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    GDG. Your right no coach has ever left and we have always hired within our system.right now we have 2 Shelby coaches put in for job.
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    Damn. My man won’t even let us get excited about recruits, in Feb. Lighten up, brotha!
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    Everything we say is irrelevant until they do something on the field. Mack came in, moved the recruiting rankings from the 90's to the low 30's. Brought in the #1 QB in NC and a top LB from VA and already doing some good work in 2020. Brew and Dre have been delightful additions to the recruiting team. The coaching isn't going to get better, based on what? Hall of fame coach, and proven assistants with Longo and Bateman. What makes you believe coaching won't be better? I remember Chazz, you remember that injury he sustained in high school? Remember the injury he sustained in college? Can't stay on the field. I didn't say you couldn't find the banter anywhere else. It's Feb, mane!
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    I didn't disagree with your facts. My opinion is they're irrelevant until they do something on the field. Your Facts are like saying Carolina will wear white uniforms in 2019. Nothing you said guarantees anything different on the Field. Outside of Nathan Elliot, which I realize you didn't like. The coaching is going to be better based off of what? All of your question's are wishes of every team playing in the ACC. I really like Howell. I watched him a lot in High School. No QB whisper on the planet can assure you that his High School play success is going to be the same in College. Chazz Surratt was a 4 Stat QB also. Remember him? I can go on any message board in college football and get the same banter about their program. That includes every team the Heels will play this year.
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    Since you edited it, I'll comment on the other part. Damn straight! And nothing I stated was a opinion, just facts, baby. Keep hatin', tho! 😎
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    Work, Heel fans with that Swo kinda attitude are precisely why I never have and never will be a Tarheel fan. The state is completely infested with them. NC State sucks, even though they have beaten the Heels consistently the last decade. What are you gonna do with folks like that.
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    One more thing..... I saw something tonight that I've never seen before. As both teams went to shake hands, one of the refs whistled a technical on one of the Cummings players. I had no idea you could call tech's after the game was over.
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    45. And yes hes headed to App. Nothing but best wishes for this good friend and coach.. Ill miss him at the helm...he put in place a great system his time as coach.......something i hope that carrys on.
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    Gonna be some lights out defenses in the Imeck this year. Points will be very hard to come by.
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    Ruder was also a 4*. I think the starting job is between those two. Regardless, UNC has made an upgrade on the sidelines and will have an upgrade at the QB position.
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    They may start Howell but that is definitely not a guarantee. The other two QBs both looked very good last year and I think the new staff likes the second one that was used, they player from Kansas. Very interesting season coming up.
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    You doubt they're crying? You might wanna check out Pack Pride and the tweet from the State Tight Ends coach recently. They're worried, no doubt about it. First step is getting the buzz back and building those relationships with NC coaches. No doubt he's done that. Do agree with you that you have to win games but Mack and company are doing everything they need to be doing right now. Can't argue that. Yea, they only won two games last year with Fedora as coach and Elliot as QB. In 2019, they'll have a National Champion and Hall-of-Famer on the sidelines along with a 4* recruit behind center. Yea.... They also had 2 wins when Mack took over and took them from 90 overall in recruiting to 31 in 8 weeks. They're currently top 15 in 2020 recruiting, while having 2 wins last year.
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    Honestly, I'm so excited and pumped I don't even recognize the name "Fedora" anymore! Hell of a turn around.
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    4 star WR Josh Downs committs to UNC over finalist Michigan, Ohio State and Oregon. Mack Daddyis about to take over
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    Although the expectations of FSU and the Heels are totally different when it comes to winning games. FSU lost 2 Five Stars, 5 four Stars, and 4 Three Stars from the 2019 Class. That's 11 decommits! Them going 5-7 had a lot to do with that. If you don't win games, all the noise goes away. I see you put up a confused meme πŸ˜•. I hope that helps you out? YOU GOTTA WIN FOOTBALL GAMES! The Wolfpack has more NC players on their roster than any team in the ACC. They've also beaten the Heels the last 3 years in a row. I doubt they're doing any crying. The Heels need to figure out how to beat a In-State program other than WCU, before they can start with the it's a good time to be a Heels Fan...lol! Love the optimism but they only won 2 games last year. I'm cheering form them, but winning games is the litmus test for me.
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    Kidd mentioned twice... Beastie Boys and Cha-Cha references... Is it baseball season yet??? 😁
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