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    2013 Hendersonville at Mountain Heritage.It was Trey Robinson Freshman year.To this day I've never watched a more intertaing football game.Heritage blocked a field goal on last play of game to beat the Bearcats 46 to 43.neither team lead by more than 8 points .Also that was my first time getting to see Trey play.I thought this kid is tough as nails. My son and I set on Hendersonvilles side line they had brought a big crowd and it was fun to trash talk with there fans, you can meet some cool people at highschool football games
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    Good stuff to see him get rewarded for senior year!
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    That New Bern game in 2012 took some years off my life. Lost count of how many 4th down conversions we had on that last drive. We were a much better team than we showed that night but man, what a game.
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    Hoggard vs SC in 2017 was by far the most memorable game I have seen in a while. SC up 32-7 in the 4th quarter. Hoggard comes all the way back to tie at 32. SC responds and scores but Hoggard does as well to send the game into OT. Hoggard scores first and kicks the extra point and then SC scores and goes for 2 and wins 47-46.
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    First off to the CEO and Webmaster of this Forum Chris Hughes - Happy New Years and hope a speedy recovery. Second, my wish in 2020 for my football family is to be happy, have good health, increased wealth, no drama, less stress and more peace. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!
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    I about forgot about the 2010 West Rowan n Hibriten game. I was at that game. Definitely was an epic game.
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    Tanner Muse is a rocket. Echols would never run with Muse as high schoolers. I agree his more like a high school version of Ray Lewis.