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    Christ School's 2nd leading tackler and one of their top offensive lineman, were both multi-year starters at West. I'd love to see this Falcon team with both those guys and can't stand CS and all their poaching.
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    After reading a lot of the nonsense in this forum, either keep it to football or find somewhere else to post. You guys know who you are that's causing this mischief.
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    For an offense that is a thing of the past it sure is effective. The misguided belief that highs schools must run the spread tickles me. I am all for huge offensive production but for most high schools a solid running attack is the most effective offense to run. Look at Wallace Rose-Hill or Murphy or Swain for example. Wallace and Murphy are Wing-T teams, Swain runs the Veer and all they do is win. These types of offenses fit the players available every year not just once in a while. Stopping the Straight T, Wing-T, Double Wing, Veer or Triple Option is not as easy as you make it out to be. If It was the teams that use them would have scraped them long ago.
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    Rank High School Record 1 Shelby (Shelby) 5-1-0 2 Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey) 4-2-0 3 Burns (Lawndale) 5-1-0 4 Randleman (Randleman) 6-0-0 5 Reidsville (Reidsville) 6-1-0 6 Hibriten (Lenoir) 5-1-0 7 SouthWest Edgecombe (Pinetops) 5-1-0 8 Northeastern (Elizabeth City) 4-2-0 9 Hertford County (Ahoskie) 5-1-0 10 Clinton (Clinton) 4-1-0 11 Pisgah (Canton) 4-1-0 12 Mountain Heritage (Burnsville) 4-1-0 13 Southwest Onslow (Jacksonville) 4-2-0 14 Brevard (Brevard) 5-1-0 15 Anson (Wadesboro) 3-3-0 16 Oak Grove (Midway) 6-0-0 17 South Point (Belmont) 3-4-0 18 East Duplin (Beulaville) 3-3-0 19 Eastern Randolph (Ramseur) 6-1-0 20 Salisbury (Salisbury) 6-0-0
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    Don't try and comment much. But just want to make sure one thing is clear. Anyone who knows Tarboro. We run the Tarboro T (Not the Straight T) and a 4-4 Cov. 3 on Defense. Everyone have a great day, back to watching South Creek film!!!
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    It really wasn't a big deal, and even though the games may have ended around 10:45, or 11, we all still went to Pizza Hut afterwards with our friends and hung out, because that's what kids did back then. The world wasn't so over regulated, and life was much better then.
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    Rylee Anderson from Robbinsville should surpass the 5000 yd mark this Friday. 6343 AP yards 73 tds
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    I rank every team. This isn't a poll (meaning a collection of votes from contributors), this is my (CarolinaPreps.com) power rankings. This isn't a glamour ranking, meaning that just because you have an undefeated record (against weak competition), that you're going to be high in the rankings. This is meant to be a predictor of who will win (vs. other teams), and who has the best chance of advancing later in the season. As for how I rank teams? I have been around high school football my entire life, since I was roaming sidelines as a small kid, beginning in the very early 1980's. I began coaching football in 1998 and then started this site in 2007-08 timeframe. I typically spend 8-12 hours ever Sunday putting these rankings together. How do I do it? Thanks to Hudl, I have the ability to watch dozens upon dozens of games, I keep very close attention to players on each team, I talk frequently to coaches around the state, and I also have 25 years of experience to pull from in regards to talent bases, trends, coaching backgrounds, etc. Are these perfect? No. But I'll put these rankings up against any others in NC because unlike other media members, and fans, I pay attention to every team in NC, not just a select few in one part of the state. By the way, thanks for your service. I retired from the military as well (medically) after suffering a significant injury in an airborne operation at Ft. Bragg.
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    From a 1A standpoint, there is no question that the Smoky Mountain Conference is the best ever. And just looking at titles, they are certainly among the best all-time in NC. From a talent and cross-classification standpoint, it's not really apples to apples trying to compare the SMC to the SAC, or i-Meck, but from the perspective of putting out championships, they're at, or near the top, bar none.
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    Right now, today. The SAC-8 All time, The Gold Standard, the SMC
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    I agree. Even if the formula isn't fully disclosed to the fans, I think it should at least be given to the coaches (or the factors involved) so that they can schedule accordingly, and not be blindsided by a low ranking (or missing the playoffs all together), even when they are ranked in the Top-5 of other rankings around the state.
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    Well, they are, just.....well.......I......uh.......I'm........just not sure what to make of them. 4a No Myers Park, Vance, MC at 5. I know they have lost a couple of games but where is Catholic in 3a. I could go on and on but what's the point. NCHSAA will continue to do whatever it is they do with these. Unfortunately come playoff time schools will suffer and others will benefit. Schools will have to prove it on the road the way Murphy did last year. (Ugh why did I remember/mention that). Simply amazing how much better Chris does at this than the individual/committee/computer in Chapel Hill. Go Mountaineers
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    I just wish instate recruits would realize they could turn App St into something special. You don’t have to go to these big power 5 schools to get noticed with what App St is doing. Should of beat Tennessee and Penn St.
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    I don’t think so. I thought UNC was lucky to get the two wins. Thought the injuries doomed them the two losses. Think the statement is fair and reasonable. Man, your hate is hilarious. Your predictions for Montgomery Central this season was more crazy than the UNC whacks.
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    Current record of MPs first 6 games. 5-21. Next up...Garinger!!
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    Against the 3 worst team in WNC.
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    Stampede is getting ornery again. He'll just berate anyone who threatens the sanctity of Owen football.
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    Ryan Habich knows Alexander better than Butch Carter knows Alexander
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    With this week's release of the updated MaxPreps.com Adjusted Rankings, the same ones that the NCHSAA will use in November to seed the playoffs brackets, there has been a lot of chatter back and forth, both on this and other websites, and directed towards me personally, through a long list of text messages from the head coaches themselves, asking about whether they (the rankings) should even be in use. I have to agree, with some of the positions teams are ranked at throughout this latest release, there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why some teams are ranked high, and why others are ranked low, and by low, some are very low in comparison to our rankings here at CP, and the Associated Press polls. My question is this; should the NCHSAA use a ranking system in the first place? Is it necessary? If so, are there any ways you would change it, and if not, what system would you put in its place for seeding the playoffs? One of the biggest complaints from coaches, is that there is no transparency with the formula. The NCHSAA maintains that it's a proprietary algorithm by MaxPreps, so therefore the equation or factors have never been clearly defined. We all assume that it takes into account strength of schedule, but from things I've been told, is that it may take into account your opponents strength of schedule more so. One thing we do know is that with the adjusted portion of the rankings, it is supposed to take out the margin of victory factor of the equation, so as not to encourage blowouts and unsportsmanlike play, for the sake of improving one teams standing. With all the chatter about it, it makes me wonder if going back to the old way may not be a better idea, and by old way, I mean the old, old way, that was used prior to 1997 when there were predetermined brackets. I think you could go to a hybrid of the predetermined brackets, with the #1 and #2 seeds from a conference filling out the majority of the bracket, then having the wild cards thrown in after the fact, and come up with a more concrete, and tangible tie-breaker method, even if it means going back to coin-tosses. Now I agree that there isn't a perfect solution, but I wanted to throw this out there as food for thought, and to get the fans perspective.
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    Nor should he. No one in WNC should schedule them.

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    • I would think just the Madison game. Kind like when a college player for one of the top teams gets in trouble and has to miss a cupcake game.
    • As far as this game goes, i hate both teams. I somehow wish they could both lose, but that can't happen. The best possible outcome for me would be a tie, but that won't happen. So what i think could happen is Mitchell will load the box and stop the run. Heritage can't pass the ball, if Mitchell can complete some passes, protect the football, and make some fgs with their kicker then i can see Mitchell beating a Heritage. 
    • I wonder how long that he will be suspended? It was a stupid decison, but there is nothing anyone can tell either team that both doesn't already know about each other. This is rediculous.
    • Definitely, and I think they will do all of the talking on the field tomorrow. I feel Heritage is better prepared for this game. Hear we have everyone ready to go tomorrow so it will be up the Cougars to bring their A game. 
    • I think its REAL big for heritage..mitchell on the other hand i dont think to lose hurts them much..If we want to see home feild deep into the plsyoffs we need to win out..