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    Sounds like you might have lost some money on the game BDBF. I watched this one with total indifference. I didn't care who won, it was just my last chance to watch a football game till August. By the way August can't get here soon enough.
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    I made it and if anyone would like to see some different breakdowns, just let me know and I'll put them up there.
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    Ok, at this point, looks like we are staying 4 classes. Go 25-25-25-25, should be able to reduce split conferences considerably, 64 teams in each class make playoffs, and subdivide and just have 8 state champions in everything. Why not? More revenue for NCHSAA, teams will be on more level playing field during playoffs. Seed based on maxpreps adjusted rankings 1-16 in east and 1-16 in west and play.
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    It took a while but KC finally got it going. They win their first Super Bowl in 50 years. I was a Lenny Dawson, Ed Podolak fan. Head coach Hank Stram was quite a character. Congratulations Kansas City Chiefs. 31 - 20. Final
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    I added this breakdown to the Google Doc for everyone to see. The only thing about this breakdown is what happens when they add the non-football schools in? Or do they do an alignment now with them all in?
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    Two best 2A teams in the west will meet in round 2. Foard vs West Lincoln. Weird how they make the brackets not based on strength of teams like a seeding. Plop down conferences in a bracket then throw in the 1st place and second place teams in the bracket. Stupid. Coaches will never challenge it because unlike football they know sooner or later the big dog will rise to the top and the end result is to get to the title match. I like Robbinsville and Avery in the West final. The East goes thru Uwharrie Charter again. 4a East favorites are Cary and Laney. 4A West has a number of teams with a shot.
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    Robbinsville did some deck stacking in their days, also. Play dumb but everyone knows it.
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    But we shouldn't have to, we have 376 kids. Bottom line is we do what we do and the powers that be don't like it, so they stack the deck against us, that's the way it has always been and we are at the point we don't care. We will always be here!!!!!!!!
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    but your not competing against schools with 550 kids in the playoffs are you? You beat Smoky (864 adm), Erwin (1355 adm), and Enka (1183), in the last two years so you can, in fact, compete against larger schools. All two are at least twice as big as Robbinsville and one is half again as big. .
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    So instead of finding new ways to grow our game and keeping it alive you'd rather just stick with the status quo and watch as numbers in football continue to decline? Giving schools that either don't field a football program already or are on the border of ending their programs an opportunity to play football at all is great in my opinion. There are plenty of videos of 8-man football games on YouTube, its a wonderful style of football, and before people pass judgement, you should educate yourselves. I think this is a great idea to save our game by giving kids that want to play football an opportunity to play football in those areas that they wouldn't otherwise be able to play.
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    But you whine about schools with less than 200 wanting to do eight man football. Is that not a bit hypocritical?
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    Robbinsville had 6 winners 3 runner ups 5 third place 1st Micah Jayden Fisher McGuire Stewart Fink 2nd Wade Beasley Panama 3rd Luke Carlos Nick Lawson Ben
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    Crest returns 11 players from last year's 1 lose team. Some good young talent will join them from the JV team that went 10-3. Hopefully another exciting year is in store for the Chargers.
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    I coached 8-Man Football at St. David's School in Raleigh for 2 years. Was a great experience for me as a coach and its great for schools with low numbers. The rules aren't much different from 11-man football to be honest, field is still 100 yards long, just 10 yards shorter across. The biggest thing is that it lends to higher scoring, either because you only have 1 high safety or 1 less guy in the box to stop the run, in addition to it honestly being "your best athlete vs my best athlete" on any given play. When I was at St. David's I definitely felt that it was a style of football that could really benefit parts of North Carolina where they struggle for numbers in football. Being that I'm originally from Nebraska where 8-Man Football is popular in rural areas, its a great way to keep our game alive in places it otherwise would die. Oklahoma even has programs that are completely committed to 8-Man football, with turf fields, great weight facilities, gorgeous stadiums, and they have their own 8-Man Coaches Association. In the end I feel this is a smart move by the NCHSAA to support this movement if this is in fact the case.
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    WHC had there’s yesterday 10 out of the 11 won for Avery. Had one kid out that would of won it.
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    I'm interested to see how the votes turn out when they release the actual results. We don't know if this is the case but IF the votes failed because of a lack of participation then a change in the process is needed. If that is the case, the NCHSAA should look at doing a quorum of votes. Only count the actual votes submitted rather than absentee votes automatically counting as a no. You would have to set a minimum percentage - normally 2/3. As long as 2/3 of the schools vote, then count the votes and base the outcome on only the votes that were submitted. If fewer than 2/3 of the schools voted, then don't count the vote - but automatically counting an absent vote as a "No" is wrong. If you don't care enough to vote, then you should have no right to B$#%&% and complain if things don't go the way you want them to.
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    At one time it was called The State of Wilkes