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    Newton Conover girls are pretty damn good. Would not be surprised to see them represent the West. 2A West in girls is going to be a blood bath, as usual.
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    In the 50's and 60's Beauford, NC HS was a dominate figure in HS basketball. Here is an excerpt from the attached article about Beauford HS. http://beaufortartist.blogspot.com/2017/05/early-beaufort-public-schools.html The school is probably best known for its remarkable accomplishments in basketball. Its “Seadogs” achieved a 91-game winning streak and maintained a win-loss record of 368-75 in the 1950s and 1960s. According to experts, this winning record will most likely stand permanently in North Carolina sports history. The Seadogs were the “winningest” boys’ basketball team in the History of North Carolina. The team was the only Class 1-A school in North Carolina to garner three consecutive state championships. The record included a State Class A Consolation Championship in 1953-1954, a State Class A Championship in 1954-1955, and State Class A Championships in 1958-1959, 1959-1960, and 1960-1961 game seasons, resulting in perfect 27-0, 24-0, 25-0 records, respectively. The Seadogs also won State Class AA 3rd Place in 1963-1965, and State Class AA District Runners-Up in 1964-1965. The coach of these outstanding teams was Thomas McQuaid, who has recently been recommended for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association’s Hall of Fame by numerous former students and players. Perhaps the most prominent supporter of Coach McQuaid’s nomination is none other than the renowned University of North Carolina Basketball Coach, Dean Smith. Coach McQuaid’s selection for the Hall of Fame is pending. When approached about the secret of his accomplishment with the Seadogs, Coach McQuaid attributed the team’s success to their years in grammar school (Beaufort Elementary School) and its basketball program for 9-12-year olds, which also had three undefeated seasons. The coach explained that community and parental involvement, support, and interest were also integral to the players’ drive to succeed. Apart from its achievements in athletics, the school can also point to unique academic accomplishments. For example, the Class of 1956 was remarkable because more than a third of its members maintained a 90% average for all four years of high school. The school produced several outstanding athletes in addition to its remarkable basketball players. One of the most noteworthy is George Brooks, Jr., Class of 1934, who became a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Yet another distinguished athlete was quarterback Butch Hassell, named to the honorable mention list of the 13th annual All-America high school football team—the highest honor ever afforded a county prep football player. He later became an All Atlantic Coast Conference player at Wake Forest University. (He was an All ACC player in basketball 1962-1964). Incidentally his 2 cousins Ray Hassell and Pud Hassell were also starters on the Beauford teams during that time. Ray (1964-1966) and Pud (1964-1965) were All ACC basketball players at UNC. https://www.scacchoops.com/Players.asp?Inactive=1 Historic Seadogs Gather.docx
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    As far as the girls go..... obviously Asheboro vs. Statesville. Two teams that pulled off shockers the other night (especially the Greyhounds). I have the feeling there will be some good quickness on display in this one. Cherokee at East Surry...........This one's really tempting. Elle Sutphin leading ES..........Deonte Toineeta leading the Braves. I bet Cherokee will bring a huge crowd. They always do. Ledford at Bertie.............plain and simple.......can Bertie stop/contain/stay in front of Lyrik Thorne? On the other side, can Ledford stop Bertie on the defensive end? Bertie's beaten some tough squads. If they stop Thorne from going off (and keep Denny off the boards), they'll win. Much easier said than done though. Clinton at NCSSM............I'm really tempted to drive to Durham for this one. Those Unicorns are still undefeated. Will their storybook season end today? Asheville at Freedom........I have a feeling that's going to be a great, great game. Heritage at Wakefield...........two of the very best in the state going at it. Wilkes Central at Forbush.............this should be interesting. Forbush is a very, very good team. However, they'll have to deal with 6-4 shot blocking machine Malaya Cowles.
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    Aug.23rd at Hickory Aug.30th at Lake Norman Sept.6th at Alexander Central Sept.13th West Iredell Sept.20th Concord Sept.27th JM Robinson Oct.4th bye Oct.11th at South Iredell Oct.18th North Iredell Oct.25th at Carson Nov.1st East Rowan Nov.8th at West Rowan
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    Yeah this was a great game. Great crowd and atmosphere, just what a high school game should be. Heart breaker for Mitchell as they had a 3 go in and come with 1 sec left that would have won the game. Credit to Avery, they made the plays to win when they had too. Both teams left all they had on the floor. Just a shame they had to play in the second round. Good luck to Avery moving on. Go represent the WHC well. Mitchell girls should be very good next season. Maybe not title challenger but very good. Return every player with no seniors on this seasons roster. Go Mountaineers
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    Watched North Davidson and Patton. ND pulled it out 62-57. Patton had a good chance to tie at the end. With eight seconds left, they inbounded it on their side of the court. One of the Panther guards (Riggsbee, I believe) was shadowed by two ND defenders. He created some space, dribbled two/three times to his right, pulled up, and let her fly. ND's Jamarian Dalton blocked the shot.......but Patton fans thought otherwise. They were absolutely livid that no foul was called. ND recovered the ball and got it in the hands of Fulks. Fulks was fouled with about two seconds left. He sank both freebies to put it on ice. Fulks finished with 44. The first quarter is what ultimately doomed the Panthers. Fulks came flying out of the gate and led ND to a 20-6 first quarter lead. Fulks scored in about every way imaginable. My hat's off to Patton though.......they could've packed it in right then and there. But they kept their composure, stayed with their game plan, and methodically whittled away at the lead. Jackson Vance and Finn Riggsbee were knocking down the threes off the ballscreens. Patton also did a great job of taking smart shots. In the second half, Bryson Holsclaw hit some big buckets inside. When the fourth quarter started, Patton had sliced ND's lead down to four. They even got it down to one (and may have taken the lead at one point....can't remember). However, when ND needed a big basket, Fulks came through. I lost count of how many times he sped by defenders on his way to the cup. Dalton hit a couple of big baskets in the fourth as well. Two things hurt Patton down the stretch. One, they missed some big free throws. Two, Vance fouled out with about 25 seconds left. Vance impressed me last night. He's quick and was playing some tough defense. I felt really bad for Holsclaw. He was getting pounded inside and couldn't get any calls. I think he might've owed one of those refs money or something. North now travels to Forest Hills on Saturday. If Fulks puts 40 on them, he should be NC player of the year.
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    Should have never fired Holeman if there wasn't going to be an opening. At least they could have had an off season plan in place.
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    When she was at State there was a feature in the Charlotte paper about her and Rodney Monroe in which the reporter implied to them that if they got together they could make some sort of super hoops playing baby and that has stuck with me for all of these years because it was one of the most aggressively stupid thing I can ever remember coming from a reporter, which is saying something.
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    I will start with my mom with this. Lol. Unfortunately I don’t have documentations to give other than the stories handed down. But my mom played for Landis High before it became South Rowan. She played her Jr and Sr year. She played in ‘59 and 60’. It was during that time they played half court and could only bounced the ball twice according to her. She told me she scored 40 points against Thomasville her Senior year. The thing about that game the coach told her that she scored 20 points the first half. That if she scored 20 the second half they would win the game. Well she scored 20 but lost by 1 point. Lol. She said if she could have got the ball more she could have scored a lot more points. Lol. It was the year after she graduated that South Rowan was opened in ‘61. Also another one was told that when her sister ( my aunt) was at Landis who is 11 years older than her. At that time Landis had a girl player that was nearly 7 foot tall. It was said she scored nearly 100 points in one game. My mother told me that no one would go and see the game because all they would have to do is feed her the ball under the basket she would put it in. Lol. It was to my understanding that she didn’t live that long because of health complications. Going back to the late 70’s and early 80’s a teacher at South Iredell had triplets girls who played for South and all played on the varsity basketball team. And another sister who was younger played JV. The story I got on that was they brought the younger up to play on the varsity team.The news media showed all 4 playing at the same time. As the story was told to me. I do remember seeing the triplets playing and they had another good player who was the center. These girls were tough as nails to play against. I seen them win multiple games. Just thought to bring in some interesting information about the sport of HS basketball. Anyone have any to tell.
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    Congrats to Heritage. Hate I didn't get to get up there and experience a basketball game. Maiden is a very well coached squad.
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    Maiden will be coming to Mtn. Heritage on Thursday. Should be a good one.
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    For boys I don’t see anyone in the West touching Forest Hills. Maybe East Lincoln. That’s a big maybe. FH may be a top 5 team in the state regardless of classification. I think MH girls are the favorite in the West, but any team from the CCC, East Burke, Newton Conover, Forbush, Wilkes Central could make a run.
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    Best girl player i ever saw was Stenson that played for North Meck.
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    Welp...freedom grabbed the 2 over Carson as expected...sigh...you are right though ..that side does look tougher with both Enka and Ashville in it along with your old friend Hickory
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    Seen that 18-6 RJ Reynolds beat 21-2 Davie Co in the boys game 59-43.
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    Ok I had pulled up Melva Overcash Landis North Carolina. Actually her name is Melba. It stated that she scored 102 points in one game. The article also stated that she average 48 points a game in the season of 47-48 and 49-50. The article also stated that she was 6’ 7 and was the tallest girl player to ever play in the athletics at the time. It was also stated that it was a dull night if she didn’t score 50 points. You can pull the article up on the internet. It tells about her life story about her issues she had of being real tall.
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    Charlotte Observer feature on Freedom’s Fletcher Abee for anyone interested. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/high-school/article226508020.html?fbclid=IwAR13LzA_8C40rTPNBOr6nj5PJolgUaCyPY_5qPXCEg7gb-0U3hQ958mRyjY
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    Teams don't always respond to the new coach the same way they did to the old one, even if it is a inside hire. Sometimes the new guy gets the big head and wants to show everybody who's in charge. Sometimes it's the opposite, they haven't developed the nerve or dicipline to take charge. A lot of times with a new coach, kids will push back a little harder testing the water you might say. I'm not saying any of this will happen, y'all got a heck of a program over there. I'm just saying it's possible.
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    LOL. Na, the precedent and system has been set. It is proven. Whoever takes over I would imagine will just continue exactly what Ware has put in place. I mean we have people like Nepsy, I mean work7, and Wrigley coming down on the little boy thread. Whoever does take over is inheriting an absolutely loaded team. We should "6 outta 7"-peat. I hope that week 3 slot fills with one of those big boy schools.....wink, wink.
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    Won't be able to make it up the mountain tonight unfortunately. Good luck to my wolves. Keep us updated if possible
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    Glad to hear that. Best of luck in the playoffs.
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    Went and seen the Maiden n Newton Conover game. What a game it was but a upset. N.C led most of the game until the last part of the 4th quarter. With maybe 20 some seconds or so Maiden tied it up at 45. N.C. went down and scored leaving about 17 secs up 47-45. Maiden had a chance to tie it but as the player went up his feet slip causing him to fall and the ball hit the rim but didn’t go in. N.C got the ball back and Maiden fouled a player. Both shots hit. N.C. hit both foul shots and won 49-45. The score I saw with the Lincolnton game is East Lincoln winning 80-51 if that’s the right score.
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    I don’t see him leaving his Alma mater. Maybe I’m just a homer but I just don’t see it. I think their next head coach is currently on staff.
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    The previous coach did not occupy a P.E. position, he is EC.
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    I think if you went to five classifications, we should not subdivide.


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    • I am ending all speculation. I just received this email. Eastern Guilford High School, announces Wednesday, March 20, 2019 that the new head football coach of the Wildcats will be Mr. Tony Aguilar.  Coach Aguilar comes to Eastern Guilford High School from Eastern Alamance High School.  Coach Aguilar comes to Eastern Guilford with 20 years of experience (14 as an offensive coordinator) as an assistant coach where he has experienced much success.  Eastern Guilford hopes to see Coach Aguilar continue the success the program has had in recent years and continue to build  a culture of successful tradition.
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