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    Should hear something this week.
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    We just need to follow Sweden and try to achieve herd immunity no mask. Once enough people build up immunity it will be fine to live life again. Even though I've never stopped living life.
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    Gibsonville High School now Eastern Guilford Glen Alpine now Freedom Taylorsville High now Alexander Central
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    Great teams will take away ur strengths and talent only can get you so far. I say after rd 2 of the playoffs coaching takes over the further u go in the playoffs.
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    You are the biggest idiot I have ever had the pleasure of reading on the internet. Stop getting your “information” from N.C. State fan sites. The so-called violations you are talking about are from coaches being with their families. Just so you know, you’re allowed to recruit via phone calls, and have in person contact with high school coaches. If you don’t know what you’re taking about, just shut your mouth. Everyone on these boards already thinks you’re an idiot, and you just prove them right with every post you make.
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    I don't know how football is going to be affected this year but Myers Park is making some moves this year I'm really liking that Coach Chadwick added some toughness to their nonconference part of schedule even putting aside a lopsided rivalry with South Mecklenburg to get some real teams to play. This will get us ready for the playoffs and a better seed. I don't know the exact order yet but far as I know the first game we play Mallard Creek and we play at home against Hough and a Texas private school where Deion Sanders son is a star QB. The best game yet will be at Bank of America Stadium against Rock Hill South Pointe Jadeveon Clowney graduated from there and they won a few state titles in the past. Myers Park JV went undefeated and I don't see no reason why we can't have a good team this year yes we lose another trio of receivers (Muhammad Rooks and Flip) but they can be replaced I'm also hoping the defense will take it to another level this year. As far as Drake Maye goes this will be his last chance to get to the state championship as he graduates early. But time will tell starting if football is even a go.
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    I remember the old Mooresville field. On one end of the field, after kicking an extra point, the ball would bounce off the building and back onto the field. On the other end, when you kicked an extra point, the ball would go through trees and bushes and land on someones roof. Also remember the old Web Field in Concord. You had to be careful where you parked your car because after an extra point was made, on one end of the field, the ball would probably knock somebodies windshield out in the parking lot!
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    And to piggy back off Houghs coaching...let's go back to 2 yrs ago during Bonner Stewart's last yr...they had 2 all state track guys in the back field...(Pryor and Bonner Stewart). How in the hell dont u jus have a run based offense using read option with both of them..moving the pocket and getting Stewart out in open spac, but they turned the kid into a pocket passer. Not saying the kid cant throw but seen him get benched in a damn 7v7 so how u dont use what he does best and play off that? Hough is another team where coaching is holding them back.
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    And add on top of that coaching. If u see ur team is having issues executing on defense u have to switch things up on offense to protect the defense.. run the ball..throw in short passes which can equal the run game to run time off and protect the defense. Back 2 back yrs they've had a double digit lead and loss. Gotta question the coaching over there.
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    Notice the fine folks of CP didn’t touch Dr. Herd’s touching analysis like some other post they cried about.You watch too much CNN. I think you need to move to New York where they have everything under control and no problems. Of course the great Gov. Cuomo was way ahead of this unlike other states and stocked everything he needed. He didn’t even need Washington’s help he did such a good job. Man is a legend. All hale the great state of New York. China’s not to blame? I declare Covid19 the Ethiopian Flu.
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    Myers Park is missing one thing. Physicality. Butler- Mallard Creek- Wake Forest-Vance all played the game with a tougher edge. Its the one thing MP is missing. I believe some of that has been due to the weaker schedule. Some of that is the design of the offense, 70-30 pass. I also think it is a cultural thing as well.
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    We need to define "hating". People are quick to use that term not knowing what the difference is.
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    Jenkins is another guy that ha to get called out. How do you have so many D1 talent and all u have to show is a regional final 2 yrs ago. It's like they only have 1 or 2 games circled on the calendar and that's it. But the head coach is jus the puppet for the AD so.
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    Man you say that now but when the all mighty "beast" attack you or another member of your family you will be singing another tune and blaming Governor Copper for opening the state to soon. If that happen don't "P" out just take like a champ because you and everybody else in the state and the nation know that the "beast" isn't anything to take likely. So i'm going to just say "pray" and hope that you are one of the lucky ones that doesn't get it. Peace out.
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    Here is a great example of how this is done. A family who instills the value of taking academics serious. A young man who understands how to get to the next level thru a work ethic. Someone who played for an average program who used the tools to make himself known. Instead of dreaming of Alabama selects a university well known for it’s student quality. Kid could have ran off to another school like 6 players did a couple years ago but stayed at home and now he is going to one of the best places in the nation for success outside of football.
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    Social distancing should be easy for NC State as they've been distancing themselves from any sort of meaningful title for over 35 years and counting.
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    Speaking of old stadiums... I played at the Old Kiker Stadium in Reidsville. You can still see where the old home concrete side was as it's just a bank now. The field is a row of townhouses. A lot of history on that old field for sure... Sad to see it gone...
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    He stay mad! LOL. Sorry Will didn't follow in BOTH of his footseps and go over to Rawlee. At least State has all those wrastling and bass fishing titles. Dennis Smith says shhhhhhhhowwwwwwwww meeee the moneyyyyyy and couldn't even make the tourney!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NC $TATE!!!
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    The schools are looking at all the issues for social distancing for next year. One of the first things to come up is how would you social distance on a school bus with 60 plus kids. Not really possible. A possibility of bringing in kids a couple days a week on rotations has also been talked about with the virtual learning continuing. Some teachers feel January is the best case scenario for a full return. Social distancing could be here for 18 months. If you look at previous Chinese virus situations you will find people wore mask for up to a year in public. By the way a mask is not for the wearer, it’s to protect others from you. I’m ready for some football to return but if it involves no fans at any level I would just as well sit it out for awhile.
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    I know the old Maiden high which is now Maiden middle still has the the old building part where you paid to get in. You can still see a few bleachers off the side where the field use to be. I will never forget watching Maiden playing Lincolnton back in ‘94. A field that had no track around it but good atmosphere to watch football games. If I remembered correct you can still see the old press box.
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    What if the NCHSAA allowed teams to live stream the games, and let fans pay 5-7 bucks (or even 50-70 bucks for a season pass) to access and watch the games over the internet? It would allow the schools to still make some money.
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    The claims about heat having an affect have been debunked. The only thing that is going to help things is EVERYONE following the guidelines set forth and MORE TESTING. Right now the virus isn't our problem it is arrogance, ignorance, greed, and delusion.