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    Hickory Ridge will be in the 4a title game next year.
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    That does not mean it is a different offense. It means different plays were used in the same offense.
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    Nope...no hate. We arrived early and watched the NE vs R game. We also played South Point, Hibriten, and North Davidson this year. Northeastern had a very talented football team. The QB was a great dual threat player and the running back that also played DE was a stud. It is our opinion that they would beat Reidsville 9 out of 10 times. We could be wrong. Coaching plays a huge role at the high school level and Reidsville has a great coach. They also won the game when it mattered....congrats. Based on what we saw with our eyes, if we are ranking the teams based on the talent of the team itself: 1. Shelby 2. Hibriten 3. South Point 4. Northeastern 5. Reidsville 6. North Davidson PS. kms, that burns loss was a long time ago. lot of personnel changes since that game. Ohio State got a pass on the Purdue blowout....lol.
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    1 Mitchell This should be the Mountaineers best season to date, barring injuries and other schools recruiting our studs. 2 Mountain Heritage The Coogs return a little less than the Mountaineers, but should have a dandy season. 3 Owen The Warhorses are headed in the right direction, and return almost everyone. Could challenge Heritage for #2 4 Avery The Vikings are hitting the weight room and should be a little stronger up front this season. Troy Hoilman is a gunslinger, and if the o line can get up to snuff, Avery could be a darkhorse. 5 Polk The Wolverines had to battle thru alot more adversity than any highschool team should have to, and made it to the 3rd round. They dont return much talent, and last years JV was terrible, but Ollis can make chicken salad out of chicken $#!+, so.... 6 Madison Its Madison, they will never get out of their own way and become succsessful.


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    • Went and seen the Maiden n Newton Conover game. What a game it was but a upset. N.C led most of the game until the last part of the 4th quarter. With maybe 20 some seconds or so Maiden tied it up at 45. N.C. went down and scored leaving about 17 secs up 47-45. Maiden had a chance to tie it but as the player went up his feet slip causing him to fall and the ball hit the rim but didn’t go in. N.C got the ball back and Maiden fouled a player. Both shots hit. N.C. hit both foul shots and won 49-45. The score I saw with the Lincolnton game is East Lincoln winning 80-51 if that’s the right score.   
    • Hickory girls win 54-43.  FHS vs HHS in the finals tomorrow night.
    • Spartanburg HS in SC has suffered another loss today as one of their student died in a Car accident ! This is the 3rd death at this school in the past few months!  Keep them in your prayers! 
    • Lady Patriots narrowly defeat Watauga 50-47.  Kind of good to have a game like this before the playoffs to give the team some experience in close games.  Watauga might make some noise in the playoffs. McDowell leads Hickory 27-22 at halftime.
    • The community is just happy he is still with us. Things have been tough for Turner and his family. We all wish him well!