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    Yup..there are intangibles that are hard to quantify. Those kids bought into AB and it isnt so much that they played harder but Vance never played scared when he was there
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    All these things mentioned to why this program fails, its not as bad as Robbinsville. We have less kids, all our kids hunt and fish. We actually have the best trout fishing in the state and nice trails in ride in the mtns. 4 lakes. One is the tallest dam this side of hoover at 485 ft, one lake rank prettiest lake in US by a few magazines. No jobs either. So you cant only blame those things.
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    Football is a team sport. If kids are more worried about being recruited than supporting the program, I wouldn't want them anyway. South Point has run the triple option for a long time. Some years more successful than others. It's all about the right personnel, heart and coaching. The most talented kid in the world can do more harm than good if he's not a team player.
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    Murphy Head Coach David Gentry has earned another distinguished honor in his long and storied career. Just 7 wins away from becoming the all-time winningist coach in NC history, Gentry was enshrined in the National High School Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/06/26/murphys-david-gentry-inducted-into-national-hall-fame/1569166001/?fbclid=IwAR2cbNBUUdRKtMn2cUKDDIDdAozj22KSM26e9two9VYa7MGAmb7P4IBEEx8
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    AC Reynolds has tried to play Watauga, Freedom, and many others with no success, this is why we have been playing West Forsyth (in past years), Southern Durham (in past years), and this year we are playing East Forsyth and Shelby. We have a very hard time getting teams to play us. We aren't dodging any team and I'm not saying anyone said that, but we have offered to play those teams mentioned above. I promise driving to Winston-Salem and Durham hasn't been by choice. We start this year with back to back games against defending state champions, and scrimmage Crest a week before, so we will be beat up pretty good come week 3 when we play Owen. However, we will be ready for the tough teams come playoff time because we will have played in big games already, it's helped us in the past.
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    I think with our line and alot of returning skill that were very young last year we might just sneak up and challenge one of the top 2 teams. Maybe we can have a 3 way tie up at the top.
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    I think the margin between MC, Vance, Wake,Hough and MP is pretty small. Some will add Richmond in there as well...I think that gap is a little larger. We are still a little way from rosters being locked so there is still some change expected. One advantage MC has always had is depth. Ton of senior depth on this MC team. These lists are built off history, press and D1 talent. MC has both as does Wake. Catholic has history and clearly MP has some huge big name recruits. Possibly the best QB-WR combo in the country. I saw Vance at the Cam Newton 7 on 7. The looked the same to me though the QB development will need to happen. It was a bit strange not seeing AB on the sideline. Those are gonna be huge shoes to fill far beyond just X and Os
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    I may have my numbers off but the 1987 state title game between Harding and Garner had ten or twelve players total on the two rosters over 200 lbs. Garner's O line had a 190 pound starter. I think the largest was 240 with may be one other player weighing over 210. Average of the five linemen was 200 pounds. Most 4A schools have a few dozen over 200 pounds usually with some 300 pounders. We see 220 to 240 linebackers today. Hardley any 200 pound linebackers in forty years ago.
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    In 1955 the Little Wonders had three players over 200 pounds with the largest being 275 pounds. Fast forward ten years later to 1965 the Little Wonders had four players over 200 pounds with the largest being 240 pounds. Fast forward ten years later to 1975 the Little Wonders had four players over 200 pounds with the largest being 240 pounds. Fast forward ten years later to 1985 they had eight players over 200 pounds with the largest being 244 pounds. Fast forward ten years later to 1995 they had twelve players over 200 pounds with the largest being 295. Fast forward ten years later to 2005 they had twenty players over 200 pounds with the largest being 320 pounds. Fast forward ten years later to 2015 they had seventeen players over 200 pounds with the largest being 290 pounds. You also have parents today who see $$$$ tickets in their kids and tell them they're only way to a better life is through sports, so they encourage them to beef up to these outrageous weights. Then when they fail to become anything in sports after high school, they fall into a life in the streets. Overweight, strong as hell, and hostile!! Parents kick them out because they have no use for them anymore. Been there, seen it first hand. There are several former Wonders with promising futures I could tell you of right now (But I won't) who were just like that in high school, who are now on the "Use Caution When Dealing with" status!! Sad, but true, and it happens all over!!
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    If you and Tyler could get 49,998 fans just like you. You guys would have the 12th man at Carolina.
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    Additives to meats and box products. Snacks were not in our house when growing up. Unbelievable amount of eating out. And then their is the chemicals bought in stores to make one bigger. Kids are getting steroids even at 15 years old from the streets.
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    Generation Z. Being independent, self confident and autonomous are also some of the key characteristics of generation Z. They do not rely on their parents as much as previous teen generations did. ... Gen Zrepresentatives have short attention spans and are less focused than their predecessors.
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    Seem to recall they had just stopped Crest on the goal line and were going in for the winning score before the pick. Really sucks about Keenan. Just hope he has found peace.
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    Had a freshman RB named Toney Baker! Ragsdale was going in to score and threw the INT and Crest had a big return. Keenan Little (Naval Academy) was in the Crest squad. RIP, Midshipman!
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    They have a severe problem of getting along with each other. Being the wrong part of the county will get you hurt. Not sure how you repair a county that has bad leadership for a century. The worse for the school system is yet to come. You cannot tax your way out of lack of school funds beyond state allotments when your base is dirt poor.
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    They were in the East. Played AC Reynolds in the title game. West Forsyth was undefeated but lost to AC Reynolds in the regional final. My bad.
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    Charlotte Catholic and Weddington then everybody else
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    Another thing I’ll add about Mountain Heritage... although Reidsville was faster overall, I didn’t feel that Mountain Heritage was slow or overwhelmed by the speed. They weren’t nearly as slow as people make out Mountain teams to be sometimes. Maybe not the top gear or as many kids with the top end speed but they had plenty of speed & took good angles.
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    A&T would have beat the hell out of UNC haha. I am not to proud to admit that. I’m just here for friendly discussion, because until games are played, it’s all friendly banter.
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    Hmm, his Bio says he was DC at JMU from 2016-2018 and UNC played them in 2016...maybe he got hired after that game. I see why you think so highly of him now, he got his coaching start at UNC. It all makes sense now 😄
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    Social media can be a nasty place so I get it. How about just don't read it?? Dont police have like real issues to deal with?
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    Catholic 2017 and 2018 were both dominant teams. 2017 Catholic’s closest game was with Charlotte Christian who would’ve beaten most 3A teams that year. Catholic hammered Weddington twice, hung 56 on a 10-0 Marvin Ridge team at their place. Then ran through the playoffs holding Havelock who was scoring well over 50 a game to just 14 in the title game. Total dominance. 2018 has less of a case due to losing the first game to Christian, but they shutout Weddington 20-0 and held the Warriors to -9 yards rushing. That includes yards Shipley gained. Generational type defense. Shutting out a solid Monroe team in the playoffs. Holding an undefeated Hunter Huss team to just 7 points at their place and hammering Kings Mountain in the regional final. Got a great test from Jacksonville, but came through shutting out the Cards in the second half. Never saw 96 Hickory or any of the Cumming’s teams so cannot comment on if they’re the best. Just stating that these last two CC teams are a couple of the best.
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    Rosman to Murphy or Robbinsville is a long way and they have done it for years.
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    Statesville is always loaded with talent. With the right coach, they would be perennial contenders. They have a demographic advantage. I’m sorry but Gusler isn’t the answer. Mediocrity is acceptable at Statesville.


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    • Hey Belmont guys, has anyone heard when and where S. P. will scrimmage this year?
    • Watch out for Lexington as well.  Forgot about them first time around.  They've got a good center who could be the X-factor in most games.  Also forgot about Morehead and McMichael being 2A now.  I'm gonna keep a close eye on those two.  I saw Morehead over the summer and thought they looked pretty good.  Morehead's got a point forward that's around 6-5 who could end up being one of the more underrated players in the area. 
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    • Not sure.   USA Football is not affiliated with the schools or association.  It is like travel baseball and AAU basketball. Dead period is the main one I thought of.