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    Not fair. I’m a black woman trapped in white man’s body.
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    Anyone who would pay him to instruct or mentor children has sold their sole to the devil. These big business HS football factories are as slimy as they come. You need to take a shower after dealing with guys like Probst and Biffy at SFA. Entirely ego driven with zero regard for the kids. Whose got the biggest stadium or best recruits. Period I am looking forward to the eventual and easily predictable Rush " scandal" in about 2 years. Thats typically when he starts to run his course. I know dozens of people from Hoover and the stories are priceless. Lock up the middle age women and the pills.....Rush is coming to town.
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    https://www.maxpreps.com/games/1-3-2020/girls-basketball-winter-19-20/chase-vs-shelby.htm?c=NOUGIW-7FEybxDmV5Tue6g#tab=box-score&schoolid= I have seen a lot of lopsided results in high school sports, but this might be a new record. Sheby Lady Golden Lions over the Chase Lady Trojans 78-2. Chase doesn't list a roster on their Maxpreps page, so I wonder how many girls they have out for basketball. I think this might be in line with some of what has been discussed on other threads in that there is declining participation in several sports and Chase may very well be having problems getting girls to come out and play. Earlier this year West Caldwell had to delay the start of their girls basketball season until some of their girls returned from injuries and they could put enough girls on the court. Last season there was a story in the Hickory paper about how several schools could not field a team in JV girls hoops. Declining participation in football gets a lot of attention because it is the premier high school sport and the one that carries the burden of funding many other sports, but I think what we are seeing is a larger social trend playing out in school sports.
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    Lake Norman 11-0 at West Rowan 10-0
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    Pros to coaching at Asheville 1. Generally a very good base of talent to work with. ( that may change in the future, see below ) 2. The stadium is second to none. 3. Beautiful area to live in. 4. being the only City School, they don't have to share tax money with another high school. Cons to coaching at Asheville 1. Very expensive to live in Asheville. ( not as bad outside the city ) 2. The administration isn't as supportive as in years past. 3. No assistants that are teachers at the school. 4. Rumor has it the weight program is going downhill fast. ( None or only one class for weight training) 5. Families moving into the Asheville district are more interested in soccer, tennis, cross country or other things than football.
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    Admin support, cost of living is a huge problem in Asheville area. I'm not sure they have teaching jobs to hire also.
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    Coach Pursley retired. My guess is they wish he had stayed. I saw on this site as well as NC Preps a couple of so called fans who were critical of him from the start. After his last season there this one poster (I forget his name) made all kinds of accusations about him. Things like he was never in the school. The truth: He was there almost every day making sure his assistants who had the weight classes were following his program and making sure the kids were working hard. He also was there doing daily duties, etc. I know this for a fact because he and I talked a lot and he was always at the school. My wife and I visited he and his wife one weekend. I saw how neat, tidy, well organized the field house was. He was that way when we were together at NE Guilford. Another was that he spent more time in Gibsonville on the weekends than he did in Maggie Valley. The truth: He almost never came to his home here during FB season. His wife would come once a month to check on things. After FB season he might come once a month. Again I know this because we spoke often. There were some other things but I cannot remember what they were because they were petty things that doing even need to be revived. The point is that some people make up things that the heard from someone else and none of those people involved know fact from fiction. They use these made up things because they either do not like someone or their candidate did not get the job so they try to cast shadows on the person who did get the job. While this goes on everywhere for some reason the fact that Coach Pursley was being criticized for not beating Tuscola. It is almost like well he won 10 games but his loss was to Pisgah. Most FB teams in the entire US would give almost anything to be able to do that every year. I get the rivalry thing but still would much rather be 10-1 than 1-10.
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    They might want to take Alabama School for the Deaf out of the 1A rankings before they seed the NC playoffs.
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    Ok, sounds good. I don’t like it when people post stories before a coach can address his team. Those players need to hear it from him and not from message boards.
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    I have spoken to several coaches who have mentioned a theory as to why football numbers are down. Used to be a student athlete had some time out of season and over the summer to be a kid and enjoyed that age of life. High school coaches think they are college coaches and have to do all the things colleges are afforded thru out the year. Spring ball, summer 7 on 7, practice in season and out plus the weight room. No wonder kids are getting burned out and their bodies used up by the time they reach college. Plus if they play multiple sports, every coach wants to win so bad that they steal kids away every free second they get. Just a feeling that they be doing more harm than good. 11 games plus post season is a lot in football. I have seen a lot of good football since the 70's and they used to do just fine running the ball and not throwing it every play and not practicing year round. I think truth be told a lot of coaches are burning them selves out as well.
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    It was very normal in the eighties to play numerous sports, kids were much more active, no social media, no cell phones, kids playing pick up football games, hanging out on basketball courts and rec centers all day. I don’t believe they’re being burned out. It just a lack of sports interest in general. They can play their sport year round, or play numerous sports. Or just stay inside and hang out on the computer all day. Also Adults have figured out a way to make profits during the off-season. Travel Baseball, AAU Basketball & 7v7 Football. The kids who love their sport, play it. The ones that don’t have the passion, don’t.
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    Let's not even pretend he ain't getting something on the side of he goes up in the mountains!! I was born at night, but it wasn't last night!
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    I think he is asking which team from a particular season would beat all the others. NCHSAA only. There have been some loaded private school teams 1972 South Meck. Lew Massy/Walter Davis. 1983 Page. Danny Manning/Haywood Jeffries.
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    I dont think you get it. This has zero to do with " rising to the top". If Tua declares he will go between 10-20. Haskins got 14 mill and i think 8 million signing bonus at 15 last year. Nothing to do with making it big, everything to do with cashing a check that puts you and your family in the drivers seat for life. Russell Wilson NEVER had to make that decision because he wasnt going ANYWHERE near that spot. Coming back and playing was his only move, period. Tua has a much different dilemma. He could go back to Bama, compete for a title but the upside draft wise is very little. We already know who the #1 pick is in 2021....Lawrence would have been #1 last year and this year. If he goes back and tears up his knee again he could get ZERO. Its like reading that Ian Book is coming back at ND. Of course he is!! What else was he going to do??. If he would have gotten a first round grade he would be saying bye,bye Touchdown Jesus.
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    That's y I'm on some of the players side when they decide to skip the bowl game, esp if they're a 1st rd pick. People quick to ridicule a player for skipping the game, I'm all about getting ur $$$$ because u have a finite amount of time u can play football might as well get as much as u can when u can.
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    Coming out of high school Muse may have been faster in a 40 (or straight line running when he could pickup full speed) than Echols is but Tanner did not have the hips or initial burst that Echols has. Muse had length and overall size on Echols. I always thought Muse would grow into a linebacker. Muse was physically advanced in high school from the weight room, speed work, and nutrition. Echols is quick and explosive. Every play is played like the final play of his last game. Height could be a factor on how much size he can carry. He has the ability to cover. Do not see that being an issue for him.
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    He is a great coach but I am sure there are a lot of great coaches of various age and experience levels who will do as good a job as he did. To say that in year 3 Randleman will go down hill is not fair to his replacement.
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    If true, randleman will return to mediocrity pretty quickly in the next few years. Handy was wonderful for that program.
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    LMAO....not only do we have the guy leaving we also have his replacement hired. Love those message board " in the know" guys. Classic.
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    Kings Mountian is NOT looking for a coach. Greg Lloyd isn’t going anywhere.
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    As for the girls.......FHS has five good ones listed! I'll add......2010 Butler (with Cierra Burdick), either 2012 or 13 Millbrook (w/Day twins), 2014 Myers Park (w/Rodney Rogers's daughters), 2017 NW Guilford (Liz Kitley/Cayla King) and 2017 or 18 Northern Guilford (w/Elissa Cunane) I'll have to think about this one some more too....
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    Avery finished 5th in the Holy Angels. 2 2nd place. 1 3rd place and 1 4th place. The top 4 teams in points were from Georgia, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Avery had the highest finish in points for a NC team.
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    The Gaffney team i saw last year would have been competitive with any school in NC. Lost 4 games...twice to 5a runner up Dorman, Mallard Creek and Byrnes. Came back and beat Byrnes at their place in playoffs( damn good Byrnes team). Gaffney, RHSP, Dillon, Myrtle Beach, Byrnes, Dutch Fork, Dorman, Fort D all would be great SC matchups
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    I pulled all this information from our GoBigGreen website....just my thoughts but only since 1972! Program wins (since 1972): Swain 430 Murphy 422 ACR 405 Robbinsville 397 Asheville 386 Pisgah 375 Brevard 369 Hendersonville 366 Tuscola 348 Owen 324 Conference Championships (since 1972): ACR 26 Hendersonville 21 Asheville 19 Murphy 18 Owen 17 Swain 17 Robbinsville 16 Brevard 16 Pisgah 15 Tuscola 13 State Championships (since 1972): Robbinsville 12 Murphy 9 Swain 8 ACR 3 Pisgah 2 Tuscola 1 Franklin 1 Brevard 1 Asheville 1 Cherokee 1 Final Rankings (Based off a point ranking system for each category listed above): Murphy ACR Swain Robbinsville Asheville Pisgah Hendersonville Brevard Owen Tuscola Honorable Mention: Franklin and Cherokee

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    • This is almost sickening. 
      mike Helms, Blair Hardin, Brandon Allen, JBB, Luke little. 6 coaches in 9 years. No doubt Freedom is a basketball dominated school by looking at both their teams records. Feel sorry for those kids especially the Birchfield and burgess kids that endured 3 coaches in 4 years and managed to scrape wins together with no culture established. Chris don’t know if this is just hear say or facts with him accepting this job. What a disappointment to those coaches and kids at freedom to have to go through this again! 
    • With the boys game Hickory was hot with their outside shooting. They appear to have a real good team. My first visit to this gym which is really a nice gym. I thought the upper set of bleacher behind both ball goals was nice. Noticed a lot of banners from previous years with Championships which was won for different events. The girls basketball team sure has a good history of winning State Championship games in basketball. Also I was impressed seeing McDowell Co. JV team having 17 players on the team. 
    • Heard tht Stud Rb Lilly is transferring from Randleman
    • For the record; Luke Little hasn’t accepted the job yet. I also hate it when keyboard warriors get on and announce a hire way before it should, these coaches should be given the opportunity to tell assistant coaches, administrators, players, etc. before someone spoils the news. 
    • Wow.  If true Didn’t see that coming but that is where his family and in-laws are from east coast I’m pretty sure. Why is Freedom running coaches off after 1 year?  Luke and his family have a lot to offer.  He told me his brother in-law Is coach at Whiteville.  Thought we had Luke for longer tenure than that.  Keep us posted PortCity