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    We got a survey from the NCBCA about playoff format and there were several options. One of those was the first week (round 1 and 2) be single elimination and then round 3 and on be best of 3. That's just one of the examples we received as well as the 3 game series throughout. I think most of us want a 3 game series so if we happen to catch that team with that dominate arm, we aren't out of the playoffs. Wouldn't mind the way SC does it with different regions having a 4 team double elimination bracket and on from there.
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    Less teams should get in baseball playoffs. 32 teams, best of 3 series the whole way. A week for each series. Get them in anytime during that week. That's five weeks to play that out.
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    Bigger? Yes... Faster? Yes... Stronger? Not pound for pound or Not in the weight room..Rylee is top 2 strongest on the team Heart?...Nobody comes close to Rylees heart and passion.