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    Some of the parents have made coaching almost unbearable. And people wonder why there are not enough teachers or coaches.
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    LB Lee Kpogba. Parkland. Had almost 60 sacks in his career. Was a big part in changing Parkland from a losing program to a winning program.
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    Eddy didn’t know until the next day. He was coaching up the next guy but was upset at the eye gouging from the little punk from Hough High. Eddy called the dunghole coach from Hough on Tuesday about the entry in the database and he changed it. Here is the thing about that entry: any wrong entry on a score that reflects on a wrestlers record disqualifies that wrestler from regionals and a trip to the state championships. It was a deliberate attempt to manipulate a seeding process for his guy while taking an actual win from my kid. Punched a coach during a match huh. That is nuts. Could have killed the Avery coach and sparked an all out riot. I also witnessed something similar. Hickory vs Freedom at East Burke in early 80s. An uncle of a player was mad because his nephew didn’t start. He was yelling obscenities and racial stuff at the Hickory Coach Craft. He was mad because a white kid was starting. He just got up during the middle of the game and sucker punched Hickory’s coach in the back of the head while he coached. That was also in front of the coaches son who is now the AD at Hickory High. Almost sparked a melee as the guy I was sitting beside pulled out his 357 from under his jacket. Same guy with gun had killed a guy in the hood five years prior with a firearm. Sports bring out the worst in parents. If you really want to know about a person’s character join him for one of his kids games. They can’t hide reality then.
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    I had an incident when I was coaching baseball at Western Alamance and we played Eastern Randolph at their place. His son made some derogatory remark to the plate umpire after his son was called out on strikes. He charged the umpire. The coach and an administrator handled it pretty well. The umpires came to our dugout and I picked up a bat just in case. His son was booted off the team and his dad was banned from the property from that point on. I am sure his son was a senior. They both deserved what they got.
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    And the nut cases keep coming more and more during sports each day. Reminds me of a coach from the Charlotte area who threatened my son after he manhandled their top wrestler and followed him to the bleachers asking him if he wanted to fight him. I stayed calm but damn if it wasn’t hard. Refs didn’t t do a thing. No law enforcement on site. Opponent was ranked 3 in state in 4A, my son 1 in 2A. Guess they took offense to Newton coming in and destroying eleven teams in 3A and 4A on the way to a state title. The coach also entered the score as a disqualification even though the ref declared it a loss. Recorded it in the national data base as DQ which is not allowed so his guy could look like he didn’t finish with a loss.
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    Parent charged after tackling student during wrestling tournament
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    Here is the first list of Boys 2A Teams to Watch for the first half of the season. It appears to have the usual suspects. Eastern top teams look to be very strong this season. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VK9AIGc_E3MC8nya9Vd8Sc6fJ4vGhBq1/view?usp=sharing
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    Zamir White - Scotland
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    Anthony will be a lottery pick in the June draft. Heels will go from not making the NCAA tournament this year to a final four contender next year.Roy has one of his best recruiting classes in many years coming in next season.Tar Heels will be back on top next season.Count on it.
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    Those top three teams in the East are very strong. A bit of a drop off after that. I've still got to see West Stokes. Looks like they put up a pretty good fight against Tabor tonight. In the West, keep an eye on Salisbury. They're not bad. That CCC race is shaping up to be a good one.
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    Just got in a few minutes ago..... I caught four games. Best game by far was SE and W Forsyth. West gave the Falcons all they could handle tonight. They took the Falcons into OT but the Falcons took total control of the OT period. The other games ranged from pretty good to decent. The Dudley-EF game was hard-fought and evenly-matched. Dudley pulled that one out. The Reidsville boys didn't have much trouble with West Forsyth and Grimsley had a comfortable win over Person. I'll add a little more detail tomorrow.
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    Most counties have middle schools that district directly with a high school including Meck County. One reason you see players from one middle school team e ding up at several high schools is because they look fir the school / team that is best for them. If Catholic has issues at QB they are not getting a transfer from a local private or public to step in for the next season. They would be required to sit out 365 days. Some of your arguments just do not work.
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    Dax Hollifield- Shelby Hendon Hooker-Dudley Shy Tuttle- North Davidson Bryce Love- Wake Forest Nick Coe- Asheboro Jaire Alexander- Rocky River I know there is more just some that came to mind!
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    Once James Martin AD & Football coached retired (Ricky Clark). Things immediately started changing when he left the program. It had absolutely nothing to do with enrollment. The numbers have not changed with the student participation. Coaching and mentoring on the field and the classroom, had a lot to do with their success. I was on staff for 6 of those years and the players were nothing to brag about. It took a village. I spent numerous days taking kids home to empty houses, single parent homes, and paid numerous pay to play fees. A very difficult program to coach. To suggest that enrollment, and alleged weak conference was the reason for their success, just confirms you've never step foot on campus. Their success was based off the system he ran. Very strict and discipline and well organized and very structured. I also used Ridge Road, Alexander, Bailey Road, and i left out MLK as examples of schools that are feeder schools. So when you say they don't predominantly feed into one school. That's just not true. There might be 2 or 3 players from Ransom on Vance roster, and there are zero on Mallard Creek. In regards to Catholic out recruiting and getting these certain type of players, and stud athletes because of boundaries. I just don't see it. Very few of those kids play football after high school. They just have a well oiled machine of a system. I also don't believe you're familiar with the number of kids that are just packing up and moving into districts of choice, within the public school system. CC has no advantage over public. That's just a hard sale for me to suggest they have an advantage.
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    I’m surprised Eddy didn’t get a hold of him. You should ask Eddy about the time a Owen parent came out of the stands with a roll of quarters in his hand and sucker punched Averys coach in the back of the head while he was coaching a match.Knocked him out. It was during the conference tournament.
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    StarHooperman’s 1st Team Breon Pass, Reidsville; D'marco Dunn & Traymond Willis-Shaw, Westover; Isaiah Ray, Wesleyan; Kadyn Dawkins, E. Guilford; Silas Mason, Smith; Landon Sutton, HP Christian; Eli Ellis, Moravian; Trent McIntyre, Piedmont Classical & Zay Kesler, Salsbury
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    Crazy , Wrestling is a MAN sport and Your son or daughter or whoever is on the wrestling team , some matches they may get manhandles n lose big and it happens but This is unacceptable....
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    For some reason parents haven't figured out they make themselves look like idiots, and worse, embarrass their kids for life. This will never go away for the wrestler whose dad did this. Grow up people.
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    Doesn't mean a thing to the regular season, but when you get the right teams together it makes for a great gate and atmosphere for a group of fans, who by this point, are craving football. We in Cleveland County just enjoy seeing our young men battle on the field.
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    Scrimmages? Mean absolutely nothing outside of getting your guys ready for the season, and working on stuff. CC during the Indy elite days would hold their on with them @ scrimmages. Real game, I'm thinking a beat down.
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    I doubt Catholic has any issue getting quality scrimmage opponents from the county.
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    I’ll say it.... KM asked Catholic if they would be interested in coming to the Cleveland Co Jamboree to play KM. Of course that has to go through Crest since they are the host school. I told Catholic that a month ago. Tremendous respect between the two staffs. What better way to get your kids ready for the season than to prep for Catholic?
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    Hearing about a possible scrimmage for Catholic. Don't know if it is finalized yet so I won't say who, but if it happens (even with it just being a scrim) get your popcorn ready.
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    J-Heat 110, your comment that most high schools share feeder schools is not true from what I have seen. The vast majority of schools I have seen have one or two middle schools (most have one) that feed a specific HS. Forsyth County (unless they have changed in the last few years) has open enrollment in which their students can go anywhere as long as they provide transportation.
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    It's evident you're not familiar with middle schools in Charlotte. The majority of middle school students all go to one school. In regards to your statement about Ransom Middle school. I'm thinking you just don't know. Very few kids from Ransom attend Vance or Mallard Creek. You might have 2 or 3. I wouldn't call that sharing. James Martin Middle School went undefeated for 9 years.. 97% of those kids attend Vance, which is 50 yards away. Their program did not change over night. They have a weight room, that would put most High Schools to shame. MC kids feeder program is Ridge Road, North Meck feeder school is Alexander Middle, Bailey Road Middle is feeder for Hough. Piedmont IB Middle School kids are from all areas of Charlotte. Their kids go everywhere. CC has no advantage because they're private. Great coaching and they do a great job of combining their middle school (Feeder) and High School together, which numerous programs throughout Charlotte can do. They very seldom get elite players like the public schools. Public schools have changed dramatically the last few years. More parents are just packing up and moving to the district, of school of choice. It's like a high school football portal. Vance QB previous school South Meck MC QB previous school Northwestern West Charlotte QB previous school Hickory Ridge Myers Park QB previous school Hough Hough QB previous school Clayton. Hopewell QB previous school Charlotte Christian Public schools can get any kid that's willing to move, CC cannot. Advantage Public.

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    • Junior Landon Foor of Fred T Foard wins his third state championship over Newton-Conover’s Clark. Heck of a run for Clark who is the son of N-C Coach Eddy Clark. Foor completes his second straight undefeated season. 
    • It seems like you forgot to mention the transfer rotating door that’s going on at Freedom the past few years. The women’s team alone has 3 starters that wore a different uniform for the past 3 years. I’m guessing East Burke’s, Patton’s, (not sure where Glass came from) best player just happened to all show up at Freedom one day.  It’s just the same on the men’s team with 2 living in McDowell county and one in Caldwell. With 10 seniors on the men’s side and 8 on the women’s side just wonder which nearby team will become the next victim. It’s really a disservice to the other teams in the conference, not to mention the players who have worked their way up through the system and then get booted for the recruits coming in. It’s an epidemic in Morganton that really needs investigating. There’s a lot of people living in PO Boxes in Glen Alpine evidently.  
    • East Henderson, Franklin, Hendersonville, Brevard and Smoky Mountain. 
    • I have to agree Titan, also Hayesville  
    • Landon Foor is in the finals for the third straight year seeking his third state championship. He is a junior.