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  2. Was told Catholic is in the Cleveland County Jamboree. Also AC Reynolds. Could shape up to be one of the best scrimmages around this year.
  3. I doubt Catholic has any issue getting quality scrimmage opponents from the county.
  4. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    East Burke head coach opening

    From a Source: They haven't decided yet if their will be 2nd interviews yet but If there is not - The Pick will be brought to the Board at the end of January I would guess if there is 2nd interviews then the End of Jan may or may not be the date that it will be brought to the Board .
  5. I’ll say it.... KM asked Catholic if they would be interested in coming to the Cleveland Co Jamboree to play KM. Of course that has to go through Crest since they are the host school. I told Catholic that a month ago. Tremendous respect between the two staffs. What better way to get your kids ready for the season than to prep for Catholic?
  6. That's what makes Reidsville dangerous they have Edwards and Pass they can score quickly even when down.
  7. Same team the team Smith was going to play backed out
  8. That's a nice win for MC.
  9. Despite the loss, I liked what I saw out of Salisbury. They've got a couple of good guards and they killed Reidsville on the boards/inside. They just didn't have any kryptonite for Superman.
  10. EG had their chances. They were very capable of beating Westover. That was a whale of a second-half performance from Kadyn Dawkins. Traymond Willis-Shaw and Demarco Dunn are a tough duo to handle. Dunn's got a smooth game on offense.
  11. Pass's performance was one for the ages. And to think that he started off the game with a dunk and ended it with a block. I hope Reidsville fed him well afterwards.
  12. PC knocked off WS Prep and Smith in the same day??!! Or does PC have two teams?
  13. Hearing about a possible scrimmage for Catholic. Don't know if it is finalized yet so I won't say who, but if it happens (even with it just being a scrim) get your popcorn ready.
  14. Eli Ellis 48, Kadyn Dawkins 33 and Breon Pass 50 was some impressive outputs today.... Ellis being a 7th grader while knocking down 12 3’s was insane. Dawkins scoring 33 points against top 3A team in state being 5’9 being face guarded was tough. He has been face guarded and doubled all season kid is impressive. Breon Pass 50 point game today was ridiculous!!!! His energy level is contagious the rest of the team feeds off of it one of the best shows I have seen at the High School level.
  15. No think thats girls scores EG boys won last night and loss a close one to Westover today
  16. SPRaiders78

    UNC basketball

    GDG, I just read your earlier post. Do you think UNC is more liberal than Duke? At this point in time, I don't think there is a state school in the nation that I would want my child in. And to tell you the truth there are very few private schools anymore, that I would call conservative.
  17. my bad late night and being 70 years old got me looking at the girls score correct score EG wins 53-48
  18. 11am Moravian Prep Regional 98 Salem Bapt. 62 Eli Ellis a 7th grader scored 48 points including 12 3's for Moravian Prep 12:30pm Winston Salem Prep 73 Piedmont Classical 83 2pm Moravian Prep National 93 Faith Assembly 24 3:30pm Westover 69 Eastern Guilford 64 5pm Salisbury 90 Reidsville 92 6:30pm Ben L. Smith 82 Pidemont Clasical 92 8pm High Point Christian 58 Wesleyan Christian 73
  19. Vik-Val 86

    Davidson Day basketball

    Davidson Day with a win over Cannon 57-53. Cannon is young and not sure if C. Reeves played in this one. Anyway sounded like a good game.
  20. Mr.Blue&Gray

    High Point Central

    It looks like High Point in general needs major overhaul.
  21. KoKie34


    Unless something has changed, last I heard - Adam Deese. This is Jamie Deese's brother who just took over the HC spot at Forest Hills HS.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Panther2018


    has anyone heard anything on the coaching position for lumberton
  24. J-Heat 110, your comment that most high schools share feeder schools is not true from what I have seen. The vast majority of schools I have seen have one or two middle schools (most have one) that feed a specific HS. Forsyth County (unless they have changed in the last few years) has open enrollment in which their students can go anywhere as long as they provide transportation.
  25. Congratulations Coach Jordan and the Montgomery Central Timberwolves, winners over Mount Pleasant 72-68 Friday night at MP. First ever conference win for MC (Rocky River 2A-3A.) Wolves now 1-3 in Conference, with 4 wins overall. Two tough ones on the road next for MC though, at Ronald Reagan then at Randleman.
  26. Randleman will announce their new head coach next Thursday.
  27. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    They should be wrapped up then. Maybe the make their hire this coming week.
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