am very fortunate that for 51 years I have been able to get up every morning and go do what I wanted to do. I have friends who have hated their jobs. Fortunately for me that has never been a thought. The fact that I was a part of taking an Eastern Guilford HS team of 43 kids 6 years ago to a team of close to 100 kids this past year made this a special period of time for me. Also, the fact that our kids bought into our systems and transformed themselves into a team who became a top tier 3A playoff team every year. We were also able to develop a lot of kids who earned college football scholarships. I enjoyed my time there and look forward to them to carrying on this winning tradition.
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    I know we live in a microwave society where positive results should be immediate. However, that isn't how things work. Lasting rewards are often long in the making with many hours spent behind the scenes building success one step at a time. Those who can turn things around instantaneously rarely having enduring success as they have built their fame on a house of cards. In saying this, an 18 year run of mostly futility precedes Holman and, unless change occurs, will continue without him. Unless the resources (i.e. talent) are in place and abundant, building a program of substance takes time. Local to me, I think of the turnaround job Samek has done at Parkland. His first two years begin with an 0-22 record. Year three yields a 3-8 finish followed by 7-5 and then 6-6. If we judged him on his first three years (3-30) we could say he is a terrible coach. If we judged him on years four and five (13-11) we could say he is mediocre at best. Yet here we are in year 6 and Parkland finishes the regular season 10-1. A combined six year record of 26-42. Yet the program has changed. There is talent on the field. There are results showing up on the scoreboard. From a distance it seems that the Parkland community bought into the program and are reaping the rewards. Who knows what the future holds for Samek and Parkland, right now they are trending upward. In situations such as West Caldwell, those in management positions (I can't say leadership because I do not know if they are leaders or administrative placeholders) would do well to investigate the small victories that lead to larger ones. Patience is a virtue few possess. I'm reminded of words from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who, to paraphrase, said if Amazon had a good quarter it's because of work they did 3, 4, 5 years ago - not because they did a good job that quarter. W. Caldwell needs to have the longest view in the room to make a hire for four-to-five years down the road.
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    I'm not here to give out family info, but yes, a lot of prayers are needed.
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    Today marks the 'official' start of a new season of High School Football Parents of Seniors today marks a bittersweet day as this may be the last season we watch our kids play the game that they love! Parents of Freshman today marks the beginning of a 4 year journey of up and downs! Remember that regardless of school pride, pride of your children it is a team sport and a game that we all enjoy. It is still about the kids that play! Look around you while you are in the stands and absorb the atmosphere, the smell of popcorn, the excitement and of course the disappointments. The parents, grandparents and relatives of the kids playing, the student sections soak it all in Thank the coaches for what they do they do for the kids. They instill pride, values, work ethics and life lessons into our children The refs may not always 'get it right' but they do the best that they can as we all make mistakes in life Most of all let your kids know how much we Love them regardless of whether they score that game winning touchdown, make the block that frees up the runner for the game winner or fumble the ball or miss that block that results in a loss. May we all have safe and successful seasons Remember above all else this is about the kids! Remind them of how proud we are of them!
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    WM1977 - this thread has gone on for a long time and has had some good back and forth between some good knowledgeable posters. Then you showed up and started making this about some personal issue with the school not related to football. I am not a UNC fan but somehow manage to have a little fun while keeping it above board. How bout we just keep this to football commentary with a little trash talk thrown in rather than this junk. Plenty of places you can discuss this kind of stuff. Maybe a different sandbox is where you need to be.
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    Young man is out of the medically induced coma, but still sedated heavily to allow for continued healing. He has movement in his limbs and strength is returning. Continued prayers for a full recovery for this young man.
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    There is something special about playing after Thanksgiving! Remember this is about the kids. Some of them will never have this opportunity again. Some will play next week and beyond Cheer for your team and cheer for your player (s) Be safe and stay warm!
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    I never believed in Home Cooking until playing at Hough. Good Luck MHS!
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    Yea when I was a kid, the police would set up a road block on the Gaston County side of the Catawba River. They would look your vehicle over and then ask you if you had a gun in your car. If you answered no, they would offer you one. Tough place. Only county in the state you can drive through and have the wheel covers taken off your car at a traffic light.
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    My Prayers goes out to everyone that was affected during Hurricane Florence throughout Eastern NC ,and throughout the State of NC & SC I know this is a football platform but for a quick second let's think about everyone who was affected and even the one's who loss their lives.
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    No issues with the site, all football forums are now consolidated. If you’re disappointed or unhappy about this, I’m sorry but it’s the new reality. I appreciate each and everyone of you for your support of the website.
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    Lol...you poor little thing. Did the big bad Charlotte fans make you cry?
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    I have been following this site for over 10 years as well as NCPreps and I want to thank the admin for giving fans a place to get info on our favorite high school sports. Followed Freddie Farkle for years and I watched Deana King play basketball and run preps but want to thank Chris H and btango for giving us this site and for keeping everything above board with perfessionalisim and class and keeping everyone in line with no riff raft like at ncp. Nice to meet everyone here.
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    Because about 75% of the coaches in NC give me access to their game film on HUDL, I see nearly every game. Typically my entire Saturday's and Sunday's are spent watching film from all games.
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    Let me make it clear, I do not think the defender was making a dirty play. He was being aggressive (which I love and preach!). With that said, it was definitely crown of helmet to facemask and it's not even close. Ask any referee and they will tell you it is a 15 yard penalty and ejection. I think it is also a one game suspension. As Hibriten noted I am relating this video to the rules in place today. That is the play you always are looking for (unless you are the the recipient of the lumber) right behind a blind side crack back block which now requires "open hands" contact. I have been on both ends of it and to me that is football even if I were the recipient more than the delivery man.
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    I agree with you SWO, the polls are put out mainly to get the fans talking. But they do help us know the better teams in the state. Chris may not always have teams in the right order but he usually has most of the right teams in the poll. You are correct, he does a great job putting the poll together.
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    Got a call from a Richmond guy on the scrimmage. He said the Raiders defense was as porous as a wet paper towel and the offense had a very difficult time completing the pass. Other than that it went well and they cant wait for the season to start.

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    • I think Statesville will be ready and dominate the game. 1st quarter may be close but I expect Statesville to pull away as the night goes on. Statesville 49  Carson 14.
    • This is one of the most competitive 4A conferences in the state and it's still up for grabs.  There isn't a bad team in the league and I don't think the title will be settled until the final week of the season, but the East/Reagan winner will certainly have the inside track if Davie can't beat Glenn.  Team Conference Overall   Home W L T PCT W L T PCT PF PA W L Davie County (Mocksville) 2 0 0 1.000 5 3 0 0.625 290 254 3 1 West Forsyth (Clemmons) 1 1 0 0.500 7 1 0 0.875 334 115 3 1 Reagan (Pfafftown) 1 1 0 0.500 7 1 0 0.875 318 119 3 1 East Forsyth (Kernersville) 1 1 0 0.500 7 1 0 0.875 297 140 3 1 Glenn, Robert B. (Kernersville) 1 1 0 0.500 5 3 0 0.625 160 80 1 2 Reynolds, R.J. (Winston Salem) 0 2 0 0.000 3 5 0 0.375 214 270 1 3
    • Carson is coming off a big loss to East Rowan 53-30. Carson is currently 2-6 (1-1). Carson was a team we thought could make some noise in the bottom half of the conference but they have struggled this year esp on the road at 0-5 record but they are 2-1 at home. Carson has played some quality teams. 

      For Carson: Carson has to keep the game controlled in their favor with time of possession and limit Statesville High power offense. They will have to set the run game early as Statesville struggles somewhat on the Run D. 

      Statesville is 8-0 (2-0) entering this contest and they are 4-0 on the road. Statesville is a high powered offense even without their start RB in Chavion Smith, They are still able to run the ball at will with many different style backs. Statesville QB Nebane Moore has done well passing the ball this season. 

      For Stateville: Put this game to bed early and come out with no injuries. 

      I remember a few year ago, Carson almost won Statesville but Statesville won in the final mins of regulation . Can this be a trap game for Statesville or Does Statesville Roll? 

      Statesville 56 Carson 13

    • This actually may be a good game. Bunker Hill has greatly improved and West Iredell is playing some good ball. I will give West Iredell a 7 point win. 
    • The 5-3 West Iredell Warriors will travel up to Claremont to take the Bear of Bunker Hill who are currently 4-4 on the season. 
      Bunker Hill and West Iredell are tied currently at a 3-1 record. Bunker Hill has struggled to win at home with a 1-3 record and West Iredell is 2-1 on the road. 

      Bunker Hill has played as slightly tougher schedule then West Iredell but West Iredell has scored a lot points this season ; Can the Bears Defense slow down the Warriors offense? 
      This should be a close game but Ill take West Iredell 35-20 over BH!