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    I was at that game and agree with most of what was said .Don't know about the score because I never pay much attention to that in a scrimmage Most coaches play a lot of players to see who is the better player at what position..All in all a pretty good scrimmage for both teams. Want be long til we have real football.
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    Overall NW Cabarrus looked like the best team to me tonight - They got the speed, size and i thought there defense held their own vs Statesville and i Thought NW Cabarrus did well holding statesville at times Mooresville: They didnt look bad and we did some good things, We did a lot swing out passes and some mid-deep passes that were dropped a few times, I think Defense did OK we struggled a little bit with SI run game esp to the left side but Mooresville did get a Turnover and a Sack and did some good things as well. I think Mooresville has some work to do but I liked what I seen so far Statesville: They did decent vs NWC, I thought some of their passes we off target at times. I think Statesville did get a few TDs and Turnovers at times vs Northwest Cabarrus and Statesville has a Solid defense but I think they will have work hard on their O LINE And i think Defense did Well but gave up some stuff to NW Cabarrus. I think Statesville will be FINE South Iredell: I think SI has a lot of potential but time will tell. they got some good size on the line and their JV look solid as well. I think they did good on some runs vs Mooresville and Did get some stops on Mooresville but I think they gotta get a QB figured out and their skilled players will have to do well. I think their O line n D line look solid so If their Skill players can make plays this yr I think they will have success
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    It was really great meeting you today and talking to you. Feel free to come back often. We have a lot of work to do if we expect this season to be special. As you observed we are extremely young across the board and our success depends on how quick these young players improve.The big If is can we can stay away from injuries. Even with a lot of kids depth is a problem.
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    Lol. I am not sure of the East Rutherford one (I want to say Monday but not positive) We scrimmage Shelby at the Cleveland County this coming Friday at 6pm. We are scrimmaging at Cox Mill this morning.
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    Really glad Crest and Freedom are getting back together. Really miss being in a conference with them. Always enjoyed the trips to Freedom in all sports.
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    What if the East West was for rising seniors? Granted you risk injury but that’s always a factory in any case. I think it would provide a better quality game and allow college coaches to be present at the game and gives them a chance to see players who may not be on their radar for the upcoming season. I also agree to have the game way earlier in the year...for the past couple of years I’ve seen players drop out and replaced with players who are not in football shape and most likely will not play football beyond the east west game