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    Welcome to Greyhound Hollow.....Home of the Mountaineers
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    Good luck the rest of the way. Yall have 2 fine football teams. Gotta shot in my opinion. Go WHC!
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    I sincerely hope you all have a great thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with friends and family and give thanks for them. To all those that have to work ( first responders, medical staff and such ) please know that you are appreciated for what you do for the rest of us. God Bless you all.
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    Safe travels to all our kids from the mountains to the coast ,we all love to talk smack ,and show our pride in our favorite teams ,but thanks to all our coaches and kids for giving us all great excitement all year ! So thankful to live in a great state with tight knit communities and great people ,and again safe travels to all kids and families .
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    All outside opinions as far as KM is concerned. ACR is a very good program and this years team is no different. Nobody from KM thinks we are just riding up there to “finesse” another win. Should be a good game and a great atmosphere. Looking forward to the challenge of playing a well coached and classy team.
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    Myles Garrett needs to be arrested and banned from the NFL for life for this move on Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph (Former QB from Rock Hill Northwestern). This was not a football move, it was assault with a deadly weapon. Get his ass out of the league, there is no use for this stuff in football.
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    I don't care what day or time or location, if my young'un's team makes the State Championship I will be there whether it be vacation, sick-time or un-paid leave lol
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    Happy Veterans Day to @Chris Hughes, @redy4friday and all of our retired service members. Thank you so much for serving Your Country and people.
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    The home of great football ever Friday night. No doubt the best football county in the state. Some great bbq around the area also. Lots of pride and good people. Only thing missing are teeth.
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    I would say that most of the people outside of ACR don’t give them much of a chance against KM. I can understand that by looking at the schedules and common opponents. Fortunately that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Teams match up differently with common opponents so it is very hard to compare. I think ACR has improved tremendously since the first of the year and I am sure the same can be said for KM. It comes down to who can exploit the weaknesses of the other team better. I’m looking forward to a good game involving two good teams. It has the makings of a dandy.
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    I dont want to hijack this Post so I will just say props to Heritage. I still think this years team is weaker than the past couple but they may be changing my mind.
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    What what I have observed there are no slam dunks at Tuscola. Coach Pursley went there and did a great job during his time there. he got more kids out, was very competitive and won a lot of games on both the JV and Varsity. The thing he did not do was beat Pisgah and for some strange mountain way of thinking that game is all that matters. Even with his accomplishments he was bad mouthed on Carolina Preps and more so on NC Preps by a few Tuscola posters. The complaints were 1. Too old 2, Out of touch 3. Was only in Waynesville 6 months out of the year. 4. Was never in the school except for FB practice. All of these were lies to begin with as well as coming from some fans who have no idea what they were talking about. I would respond to all of these bogus points but I would end up writing a book on why these people were wrong. All of these were made up by a hater. The one about him not being there all the time was ridiculous. He lived there and even though he was being paid for it he was at the school almost every day in the weight classes making sure everything was being done the right way. After FB he would come back to his home in Gibsonville at least once a month to check on it. I know this because he would call me when he came in. My major point is the coach who took over changed the offense. I guess he listened to those bleacher QB's that he needed to go spread and throw the ball 40 times a game. They apparently did not realize that if you do not have a QB, receivers and linemen to perfect this type of offense you are in for a lot of 3 and outs (which gives your opponents offense a lot of opportunities to control the ball and score and it will be a long night. I guess these Bleacher Experts would have been better satisfied if 1. the offense looked modern and like everybody else. 2. they beat Pisgah. They would look good lined up and be 1-10 but the Pursley haters would be happy. I say all of this to let all prospective Tuscola applicants to be aware of what you are getting into. If you beat Pisgah you can win the job of Mayor Of Waynesville. Understand that the above post are the ramblings of an old worn out mumbling FB coach who no longer has the ambition to be a head FB coach. My ambition after I retire from coaching or am run off is to hang around Chris Hughes, btango and ConnerP. 🤩
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    A big CONGRATULATIONS to AC Reynolds alum and former football player Luke Combs on his CMA awards last night. Song of the year and Male Vocalist of the Year. The AC Reynolds family is so proud of you.
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    If we make it to the 3rd round this year I'll do a cartwheel and let Cagle record it and let everyone point and laugh!
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    just start here and allyour questions will be answered my Son..lol
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    Lost to Heritage (3rd as well) at Heritage in a tight game in week one, so throw that one out. Lost to Pisgah in a rivalry game lat game of the season. Pisgah had a good defense and was at home. I agree, completely, that Brevard needs speed to compete, but they do make up for it with a very assignment based defense. Smart, physical kids who believe in the system and the coach. Things are turning around in Transylvania County. This should be a dandy.
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    We Hibriten fans hope you enjoy your adventure to the confines of Jeff Storie Memorial Stadium this Friday, November 23, in the year of our lord 2019. While we hope you return home disappointed in the outcome of the contest, we do hope you enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality that Hibriten provides. With that being said, here are a few reminders about your upcoming travels to our den of the mighty Panthers of Hibriten: 1) Our visitors bleachers sucks, please don't remind us about it at every opportunity 2) There should be room on the scoreboard side of the home stands for extra seating 3) See #1 and refer to #2. Be safe in your travels, and have a blessed day.
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    Hey 704. If this game does happen I would think like last year based on MP being a grass field and by that time it will be in soft conditions it should be moved to a neutral turf site right?? Wink wink......
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    I would expect the talks to get rolling full speed at the Board of Directors meetings first week of December.
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    Long story short Cagle has the hots for you! It's 2019 I ain't judging him
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    Ragsdale. Just seeing the name bring up bad memories of 2000. As for this game, the Devils must find consistency on offense. We all know how good of a defense we have and our defense has definitely kept us in a lot of games this season. But it's win or go home time, and the offense needs to show up. All things considered, and the possibility of weather, I think Mooresville is going to be able to pull this one out.
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    Got 5 of 6 teams in these playoffs. Take care of business! Best of luck to all!
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    I was concerned hibriten would see them in the first round,, very glad they didnt.
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    Don’t overlook Freedom they are a total of 20 points away from being 10-1 this season. A 51-48 lost to Crest without their best WR. Bad loss to Hickory 23-22, D1 Navy commit Birchfield did not play in the 2nd half of that game. Back injury. You better be as physical as Watauga and Alexander central if not the patriots have seen physical teams in their league. And that won’t be a issue I promise you ain’t no North Iredells in the NW 3A/4A and our 5th place team Saint beat them pretty handily. Statesville very athletic Watauga would beat them by 3 TDs off the pure coaching genius of Habich. Yes west Rowan is big but physical we shall find out Friday.
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    I don't believe that a one-sentence resignation letter with numerous grammatical errors is contrite. He went on camera and came up with every excuse in the book as to why it was alright for him to use the word. I love Chappelle and his work, but this isn't an example of cancel culture. When you work with children, sorry, you're held to a higher standard. I played for Paul Hoggard, and we couldn't even curse in practice. He told us that we'd be the skinniest football team in America if we did that when he took over after Coach Emory (RIP). Adults should set the tone, correct when there is a severe lapse in judgement (players using the word around him), and project what you want your players to do and become by being that man. The coach's letter was a formality. He didn't mean one word of it based on his actions while being interviewed. He still doesn't get it.

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    • Hats off to East Forsyth.  Ty Lyles was magnificent tonight.
    • That is a shame....he needs to get his eyes checked.  He was clearly in bounds and the ref was right there.  I bet he just didnt want to go to OT.  Ready to go home.  Pitiful!
    • As we are moving towards state championship weekend, i think we as fans forget sometimes that we are watching kids play a game we love. This becomes even more evident as we watch teams getting eliminated from the playoffs. Yes they may be 6-3 300 lbs, but when the final horn sounds and they are on the wrong end of the score, the tears are real and they are looking for the embrace of a loved one to let them know that it will be okay. There is no paycheck for the playing of the game. It is literally just a chance to get out there and play a little ball with your friends, some you have known since that very first day you walked into a place called school as a very nervous 5 year old. At the end of the season there will only be 8 teams that don't have the feeling of heartache.   To all those players, cheerleaders, trainers, band members, student sections, and all of the young people invested in their team, these times are tough, but as the years pass you will be able to look back on these times with fondness.  Continue to put in the hard work. You will be rewarded in more ways than just wins and loses.  
    • Crazy game. A big thank you to both teams for such an amazing night of football.
    • You got that right, hitting the nail on the head!