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    I DON'T like full contact during Spring Practice.....By that I mean taking another player to the ground.....Just my opinion....
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    Based off of this year’s ADMs I have constructed what this 5 classification model would look like. 1A 104-509 (48 schools) 2A 515-860 (94 schools) 3A 861-1211 (94 schools) 4A 1233-1889 (94 schools) 5A 1891-3513 (48 schools) In this model you would have to subdivide 2A-4A for playoff purposes. In my opinion these are the pros of this model 1. Roughly the same percentage of teams get into the playoffs in each classification. (66.7% in 1A and 5A; 68% in 2A-4A) 2. You keep 8 state champions in football which is what football coaches have been used to for almost 2 decades. 3. Even though there is a large gap from the smallest 5A to the biggest 5A, (Not much you can do with that honestly) I doubt you would see as many split leagues as most of these schools are located in metropolitan areas in our state. In my opinion these are the cons 1. 28 current 1A schools would bump up to 2A in this model thus possible leading to more 1A/2A split leagues unless the NCHSAA changes the minimum number of teams allowed in a conference. Most of the smaller schools in our state are in rural areas, Far East or far west. This is the opposite of the 5A schools which are more tightly packed geographically. 2. 1A and 5A playoffs are 1 week shorter since you have less teams. They would have to finish a week earlier or start a week later. I think the pros most definitely out weigh the cons. This is prob not perfect but there will never be a perfect situation when it comes to things like this. This would work and be a great model if the state chose to do this in my opinion.
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    I believe he had been contacted by Christ School, but to my knowledge has no intentions of playing anywhere but mitchell.