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  2. What NCHSAA eight man football league???
  3. Vik-Val 86

    Put the Title on the line

    Yeah that is right and I forgot. That was Catholic n Kings Mountain 2nd time playing each other back to back. That 7 OT game was really awesome. I was able to listen to it.
  4. Yeah I was jus curious if WC would go 4A which conference would they b in
  5. Catholic

    Put the Title on the line

    It would be a third chance at us since we've beaten them in back to back years. However, nothing tops that 7OT game.
  6. Believe he was referring to West Cabarrus ending up in 4A.
  7. Exyankee11

    CATA’s next coach

    I’m guessing coaches weren’t beating down the door for the job. It will be interesting if he can get kids to buy in with a poor track record.
  8. Yesterday
  9. 704cougarsdad

    Mallard Creek

    U had a combo of a lot of things at Vance on why things rose to another level this yr. 1. The AD and principal maintained the level and consistency that Brand came in and instilled. 2. A bunch of good kids and great leadership on the team, Echols, Armstrong, Grier, Riley, Thompson...jus too many kids with great drive and they wouldnt let the focus waiver from getting back and finishing the job. And last and more importantly Ferebee came in and realized that theres really nothing he can change, jus add his bits and pieces and focus on the offense. Add Hack on D and the new staff who all worked together. I feel real comfortable on where were going.
  10. This is a good point-lots of schools use football revenue to subsidize other sports, no point using other funds to subsidize football if it can’t pay for itself.
  11. If nobody else up there is fielding an eight man team there’s no point in Hiwasee Dam having one. Blue Ridge has 91 kids and Highlands has 139, if you can runs a full basketball team out there, you might have enough for 8 man. Mattamuskeet, for comparison, has 94 kids according to the NCHSAA.
  12. In 2018 HD had 190 kids. I think that might of went down some last year. They have enough now to replace Rosman in the SMC. I don't think they would have the lineman to compete though. The other little SMC teams are to small.
  13. Knights

    Put the Title on the line

    It depends on what you call state titles. Shelby has about 17 titles. Around half wasn't nchsaa titles. (Wnchsaa?) Reidsville has around 20 over 100 years. Robbinsville with 15 titles over 55yrs. One was in 65 and the eastern and western champs didn't play each other. Both are listed as basically dual state champs.
  14. Football is too expensive for these small ADM schools. By far the most expensive sport. If you can’t put 500 butts in seats you should shut it down.
  15. Do you think any of the other little Smoky Mountain Conference teams might also have teams?
  16. I know this is a wishful thinking thread. I thought I would bring up some wishful battles. Someone help me this... How many State Titles does Shelby n Reidsville have. Would love to see these two teams battle it out. I know Vance will be taking on Dutch fork. That should be one heck of a game and a good one as well. My thoughts go to Mallard Cr. n Dutch Fork game last season and would love to either seen it played out fully or finished for another day. But that’s here and there with that. Weddington n Catholic I think should be a closer game for this year and who knows. Man would Kings Mountain love that second chance with Catholic in the playoffs. Ok any wishful battles you like see happen for this season.
  17. Jones senior high school might not have a football team much longer at the rate they are going. They cancelled this season
  18. Hiwasse Dam could play 8 man.
  19. Has/will NCHSAA set an upper enrollment limit for schools wishing to play 8-man? Will the 8-man league be limited to the coastal schools, or will it be offered as an option to smaller schools throughout the state? I could see some charter schools (dirty word) and magnets (NCSSM, CATA, etc.) possibly being able to add football should this be the case.
  20. ref4e

    Worst Stadiums

    Was that Webb Field?
  21. That's good news-hopefully that will let some of these schools continue to field teams.
  22. J-Heat1110

    Mallard Creek

    Hoping Tinsley does well, but he may be in a no win situation. Remember like yesterday when Knotts left West Charlotte and went to Indy. He left West Charlotte in great shape mentally, physically, and record wise. Only issue was he took all the assistants to Indy and others left the program. It was too much to overcome in one year. Mike Helms came in and wasn't prepared at all and nearly killed the program in one year. Coach Gil had a few good to great seasons but the energy life blood had been sucked out losing assistants and making a hire that wasn;t familiar with the program at all. Just dont want to see the same thing at MC. Losing Littlejohn is a HUGE blow. Not hiring someone on staff will be a big blow, letting go of all the current assistants too will be too much to overcome IMHO. I've been around Palmieri and MC. That place had a special vibe that you just can't replace. Look at what Vance did in their hire. The new coach was very similar energy.style wise to the previous coach. Coach P will be VERY hard to replace. Look at Independence and what they went through. Every hire that previously coached or was familiar with the program did farely well. Once they went Hardin it was completely over and the program hasn;t been the same since. Then when you look down the street to Vance it makes you think Vance is getting ready to hit an unprecedented stride. Vance is going to be something very special the next few years. Their energy just jumps out at you. Their work ethic, tenacity and, talent is unmatched in the state right now. To me we are witnessing the changing of the guard in NC football. Vance is KING in a great big way.
  23. What 4A conference would that b?
  24. Still though-they are down to about 210 kids according to the ADMs posted on the NCHSAA website.
  25. Mattamuskeet will be in the newly formed NCHSAA 8 man league this coming fall.
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