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    Could be serious or not. Infection rates and deaths are lower than other virus strains common across the world. Many more deaths from other sicknesses but it’s an election year. News media has used this for their own purposes. Would they have shut down all these events for the common flu that happens every year. Of course not.
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    Wow. He just got to Mooresville. Coaches asking for commitment, admin ask for commitment, players commit, the word commitment needs to be redefined as " just for now we good"
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    Looks like we were thinking much the same at the same time. The media is driving a panic and it might be to change the economic scene which will dictate voting later in November. I could see any strain of flue being an issue in a country with socialized medicine where the wait to be treated is long and the access to medicine is limited. My concern personally is not health related. It’s now economy related. If this hysteria continues there will not be a restaurant or venue in North Carolina open in a month.
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    Shuford Gym Lenoir Rhyne Noon 4A Men Olympic vs North Meck 2:14 pm 2A Men Shelby Forest Hills 4:30 pm 3A Girls SE Guilford vs Freedom 6:45 pm 3A Men Huss vs Freedom =============================== CVCC Tarlton Complex Noon 2A Women Newton Conover vs Salisbury 2:15 pm 1A Girls Mitchell vs Murphy 4:30 pm 1A men Chatham Charter vs Winston Salem Prep 6:45 pm 4A Girls Vance vs Mallard Creek
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    Yes, sir! Not one, not two, but three games for me. What a fun day of basketball! After the Northwest games, I headed up 158 for the Breon Pass experience. The nightcap didn't start out too great though. Just like they did against orange/blue the other night, Hertford got off to a fast start and a big lead. They were finding the holes in the Ram zone and attacking it from all angles. Reidsville soon began to settle in and slowly chip away at the lead. Behind Breon Pass and Auldon Edwards, they cut the lead to four, 19-15, heading into the second quarter. In the second quarter, Reidsville got a big boost from the unlikeliest of sources..........a fellow by the name of Carter Wilson. It had to have been this kid's birthday. He was flat "in the zone". Hertford left him alone and he made them pay. Wilson hit three after three after three. Another Ram who stepped up during this time was KJ Allen. Allen was making big plays on both ends. Behind these two, Reidsville winds up snatching the lead and the momentum. Rams led 41-36 at the break. In the second half, Wilson continues his unbelievable shooting and Allen continues to make huge plays. Auldon Edwards is breaking the Bears down off the dribble, drawing fouls, and getting to the line. Meanwhile, Hertford County has cooled off noticeably. Reidsville outscores the Bears 43-27 in the second half. Jakob Marshall has two dunks towards the end. Final was 84-63. Wilson was just unconscious tonight. Only way to describe it. I liked watching Hertford. They were a well-balanced, even-tempered team. Guard Daylen Askew had a nice game. Keep an eye on freshman Israel Powell. I think he has a chance to be pretty good. Matter of fact, keep an eye out for these Bears next year. They're young across the board. HC just forgot about Wilson and got killed off the dribble in the second half. That's what did them in. I really loved Breon Pass's "Hadouken". That was really cool. Up next......Reidsville heads up 85 to Creedmoor. There, they'll try to derail the South Granville hype train.
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    I think politics plays a big part in many things we do not expect it to.
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    I am much more concerned about the next week, month, the economic hits, et al. I have a few close friends and relatives that are doctors. They mention the lack of hysteria over the swine flu a decade ago. Always note the demographics of the deaths. I have seen people that push an agenda because it is good for them, their industry, their job advancement. Always wonder what or who drives an agenda.
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    Reynolds Coliseum NCSU, Raleigh 12:05 pm 1A Womens Murphy(30-0) vs Weldon(27-1) 2:35 pm 1A Men Henderson Collegiate(26-10) vs Winston Salem Prep(22-8) 5:05 3A women EE Smith(31-1) vs SE Guilford(30-1) 7:35 pm 3A Men Freedom(29-1) vs Westover(30-0) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dean E. Smith Center UNC, Chapel Hill 12:05 pm 2A Women Newton Conover(29-2) vs Farmville Central(25-3) 2:35 pm 2A Men Farmville Centra(29-2)l vs Shelby(26-3) 5:05 pm 4A Women SE Raleigh(27-1) vs Vance(26-5) 7:35 pm 4A Men North Meck(30-1) vs Lumberton(26-5)
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    I really enjoyed watching James Freeman. That was the first time seeing him live. He is a good, good ballplayer and very fun to watch. I can't believe (statewide) that he's not talked about more. Also enjoyed watching #15 for Freedom. He's got a solid game. That, by far, was the best game of the day. Back to the gym... I've gotta admit.........I'm not the biggest fan of that place. Sure it makes for an exciting "Hoosiers" like atmosphere. But man was it a pain getting in and out of there. I also didn't like having to hold onto my stuff for fear of it falling through the bleachers. A lot of the view in the upper bleachers is obscured by either banners or beams. Didn't care for that either. And great googily-moogily was it hot in there! I kept looking for Satan to come up from under the bleachers and start stabbing me with a pitchfork. I did like a couple of things though. The LR students working/doing concession stands were extremely polite and friendly. Big shout-out to those guys and gals!! I also like the fact that they were selling off the remainder of their food to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. That's cool. I also, also liked the prices. Way, way better than the Greensboro Coliseum. At least you don't have to take out a second mortgage here.
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    Newton-Conover punches a ticket to Chapel Hill by defeating Salisbury 64-53.
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    What should be done in regards to Lexington? It is my opinion that the State of North Carolina, along with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction and Lexington County Commionsors should force Lexington City Schools to consolidate with the rest of Davidson County Schools. To take that a step further, I would probably have a similar opinion regarding Thomasville City Schools as well, but not to the degree I feel about Lexington City Schools. In 2018, an audit of the system's finances showed that the Lexington City Schools Board's liabilities exceeded its assets by a total of $26,701,834. (Yes, that's 26 Million+) Also in 2018, Lexington City Schools had to repay the state and county nearly 1 million dollars because of a decline in enrollment. (The system has lost a considerable amount of students to local charter schools, which is an entirely different argument altogether.) Pair those financial problems with an aging infrastructure and continued student loss, and that makes consolidation the most logical, and responsible solution for the taxpayers. Look at the number of schools in the southern end of Davidson County. You have Lexington, West Davidson, Central Davidson, East Davidson, South Davidson, and Thomasville all within a stone's throw of one another. A massive county-wide consolidation could potentially be a very good thing with a few win-win conclusions. The massive amount of money saved in the upkeep of Lexington's aging facilities could go towards the construction of some new schools, that are more centrally located, which could serve a lot more of the children in the county. I know that many of the powers that be will not want to give up the political clout that comes from sitting on a board of education; but give the Lexington community representation on the new consolidated board, and just continuing to work for the boys and girls of the county and not the political gain of the board members.
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    HMMM I remember a coach that went 0-22 then given time won 11 games before he left the school he was at
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    Freedom boys have won it 3 times. 1994 1998 2014 won in all 3 appearances. Girls have been 7 times 1988 1989 1993 1994 1995 2002 2016 having won it 1989 1994 1995 2002 and 2016.
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    Mack is at it again! Another top kid from NC commits to the Heels. Keeshawn Silver is a 4-star DE, ranked the No. 33 prospect in the nation, and a consensus top 5 player in the state of NC!
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    Not the first, believe it or not. I got one around 12 years ago on NCPreps. Thanking me for being a rational poster in an irrational thread. I figure one in 12 years ain't too bad........😁
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    Cuthbertson at SE...rematch of last years title game
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    I couldn't have said it any better, why we have 2 high schools in one of the smallest counties in the state and less than 4 miles apart is beyond me, Southern only has a little over 200 seniors graduating this year. I graduated from Lee Sr and have nothing but respect for my former school, but having 2 kids that have gone to Southern Lee, I've seen firsthand the struggles to get any kind of support from the vast majority of Lee supporters and Southern Lee admin
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    I think I saw that the end of the game will be played with no crowd. i hate to see that, parents and fans who behaved themselves are being punished because of the actions of a few people, but I understand the decision.
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    Fun fact: Jayda Glass was part of the last team to beat SEG in the post-season.
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    S Granville 72, Reidsville 66 Shelby 65, W Stokes 52
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    I don't mind seeing teams from the same conference go at it third round and beyond. It's the first two rounds I don't care for.
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    Unfortunately (fortunately?), I didn't see this one. I watched three games today but not this one. That being said......WOW. I'm curious to know what happened here also. Page must've given Tabor an inspirational talk before the game............
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    Weddington at Freedom. Freedom fans will be in a treat to watch both the boys and girls games that are still in it. Smith at Huss. This will be a huge matchup as well.
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    As much as I'd love to put ALL the blame on Southern Lees current administration, it goes a lot deeper than that. Alot of their problems come from county administration also. The decisions made there hinder any further growth of the football program at Southern. Most of the businesses in Lee Co. fall on the Lee Sr side of the county, and those business owners kids mostly go there. Administration wouldn't dare upset those money giving businesses by hiring the best coach available to coach the OTHER Lee co. team and risk losing their financial support. It's kinda sad to hear these business owners talking about the potential coaching applicants and which one would be the best coach in their interest. As far as Purnsley possibly being named the next head coach, you're exactly right, he's a yes man with no balls to do what's right, pretty sure he doesn't want to have to resign again at another school