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    For some unknown reason elevation has always been one of my favorite things to study. The highest elevated football stadium by a lot is Avery High School at around 3800 feet, I have also always been told it is the highest elevated football stadium in the eastern United States, if you've ever seen a good kicker kick at Avery you will know it too as you will see some balls on kickoffs go through the uprights due to the air being lighter, much like the Colorado effect in baseball. There are only 4 other football stadiums that set in the 3000 foot range, Watauga is second at around 3300 feet, then you have Ashe, Allegheny, and Mitchell whose stadiums all set at almost exactly 3000 feet. What would surprise people the most is that the stadiums in the Smoky Mountains are much lower than in the High Country of Northwest North Carolina, the mountain tops in that area are just as high but the valley floors are much lower. Robbinsville's stadium is at 2000 feet, Swain at 1800 feet, and Murphy at 1500 feet, surprisingly McDowell which is considered the foothills is nearly as high as Murphy at around 1400 feet and most of the Asheville schools which are not in nearly as mountainous of an area as the smokies are higher than all of the above mentioned schools at around 2100 to 2200 feet. To my knowledge the highest elevated stadium to the south and west of Asheville is Tuscola at around 2700 to 2800 feet and would most likely put it at 6th behind the 5 I first mentioned, Heritage is most likely 7th at around 2600 feet even though the surrounding area is higher, thus why it's called the pit. Sorry for boring everyone with a topography lesson.
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    After reading a lot of the nonsense in this forum, either keep it to football or find somewhere else to post. You guys know who you are that's causing this mischief.
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    For an offense that is a thing of the past it sure is effective. The misguided belief that highs schools must run the spread tickles me. I am all for huge offensive production but for most high schools a solid running attack is the most effective offense to run. Look at Wallace Rose-Hill or Murphy or Swain for example. Wallace and Murphy are Wing-T teams, Swain runs the Veer and all they do is win. These types of offenses fit the players available every year not just once in a while. Stopping the Straight T, Wing-T, Double Wing, Veer or Triple Option is not as easy as you make it out to be. If It was the teams that use them would have scraped them long ago.
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    This is a sign that we have hanging in our visitor locker room.
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    Rank High School Record 1 Shelby (Shelby) 5-1-0 2 Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey) 4-2-0 3 Burns (Lawndale) 5-1-0 4 Randleman (Randleman) 6-0-0 5 Reidsville (Reidsville) 6-1-0 6 Hibriten (Lenoir) 5-1-0 7 SouthWest Edgecombe (Pinetops) 5-1-0 8 Northeastern (Elizabeth City) 4-2-0 9 Hertford County (Ahoskie) 5-1-0 10 Clinton (Clinton) 4-1-0 11 Pisgah (Canton) 4-1-0 12 Mountain Heritage (Burnsville) 4-1-0 13 Southwest Onslow (Jacksonville) 4-2-0 14 Brevard (Brevard) 5-1-0 15 Anson (Wadesboro) 3-3-0 16 Oak Grove (Midway) 6-0-0 17 South Point (Belmont) 3-4-0 18 East Duplin (Beulaville) 3-3-0 19 Eastern Randolph (Ramseur) 6-1-0 20 Salisbury (Salisbury) 6-0-0
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    Don't try and comment much. But just want to make sure one thing is clear. Anyone who knows Tarboro. We run the Tarboro T (Not the Straight T) and a 4-4 Cov. 3 on Defense. Everyone have a great day, back to watching South Creek film!!!
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    It really wasn't a big deal, and even though the games may have ended around 10:45, or 11, we all still went to Pizza Hut afterwards with our friends and hung out, because that's what kids did back then. The world wasn't so over regulated, and life was much better then.
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    Rylee Anderson from Robbinsville should surpass the 5000 yd mark this Friday. 6343 AP yards 73 tds
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    Ok I told you guys a few weeks ago to stop the BS and keep it to football talk. I’ve had about as much BS as I’m willing to take before people start getting shown the door. Calling people tranny’s is beyond crossing the line and there’s no business for that shit here. If you want to rant and complain and cause trouble, there are options for that. The good people at NCPreps, CarolinaVarsity, and even HSOT all have message boards and would love the traffic. You see, I don’t care about high traffic or high volumes of posting as much as I do educated and quality posters. Most of the posters here, I’ve either met or know, and while they don’t always post by their real name, we know who they are, and therefore get a little more leeway in their content as opposed to someone posting strictly anonymously. If you want to get away with really posting what you feel, show up with your real name and/or photo as your username, and own what you post, and have to be accountable for what you post. Then it gets real, but also has the ability to earn a poster massive amounts of respect.
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    This isnt related but alooong time ago a man built a hunting lodge on the Hooper Bald(5,500ft). It was huge. He was rich. He brought in Bison and Russian Razorback hogs plus much more. The same Hogs that are all over Wnc now. The Hogs dont play around. All the animals eventually got free and most are gone now but the Razorbacks are going strong. These were the first Razorbacks in the area or maybe the country. He also had a lodge in California with Razorbacks. Not sure if the made it or not. The lodge also had the first phone in Graham county. It took 50yrs to finally build a paved road called the Cherohala skyway. Which is the Indian words Cherokee and Nantahala combined. When I was a kid you had to ride dirt bikes or 4wheelers up Little Buffalo or Squally to get there. About 3hr ride 1 way. Oh lord. Im rambling again. Lol
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    Murphy is the western most football playing school in NC, Hiawasse Dam is further west but doesn't play football. Robbinsville has the tallest hydo-electric dam on the east coast. the highest point in NC is Mount Mitchell at 6,684. Wow....we have delved into geography, who'd have thunk?
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    I rank every team. This isn't a poll (meaning a collection of votes from contributors), this is my (CarolinaPreps.com) power rankings. This isn't a glamour ranking, meaning that just because you have an undefeated record (against weak competition), that you're going to be high in the rankings. This is meant to be a predictor of who will win (vs. other teams), and who has the best chance of advancing later in the season. As for how I rank teams? I have been around high school football my entire life, since I was roaming sidelines as a small kid, beginning in the very early 1980's. I began coaching football in 1998 and then started this site in 2007-08 timeframe. I typically spend 8-12 hours ever Sunday putting these rankings together. How do I do it? Thanks to Hudl, I have the ability to watch dozens upon dozens of games, I keep very close attention to players on each team, I talk frequently to coaches around the state, and I also have 25 years of experience to pull from in regards to talent bases, trends, coaching backgrounds, etc. Are these perfect? No. But I'll put these rankings up against any others in NC because unlike other media members, and fans, I pay attention to every team in NC, not just a select few in one part of the state. By the way, thanks for your service. I retired from the military as well (medically) after suffering a significant injury in an airborne operation at Ft. Bragg.
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    From a 1A standpoint, there is no question that the Smoky Mountain Conference is the best ever. And just looking at titles, they are certainly among the best all-time in NC. From a talent and cross-classification standpoint, it's not really apples to apples trying to compare the SMC to the SAC, or i-Meck, but from the perspective of putting out championships, they're at, or near the top, bar none.
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    Right now, today. The SAC-8 All time, The Gold Standard, the SMC
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    I agree. Even if the formula isn't fully disclosed to the fans, I think it should at least be given to the coaches (or the factors involved) so that they can schedule accordingly, and not be blindsided by a low ranking (or missing the playoffs all together), even when they are ranked in the Top-5 of other rankings around the state.
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    Well, they are, just.....well.......I......uh.......I'm........just not sure what to make of them. 4a No Myers Park, Vance, MC at 5. I know they have lost a couple of games but where is Catholic in 3a. I could go on and on but what's the point. NCHSAA will continue to do whatever it is they do with these. Unfortunately come playoff time schools will suffer and others will benefit. Schools will have to prove it on the road the way Murphy did last year. (Ugh why did I remember/mention that). Simply amazing how much better Chris does at this than the individual/committee/computer in Chapel Hill. Go Mountaineers
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    I just wish instate recruits would realize they could turn App St into something special. You don’t have to go to these big power 5 schools to get noticed with what App St is doing. Should of beat Tennessee and Penn St.
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    I don’t think so. I thought UNC was lucky to get the two wins. Thought the injuries doomed them the two losses. Think the statement is fair and reasonable. Man, your hate is hilarious. Your predictions for Montgomery Central this season was more crazy than the UNC whacks.
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    Rank High School Record 1 Tarboro (Tarboro) 6-0-0 2 East Surry (Pilot Mountain) 6-0-0 3 Holmes, John A. (Edenton) 5-0-0 4 Mitchell (Bakersville) 6-0-0 5 Robbinsville (Robbinsville) 7-0-0 6 Murphy (Murphy) 5-1-0 7 Polk County (Columbus) 6-0-0 8 Swain County (Bryson City) 6-0-0 9 Princeton (Princeton) 5-0-0 10 Thomas Jefferson (Mooresboro) 6-0-0 11 Rosewood (Goldsboro) 5-1-0 12 Gates County (Gatesville) 5-1-0 13 Washington County (Plymouth) 4-1-0 14 Mount Airy (Mount Airy) 4-2-0 15 Elkin (Elkin) 4-2-0 16 Starmount (Boonville) 3-3-0 17 Winston-Salem Prep (Winston Salem) 5-1-0 18 Avery (Newland) 4-2-0 19 Mountain Island Charter (Mount Holly) 4-2-0 20 Manteo (Manteo) 5-1-0
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    Not a huge fan of rankings but coin flips to break ties didnt work great either and also lacked some transparency. The biggest issue is SOS is impossible to measure on a HS level and even more impossible in NC because there is a huge disparity in the larger classifications between the east and west and everyone who truly pays attention to the sport in this state is aware of it. That's the reason why the Max Prep rankings are such a mess.
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    Found out today the 1st fight at Vance, started over 2 girls fighting over a pickle in the stands. 😂😂😂
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    • If Hibriten gave West Caldwell players back they wouldn't be as good either. Had to say that after reading that comment so funny 
    • USDA is federal not NCDA!  And FDA also gets paid more than state inspectors! 
    • John, actually I do not get a day off. On Sat. I spend 4-6 hours on Saturdays grading my players and looking at the new weeks opponent. We meet on Sunday afternoons.  Wonderfan, do you know what my FB supplement is per hour for the amount of time I put in over the course of a year? There are people who make far less than me (some volunteers make $0 and hour) and some make more than I do. I do not complain about the pay because I enjoy coaching FB. However, when I was teaching (now retired but still coaching FB) that was a different story. The truth is teachers get paid for 10 months (not 12). Do you actually think they are overpaid? My wife is a retired elementary school teacher. Her day consisted of going to school every morning at 6 AM and getting home around 6 PM. Then after supper she would spend 2-3 hours on school work. She would also spend 10-12 hours every weekend on school work. During holidays she spent a lot of time on school work. During the summers a lot of time was spent on school work getting ready for the next year. I know because I spent a lot of time helping her. I also spent a lot of at home time not only on FB but on my weight lifting workout sheets for each kid. In the beginning these sheets were calculated and filled in by hand. It became much easier when I finally purchased a compute program to do this for me. My point is I had very little spare time. I did not complain (neither did my wife) because we both understood that this went along with the job. But, to have people tell us what a terrible job teachers are doing and being overpaid does make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Perhaps you need to explore the reasons kids do not excel. There are many, but the biggest reason is because the parents of those kids play a major role in their failure. When I was in school. if I refused to do anything in class or act a fool in class or did not do my home work or stayed in trouble at school,  I would be in serious trouble when I got home. My parents had a saying that If I wanted to act a fool do it at home because if I did this out in public then this made them look bad and if I made them look bad it would be too bad for me. You asked what we would do if there were no meat inspectors in terms of public health and safety. You are correct in the fact that people would die. Their roles are of utmost important and they should be paid much more than the $25k a year for what they do. That amount is rediculous.My question to you is what would we do if all the teachers decided to find another line of work or if college graduates decided to not enter the teaching profession. How would this impact society. BTW according to this link health inspectors make between $39k and $65k with an average of $52 k per year. The second link says that the mean average wage of a USDA meat inspector in May 2014 was almost $45k. The good thing about your job is you do not have to take it home with you and it does not talk back, act a fool or have parents you have to deal with. https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/health-inspector-salary https://study.com/articles/Become_a_Meat_Inspector_Requirements_and_Information.html
    • Social media has made the sportsmanship issue worse.  Doesn't take much for online smack talk to spill over at the stadium.
    • Cabarrus County is one of the better paying school systems in NC, at least from a football coach perspective.