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    Tommy Pursley. Great coach. Excellent win-loss record. Did it the right way through dedication, hard work, and demanded perfection from both players and coaches. Turned two programs (NE Guilford and Tuscola) into consistent winners. It was an absolute pleasure coaching with him for 12 years. Well organized practices with a minimum of standing around and very little group discussion. Coaching on the run. Maximum drill time and minimum discussion. I still use his principals today in my practice individual, group and team time.
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    Great memories from the 70's and 80's when Garmon and Oddo went at it tooth and nail. If I remember correctly, it was pouring rain at one of those games between Catholic and WM when Catholic knocked off an undefeated Warrior team at West. REAL HARDNOSED FOOTBALL!
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    One of the biggest and most memorial losses was in the 1992 playoffs against Catholic. You want to talk about some tear jerking memories. That was a big loss. Dave Otto ran a play that won the game. Catholic and West Montgomery went nose to nose. Damn good teams on the field. Catholic has had our number for decades. That was a damn good West Montgomery team. Both teams kneeled and said a prayer after the game, shook hands and both walked off with dignity. Good call on that win in '75. I was a young buck back then. I promised a run of two or three Championships! Some of the folks that post think that they are easy...nothing about football is easy. Especially back then. You have watered down playoffs where the first two rounds are against teams you have already blown out. 16 teams from the East and West in each region. That's big boy football.
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    Scotland Alunmi 99, could not agree more. High School athletics is the last place that a hard working athlete has a chance. Let's face it. Not all humans are blessed to be 6'4' and weigh 300 pounds to play line in college and pro. Not all athletes can run the 40 in 4.3 seconds. College has gotten to the point if you are not in those categories it is hard for you to compete. At the high school level, you can take an "undersized" athlete that has lots of grit, determination, hard work, etc. and make a pretty good player and team out of those guys if you are willing to work at it. It doesn't cost 300 bucks to take your family to a game, and you get to see communities rally together to cheer their local team.
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    I'm just a big football junkie, watching the other sports is fun too but there's just something about those Friday night lights.
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    Page @ Eastern Alamance Aug 8th -- 6:00pm Page @ Dudley Jamboree (multiple opponents) August 10th -- starts at 5:00pm