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    This is a great group of kids and also their parents
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    They have recently went more in depth on their site since the last time I read through it. Last time I read through how their ranking was established was about 2 years ago when there was minimal information about it. Being a math guy and a coach, I would love to see the formula if we are going to continue to use MaxPreps to give my players the best opportunity to be successful...just my opinion that probably isn't worth much though

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    • The website is now updated for week 5 - power rankings, predictions, consecutive streaks, scores and more!   http://www.simmonsratings.com/hsfootball.htm
    • Most systems want max high school enrollments around 1,800 to 2,000.  If they close CM they will need 3,500 seats but how many will they require in five years?  4,000?  That is a really big school and moving 4,000 students in and out of a school is a bit of logistical nightmare in a heavily populated area.  
    • Ik why there Opening West ..... like i said When and If they need to make repairs to another school where will the money be coming from if they keep building new ones? Also like I said Above, Why dont they make the NEW Northwest Cabarrus or New HS with a Cap. of 3,500 Students then U could close Cox Mill (Not saying thats whats going happen bc its not just saying as an Ex) and Yes that area is Growing just Like Mooresville but Im sure its more overcrowding then Mooresville.
    • well if there going make a NEW school they can make it where it can Hold 3,500 students so and I never said THEY were I was using it as Ex. of how they can LIMIT there HS...I mean we see this issue with other counties where they have to Consolidate or close schools bc they cant REPAIR or Build a New school. and also Like I said How is Cabarrus Co going Up hold all these schools like When and If the school need repairs how are going do that if they keep building new ones. 
    • Exactly why would they close an overcrowded school that is only a few years old and located in an area that continues to see strong growth?