Smoky Mountain coach caught cheating

How, as a coach can you sell out your kids?  How, as an educator can you undermine all you have taught? How, as a man can you stoop so low?

Former Smoky Mountain High School assistant coach Aaron Tuttle has been been accused of offering the football playbook and hand signals to coaches from Tuscola and Cherokee. (see link: WLOS: Former Smoky Mountain Assistant Coach accused of offering playbook and signals to opponents)

Tuttle, who worked primarily with kickers, apparently never got along with new Smoky head coach Ricky Brindley.  Perhaps it was a difference of philosophy or maybe he didn’t like the way Brindley ran practice?  Who knows.  But it led to Tuttle not being a member of the Smoky Mountain football coaching staff this season and his ham-handed attempts at sabotage.

Maybe being a former player and coach didn’t teach him that coaches are a pretty tight knit group, and for the most part, are not going to stab each other in the back.  Maybe he was in the bathroom during that portion of “How to be a Coach 101” at Nimrod State University.

Tuttle approached  two assistants and offered the playbook and signals in an effort to cause Smoky Mountain to lose.  I suppose this justifies not being on the staff and clears his mind about any perceived slight he had toward Brindley.  I Don’t know, he won’t return my call.

Oh yeah, he did it in front of his kid! Really? In front of your kid, now thats a life lesson you’ll never forget. “Hey Dad.” “Yes Son.” “Dad, how do you resolve a problem with the guy you work for?” “Well Son the best way is to sabotage his business and livelihood and ruin what little good name you have doing it.” “Thanks Dad you’re swell!”

While I may have taken a humorous approach to this subject, let me be perfectly clear.  If you do this to your players, former or otherwise, your colleagues, your family and your community you deserve to be run out of town on a rail.  You deserve to lose your job and to never coach again.  You preach “do things the right way, follow the rules, be upstanding, be an example.”  Is this what you call being a real example?

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