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    unc chapel basketball is suffering from the curse of Silent Sam
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    The program got instantly better today with the hiring of Deese. This is a very strong hire for the school.
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    I have boxes of them but have not purchased any in a long time. My grandfather loved them and I would go to card shows with him. My two favorites are my Rickey Henderson rookie card (favorite player of all time) and my Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr card. Seeing those glossy Upper Decks for the first time changed the game of card collecting.
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    They are a sleeping giant in Union County. I know Weddington gets all the publicity, but with the right coach in place, they are absolutely dangerous. I hope he gets the ship sailing in the right direction and gets that side of the county excited about football again.
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    From what I've gathered, Coach E42, the offense will be multiple as far as what fits FH's talent the best, which speaks to what a couple of posters above me have mentioned concerning the ability to adapt to HS kids. The base will be spread. Coach Deese had great success in his stops in the passing game based out of the spread, running game as well. They're gonna spread the field and find the best match-ups.
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    They have the athletes to run the spread. Not sure about Deese's scheme, but whatever it is, it works. He's been successful at two programs, so there's a successful pattern there.
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    boys--Greensboro Day---play as good a defense year in and year out as any high school in NC---Coach Freddy Johnson is the winningest has bb coach in NC history
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    Davidson is one of the top ten of all schools playing basketball in NC
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    Again, Catholic has one of the best programs in the state. Anyone who would say otherwise knows less about football than I do. South Point also had a benevolent family who paid for SP's stadium in 1969. I have no idea how things are paid for at Catholic or any other school for that matter. I've never made a lot of money in my life. I guess you could say I'm in the middle class. I've tried to give a tithe plus, to my church most of my adult life. I don't have extra to donate to South Point. I wish I did. Maybe I'm just jealous I couldn't afford to send mine to a private school. Good luck next season. If you guys are looking to pickup a game year after next, contact Shelby High School. I think they could give you all the competition you want and save you a ton of money to boot. By the way y'all would beat the crap out of South Point the last two years and probably the next two or three as well.
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    This type of scenario has been discussed numerous times. The “they didn’t play, we didn’t know” excuse does not work. Every coach knows the rule and if they do not they should not be a head coach. If you dress you are participating. Rule book 101. I do not like forfeits either but there has to be a line. Suspended the coach a few games? Lose first one or two home playoff games? Why was she dressed and on the bench?!? Should not have played the JV game.