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    Regarding Langston Wertz. He is doing the job that four once did and adding in the multi media tasks. I give the guy credit fir getting out what he does in the amount of time available. Also, think the ride along interviews have been big hits with the kids.
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    That’s only until the transfer portal closes.
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    Look for an announcement soon. Quality hire, good work AD Richardson.
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    He is very good coach. Navigating CMS and getting his staff in place not just from a football standpoint but communicating with the kids and parents will be a tall order with last day of class being tomorrow. Kudos to the AD for moving with warp speed to do what he could to compress the process.
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    I considered adopting so that I could get the deal.
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    Heard they got the best booster club in the 704. And thats including UNCC 😂😂
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    Never a big Wertz fan. Love the job he does but his opinions urk me sometimes. Guess it comes with the job.
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    Myers park no.1. Lol. Shows u what a good QB and wr can do for u.
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    12th is far too low. That is Langston playing to his viewership. Plus...I dont think he truly understands the depth of transfers they have and will continue to get there.
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    Not a good idea unless you have a kid who has never played before and your numbers are very low on the JV team. If they cannot contribute on the varsity as a junior they are taking PT away from a freshman or sophomore and that is never good.
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    The triple option is not why they are not being recruited. Catholic has run the wing T for decades and we’ve sent a number of players to college. 10 this year alone. Winning helps, but doesn’t determine whether you get recruited or not. What does is your effort and your hard work. Your coach isn’t the reason you don’t get recruited. That’s such an easy cop out from a generation that just doesn’t seem to want to take personal responsibility for their own success.
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    I believe Sandy Grinton can win if he can get more talent to work with.
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    I believe Vance is going with an out of state guy.
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    I've heard that too. Vance isnt a bad job. A few steps up in competition, what coach wouldn't love that challenge
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    Dont know how you look at these teams now and pick. So many roster changes between now and August.
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    At Catholic we do not put juniors on JV. I simply don't believe in putting juniors on JV and never will. Never really got schools who put JRs on JV either. One kid here or there might ask to be on JV for playing time or whatever, but in my estimation JV is for freshmen and sophomores. Keep the juniors on varisty.

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    • Right now and until Administration changes, Saint is a wrestling school, it is evident from Social Media to the fact the AD is the wrestling coach...its literally sucking the life out of all other sports. 
    • From what I seen last week, this is by far the worst NI team I ever recall seeing.  They looked like they wanted to be anywhere else but at a high school football game.  We won 69-0 and backed the dogs off in the first Quarter.  They will struggle for the rest of this year and probably several to come.  Sorry Olin but the future does not look good our JV won big as well.  I think the score was like 34-0.  
    • I know this isn't the greatest game this week but it's semi local for me so I thought it might be worth a shot it's a new school never been to hopeful for a good game I know based on the game history they normally play tight games or or close to it 1-2 scores but if I had to make a score prediction I'd say South Creek 23 North Edgecombe 16 if anyone has any input on either team please let me know or if you think it'll be close
    • I agree GDG, I think it comes down to Statesville n West Rowan for the title. That game I believe will be epic. I personally thought it would come down between them two last year in which it should but South Iredell was able to pull it out. Next year I think Statesville will be even more dangerous with both QB and RB coming back.