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    Starting the 12th of Oct. 3 games in 8 days. Got to catch up sometime. Date Opponent Type Fri Oct 05 East Carteret (Beaufort, NC) Conference Fri Oct 12 Lejeune (Camp LeJeune, NC) Conference Tue Oct 16 @Dixon (Holly Ridge, NC) Conference Fri Oct 19 @Richlands (Richlands, NC) Conference Fri Oct 26 Pender (Burgaw, NC) Conference Fri Nov 02 @Trask, Heide (Rocky Point, NC) Conference Fri Nov 09 @Croatan (Newport, NC) Conference
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    Context is fine so lets go with that. As he was putting together this teaching moment how about counseling with the Coaches on your staff that are Black to get a real world perspective on if this was something that just might be offensive if it were to come out of his mouth in a mixed setting. Really this incident is a condition of making communication decisions that effect a large number without having diversity in the room. It happens all the time in large corporations who spend millions of dollars on campaigns just to have it blow up in there face because of not taking the time to figure out that something might be offensive because of there ignorance to societal situations. Blowing it out of proportion......wow....how about acknowledging the situation as something that was WRONG and stop marginalizing it. Once again most of the time its not the act that is the worse its the cover up. Just look in today's current headlines..
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    Small 1a playoffs should be more competitive this year. I know Mount Airy fans are wishing to drop, but unless they lost like 50 kids, I doubt it will happen. Mitchell, Murphy, TJ, and Robbinsville all in the top 10. The West will be tough. TJ is no slouch either. The Gryphons QB is a stud.
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    Wow 6 I-meck teams. Think North and WC are a little too high IMHO. But if they were put into the other Charlotte conferences could see each finishing 2nd in both, but in the I meck they may be 5-6. LOL. Sounds crazy I know. Hopwell and LKNM aren't horrible teams either. Easily best conference in the state. Think Hough is going to get surprised by Vance and MC. Cant wait to see those games and WC-Hough, WC-Moorvesville. vance -Mooresville. North-Vance. Well any week of games will be great. Reminds me of the old Tri-County league.
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    I agree 100% with both of you. Yes, its wrong, but again to go back to my statement, use this as a teaching moment and learn from it. This is a good opportunity for CMS and other systems to address this into further diversity training.
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    East Duplin plays at Spring Creek tonight and travels to Goldsboro Friday.
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    Product of player movement. You have developed have and have not programs. Loaded teams versus awful teams.
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    yeap. Just saying you go have some folks that are gonna over react. They not go understand context. Context is key.
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    Agree Chris. Thats why the coach made the mistake in even using it. Some think like you, some think like me about the word, and there are some hard liners that wont accept usage of it by whites, blacks, or youth. They just feels its vile. Most are older middle class to affluent afro-Americans who have more of a direct relation to Jim Crow and grew up in a different time. To them this is an offense to fire or at least a punishable offense. Just took a couple Ubers and the first guy was a white guy playing loud music and using the F-word, and S-word constantly. He wasn't directing it at me, and was very nice but the language and the way he communicated just made me cringe. We don't curse in my household.My parents didn;t curse, my grand parents didn;t curse. So for my environment he was highly offensive almost to the point of asking him to drop me off. Again he wasn;t nasty, beligerent or directing it towards me, but it made me very uncomfortable. Thats how some feel about the N-word and this situation. Some look the other way, some dont care, but some get really upset when a coach, A leader of youth, a guide uses profane language especially when leading a team with a high percentage of afro-americans on it. Its like a duh moment.
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    Watauga coach Ryan Habich does a tremendous job and with Boone continuing to grow and bring in people from out of state, Watauga could become a perennial state contender.
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    Most of the East teams affected by Hurricane cancellations are in the same boat. Clinton, Midway, Croatan, and East Carteret have two games this week. East Duplin is scheduled for Tuesday and Friday. Wallace Rose Hill and Clinton cancelled a non conference game and will pay for it in seeding. WRH already has two loses and only a 10 game schedule now. Clinton who never plays more than 10 is now down to 9 games for the season. Looks like another bad seeding for them with 1 loss on the books so far. Looks like everyone will get a little break the last two regular season games with all made up .....I hope.
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    Really didn't want to touch this one. But WOW. How a coach would think its proper to use that language even in the setting he did is unbelievable. Also the fact of no punishment just shows how far we have degraded as a society. Really a sad situation from a morals standpoint. But when I listen to the language in youth ball games, middle school games, and even HS its way more colorful than this if we are being honest. So its a moral dilemma on what we want football to be. The NFL enacted a rule because the players using the word, but I hear pee wees using it on the field. Black coaches using it too. So I understand how/why no penalty from CMS because of context, but its a slippery slope fore sure.
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    Chris agree 100%. When I say a little high was thinking at seasons end and potential ending ranking. North and West are good solid teams, but not what I would call top 20 in the state as I dont see either as challengers to the ship. But agree fully that 4A just isnt that great this year outside of the top 8 or so. Will review once I see your full rankings. If I'm being picky would say Hough,Richmond, and Butler are not true contenders either. Really dont see anything stopping MC-WF repeat title game. As tough as the I-meck is, I don't see anyone on Mallard Creek's schedule or potential playoff match ups that could stay within 2 tds. Then in 3A Catholic, Central Cabarrus, Huss, Watauga, NW Cabarrus, Northern Durham, Dudley, AC Reynolds, Crest, and possibly Mt. Tabor could realistically beat most of the teams from your Power 20 number 6 on down rather easily head to head. 3A is loaded.
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    Three games in 8 days? Wow I'm surprised the NCHSAA would go for that. Not sure there would be a better way without pushing the Championship game past Christmas. And of course that wouldn't do. Good luck to everyone running that gauntlet. Hope everyone can stay healthy.
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    You may think that North Meck and West Charlotte are too high, and I understand the argument, but when I release our extending rankings, and hopefully see the big picture that I study, you'll see that the 4A has a huge, and I mean HUGE drop-off after the Top-8 or so. I'm not saying that the teams ranked from 9th through 20th and beyond are bad, because that's not what I'm saying at all, but unlike 3A where you literally have 45-50 very good programs, the 4A is top-heavy and the bottom third gets very bad quickly.
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    Man, where do I begin? East is a big, physical team and they let people know that right off the rip. They lined up those elephants and used Ahmani Marshall as a battering ram. They pushed Page down the field en route to their first score. Marshall might be the strongest runner I've seen all year. On East's last score of the game, he trucked a Page defender Herschel Walker style right before he hit the end zone. Sophomore QB Ty Lyles is quite a weapon. He showed some outstanding poise on those two TD's he threw in the second half. His long throw to Khalid Martin was a thing of beauty. On that play, Lyles barely avoided two would-be tacklers in the pocket. He then planted his feet and threw a bomb to a crossing Martin. Lyles is also the punter and, early on, he made a nice throw on a beautifully executed fake punt. East scored their second TD of the game shortly after this fake punt. Lyles tested Page's secondary early and often. Quite a few times, he would just throw the ball up and let his receivers go get it. Micah Caldwell reeled one of those in for a TD. On those two TD's in the second half, the Page secondary was nowhere to be found. TE Brendan Conway was so wide open that I think even I could've made that catch and run. Speaking of Conway.....he's also a nice weapon. Midway through the game, he caught the ball on the left sideline, ran a straight line, and ran through two/three Page defenders en route to a 35-40 yard romp. Conway's listed at 6-0, 185 but looks and plays bigger. Mizell Hall's kickoff return at the beginning of the second half was an absolute killer. With the Eagles up 14-7 at the break, Hall caught the kick deep in Pirate territory. He then ventured left about five yards, made a sharp cut, saw a lane, went from second to fifth in about a second, and flew down the right side outrunning all of Guilford County in the process. On the defensive side of things, linebacker Christian Grubbs was outstanding. He had three sacks, two at critical points of the game. On his first sack, he ran over a Page blocker before getting to the QB. Grubbs reminded me a little of former West Forsyth player Quinton Brinkely. Page just didn't match East's physicality. They really missed not having Cam Gavin on the defensive line. I think he would've made a sizable impact. I also think Page's inability to establish the run hurt them. If teams want to beat East, they're going to have to run the football. If East goes small 4A, I think they're one of the favorites to win it all. If they go 4AA, it will be interesting. As for Page, I still think they will win their conference. I also think they have the talent to knock some teams off come late November. They just gotta circle the wagons and regroup.
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    Dang... been a minute. We'll see how it plays out.
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    Come up and watch Mountain Heritage @ Mitchell. It will likely be the best game in the state this week.
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    It was VERY impressive. A lot of people, including myself, gave the coaching staff grief for how they lined up our personnel on offense against Robbinsville ... and deservingly so. But that being said, they deserve a pile of praise for the changes they made afterwards. They inserted an 8th grader in at FB, John Ledford, who really played well. The offense was very balanced between pass and run and also balanced between the (3) runners. There was not a kid on that field that didn't deserve to be praised for their effort and performance. Kudos to all of the coaches and kids. Great plan, great execution.
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    Wins over morals is never good. But it seems to be the case here.
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    point of interest! CC has NEVER beaten Brown even during the Natrone Means era.
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    I think public schools should play the Big 4 privates. Charlotte Christian would hang with if not beat any 4A team in Charlotte. They've got great talent and great coaches who always have their kids in the right spot to make plays. Playing them shows you how good you really are right off the bat. Country Day for years would go out and beat Crest and I think beat Northwestern one year as well in the mid/late 2000s. I see only advantages for the big time public schools like Butler, Myers Park and Mallard Creek to play Charlotte Christian and others. I think especially playing Christian would draw a large crowd of people from other schools to watch.
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    Trump is already the most successful President sence Reagan !
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    It still is very much a rivalry. We have always had kids play at Boger City that end up going to different schools and some eventually come back to Lincolnton ( Randelman, McClain, Thompson) just to name a few. I will be very honest about what the problem is at Lincolnton. Our coaching is not good and we have no identity. Kids used to chomp at the bit at the opportunity to put on the black and gold and recently we have lost our pride. Coaches are not fully invested in the program overall and the kids see that. Trust me, us and East are and always will be rivals especially with the older generation. It may not mean as much to kids now because a lot of east people are not from here and didn't grow up here so there isn't as much as a connection and kids don't grow up playing against each other. I don't know where you come off thinking that transfers are the end all be all for Lincolnton, that isn't the case. We have talent on the sidelines and in the halls but truth be told the head man doesn't give a rats ass about developing that talent like in years past.

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    • Basketball is more of an issue than football or baseball due to the lack of a barrier and being so much closer to the stands.
    • I retracted the discriptive term. The story we know is that a parent of an athlete left the stands, confronted an official, and then punch them in the face.  Sure there may be more to it but when an official is assaulted the line is crossed.   If a person cannot contain themselves enough once the police are involved and attempting to separate them from an official at an athletic event where their child is playing then there is an issue.  Period.   People that go around getting out of control and physical with others in these type of situations may be "great" people but they do not need to be in attendance at the event.  Sure, things happen but everyone has a story that is supposed to make it acceptable.  "He's a good guy but the ref looked at him wrong" or whatever... As I wrote, I have no issue with deferred prosecution so it goes off his record but I would not want him at a school sports event his child is participating in.  He forfeited that when he came out of the stands and went after the official.
    • I do remember photos of the field at Brevard (perhaps the year before they installed turf) and there was nothing but mud. No grass showing. It looked like a pig pen.
    • In 1990 I went down to Monroe to see them play Jordan Matthews in a playoff game. It was a special game to me because I knew all the Monroe coaches as well as Phil Senter (HC at JM). The game was played in the old city municipal stadium that was a FB and baseball stadium. The FB field was the outfield that was flat and had zero drainage. It started raining when the game started and as the game progressed it turned into a torrential downpour. There was standing water all over the field. On one incomplete pass the ball started floating away. Monroe won the game 16-14. I will never forget this game because I have never seen that much water on a FB field before or since.