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  2. Yep that summed it up, he was out. I luv Mitchell fans.
  3. Broke back you make me laugh.😂
  4. HT and it’s a ballgame. Dorman 14 Dutch Fork 14
  5. Game is set for 3pm Saturday, Kenan stadium.
  6. Nah they will do that next year.
  7. Tar hole your best chance was 3 years ago. Y’all don’t have anymore treys coming up. It’ll be longer than 5 years for heritage to get past 2nd rd.
  8. Wow. Easily the best game I’ve ever coached in/watched at any level. Hats of to KM. They have an excellent program filled with class men and players. They’ll be back. What a game. Not done yet though
  9. Humpback Burleson

    #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1)

    Tarhole opinon does not matter.
  10. Today
  11. That’s fine, I’m not saying you are wrong. I am simply stating this was an absolutely horrible call at the worst possible time IMO.
  12. When someone can articulate what pass interference is to me and show me what it is not then I will judge the calls but in just about every football game I have watched in the last 5 years there have been both calls and non-calls that make me scratch my head. Even with slow down replay that cant define it.
  13. Only schools playing by the same rules should be playing for the same title.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wxii12.com/amp/article/nchsaa-1aa-west-regional-final-mitchell-at-east-surry/30156269
  15. Knights


    Every time we got a couple good runs the refs would slow down the game discussing something.
  16. Humpback Burleson

    #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1)

    So I have been arguing with someone who goes by hearsay over certainty for themselves. Go back and sit in the nest and wait for more Birdseed.
  17. I criticize them too haha. That’s a terrible call at any level from pop warner all the way to the NFL.
  18. Silly to criticize Refs on PI calls. The NFL cant figure out what the call should be, how are HS refs gonna do it?
  19. I haven’t seen the highlights. I don’t live in that area so all I have seen is this picture. That’s why I said I would like to see more angles, but everyone keeps telling me I have seen all I need to see...
  20. Wrigley


    The flag was thrown directly at the QB after he made the throw. It was a head scratcher but to be fair I thought they called an excellent game last night. Yeah, I get that fans want to scream and yell and talk about biased refs and I have seen some poor ones but they were in postion and kept the game moving last night.
  21. By the way. Thank you for taking time to coach kids. If you have seen the highlights from the news station along with the photo do you really need more angles.
  22. Nope, they are pretty good at what they do. You keep preaching your conspiracy theory though. It’s doing a lot of good. Stick to cheering for App State today...much better choice than Tennessee any day.
  23. coachE42

    The future for 1A football

    Maybe you are right. I don’t think it will ever be as bad as non-football sports. The good thing about football is that there are a lot of equalizing factors that come into play as opposed to ladies basketball where BM dominates for so long.
  24. At least 2 on your staff know. May want to replace the other 2.
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