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    Just throw a big ol white K out there and play ball!
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    Big time programs play big time opponents on big time stages... Congrats to both schools on getting this done. Please no lightning https://www.thestate.com/sports/high-school/prep-football/article229613929.html
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    A small rant here, but this is what I cannot stand. Below this is a tweet from a young man who is announcing his commitment basically to play at Greer HS in South Carolina. We saw this in the past with kids transferring to Hough and announcing it on Twitter as if they were saying where they will go to college. The ego's these kids get from the fake 7 on 7 leagues they participate in is insane. It wouldn't shock me if they start making videos with hats from different HS' and picking one up like HS seniors do on National Signing Day. Just rubs me the wrong way I guess, but this is a total joke. Not trying to rain on the kids parade, but we've already seen this happen and I feel like we will continue to. Especially with schools like Hough using 7 on 7 leagues to recruit players from across NC and different states.
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    I have decided that I will not do well being retired so I am returning to Eastern Guilford HS and look forward to spring practice starting next week. My wife is very glad that I am doing this because she is tired of being around me all the time.
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    Based off of this year’s ADMs I have constructed what this 5 classification model would look like. 1A 104-509 (48 schools) 2A 515-860 (94 schools) 3A 861-1211 (94 schools) 4A 1233-1889 (94 schools) 5A 1891-3513 (48 schools) In this model you would have to subdivide 2A-4A for playoff purposes. In my opinion these are the pros of this model 1. Roughly the same percentage of teams get into the playoffs in each classification. (66.7% in 1A and 5A; 68% in 2A-4A) 2. You keep 8 state champions in football which is what football coaches have been used to for almost 2 decades. 3. Even though there is a large gap from the smallest 5A to the biggest 5A, (Not much you can do with that honestly) I doubt you would see as many split leagues as most of these schools are located in metropolitan areas in our state. In my opinion these are the cons 1. 28 current 1A schools would bump up to 2A in this model thus possible leading to more 1A/2A split leagues unless the NCHSAA changes the minimum number of teams allowed in a conference. Most of the smaller schools in our state are in rural areas, Far East or far west. This is the opposite of the 5A schools which are more tightly packed geographically. 2. 1A and 5A playoffs are 1 week shorter since you have less teams. They would have to finish a week earlier or start a week later. I think the pros most definitely out weigh the cons. This is prob not perfect but there will never be a perfect situation when it comes to things like this. This would work and be a great model if the state chose to do this in my opinion.
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    Actually it's another WHC school from what I was told. I bet he will be at Mitchell this year though, seems to have been rumored he would go to this other school for a couple years now and obviously it's never happened.
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    I believe he had been contacted by Christ School, but to my knowledge has no intentions of playing anywhere but mitchell.
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    That is a good assesment. #32 was the game changer for Murphy. After producing pretty much 0 offense in the first 3 quarters, he had fresher legs than everyone else, and picked the Mountaineer defense apart something fierce. I think the west small 1a will yet again come down to Mitchell and Murphy this year. Like you mentioned, the offense should be ridiculous, like in 2015 when they averaged like 52 points a game. Our new core of linebackers will have to learn the ropes right out of the gate @ Erwin, but this core of juniors and seniors was a last second 48 yard miracle field goal by Elizabethton away from being undefeated in JV. Elizabethton is a perennial powerhouse in TN 4a football.
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    I am 100% in favor of a two year realignment process.
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    Here is my latest update of 1A & 2A Baseball Playoff Bracketology
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    I agree a lot of the so call big dogs from the 757 area are afraid to play Northeastern even some that was looking for the same date that the Eagles needed and they where going to their house if need be,you can add Indian River to the list a team that beat Oscar Smith last season and only lost one game and that was in the playoff,plus a few 4A teams from Fayetteville who claim their AD will not let them travel to Elizabeth City so Northeastern flip the strip and said we will come to you still they said well we aren't good enough right now but they still play a 4A conference schedule. What I admire about Coach Moore he will schedule any team regardless win or lose. Oh the big boys in Raleigh won't touch Northeastern even if they are willing to come to Raleigh. Northeastern are still checking out some top teams from the DC. and Baltimore area for future games and some sound very positive about playing Northeastern in the future.
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    I'm very excited about this game being on ESPN, I may try and pull some strings and see if I can get on the broadcast crew since I have some experience with those guys! I think this will be must-see football if you're a fan of football in either state.
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    Huss vs South Point Statesville vs Kannapolis Reidsville vs Dudley Reidsville vs South Point Tarboro vs Northeastern MT Airy vs Wilkes Central
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    Haven't heard anything about that yet. I imagine a big White "K" midfield though.
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    This is what I do!!
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    I heard today that it will begin after graduation day.
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    Its his son, Brock Pursley, not Tommy but Essenburg appears to be coming back.
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    Very true. Plus the fact that since Brent Shepard retired I had to make sure EG had one senior citizen on the staff. LOL.
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    The approval for homeschool players to play is a good move IMO. However, I am not a fan of this transgender policy. That could be a bag of worms down the road.
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    Read the complete paragraph and you will see it is not correct. The NCHSAA only subdivides football. I think they are open to some various options with football. "Currently, the association subdivides all of its playoffs, resulting in eight champions from four classes. Under a 5A scenario, Tucker said there would be five championships named." That is the NCHSAA admin preference. I would jump for joy if we had five football champions!!!!! I expect it will remain at eight. 2A through 4A subdivide. 1A and 5A the do not. Just a personal opinion based on some options that have been presented in the past by the NCHSAA during realignment talks.
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    They do. I follow HSFB all around the country. Some states are just better organized than others.
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    While I wish it were true that UNC and Mack Brown had the inside track with this one, my gut tells me that his relationship with Porter Rooks will win out and he ends up at State.
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    Trenton is a OLB and simply a freakish athlete. Like last year I think you will see him get some touches in the backfield as well. Lotta of things you can do with Holmes. Catches the ball extremely well and Hellams loves to get the ball out quick so I suspect he will be a big part of the offense. Rrmember...Holmes is a special defensive player as well. He might be a bettee SS.
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    I doubt they become a playoff factor but a winning season can be had. The kids who made the difference are playing for other schools in the county. I saw them play three years straight and they had no beef and quality on both lines. It’s another program without physical players. Working on the trench kids would be my first goal. Best wishes to Holman. Lexington’s rebuild will take time.