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    Back in the old days we were never afraid of rain.
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    "They were who we thought they were."
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    The thing I am struck with when looking at the video is that this was not necessarily a quick deal. Sort of several escalations and I agree the refs did a poor job of getting control but I dont see alot of coaches walling off their kids either. I know that some staffs have some pretty regimented protocols for this type of stuff. I always worry about these late season blow outs where you have one team with nothing to lose and the other with everything to lose. Very easy to let your kids get drawn in. I wonder if that was discussed during practice, halftime or pre-game? Two other things I have noticed both last year and this year- - Lot of over hyped young " coaches" fueling the fire in pregame. Most of them dont look much older than the players, I assume they are part of the program but the spend alot of pregame warm ups doing the faux tough guy stuff like jawing with the other team and coaches and doing alot of pointing and acting tough. Zero need for it and in the end I think it points to the lack of support alot of these HC's have. Their willing to take just about anybody to help with the team. - WAY too many " hanger ons"on the sideline. Dudley sideline for the Page game last year there had to be 50-60 people who had nothing to do with game, mostly ex- players I am guessing and they too want to jaw back and forth with the other teams players. Just a recipe for disaster. I have been offered a sideline spot on several occasions. Always turn it down. Sidelines are for players and coaches. Add some media and the chain crew and that should be it. Fans need to be in the stands and if you arent a player or coach you are a fan.
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    Growing up, Avery and Mitchell was a well known rivalry game even as far away as Cullowhee. I think WNC football is better when teams like Avery and Owen are both good.
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    Because about 75% of the coaches in NC give me access to their game film on HUDL, I see nearly every game. Typically my entire Saturday's and Sunday's are spent watching film from all games.
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    Get’s you’re nose pins ready people 2aa comes through canton this year 😎
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    Personally I miss the passion for the games and being around friends, I don’t know if it’s the times we live in or just getting older but there is nothing quite like this time of year, watching Heritage’s success the last 4 years has been a great joy of mine cause you know what those kids are feeling, feels like you are part of one big extended family.
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    If I lived in Rutherford or Cleveland counties, I’d do my damndest to enroll my kids at Thomas Jefferson. It’s a top notch school.
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    The fact that East Henderson could even sniff the playoffs with zero conf wins shows just how broken the system really is.
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    Link: CarolinaPreps.com Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 10
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    cue sportsbroadcaster in 3....2....
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    My boss man (Mountain Heritage fan and coach) was bitching about Chris' rankings today. He says who is this Chris fella? I told him the most knowledgeable man in NC high school football.
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    Saturday, November 10th Freedom High School will host Super Saturday. This is a girls scrimmage consisting of 24 teams playing two 16 minute halves. Each team is scheduled to play 3 games. This is an event that has been going on for several years and normally brings some good basketball. It starts at 8:30 and goes to around 5:30. More information can be found here. https://sites.google.com/a/burke.k12.nc.us/freedom-women-s-basketball/home/super-saturday
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    All I read across multiple forums was how Bandys was at least a two TD winner over North Lincoln. What these people don’t understand is Coach Nick Bazzle is not going to put a bunch of large kids with no heart on the field. He could care less about the size of your waist band and the guy who hustles and hits will see the field. This game was a 1 point victory for the conference title. It was what every neutral fan pays to see. Two new team coaches in their first year rising from the conference dungeon to the finish of first and second place. Congrats to both teams for hiring the right man for the position. Both have been long coming.
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    Oh yea once they make their decision it is a wrap. I don't care how many appeals you go through you are pi$$ing up a rope. If they say something it is a done deal
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    Their toughest match up is the Hibriten JVs at practice.
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    Definitely the defensive side of the ball is more of an issue than the offense for Rosman. And i think the main thing there is the talent level coming through right now. Of the 1A schools I have watched this year so far, Rosman has nowhere near enough athletes to compete well right now. We all know how easy that can change, but for now most of the local 1A schools near the top of their conference has 2-1 more athletes on the team. Need to be patient with the coach because he may well know that his best chance of winning right now is to outscore the opponents with his spread offense. Has not worked yet, but has played some very good offensive teams this year.
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    Yeah, I was on the sidelines and I could hear it also. But, we will never get the benefit of the doubt in WNC. Funny we play in the state title game last year against a really good team and never held once, 2 penalties for 10 yards, but magically we can't block West Henderson without holding them EIGHT TIMES! Yeah okay! 🙄
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    #4 is a freshman that just wanted to play football, he was put in a compromising position. His mom lived in Greensboro and thought it would be best if he stayed here and went to school. So she was going to move back, she provided a rent lease agreement. She would be living with a relative, she signed a guardianship paper. She had an older daughter that was having issues with other girls in henderson county. So the move didn't work out and she took the older daughter other siblings back to Greensboro, left the boy here with the relative. Posted a picture of her taking the other kids to school in GREENSBORO and the kid was suspended. I have earned a great deal of respect for the kid, he has since showed up to school everyday, hasn't been in any trouble. A lot of people don't know how dangerous the streets are to an angry 14 year old kid, sometimes sports is the only thing that not only keep them in school, but saves their life.
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    They are overrated the conference is like my friend RD would say “ a bunch of mangy toothless dogs fighting for a bone”
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    If both teams are undefeated it would have been a draw of straws prior to the power rankings as Pisgah would have dropped their out of state loss. With that said, I think Hibriten is the better squad but the previous system was not perfect, this system is not perfect, and a replacement will not be perfect.
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    Friday night, Kenny Ford is being inducted into the Owen High Hall of Fame. Should be quite a few in attendance. Hopefully Owen plays well vs Avery... Otherwise the ol coach may blowup and run out on the field!😂
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    You need to look where TJ is, and what schools their enrollment radius takes from. Crest, Shelby, Kings Mountain. All very good football teams. The 25 mile radius also extends into the East Rutherford district, another very good football team. Thomas Jefferson is an educational facility, not a football factory. Sports is extracurrectular. If kids were coming to TJ with the sole intent of playing football, they would an unstoppable force with all the talent in that 25 mile radius. Tarboro couldn't hang with them. TJ isnt an all star team, they are a bunch of gifted kids with a very good coach.
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    Fan 95 I'm not hating on your team at all it's just that you get so defensive over them wanting them a #1 seed and trust chris hughes on his rankings he knows his $#!+ about football we will see just how good tj is comes playoff time and for Cherokee being a one man show with mintz not so much he was a baller but they had the biggest line in small 1a a great running back with Evan's and two great receivers Evan's mintz lil mintz o line d line could make something outta nothing every play with that being said good luck to tjca rest of tha way


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    • I agree but a State Title at any level or classification counts. I wouldn't care if it's in 1A or 10A (Yes I know no such classification exists) because at the end of the day the kids deserve something that is worthy of being proud of.
    • Monroe vs Catholic Rematch Nice!
    • Great game! Hats off to Brevard on the win. Great sportsmanship from both teams throughout the game. Brevard is a very well coached team that does not make a lot of mistakes. #7 is legit on defense he was fun to watch.  Good luck to Brevard the rest of the way!
    • I agree with everything you Charlotte guys are saying. Finish games and getting close isn't good enough. I posted on another thread the Charlotte teams have been the hurdle east can't get over.  Personally If East does win the 4a it still isn't the same as winning it playing the WF and MC of the state. But that's just me.
    • To be honest I didn’t think South had it to win this one but next week not so good as they face a powerful Weddington team. But good job for South to make it to the 2nd rd.