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    The 9 - 4 record complied by the Blue Devils this year exceeded expectations of most of the fans in Mooresville. The kids bought into the philosophy of Coach Wells and finally played like a 4A team. It was a pleasure watching them on Friday nights. Do we have areas that need improvement? Sure, but that is to be expected. One glaring area that needs work is depth. We were pretty thin this year and it showed. While improvements in the offensive line were noted over the past years, work still needs to be done. That, too, will improve. Defensively, things look a lot better. The defensive coaches made great strides in teaching the basics. The kids cuts out a bunch of careless mistakes and bad habits that previously were allowed. They also learned to tackle, especially in the secondary. As time goes by and everyone gets to know each other better, good things will continue. I know this, for sure: Mooresville will not slip up on anyone in 2019. This is due to Thad Wells and the staff he has put together. Great job Coach.
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    Derek has decided t leave his position at WCNC (Channel 36) in Charlotte to enter the teaching profession at Charlotte Catholic High School where, this year, he served at a volunteer coach. Kudos to Derek for making this decision. Catholic has a rich history of turning out outstanding students that are well prepared for the rigors of college life. I'm sure he will enjoy this new phase of his life. Derek, if you ever need any guidance or assistance, this old history major will gladly will gladly impart some ancient wisdom into your brain. Good luck my friend.
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    For the first time in many MANY years... Mooresville claims a holiday tournament title! Mooresville Varsity Guys defeat South 79-73. Mooresville really uses a massive 3rd qtr to take a lead and hold it. That’s 5 straight for Mooresville all of a sudden. Up next on the road at NW Cabbarrus
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    Merry Christmas to all you good folks on Carolinapreps. May God bless you all. Remember the reason for the season.
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    Kids are committing to High Schools on twitter! 😂
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    SMC, I’ll admit that I struggled a bit with the final rankings and I did move North Stanly up because I felt they truly were the second best 1AA team in the state. I also struggled with Robbinsville who I felt is much better, but I also tried to hold on to the philosophy that the last teams left standing deserved recognition for weathering five rounds of the playoffs.
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    After coaching high school football since 1967 I have decided to retire. I am very fortunate that for 51 years I have been able to get up every morning and go do what I wanted to do. I have friends who have hated their jobs. Fortunately for me that has never been a thought. The fact that I was a part of taking an Eastern Guilford HS team of 43 kids 6 years ago to a team of close to 100 kids this past year made this a special period of time for me. Also, the fact that our kids bought into our systems and transformed themselves into a team who became a top tier 3A playoff team every year. We were also able to develop a lot of kids who earned college football scholarships. I enjoyed my time there and look forward to them to carrying on this winning tradition.
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    I can think of 98 reasons as to why that's great.
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    Ladies, 6pm tomorrow Statesville vs North Iredell. Men- South vs Mooresville after ladies game
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    To All The Staff & Posters On Chris Hughes CarolinaPreps
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    SWG and Cox Mill would be a great game.
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    Thanks for your Likes KW23, Hurri, RD28327 and Coach Harding ... And to you 4 I wish a very Happy and Prosperous New Year !
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    Cox Mill beat Greensboro Day tonight 75-61
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    I don’t want to think about it anymore.
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    With Only 11 teams in bowl games. Tied witht eh SEC by the way, irrelevant might be a bit harsh. Are they great, no, but certainly relevant
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    Easy to have a ton of optimism when you know Nathan Elliott won’t be behind Center in addition to a entirely new coaching staff and scheme.
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    I would get the administration drug tested. Lacked support for assistant coaches. Let complaining few parents have an ear. We have a saying in Catawba County- Fred T Foard, where the boys are boys and the athletes are girls. Believe me they take more interest in their girls programs than the guys programs. It’s very odd. Wrestling is king, soccer does well,and baseball has always faired well. They like it that way historically. Show me a coach at Foard who was allowed to build a program and had support. I can only remember 5 seasons since the 1970s who had decent success and one of those belonged to Coach Minor with not much talent but great determination. They once were one loss away from a special football record- most consecutive losses ever. They messed that up by winning one after 55 losses.
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    Here are the 8 major colleges recruiting Donovan but he decides on Wake probably it is only 30 minutes from Mount Airy and his family and friends can make it to all his home games. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/donavon-greene-193777
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    Courier-Tribune finals tonight at Asheboro: Third-place: Trinity vs. Randleman Championship: Wheatmore vs. Asheboro
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    On the boys side.......the NW 1A should be a tough, competitive conference. I think WS Prep is a solid favorite to win it. However, watch out for Bishop. They've reloaded as well. I've seen them a few times already. They'll be a tough out come playoff time. East Surry, Mount Airy, and South Stokes should provide good competition. I haven't seen any of these teams (did see S Stokes in the summer). East Surry has Boaz but I'm not sure what they have to put around him. MA.....I don't know. Are the Greene brothers going to play? That'll make a big difference if they do. South Stokes has some decent size and a pretty decent point guard. On the girls side.....probably comes down to either MA, East Surry, or Bishop. MA looks like they've haven't missed a beat without Snow (I'm going to miss watching her). East looks to have good size and they now have Elle Sutphin at their disposal. Although they've come down a bit recently, Bishop is still Bishop. I did see WS Prep early on. They've improved quite a bit but I still don't think they have what it takes to challenge the teams mentioned above.
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    Tough one for PG tonight. SWR jumped out big and never looked back. Final was 63-35. PG was missing a starter but I'm not sure it would've mattered all that much. SWR played some outstanding defense. Heaven Maness won tournament MVP. Love watching her play. Always gives 200%. First time seeing SWR this year. They don't have anyone that will "wow" you but they are a solid "team". Good defense, good spacing, , a couple good shooters, a couple good post players, excellent balance of inside/out. They actually looked to feed the post (which delighted me to no end). Great run for PG, nonetheless. Hopefully, they'll carry this momentum into conference play. Malea Garrison and Madison Dark made the all-tourney team. Garrison is so freaking fun to watch. She's a natural. Asheboro defeated Randleman in the third place game. Tanisha Ellison and Selena Hicks had big games for the Comets. Main thing that I noticed is that Randleman is vastly improved. I like what that new coach is doing over there.
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    CP should be trying to pull in 100% of North Carolina, not 2/3rds of it ! This site has way more to offer but does not put it out there and push it as I tried to help by posting, and I will no longer try to help without help from Staff & posters . Great site ! People need to navigate and learn to use it ! I see no one but me doing so ! So much to offer and most are missing it .........
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    I miss the old school small pep bands for basketball.


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    • I can dig it. Lol  Bell was before my time. I have heard stories though. But the question is.. what was Bell doing his sophomore yr?? Lol
    • Rico was also a speedster. Won the State 100 meters his senior year. 10.4 
    • I saw Echols 3 times this season and the kid has incredible talent and instinct when he sees it he goes "right now".  I also noticed the leadership and respect he gets from his teammates which is rare for a Soph. His humble attitude and work ethic at this point is what separates him...as the lights get brighter and the Power 5 schools start to put on the press and tell him how great he is i hope he can keep that perspective.  Now as far as the best ever to Suit up at ZB Vance i was able to witness the incredible ability of Rico Bell on offense and defense during his time at Vance....Larenz was good but Rico Bell was the best I have seen in a Vance uniform....my opinion of course...
    • Yea I was glad with X as well. With all that he went through with being hurt his first three yrs I was glad to see him do it the right way. He is an old school thumper man! And such a great kid in the building. 
    • Man We talk about it all the time Work, that JMM group was special. None of us were around at that time but through conversations.. I all would hear about good players at MC during that time was.. he was supposed to come to Vance lol. Geez.  And by no means am I dismissing our other two Backers. They are special as well, but the topic was on Power so I only addressed his situation. Stef and Solo are major D1 kids as well with GREAT attitudes and work ethic!  You guys may think  I am crazy but it will be hard to find a better core at any public school in AMERICA.