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    Congrats to Heritage. Hate I didn't get to get up there and experience a basketball game. Maiden is a very well coached squad.
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    Maiden will be coming to Mtn. Heritage on Thursday. Should be a good one.
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    Newton Conover girls are pretty damn good. Would not be surprised to see them represent the West. 2A West in girls is going to be a blood bath, as usual.
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    LOL. Na, the precedent and system has been set. It is proven. Whoever takes over I would imagine will just continue exactly what Ware has put in place. I mean we have people like Nepsy, I mean work7, and Wrigley coming down on the little boy thread. Whoever does take over is inheriting an absolutely loaded team. We should "6 outta 7"-peat. I hope that week 3 slot fills with one of those big boy schools.....wink, wink.
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    That could be a pretty decent game now that Smith has Silas Mason back. Mason is Smith's "Ben Simmons". Smith's a big team. Sounds like they might have a little trouble with Freedom's pace though.
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    Oh yes, I'm familiar with A'town......... This game could be rather interesting. Asheboro has some very quick guards. Point guard Rachel Luna is a good ballhandler and has a good feel for the game. Luna can also drain the three if you play off of her. Tanaeshia Ellison is a blur. NI might have some trouble with her. Their best player is arguably Diamond McDowell. McDowell is listed at 5-8 (but plays bigger) and has good length. She's also very athletic. The Comets also have a couple of decent three-point shooters. Asheboro's fairly comfortable playing a half or a full court game. Make no mistake though.....they will look to break out when the opportunity presents itself. I haven't seen NI but I do think that LaLonde could give them a bit of trouble.
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    Heritage boys break the century mark and defeat Lincolnton 101-49. Held Robinson to 10 points. Great defensive effort tonight.
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    Was wondering if Chute or anyone know Asheboro girls? Know nothing..
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    Patton boys upset Draughn.
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    Carson girls cruise 63-46 but not that close...sw Randolph next... Chute...know anything about them?
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    Maiden boys over Newton Conover 51-37. Newton was held to only 3 points in the 3rd. Came from a friend of mine.
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    Wasn’t at this game but the boys of East Lincoln over N. Surry 95-49.
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    North Iredell ladies win by around 30. First string out for fourth quarter. Could have been alot worse.
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    R. Mapp had as much potential and size but didn't have the energy that Stinson had. As stated above she had 49 against a good freedom team...before the 3 point shot was in effect. The year before N. Meck was around 18 down to Freedom in the 4th and she lead her team to the win and the state championship the next game.
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    One of the most fundamentally sound and savvy players to come through NC, both boys and girls. Until the knee injuries she was special at UConn.
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    Shock of the week in men’s action, Hickory over Freedom in the NW4A/3A finals. Brawl broke out postgame, not how a thrilling game like that is supposed to end. Now Hickory beat Freedom with Hickory’s best player from last year suiting up in Freedom red and white. Sometimes it’s easier to win in recruiting than on the floor.
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    In the 50's and 60's Beauford, NC HS was a dominate figure in HS basketball. Here is an excerpt from the attached article about Beauford HS. http://beaufortartist.blogspot.com/2017/05/early-beaufort-public-schools.html The school is probably best known for its remarkable accomplishments in basketball. Its “Seadogs” achieved a 91-game winning streak and maintained a win-loss record of 368-75 in the 1950s and 1960s. According to experts, this winning record will most likely stand permanently in North Carolina sports history. The Seadogs were the “winningest” boys’ basketball team in the History of North Carolina. The team was the only Class 1-A school in North Carolina to garner three consecutive state championships. The record included a State Class A Consolation Championship in 1953-1954, a State Class A Championship in 1954-1955, and State Class A Championships in 1958-1959, 1959-1960, and 1960-1961 game seasons, resulting in perfect 27-0, 24-0, 25-0 records, respectively. The Seadogs also won State Class AA 3rd Place in 1963-1965, and State Class AA District Runners-Up in 1964-1965. The coach of these outstanding teams was Thomas McQuaid, who has recently been recommended for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association’s Hall of Fame by numerous former students and players. Perhaps the most prominent supporter of Coach McQuaid’s nomination is none other than the renowned University of North Carolina Basketball Coach, Dean Smith. Coach McQuaid’s selection for the Hall of Fame is pending. When approached about the secret of his accomplishment with the Seadogs, Coach McQuaid attributed the team’s success to their years in grammar school (Beaufort Elementary School) and its basketball program for 9-12-year olds, which also had three undefeated seasons. The coach explained that community and parental involvement, support, and interest were also integral to the players’ drive to succeed. Apart from its achievements in athletics, the school can also point to unique academic accomplishments. For example, the Class of 1956 was remarkable because more than a third of its members maintained a 90% average for all four years of high school. The school produced several outstanding athletes in addition to its remarkable basketball players. One of the most noteworthy is George Brooks, Jr., Class of 1934, who became a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Yet another distinguished athlete was quarterback Butch Hassell, named to the honorable mention list of the 13th annual All-America high school football team—the highest honor ever afforded a county prep football player. He later became an All Atlantic Coast Conference player at Wake Forest University. (He was an All ACC player in basketball 1962-1964). Incidentally his 2 cousins Ray Hassell and Pud Hassell were also starters on the Beauford teams during that time. Ray (1964-1966) and Pud (1964-1965) were All ACC basketball players at UNC. https://www.scacchoops.com/Players.asp?Inactive=1 Historic Seadogs Gather.docx

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    • Saw Statesville play once this year. Same wide open undisciplined basketball they play every year. Wont last long in playoffs imo. Miykei Fields for them is a baller and a guard with a lot of potential. Dropped 27 when he had to other night. But if he doesn't have to distributes the ball well. May win first round maybe second round at best, if I had to predict.
    • Main question here is: Do they Hire in House and Move on or do they look outside too because they have 3 guys on staff who could take the job but there are a few guy I could see as good top choice if they do look else where as well here at Bandy's 
    • I want see what way Mallard Creek goes, Do they go in house or do they look outside to other CLT schools or out of state because Mallard Creek has so many options its crazy. 

      My top 3 in house guys are: Stone, Hellams, D. Littlejohn 
      CLT Coaches: Myers Park Coach, Hales, Newsome or someone like that and I went throw in Weddington HC if he really wanted to make that leap n change
      Out state: I could see somoneone from GA,SC,VA,TN etc come because Vance , Mooresville HC all came from VA area 
    • Seems like they are taking there SWEET time...... I dont know if they have someone in mind but I feel with the person on staff they have , they could hired in HOUSE if they wanted to n get it done so they must have few other guy want to consider but To me they need to make a Hire soon , this Job has been open for a while so they should be close 
    • I hope NWC make a Hire soon. I know it a TOUGHER sell to coaches with all the changes within Cabarrus co with West Cabarrus opening but I do think Northwest could still be in the mix with the good coach to continue the success they had under Gentry